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Movavi Screen Recorder Review: Best Free Video Recording Software


Many a time the content of our interest is present right in front of us, on our monitors. Yet, we are unable to document them and consider using Google results. After all, not everything can be fixed with MS- Paint. What you need here is an intuitive alternative that captures screen in no time. Movavi is an advanced application which does it all without getting complicated on you.

What can Movavi do?

The application is a master at recording any form of on-screen activity with varying options at each level. It means you could do more than just taking screen shots. Click images, document video chats, record audio, prepare GIFs, create tutorials, etc.

Movavi Screen Capture Review

The diverse usage of Movavi is only limited by your imagination. Remember, if it’s on the screen, then Movavi can capture it.

What sets it apart?

Movavi holds a commendable control over every media aspect, with no programming to confuse you. Simply, download this free application and start recording anything that pleases your eyes.

Intuitive window

Upon launching, Movavi appears as a recording window that runs uninterruptedly throughout the activity. Meaning, you can switch tabs, open folders, run videos or do anything which you mean to telecast. The frame size can be swiftly customised by dragging its edge or by choosing the pre-defined aspect ratio. If you want the full-screen to be covered, then we have that as well.

Movavi Screen recording

Cruising controls

The recording is often a part of the process and might include several clips of it. You might want the specific portions of the recording, dub a different audio, screenshot instances or compile a new movie out of it.

To assist with the multi-tasking nature of your work, Movavi has strategically positioned hot keys on the recording window. They are quick to reach and easy to understand. So that you don’t miss out or need to replay frequently, the same list of tools has also been placed in its handy sidebar. Choose whatever makes you comfier. Even the trimming option is open to use at any point of the recording.

ScInclude action

Preparing video is like cooking a special menu; the fun lies in displaying some beauties while hiding some secrets. Movavi lets you do the same with on-screen cursor activities and button clicks. You may want to zoom in without showing the cursor, include button clicks for dramatic effect or telecast the screen for a demonstrative tutorial; Movavi projects your idea with zero compromises.

Movavi ScreenRecording method

Mashable Audio

While capturing screen, you wouldn’t any random audio playing in the background or you may want the audio coming in from several sources. To cater the varying audio requirements without compromising its quality, Movavi places microphone option right in front of you. Click to choose whether you want the recording to be muted, adjusted in volume or include audio from multiple sources like speakers, microphones, headsets, and MIDI devices.

Such an open acceptance creates makes an ideal companion out of Movavi, especially when you are looking forward to recording that webinar, Skype chat, Hangout, or overlap funny commentaries for the video.


Media files and online content could vary in vast proportions. But, that should not require you to attend the recording session throughout. Movavi comes with a unique scheduling option which only demands you to set the start and stop time for recording. Punch in the duration of recording and go for that break.

Record PC Screen Video

Control each frame

Movavi has evolved itself as a product for something more than just screen capturing. It lets you get all creative with the frame speed of videos. After all, you might be presenting the on-screen recordings to a niche audience. Use 60 fps speed for playing the video with crisp clarity or dive into a lower frame speed for saving disc space. Crazy or calculated, media recorded on Movavi is ready to meet any demand that comes its way.


What’s even crazier about Movavi, is its compressibility. Once you are through with the editing process, Movavi provides on spot options for file compression. Choose the desired file size and the recording will be squeezed to fit your needs.

However, if you are on to some heavy work and looking for a quick responsiveness, then do try the Movavi’s SuperSpeed mode. It gets the job done, just in time.

Export Screen cast


From adjusting the various inputs to getting the right output, Movavi is throughout flexible. While its recording frame can capture anything on the screen, the final results can be produced in formats of your choice.

Just like MS-Paint, the screenshots can be stored in universally accepted formats like JPEG, PNG and much more. As for the recorded videos, the screencast can be exported in numerous movie formats like MP4, AVI, MOV and other commonly used platforms. Being the user, you can choose from a range of formats to support the media across desktops, mobile devices or web-quality online sharing.


Now that you have fallen in love with Movavi and the tricks that it can pull, you must be wondering about the supported systems. No worries, Movavi is a light-weighted application that runs seamlessly on both Windows and Mac iOs.

Simply, follow this link to reach the Movavi Screen Recorder page and download it for free!!

System Requirements

Its requirements are minimalist and easily support any basic setup for Windows/ Mac.

For iOS users, the system must be using Mac OS X with 10.6 or higher version. As for Windows users, your system can vary across any version from XP to Vista or Windows 7/8/10.

After the download is complete, just click on the application for setting the recording parameter for your screen.


Screen capturing has found its need among most of us, for personal or professional reasons. Instead of hampering your creativity with the limited tools pre-available on your system, try the Movavi Screen Recorder for an out-of-the-box you. It is simple, controllable and full of amusement.

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