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Herbie Hancock MasterClass Review: Is It Worthy To Learn?


Life is full of struggles but the music made it a little bit easy. Music in life decorates us with the beauty of the melody. Events, parties, sobbing, or self-time can’t be imagined without music.

Melody Helps In What?

The melody helps in turning life into heaven, taps on beats, and humming of vocals are the most soothing hobby. 👊👊

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Review

Our soul baths whenever we enjoy music and our body feels relaxed sinking into the melody. The art of music is for everyone and it can be learned. The music too has many genres and one of the most popular genres is Jazz.

Jazz has its roots in African-American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana, the USA in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Jazz is a mocktail of European harmonic structure and African rhythms. Jazz has passed through several phases of development to reach its current form and caliber. 😇

Jazz emits party music, film music, and dance music vibes. Different aura of entertainment can be experienced by adding some Jazz music to your playlist. Many people with great taste in music are missing the chance of enjoying Jazz in their life because they don’t have a brilliant teacher.

Who Is Herbie Hancock

But no more worries because MasterClass is presenting a course by Herbie Hancock. The class will turn your caliber stronger and make you present the best of Jazz music to the world.

Who is Herbie Hancock? 💙

Herbie Hancock is a name everyone reflex to after hearing the word “perfection”. The way he plays the piano is covered with crown excellence and fills the surrounding with melody.

He has many tags added to his profile such as pianist, bandleader, composer, keyboardist, and sometimes a powerful actor too.

Herbie Hancock has an ocean full of experience as he has been in the field since 1961. The experience of the industry has only turned him kinder.

Many artists wish for just one Grammy award and our living legend has seized 14 Grammy Awards in his career so far.

Herbie Hancock is also being compared to legends such as Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Herbie surprised the whole world with his album “The Juni Letters” which also won the “Album Of The Year Award”.

Destiny has been playing it way in Herbie’s life that he will be a gift to the world. At the age of 11, he played a Mozart Piano Concerto with an orchestra of the Chicago Symphony. He entered the world of albums with his first banger “Taken Off”.

Herbie Hancock dropped “Chameleon” which was the first jazz album to go platinum. Every time Herbie announces an album the world starts waiting restlessly. 😉

Herbie never missed a spot in top music charts. Age has never been a barrier in Hancock’s life as he recorded and performed with VSOP with his colleagues from Miles Davis.

Art is so well injected into the nerves of Herbie Hancock by god and this fact is proved by him winning the Oscar in 1986 for scoring the film “Round Midnight ” in which he performed as an actor too.

Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz

He is the chairman of Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz which shows his determination to spread the love for Jazz music. The fame of Herbie Hancock is not bound by any kind of boundaries; even the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon awarded Herbie Hancock with “Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres”.

Decorated with different titles and awards Hancock has always stayed connected to his roots and love of art. His music makes the soul float in the ocean of love. When he starts playing the piano every second slows down the world to make it feel lucky enough to enjoy the era of Herbie Hancock.

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Insight into the Class

This MasterClass special of Herbie Hancock is full of excitement and learning. The class provides detailed descriptions of skills by G.OA.T himself. The whole course is divided into 25 video lessons of 10-15 minutes each. Each lesson focuses on special topics.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass Lessons Plan

The structure of lessons helps in developing the knowledge of music in the right way and in chronological order. Q 164-page workbook, packed full of transcriptions of Herbie’s playing can also be accessed by students. 😊

If students manage to go through the workbook along with theory classes, they will be getting a proper turnaround in their artistic skills of Jazz Music. The whole class can be divided majorly into 4 sections.

Section 1: Herbie’s Advice 😚

 The section provides students with personal guidance by Herbie. They will get many clips of interviews where Herbie talks about his personal experiences. The secrets Herbie is giving out in public make us understand how nicely he wants to spread the love of Jazz music to everyone.

He also shares his piece of philosophy and what he had managed in life so far in such a chaotic and competitive industry. He shares numerous facts about the human’s approach to music, the magic of composing, and how it feels to be a composer.

