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Coursera Plus Discount Code 2024 {$100 Off On Membership}


Looking to level up your skills on a budget?

With the Coursera Plus Discount Code, not only can that dream become a reality, but you can also embark on a transformative learning journey at a fraction of the cost

And guess what? Our special Discount Code lets you access this world of knowledge at an unbeatable price.

In this guide, we’ll go deep into Coursera Plus, discuss its perks, and present you with special discount coupons to maximize your learning experience while staying within your budget.

Don’t miss out; claim your discount today!

Get Exclusive 10% off on Your First Purchase

Get exclusive 10% off on Your First purchase on every Course of Coursera Plus. Apply the coupon to avail discount, Verified & 100% working coupon code.

Get Exclusive 30% off on Your First Purchase

Get exclusive 30% off on Your First Course Purchse of Coursera Plus. Apply the coupon to avail discount, Verified & 100% working coupon code.

Recently Added Or Active Discount Codes

CodesDescriptionExpiry Date
SUMMER1515% off for new users2/09/2023 to 28/09/2023
SAVENOW20Sign Up for Emails to Earn 20% Off on Coursera Plus7/09/2023 to 18/09/2023
25OFFSALEExtra 25% off items in the sale section Ongoing12/09/2023 to 20/09/2023
TECHNO1010% off On the first purchase3/09/2023 to 21/09/2023

Coursera Plus, a membership service, provides an easy and affordable method to access an extensive library of courses, Specialisations, and Professional Certificates.

How To Apply for Coursera Plus Discount Code?

  1.  First open the Coursera website and Click on Get Started

    Coursera home page

  2. Then you have to add your details to Sign Up

    Coursera Payment method

  3. After that, you have to Add your Payment Details

    Coursera Payment method

  4. That’s it! Deal Activated. Start learning now.

What is Coursera Plus?

Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Coursera Plus is like a golden ticket for learners. By paying once a year, you can dive into a world of knowledge, accessing a wide range of courses and specializations on Coursera without any extra charges.


Think of it as a buffet of learning – you get to explore more for less!

Some exclusive courses might still be outside this pass, though.

It’s a cost-effective way to access numerous courses and continuously upskill without worrying about individual course fees. It’s perfect for the curious mind that loves to learn!

What To Do If Your These Promo Code Isn’t Working?

  • Make sure you got the code right: Double-check how you typed it in. It might be case-sensitive.
  • Is the code still good?: Look at the date. If it’s old, it might not work anymore.
  • Who’s it for?: Some codes are just for new people or certain places, or can’t be used with other deals.
  • Try refreshing your browser: If things are acting up, clear your browser and give it another go.
  • Need help? Ask Coursera Plus: If nothing works, it’s okay to ask Coursera Plus for some help.
World class Facilities

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How Else You Can Save Money At Coursera Plus, Even Without A Working Code

1. Check for Special Offers: Coursera Plus might have deals or promotions that don’t need a code. Periodically, they offer special discounts or bundle deals for users.

2. Join Email Lists: Sign up for Coursera Plus’s newsletter to receive exclusive discounts. Being a part of their email list often gets you first-hand information on upcoming promotions.

3. Refer Friends: See if Coursera Plus rewards you for bringing in friends. Inviting peers can not only enrich their learning but might also get you both some benefits.

4. Bundle Courses: Buying multiple courses together might save you money. Instead of purchasing individually, consider course bundles that cater to your interests.

5. Try Free Trials: Use Coursera Plus’s free trials to access content without paying upfront. This allows you to test and ensure the course content aligns with your learning needs.

New Courses added

7 Days Free Trial + 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Coursera Plus really wants you to get the feel of their platform before diving in. So, they offer a 7-day free trial – think of it as a sneak peek into their world of courses.

And hey, if you do take the leap and somehow it doesn’t click, no worries!

Coursera Plus Free Trial & 14 DAys Money Back Guarantee

They’ve got your back with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

So, you’ve got a full two weeks to change your mind. It’s all about making sure you’re super comfortable with your choice to learn with them. Cool, right?

Benefits Of Choosing Coursera

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Get an Exclusive 15% off on Your First Purchase

Get an extra 15% off for Technoven visitors Apply the coupon to avail of the discount, Verified & 100% working coupon code.

Get an Exclusive 17% off on Every Purchase

Get exclusive 17% off on every purchase of Coursera Plus. Apply the coupon to avail the discount, Verified & 100% working coupon code.

Updated Pricing Of 2024

FeaturesSingle Learning ProgramCoursera Plus MonthlyCoursera Plus Annual
Monthly Cost$49 – $79/month$59/month$399/year
Access to Individual CoursesLimitedYesYes
Access to SpecializationsLimitedYesYes
Access to 7,000+ CoursesNoYesYes
Access to 170+ Leading CompaniesNoYesYes
Unlimited CertificatesNoYesYes
Applied Projects and LabsNoYesYes
Professional Certificate ProgramsNoYesYes
Cancelation FlexibilityNoYes, anytimeYes, 14-day guarantee
Savings with Annual PaymentNoNoSignificant savings
Learners Outcome

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💥 Bottom Line

Coursera Plus has been a beacon of knowledge for me in my journey of lifelong learning. Every time I log in, I feel like I’m entering a vast library, where each course holds secrets and skills that have the potential to transform my life.

I have tried with its competitors, including Udacity, edX, and Skillshare. Each of these platforms provided different points of view and added something significant to the table. But for me, Coursera Plus felt like coming home to me.

I remember when I first stumbled upon Coursera Plus. The promises of endless learning opportunities were intriguing. But to be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first.

Would the courses be of high quality? Would they really help me grow both personally and professionally?


With Coursera Plus, I unlocked vast knowledge without emptying my wallet. Finding discount coupons felt like hidden treasures.

More than education, Coursera offers transformation. If you’re considering it, dive in! A transformative journey awaits, and it’s worth every penny.

Customer Reviews

I’ve been a loyal user of Coursera for several years now, and when I heard about Coursera Plus, I was intrigued. I finally decided to take the plunge and subscribe to Coursera Plus, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It has truly been a game-changer for my online learning journey.

-Smit Dane

From a financial standpoint, Coursera Plus is a steal. Instead of paying individually for courses, I gain access to a vast array of knowledge at a fixed cost. It feels like having a magic key to a treasure trove of wisdom, allowing me to enroll in any course that catches my eye without hesitation.

– Emily G.

Review of digital marketer
Review of IT Support Specialist

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Does Coursera offer discounts and savings?

Yes, Coursera provides its users with discounts and vouchers. Promotions and exclusive discounts are available to all registered students.

Does Coursera have any free trial programs?

Yes, some of Coursera’s courses are available for free trials. You can examine the course instructor’s given learning resources and content during the free trial and then choose whether to continue or not.

How can I avail of special offers on Coursera?

On their webpage or in their mailings, you may discover several special deals. Additionally, you may benefit from our exclusive holiday discounts to save money on any courses you might be interested in taking.

Why is my Coursera promo code not working?

Here are the most frequent causes of problems utilizing your Coursera voucher out of the numerous possible ones:
1. Since most promotional codes have an expiration date, it can already be invalid.
2. It will be for a certain program or courses in June.
3. A certain nation or area will be able to take advantage of the June offer.
4. Your promotional code contains a mistake or is misspelled.

Is there any Coursera Plus student discount?

No, there isn’t a Coursera Plus discount accessible to you that will enable you to get the discount on Coursera Plus. Contact Coursera support directly if you have any questions about this.

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