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Python For Everybody Coursera Review: Is It Worth To Buy?


The online education platforms for students are helping them to learn any type of course with ease at any time and anywhere. They’re just not only getting knowledge of the course or program but also gaining skills that help them for job-ready.

Among the online learning platforms, Coursera got a huge response as it provides different technical courses for the students. If you’re eager to learn Python, then find out its complete review on Coursera course Python For Everybody to know how this specialization creates growth in your career as it is suitable for everybody.

😍 What is Coursera?


Coursera is an online education platform where you can explore different types of courses of different categories and it allows you to learn them at your own pace. All you need is just pick the course, attend the classes, and get certified as it helps in career development for your future.

Among the courses, Python is one of the programming languages which got a lot of hype in the market as well today we can see a lot of job opportunities in Python programming language. This course is for everybody, to learn to program & analyze the data with Python with ease. Python for Everybody course on Coursera is to develop the programs to gather, clean, analyze, review and lastly visualize the data by learning them quickly and easily.

🤔 Review on Python For Everybody Specialization on Coursera

Python for Everybody Review - Coursera

Python course at Coursera is designed for everybody and this course introduces the fundamental programming concepts. Along with that, Data Structures, Databases, and Networked Application Program Interfaces also included in the Python programming language.

Coming to the details of the Capstone Project, the technologies you’ll find are learned throughout the specialization that helps to design and create applications on your own for data retrieval, processing, as well as visualization.

✔️ What you’ll Learn with Python at Coursera?

What you'll learn

The instructor of the course is Charles Russell Severance and at Coursera, learn Python with ease by following the below four steps and they are

  • In the first step, install Python and next write the first program.
  • Next is to describe the basics or give an introduction to the Python programming language
  • Use the variables that help to store, retrieve, and calculate the information. 
  • Also, use the core programming tools for example loops and functions. 

😇 What are the skills you’ll Gain with Python at Coursera?

Python for Everrbody skills - Coursera

The skills you’ll gain with Python programming language are Json, Xml, Python Programming, Database(DBMS), Python Syntax and Semantics, Basic Programming language, Computer Programming, Data Structure, Tuple, Sqlite, SQL, and Web Scraping. 

🔥 Review on the Courses of in Python Specialization

Python for Everybody Courses- Coursesera

This 1 Python Course is Splitted into 5-Course in this Specialisation

Part-1: Get Started with Python Programming for Everybody

It teaches about the introduction of Python and also covers the basics on how to construct the Python program with a series of simple guidance provided by the instructors. It does not have any pre-requisites and also avoids all but with simple maths techniques. Everyone in the world is suitable to learn this Python program and the course is going to cover 1-5 chapters of the textbook “PYTHON FOR EVERYBODY” and it covers Python 3. After the completion of the course, next, you’ll be going to learn more advanced programming courses.

Part-2: Python Data Structures

In the Python programming language, you’re also going to learn the basics of core data structures and move to the past of procedural programming & explore how to use Python built-in data structures like dictionaries, lists, and tuples that help in increase the performance of data analytics. Python Data Structures will be covered in 6-10 chapters of the textbook “PYTHON FOR EVERYBODY” 

Part-3: Use Python to Access Web Data

The course part will showcase that to treat the internet as a source of data and you will learn to scrape, parse, and read all the information available on the web, also access data using web APIs. In Python, you will learn how to work on JSON, XML, and HTML that covers the chapters of 11-13. The materials provided for chapters 1-10 are very crucial to learn and by this, it is easy to complete the course. The topics included are variables, python data structures (tuples, lists, and dictionaries) expressions, functions, conditional execution like branching, loops, and try/except, and manipulating files.

Part-4: Using Databases with Python

The basics of SQL – Structures Query Language will be learned in this course, and along with that basic database for storing the data will be learned as a part of a multi-step gathering, processing, and analysis. They use SQLite3 as a database, also you’ll learn to create web crawlers, multi-step data visualization, and gathering process. For the basic data visualization process, learn to use the D3.js library, and to get success in this course, you have to very strong on above the three-course parts first.

Part-5: Retrieve, Process, and Visualize Data with Python

In the Capstone, Students are going to build a series of applications using Python to retrieve, process, and visualize the data, as the elements are involved in the project of this specialization. The students will perform some visualizations as the first part of the Capstone, and this is to become familiar with the technologies. This will be useful while they pursue their own project and also helps in visualizing some other data they have or else can find on the web. 

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💥 Final Review on Python Course at Coursera

Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms where you can explore the programs and courses to learn at your own pace. If you’re likely to learn from Python For Everybody course at Coursera, then it is a great pick to learn as it provides the modules in an exact format. 

You’re going to learn the basics of programming language to the advanced programming language as in every step you’ll get detailed materials. To complete the course successfully means, the basics are crucial to understand & learn, and then you can easily complete the course according to the schedule & get certified. 

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Is it possible to enroll for a single course at Coursera?

Yes, it is possible to enroll the single course and complete it to earn a certificate and also you can audit and view the materials of the course for free.

✌️ Are the courses are available for free?

If you can not afford to pay for the course, just go and apply to the financial aid provided by Coursera.

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