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Udacity Review 2024: Is It Worthy Platform Or Not?


Online learning terminology is ruling the internet across the world, and many people are upgrading themselves at their own pace. Online learning platforms are fulfilling the dreams of people by training them on the specific skills they want. 

We have a wide range of online learning platforms, and among the lists, Udacity is one of the prominent platforms for its Nanodegree programs. Review and examine the courses provided by Udacity, and analyze which is the best fit for your career development. 

😍 What is Udacity?

What is Udacity

Udacity is one of the online learning platforms that trains the latest digital and technical skills in the most effective way. The programs at Udacity helps everyone to gain knowledge and become experts in any area with extraordinary skills. The instructors at Udacity are industry experts to provide in-depth knowledge of the topics and guides you to step ahead for your future career. 

  • Gain Job-Oriented Skills – The top-tier industry partners designed the quality curriculum for the learners and it is not like academics. So, one can learn job-oriented skills according to the companies requirements. 
  • Experience Project-based & active learning – At Udacity, review & learn how to build real-time projects and also perform hands-on exercises to develop the skills. 
  • Schedule & Learn – Udacity is a completely self-paced online training platform and you can learn any course at any time and anywhere. Even it gives the opportunity to learn the skills part-time 10 hours per week while graduating.  
  • Ready to Serve Community – It allows you to reach out to the community 24/7 to clear all your doubts. Yes, the mentors at Udacity are ready to serve the students to answer the coding questions at any time. It helps the students to learn and understand the topics fastly and effortlessly. 

Coming to the overall strengths of Udacity, till now more than 100,000 students are graduated and the number is still counting. Over 200 industry experts are partnered with Udacity to create quality content and on the other side, it has 100+ enterprise customers around the world. 

⭐ Udacity is for Whom?

Udacity is for Whom

Udacity learning platform is not restricted to some people as it is for everyone who wants to develop their career. For every individual it transforms their future career, for enterprise, it helps to grow their business. For Government, Udacity has the capability to transform its workforce, and therefore it is a platform suitable for everyone.

In fact, the Udacity online learning platform is just not only for students who are going to develop their career paths but also for enterprises and governments. Truly, businesses can transform their organization by upskilling the employees with Udacity. Even Government also uses this Udacity platform because it can easily transform the workforce to fill the gaps economically and digitally. 

One just not only gets the knowledge of the subject but also gains the skills in different areas and can also implement them in their future. The curriculum of the courses at Udacity is designed to prove job-oriented skills for the learners and also can experience how to build real-time projects. 

Everyone at Udacity is guided by the mentor as they are industry experts, and 24/7 they are always helping the learners in clarifying doubts. However, now it’s your turn to pick the right course, gain skills, and build a beautiful career path. 

Udacity for Enterprise 

For Enterprise

The powerful workforce is the future of your business success rate and Udacity Nanodegree Programs help any industry to develop. It teaches the right skills to your organization members and they can easily apply those skills whenever required. 

Most companies in the world are worried about their future growth, and also it is difficult to hire the talent they need. In order to get rid out of such misconceptions, they step forward to train their employees with the right skills. For the tech companies, Udacity offers various courses and the courses are designed by the industry tech experts. 

Udacity helps businesses to transform their organizations digitally and for this, it designed the goals for every sector or industry. Review the goals provided by Udacity, and choose which course is perfect according to your business requirements, and train the skills to your employees.

The dedicated mentors at Udacity provide support to each and every member of your employees, at the same time they experience how to handle real-time hands-on project works. Along with that, mentors also teach about digital skills and how to implement them in their projects. 

The Nanodegree Programs at Udacity helps to develop your business by meeting the requirements of your organization. If you’re likely to tackle all your business activities digitally means then step ahead to the Udacity and provide training to your employees with the right skills.

Udacity for Government

For Government

Udacity is a powerful platform for Government to transform their workforce and also there is an increase in jobs. It can also make the nation to transform into digital wise to bridge the gap between the people and government. To upskill and reskill your workforce, Udacity comes up with government-funded scholarships and just enrolls in its Nanodegree Programs. 

  • Till now up to 74% of the students of Udacity are reported towards a positive career. 
  • The curriculum of the programs is designed according to the targets such as providing employment to the job seekers or increase the payments for graduates. 
  • The industry practitioners and experts are the creators of the courses and programs at Udacity. They design subject concepts as well as skills that are required for the job. 

The Governments around the world trusted Udacity are:- World Economic Forum, Dubai Future Foundation, and many others.

For Egypt, Udacity helped to increase in the economic growth and for Saudi Arabia, it helps in the growth of driving jobs. The time has arrived to develop your workforce, grow your economy with Udacity Nanodegree Programs. 

✅ Learning Technology at Udacity 

The main agenda of Udacity is to provide a quality learning experience to its learners with in-depth subject knowledge that includes job-oriented skills and to prepare them as job-ready. The training is provided according to how the companies recruit the employees to their companies. All you need to do is just start training at Udacity, it provides support in every aspect to reach your goals easily. 

