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Sara Blakely Masterclass Review 2024: Should You Join It?


The world is a bunch of markets where everyone is selling something to get a better life but only a good salesperson can survive the game.

Intro to Sara

A good salesperson knows numerous techniques of persuasion which can drive customers to buy what they never wanted. 😇

These strategies can’t be developed overnight but can be learned in a duration of around 3 hours and no matter you’re sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed, yes you read it right because Sara is on the masterclass platform. Sara Blakely shares his excellence with students to get them the art of persuasion and sales.

Who is Sara Blakely?

Sara Blakely is an American businesswoman who founded “Spanx”. Blakely was born on February 27, 1971, in Clearwater, Florida.

Who is Sara

She is the daughter of Ellen, an artist, and trial attorney, John Blakely. After her short stint at Disney, Blakely accepted a job with office supply company Danka, where she sold fax machines door-to-door.

She was quite successful in sales and was promoted to national sales trainer at the age of 25. In 1998 she founded Spanx.

Sara Blakely is an inventor & entrepreneur who wants to make some good changes in the life of women and now she’s on the platform of masterclasses which is allowing you to learn how to get your Idea into practice and how to invent, sell and make a company of billions.

Lessons By Sara Blakely

Finding your purpose

Finding your purpose

It’s all about what you want to do, what your heart wants to do. Before doing anything you need to have a purpose for it like we have a purpose to earn that where we want to spend that money. So on the first day of class, your instructor will help you to find your purpose in life.

Developing your big idea

Any idea is not complete. There’s always something that we can change or edit to make it better, every idea has many sides and it needs discussion and help from professionals to look into it and make a proper development for better results.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Enterprenuarial mindset

A way of thinking that enables you to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for your outcomes.

It is a constant need to improve your skills, learn from your mistakes, and take continuous action on your ideas and that takes strong willpower and a proper dedication for your aim which will come when you’ll learn from those who made their dreams come true with all these things written above.



A Prototype is a working model of your product in a raw form it gives you an idea that how your product will work and you also can show it to your investors to make them sure that what is you are exactly going to make. 😍

In making a Prototype it needs proper step-by-step planning to pick up that thing out of your brain in a working form about which you’re planning. This part of the masterclasses will help you to learn how to prepare that perfect prototype of your product.

Make it

Make it

Now it comes to creating that exact thing in the pure form of it. When you’re thinking about inventing or producing any product for business then you have to learn how to do that professionally which takes every small detail and information about what you are producing and what is the right way to make it.

Sell it

Sell it

After all, it comes to the main thing of business: how to sell anything. The job of a salesperson is the hardest job of a company. To sell anything you should have a marvellous skill of persuasion by which you can even sell anything into which the customer is least interested.

And I mentioned that Sara was so good in sales when she was selling fax machines. So you can get a chance to learn about her skills and techniques of selling things via these classes.

Build awareness

Building awareness

Sometimes you come with a brand new invention and sometimes you face great competition in the market for which the greatest key to accelerating your business is creating brand awareness.

Ideally, awareness of the brand may include the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition. And this part of the masterclass will lead you to how to climb this step of your success.

Marketing case study: mented

Marketing case mented

A case study in marketing is a document or web page that includes several basic parts: Description of the subject: Explain your customer’s or client’s history and pain points.

Subject’s goal: Identify your customer’s or client’s goal for the project so readers understand what to expect. your instructor will teach you this like a teacher and will clarify everything by focusing on every small thing point.

Pricing and positioning; Positioning case study: well-round

Pricing and positioning

When you reach any store there’s always a price tag on every product which attracts you in which the older and costlier price is crossed and a new price with a mentioned discount looks attractive and also the placings of every product is also different according to their specialities or which is the hero product/best selling/ or the product which gives them best profit margin. 😚

When you’re a newcomer in the market it’s hard to decide what should top the shelf and what should be the pricing of products so you’ll learn all and perfect techniques for this with the help of this masterclass.

Building a culture

Growth case study

The growth case study Reveals a Variety of Growth Paths. Given the spread in types of companies, you can expect to learn about a variety of growth strategies, tactics, and the path they took toward exponential growth. Some took years, others took months.

