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Kelly Wearstler MasterClass Review: (Should You Join It?)


A home is a space with 4 walls and a roof until its interior like furniture, showpiece, and paintings are designed well and placed properly.

Interior designing is a magical game-changer for the look of your or anyone’s house.

Who is Kelly

When anybody comes to your place if your place’s interior is designed well and attractively it will be the icing on the cake for your image in visitor’s mind for that you have to gain knowledge about interior designing. 😉

Interior designing is a profession as well. People are very interested in designing their house interior. Nowadays they want someone who can enhance the beauty of their pretty home by applying their knowledge and that knowledge can be obtained with the help of a perfect instructor and the proper guidance of someone successful in that particular profession.

For that Kelly Wearstler started her MasterClass for presenting a great future for those who want to go in that direction.

Who is Kelly Wearstler?

Who is Kelly W

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer who is popular for her great work in the direction of interior design. Kelly is a well-established artist in her art and is known for her talent worldwide. Kelly Wearstler was born on November 21, 1967, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

She founded her brand named Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (KWID)in 1990. She has a specialty in Hotel interior design, product design, commercial and residential design.

She’s been serving this part for a long time and is very popular among them. Kelly is so talented so she earned many beautiful awards for her great work some of those are:

  • Brad Korzen
  • Awards
  • Vogue Top 10 Best Dressed (2007)
  • TIME Style & Design 100 (2007)[1] Elle Decor Best Designers A-List (2015)
  • Wallpaper* Top 20 Interior Designers (2015)
  • Architectural Digest AD100 (2016)

These awards she earned because of her passion for work and talent in that particular thing. The most beautiful thing in a place is its design and how it is carrying things inside it in the proper way of putting things which provides a great vibe to the environment and people present there.

This talent of designing is a blessing that can make an ugly thing beautiful only by situating some things in a proper place. Kelly is a master in this art and knows how to attract her clients with her incredible work.

Lesson by Kelly Wearstler

Meet Your Instructor: Kelly Wearstler

Meet your instructor Kelly

This is the very first lesson of the MasterClass which includes a warm hello with your instructor and will tell you some rough details about the subject and class. 😊

Kelly Wearstler, your instructor, is a well-known interior designer who is very famous for her fieldwork of designing hotels, residences and houses are very talented and respected among the whole world and you’ll get a chance to learn from her.

Sources of Inspiration

Sources of Inspiration

Inspirations and ideas are everywhere. To find it, you should have sharp eyes and a productive and observing mind which will help you in bringing something fresh to the trend. Everybody has a source of inspiration from which they get inspired to do something new.

Something fresh and effective but some people find difficulty in finding that particular source. In that case, Kelly will help you.

Starting a Project

Starting a Project

When you have a project then the most difficult part is where to start it. A project can be completed when it’s been started. Kelly will tell you how to talk to your client and what to observe in that conversation to find a good start for your project.

A proper connection between a designer and client is the only thing that can help in getting to know what the client exactly expects and if a designer gets to know that then it’s a big achievement for him/her and Kelly will help you in that.

Working with Space and Working in Space: Field Trip

Working with Space

In this lesson, you’ll get to learn about how to design a space and in the second one, she’ll make you understand by a field trip of any project of hers which will help you in enhancing yourself for the upcoming things. 😍

How to design any space depends on the type of space. If it’s an open space or any closed or any poolside or any rooftop etc… a designer has many options according to the place Kelly Wearstler will teach you the mantra to find the proper way of designing any particular place.

Materiality in Design

Materiality in Design

Material is the main ingredient in designing what you’re using in your decor and how you’re using wood, stone, tile, and metal are the favorite ingredients of Kelly Wearstler. She’ll let you know about discovering different things in designing via this.

Living With Colour

Living with color

If there’s no color in your life then there’s no life. Colors bring happiness and joy in life so Kelly Wearstler will teach about playing with colors when you’re designing any space.

Field Trip: Experimenting With Colour

Field trip

Experiments with colors are a very interesting way to come out with something unique and beautiful which will give a unique and very attractive look to your subject if you’re doing it in the right way.