Udacity’s main priority is to place the students in a company by giving training in an effective way and this platform is with the students from the first step of enrolling to the course to become an expert. Of course, it assists the learners from the job search process to achieve the job successfully. 

Get Identified 

No matter which course you take, Udacity provides quality mentorship training by the industry experts and after completion of the course, it provides certification as an achievement. Yes, the certifications at Udacity are accredited and recognizable by many companies and corporations across the world. But it is a reminder that the certifications provided by Udacity are not accredited academic-wise.

Now, you just add the achievement that you earn at Udacity into your resume and also to other job portal sites like GitHub, Linked In, etc. Then you’ll start getting queries and actions from the companies who want to fill their vacancies.

The one and the only best reason behind this is, the course you learn at Udacity and get a certification that will add more advantages to your resume. Udacity certification is recognized by corporations so its certificate on your profile can be added value to recruit you easily. They review your profile and the Udacity certification immediately caught the attention of employers. If you train hard at Udacity means then there will be huge possibilities to get the actions from the recruiters. 

Grow Your Network 

Leverage your network

We have many job portal sites where companies look into the candidate’s profiles and shortlist the people according to their requirements. So, grow your network on all the job portal sites like LinkedIn, from this you can identify the job that matches your skills. Follow the students and alumni, and don’t worry Udacity provides training in communication skills and you can easily interact with the people. 

Get the Job 

Once you gain all the skills at Udacity, then it’s time to land into the job that you dreamt and it helps you to review & optimize the different job application materials. This is to stand out your profile among all the applicants and therefore your resume will be noticed by the recruiters. 

The Nanodegree programs at Udacity offer various career services to the students, complete the program and showcase all your skills after landing your dream job. 

🤔 What Udacity Offers Us?

Udacity provides training in eight different subjects that include Artificial Intelligence, Business, Product Management, Cyber Security, and others. In these subjects, it offers a wide range of subcategories where you have to choose the program and learn. 

Another advantage is here you can find the career option at the bottom of the program categories, and in this, you can apply for interviews & jobs. Along with the Nanodegree Programs, it offers some free courses to the students to learn and it is a great opportunity to cover & learn all areas of the subject topics.

Nanodegree Programs

NanoDegree Programs

The Nanodegree Programs of Udacity are just not only the subjects but also consist of hands-on real-time projects, quizzes, and workshops. The curriculum of the courses of Nanodegree programs is designed by the industry experts and the students can learn and easily apply them as professionals. 

You’ll get more knowledge on the technology and make your mindset to grow towards the technology with the help of its Nanodegree Programs. The students who learned the course by selecting from these Nanodegree Programs are placed in top companies across the world. The courses are focused on technologies and applications from Data Science to Programming and Development. 

Free Courses

Free Courses

Along with the Nanodegree Programs at Udacity, it offers various free courses which are on the list of over 200 courses to the learners. Review all the list of 200 courses offered by Udacity and pick the right course that you want to develop in your career. These free courses and all the subjects are offered by the Nanodegree Programs, but the courses are available from the beginner to intermediate level. So, one can learn the basic skills of the subject along with the subject knowledge in these free courses catalog. 

🏆 Career Services at Udacity

If you want to become a mentor or instructor? then Udacity offers a great opportunity to people especially those who are passionate about technology. This platform welcomes you, people, to become a mentor or as an instructor and even you can gain more perks. 

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Join as a mentor and motivate the learners on how to improve their knowledge in the tech industry as well as you can expand your tech knowledge more.  If you become a mentor at Udacity, then you’ll get free access to Nanodegree Programs and grow your knowledge by building relationships with industry experts. 

As a mentor at Udacity can connect with the global community of thinkers and technical masters to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects. For supporting and motivating the students at Udacity, additionally, you can earn money by choosing the course topics and review hours that you want to teach. Without any doubt, as a mentor at Udacity, you can benefit in every aspect.  

Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Join as a Udacity Instructor and train the students and learners to become future tech experts and professionals. The instructors are from across the world with brilliant technical skills to train & develop thousands of candidates who are passionate. It allows you to build a course at any time you want and at any place you want, and the most profitable benefit is you’re going to communicate with the top industry leaders and experts of the tech industry. 

Meanwhile, the duty of the Udacity Instructors are:

  • First, create courses related to the tech industry. 
  • Next, build Projects and develop the lessons. 
  • Video Production, Review the course before the launch at Udacity platform. 
  • Finalize the content and Launch the course. 
  • Finally, at Post- Launch, the mentors will answer the queries of the students. 

💛 Students Review & Feedback About Udacity

The students trained at Udacity provided their review on its Nanodegree Programs and how it transforms their careers. They explained and shared their views & feedback on the complete learning journey of the courses and some of the reviews are shared in the below picture.