Section 2: The Fundamentals of Jazz

This section will help participants understand the essential spice that should be in a style of music to make it count as Jazz. Herbie also helps in understanding the piano in a way that leads to an exploration of the fundamentals of Jazz.

The section talks about improvisation, two basic types of Jazz, improvising alone, recomposing, rearranging, reinventing, and rhythmic musicianship.

Members Who Loved This Herbie Hancock Masterclass

These all topics are covered under this section. As these, all are the fundamentals of Jazz and if one can make grip over them only then they can get the magic done with their fingers.

Section 3: Focus on the Practical Tips

This section helps students find their voice. Herbie gives some technical abilities that can be mastered by tutorials provided in the class. This section focuses on musical awareness and participants find their style of Jazz. Section all involves Piano Basics and Piano exercises. 👍🏻

The more familiar one turns with the piano, the more magic will come out of the fingers. Advanced ideas are also provided to students to demonstrate chord structure.

Massively expanded improvisation techniques are also offered under this section. The complex harmony ideas are also provided in the Jazz Harmony lesson.

Section 4: Herbie in Performance

It includes the performances by Herbie to clear the concepts discussed throughout the class. This part of the course helps in observing all that a person has learnt throughout the course. Class is worth the money and time of the students because of the teacher and the structure it carries.

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How to Register for MasterClass by Herbie Hancock?

The platform “MasterClass” promises a smooth experience in the process of signing up and learning. The process has been kept super simple so that students don’t find themselves in the middle of a mess.

Herbie Hancock Masterclass At Work

Interested participants just have to visit MasterClass and fill in the personal information such as Email-id. Then they have to choose the program they wish to access by paying the plan fees. This same process can get Herbie’s excellence in your life and polish the artist within you.

Pros of Herbie’s Jazz Class 😊

Class is completely decorated with multiple benefits. The teacher is himself a brand and the world will understand the potential of the course just by the name “Herbie Hancock”.

The structure of the course is so supportive to students. 25 video lessons ranging from 10-15 minutes elaborates the details of Jazz music. Each section focuses on different skill sets of students making it easy to observe and polish.

Masterclass Arts and Entertainment Classes

The personal guidance via Herbie’s interviews sorts numerous questions of students related to the field of the Jazz music industry. The course focuses on tutorials too which help in providing students with methods to practice technical abilities.

From basic piano techniques to complex Jazz harmony all are covered within the course. Students will find out why it is important to know themselves and create music differently. The pure aura of Jazz is described via lessons and words by Herbie.

The clips of personal performances elaborate the concepts to students. A 164-page workbook with video lessons works in favour of students seeking perfection. These are some pros of this class of legend Herbie Hancock.

Conclusion – Final Say

The class is worth choosing Herbie Hancock over multiple teachers present. The structure, fees, and teacher all makes this MasterClass perfect to avail. The multiple benefits offered by the program are enough to gather the excitement of students craving to learn Jazz music.

Online Lessons By Herbie Hancock

The program will mend the skills of students and get the artist out of them. From the very start of the course, students will be able to observe the worth of the class. Basics of the complex processes will lead to betterment at a perfect pace.

Herbie Hancock is a world-class pianist and the opportunity of learning from him shouldn’t be missed at any cost. The minimal cost plan of MasterClass providing the perfection of Jazz music is a treat to the world of music. So don’t miss the master learning via MasterClass and Herbie Hancock.


Who is Herbie Hancock?

Herbie Hancock is a marvellous pianist who had won numerous Grammy awards and an Oscar.

Which platform is offering a class on Jazz Music by Herbie Hancock?

MasterClass is offering a class on Jazz music by Herbie Hancock.

How many lessons are in the program by Herbie Hancock?

25 video lessons ranging from 10-15 minutes with a 164-pages workbook to go through with theory classes.

How one can register for the program?

Visit the MasterClass web portal and sign up with details to pay the fees and avail of the benefits of the program.

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