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Coursera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal [Get Upto 60% Off]


Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms which offers professional courses so that one can build a successful career by learning any skill that you want. 

The world-class learning experience with expert training gives you in-depth subject knowledge, and moreover, it collaborates with more than 200 leading companies as well as top-ranked universities. 


Purchase Coursera as it is offering Black Friday Deal on all pricing plans and so you can save big amounts than paying the original price. 

Know more about the Coursera Black Friday Deals and apply the discount to enjoy all deals & offers.

👊 What are Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

Coursera is providing Black Friday Deals for this holiday season and it is good news for the students. You can save a large amount of money and this discount offer is applicable to all pricing plans. 


The discounts available at Coursera on this Black Friday are up to 60% off. This discount is available on all courses and pricing plans it offers to us. 

Purchase any plan or course and get this discount and get Coursera at a low price. If you’re not likely to invest huge amounts then this Black Friday discount gives you big relief to stop paying the actual prices. 

Coursera gives access to apply this discount code to all the pricing plans it offers to us. Choose any plan or course that you want to purchase and save a big amount. 

Coursera Black Friday Deals – Up To 60% off 

Get Up To 60% Off Discount on all pricing plans of Coursera, Apply the discount and get the deal as it is verified and working on all the pricing plans. 

During the checkout process, you’ll get this discount which is up to 60% off and it is applicable to any pricing plan that you pick.

You’re going to experience every single feature even though after applying the discount and also check all the details, terms, and conditions too.

Copy the discount code and paste it that’s it to the plan that you pick and now you can see the modified price on the screen. This is to understand how much money is saved. 

🤞 How to Apply Discount on Coursera Black Friday Deal?

Get huge discounts by applying the Coursera Black Friday Deal, so you no need to pay the original price. After applying the code, you’ll get Coursera at a low price by saving a huge amount.


Follow the instructions and apply the discount code to get it for a low price. This guide helps you out to redeem the discount offer.

  • On the show coupon button give a click so that it showcases the promo code. Now, it redirects you to the official website of Coursera.
  • On the screen, you can see the code and so you can click on the copy to your clipboard.
  • Choose the plan or course that you would like to purchase.
  • Next, enter the code as the code is copied to your clipboard before.
  • If the code is not copied to the clipboard or is unable to paste the code then proceed to do it manually.
  • The modified price is displayed on the screen and so you’ll get to know how much have to pay and how much to save.
  • Provide all your personal details such as Name, Email address, etc.
  • Complete the payment procedures by providing your card details.
  • Applying the discount code process is completed and so now you can enjoy the Black Friday deals by saving big amounts.

🎁 Coursera Pricing Plan


For learners, Coursera offers various free courses of different categories and the prices of the courses are dependent on the program you choose. 

The pricing plan of the Business version is $319/year which is suitable for start-ups as well as small businesses. It offers 14 days money-back guarantee and for an Enterprise plan, contact the sales for all the details.

💛 What Does Customer Say About Coursera?

The Coursera students are given their reviews and feedbacks about the Coursera and how it helps to build a career. Look into the image we can see the reviews in their words. 

Coursera Testimonials & Reviews

👀 How Much You Will Save On This Coursera Black Friday Deal?

Get the Coursera Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and this is a big discount offer which is ever before offered. For many students, who want to build a future career this Coursera is an absolute platform and this is the right time to invest in.


You can save up to 60% off on any pricing plan and buy this Coursera Black Friday Deal is the best one to get it for a low price. In order to get this Black Friday deal, you have to apply the discount code and get the offer. 

The modified price will be displayed on your screen as soon as you apply the discount code. From this, you’ll understand how much to pay as well as how much to save.

Now, you do not need any tough calculations or tough processes to get to know how much will save on this Coursera Black Friday Deal.  

👉 Why You Shouldn’t Miss Coursera Black Friday Deal?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the major events, where we can get big discounts on different categories of products and services.

At present, Coursera is also providing Black Friday Deals, so that you can save more amounts from the original price. 


For the students who are looking to learn a new course, this Coursera platform is right for you to explore many courses and pick the right one. 

Grab these Coursera Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals as soon as possible because it is a limited period deal.

Also, this offer is quite different from various other offers and discounts because it is a huge discount offer for this holiday season. 

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