One of the students Marion, Ally Financial wrote “The Udacity Career Portal helped him on the path to success. Recruiters found him from the LinkedIn page, and the Career Portal allowed him to quickly customize his resume & cover letter. Take the advantage of the Career Portal As soon as you can” 

Student Reviews and Testimonials
Students Review & Feedback about Udacity

👉 Pros and Cons of Udacity 


  • Has an easy and intuitive user interface
  • Mentors support is available for the students 24/7
  • Teaches subject knowledge as well as job-oriented skills
  • Assessments and Quizzes will be conducted regularly
  • Receive a certificate as an accomplishment of the course
  • Instructors are industry experts
  • Self-paced learning programs
  • One can experience real-time hands-on projects
  • Free courses
  • Excellent content quality
  • Add your skills in resume



  • Does not offer Udacity mobile application
  • Some topics are limited
  • Available only in the English language
  • Does not provide enough practical sessions and excercises

🎁 Pricing Plans of Udacity 

Java Developer4 Months$1436
AI Product Manager2 Months$718
Senior Fusion Engineer4 Months$1436
Data Visualization4 Months$1436
Cloud Developer4 Months$1436
Cloud DevOps Engineer4 Months$1436
Programming for Data Science with R3 Months$1077
Introduction to Machine Learning3 Months$1077
Marketing Analytics3 Months$1077
Data Engineer5 Months$1795
Data Structures and Algorithms4 Months$1436
C++ Engineer4 Months$1436
Business Analytics3 Months$1077
Artificial Intelligence for Trading6 Months$2154
Programming for Data Science for Python3 Months$1077
Blockchain Developer4 Months$1436
Deep Reinforcement Learning4 Months$1436
Data Scientist4 Months$1436
Natural Language Processing3 Months$1077
Computer Vision3 Months$1077
AI Programming with Python3 Months$1077
Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight4 Months$1436
Intro to Self-Driving Cars4 Months$1436
Data Analyst4 Months$1436
React4 Months$1436
Intro to Programming4 Months$1436
Robotics Software Engineer4 Months$1436
Digital Marketing3 Months$1077
Deep Learning4 Months$1436
Artificial Intelligence3 Months$1077
Self Driving Car Engineer6 Months$2154
Predictive Analytics of Business3 Months$1077
Android Basics3 Months$1077
Machine-Learning Engineer3 Months$1077
Front End Developer4 Months$1436
Full-Stack Web Developer4 Months$1436
Android Developer6 Months$2154
iOS Developer6 Months$2154
UX Designer2 Months$718
Data Streaming3 Months$1077
Detailed Pricing Plans of Udacity Courses

✨ Conclusion: Is Udacity Worth it in 2024?

YES, 100%. It is worth your money and time. Online learning platforms are creating a ray of hope for people who are unable to fulfill their dreams. We witnessed many online learning platforms are teaching different subjects of any industry, and if you’re passionate about technology then don’t miss to review into Udacity courses. 

Udacity offers Nanodegree Programs related to the tech industry and instructors are industry experts to provide quality training. You’ll learn subject knowledge as well as technical skills that you will apply at your workplace. At the same time, develop real-time hands-on projects and this experience will help you while performing at your workplace. 

After completion of the course, as an achievement, it provides certificate and you can add it to your resume, so it stands out from other applicants. On the whole, the Udacity platform provides quality training to the students and anyone can achieve the goals easily in the tech field. 

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions 

🏆 Does really Nanodegree Programs at Udacity are worth to invest time and money?

Yes, the Nanodegree Programs provided by Udacity are worth to invest time and money. Mentorship, guided projects, expert interviews are the added advantages for this program.

🔅 Do anyone get Job with the Nanodegree Programs at Udacity?

Of Course, Udacity online learning platform is the golden ticket to get the job, as it provides training in on-demand technical skills. If you completed the Nanodegree Program is simply you’re one step ahead to get the job.

👍 What type of category of courses does Udacity offer to us?

Primarily, the courses at Udacity fall under the tech category, and they are Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Programming and Development, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, Business, Cyber Security, and Product Management.

👊 Does Nanodegree Programs at Udacity are recognized?

No, the Nanodegree Programs at Udacity are not recognized and accredited by global institutions. The Nanodegree Programs are recognized by the tech companies across the world like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. In Brief, Nanodegree Programs are not recognized as Academy-wise but recognized by corporates.

✌️ Who are the instructors at Udacity?

The instructors at Udacity are well-experienced, industry experts, and extremely knowledgeable persons. Some of the instructors at Udacity are the corporates of Google and Facebook as they teach the technical skills that are required according to the companies.

🤞 What is the unique specialty of the Udacity platform?

When compared to other online learning platforms, Udacity is the unique one and the reason is the quality of the content available in the Nanodegree Programs. In addition to the content, the learners get access to the mentor experts 24/7.

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