Discovering Texture

Kelly Wearstler Creating Textures

Texture can add dimensions to your design. All you need to learn is how to use them in a proper way to get the best possible results. 😚

Pattern/ Lightning/ Furnishing

Kelly Wearstler Lighting

These three things are the soul of interior design. The main things to learn are about these 3 things. The pattern tells you how to place things properly, lightning is the most important thing for a good-looking space. lightning is the main ingredient of any interior design.

Furnishing is the main thing which is so popular in interior designing furniture is the dignity of any house. It shows which kind of people live in that place so it’s a very important part of the house. Kelly will teach you how to choose the best combination of furniture for any space.

Creating Experience With Art and Objects

Kelly Wearstler Creating Design With Objects

Kelly will teach you about some of her experiences when she works. She will teach you with help of some art and objects which will make it easier to understand interior design and all.

Field trip: The Completed Story

Kelly Weartler On A Field Trip

In this part of the Kelly Wearstler MasterClass, your instructor Kelly Wearstler will take you on a walk through Santa Monica Proper Hotel to show you every single detail of her work and profession.

Design Heroes

Kelly Wearstler Being A Hero

Kelly will discuss some designers she knows to influence her work. These heroes are Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Josef Hoffmann, Pierre Cardin, and Ettore Sottsass. these are the design Heroes by whom Kelly personally was so influenced.

Creative Journey And Life As An Interior Designer

Kelly Wearstler's Masterpiece

Kelly will teach you everything about her life that how she decided to be an interior designer and how her journey was what creative stuff she did in her journey in the end she’ll tell you about what an interior designer’s life looks like what challenges and times they face and how to deal with those problems without getting exhausted. 😇

#5 Key Benefits of Kelly Wearstler MasterClass

  1. Kelly Wearstler is a very popular and talented American interior designer who gained a big name with many honourable awards for her incredible work for this world and she’s your instructor in this MasterClass.
  2. Interior design has started to take its place in this world which is going to be a very big opportunity to learn about it.
  3. There are seventeen lessons in the MasterClass which show that every single detail will be elaborated end to end.
  4. This MasterClass is affordable and time-saving. The fee structure of the MasterClass is very attractive and low which is beneficial for those who want to learn.
  5. Learning interior design opens many gates of opportunities that will help you in getting better social ethics and get success in a direction different from any normal thing.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  • It’s affordable and time-saving.
  • It’s easy to find and get enrolled.
  • Getting a chance to learn from a champion of Direction.
  • End-to-end description of everything.

👎 Cons

  • No Cons found.

Is This Interior Design Class Worth it or Not?

Kelly Wearstler is a very big interior designer who gained a really big name for her great and professional work. Kelly won many awards for her great work and incredible passion for designing. Kelly is a celebrity interior designer who earned her awards and name for her work only.

Members Who Liked MasterClass In Design And Style Classes

Kelly is an example for women who want to be independent financially and those who support them and also for those who want to do something magical in this direction.

If you’re interested in interior designing and want to learn many good things about it and to get a successful future for yourself in the way of designing then this MasterClass is worth it for you.

Conclusion – Final Say

Many new professions came in this modern era which made a very big difference in society and generation some differences are positive as well as for some it’s negative same like that interior designing is a new thing as a profession but still its been used by everyone in personal life when you’re placing any scenery on a table that process comes under designing and those who are perfect in the techniques of arranging things properly are known as interior designers.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is a well-known and successful interior designer who gained popularity for her incredible work and the awards she won.

Many students are interested in interior designing nowadays but lack of proper guidance is the problem they face Kelly Wearstler came out with her incredible interior designing MasterClass to solve this very popular problem which can be a blessing for those who are thinking of it as a professional.

FAQs 🤔

What is a MasterClass?

The MasterClass is a platform that provides video courses for different subjects taught by specialists in that particular subject.

Where is this MasterClass available?

This MasterClass is available on the website of the MasterClass.

How many lessons are there in this MasterClass?

There are a total of 17 lessons in this MasterClass.

What is the duration of this MasterClass?

This MasterClass has a duration of 2hr 13mins.

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