Growth case study

Spanx case study

In this part, you’ll get a personal profit where you will learn about a real case of the instructor’s company Spanx.

Sara’s survival guide

In Sara’s survival guide there will be a complete description of how Sara made her business survive during bad times.

Spanx case study

#5 Key Benefits of Sara Blakely’s MasterClass

Perfect guidance for an aspiring entrepreneur

Sara Blakely is a successful entrepreneur who has established the brand SPANX on her own and set a standard. In her MasterClass, she guides you about each step and aspect of starting a business from scratch.

Teaches to learn from failure

Learning from own failure is the most important lesson of entrepreneurship which you get to learn in Sara Blakely’s MasterClass. She inspires you to not give up and to learn from failures so that you can perform better and work on weaknesses. 😊

Provides useful tips for better marketing

Sara takes marketing as one of the most important elements of entrepreneurship which can make one’s business a hit. Through her video lessons on MasterClass, she discusses the methods for good marketing.

Provides case study

Through case studies of Spanx, she teaches you the things which you need to avoid for better results. In any business, one needs to avoid certain things for good performance and Sara’s lessons are very useful in knowing those certain things.

Inspires to think out of the box

For any aspiring entrepreneurship, creativity and creative thinking is the most important skill which leads them to think out of the box and to differentiate themselves from others so that they can make an identity and establish themselves in the market.

What To Expect From Sara Blakely MasterClass?

Sara Blakely is one of the most influential entrepreneurs who has founded Spanx and showed her potential to the world.

She teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship on MasterClass through her 14 video lessons which deal with each aspect of entrepreneurship.

Developing your big idea

Her teaching methods are unique and at the same time are very useful which helps to start. Her lessons include marketing, branding, pricing, refining, and many more important elements and she guides you about how you can use your full potential to perform your 100 %.

Sara’s MasterClass is a complete course for an aspiring entrepreneur which provides all important lessons and tips to the newbie.

How to Register for Sara Blakely MasterClass?

Sara Blakely’s lessons are easily available on MasterClass in the category of Business. To access Sara Blakely’s lessons, you need to register first. Check the official site of MasterClass where you will get the option of signing up and for signing up you are required to provide personal contacts like email.

Sara's survival guide

After you provide the required information, you need to pay the required amount of fees for completing the process of registration. Once you complete the process, you are all set to access Sara Blakely’s lessons about successful self-created business.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • Teaches you useful and productive tactics.
  • Guides you about failure and success.
  • Inspires to do things in a creative way.
  • Her experience acts as an enriching source of information.
  • Teaches you the right mindset for starting.
  • Guides you to approach things accordingly.
  • Provides survival guide which helps throughout.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons Found.

Does Sara Blakely MasterClass Worthy or Not?

Sara Blakely’s lessons on MasterClass are very informative and productive and they are worth the time and money. Her lessons teach you many important aspects of entrepreneurship that help you throughout the journey. 😘

Her lessons are of short duration which makes them interesting and enables people to watch them anywhere & anytime. Sara Blakely’s MasterClass can be your ultimate guide to successful entrepreneurship which will help you to establish yourself in the market.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Entrepreneurship has gained popularity nowadays and people have now started to think uniquely for their business.

Entrepreneurs like Sara Blakely are a blessing for aspiring entrepreneurs as she has established herself on her own and has faced hurdles and hardships but she changed hardships and obstacles into opportunities for herself.

She teaches you the same positive mindset to you which helps you to achieve your goals and results.

FAQs 🤔

Who is Sara Blakely?

Sara Treleaven Blakely popularly known as Sara Blakely is an American business and founder of Spanx.

Are lessons of Sara Blakely available on MasterClass?

Yes, the Lessons of Sara Blakely are available on MasterClass.

What does Sara Blakely teach on MasterClass?

Sara Blakely teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship on MasterClass.

How many lessons are there in Sara Blakely’s MasterClass?

There are a total of 14 lessons available for Sara Blakely’s MasterClass.

What is the total duration of Sara Blakely’s MasterClass?

The total duration of Sara Blakely’s MasterClass is only 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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