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GiveWp Discount Code 2024: Upto 70% Off [Verified]


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Imagine reaching your fundraising goals faster and easier, all while providing a seamless donation process for your supporters.


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How to Apply Your GiveWp Discount Code?

  1. Click on the desired coupon code above.

  2. You’ll be redirected to GiveWp‘s official website.

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  3. Choose the package or tool you wish to purchase.

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Pricing Plan

GiveWP Pricing Plans
Feature/AspectFree (GiveWP Free)Basic (GiveWP Basic)Plus (GiveWP Plus)Pro (GiveWP Pro)
Billing CycleForeverAnnuallyAnnuallyAnnually
Key Offerings– Unlimited Forms
– Stripe & PayPal
– Donor Management
– Insightful Reporting
– And So Much More!
– Everything in Free
– Only Basic Add-ons
– All Payment Gateways
– License for 1-Site
– Priority Support
– Everything in Basic
– All Premium Add-ons
– Recurring Donations
– 30-minute “Fundraising Website Audit” ($50 Value)
– Everything in Plus
– Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
– VIP Support

What is GiveWP?

GiveWP stands out as a prominent WordPress donation plugin, specifically designed to empower nonprofit organizations, charities, and individual fundraisers.

Its distinguishing feature is its seamless integration with WordPress, enabling users to create customizable donation forms, manage donor relations effectively, and track fundraising efforts directly from their website.

Home Page

With a user-friendly interface, multiple payment gateway options, and robust reporting tools, GiveWP simplifies the donation process, making it more accessible for donors and efficient for organizations.

Its flexibility in handling one-time and recurring donations, coupled with excellent customer support, makes GiveWP an optimal choice for enhancing online giving experiences.


πŸŽ—οΈ 48% OFF GiveWP – Your Fundraising Ally! πŸ’ͺ

Make fundraising easier with GiveWP at an impressive 48% discount! Whether you’re a small NGO or a growing charity, GiveWP is your perfect partner. Seize this opportunity to make a difference! πŸ’‘πŸŒ±

Comprehensive Donor Management

GiveWP provides an advanced donor management system that allows organizations to track and manage donor activity efficiently.

Donor Management

It offers detailed donation histories, donor profiles, and the ability to export donor data, enabling organizations to maintain robust relationships with their supporters.

Flexible Recurring Donations

With GiveWP, organizations can set up recurring donations easily. This feature is crucial for creating a steady stream of income.

Flexible Recurring Donations

Donors can choose how often they want to donate, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, which helps organizations build a reliable revenue base.

Variety of Payment Gateways

GiveWP supports a wide range of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and more, providing flexibility for the organization and the donors.

Variety of Payment Gateways

This variety ensures that donors can use their preferred payment method, making the donation process smoother and more convenient.

Customizable Donation Forms

GiveWP allows for high customization of donation forms. Organizations can tailor the forms to fit their branding and specific needs, including setting suggested donation amounts, offering multiple giving options, and adding custom fields.

Customizable Donation Forms

This level of customization enhances the donor experience and can help increase donation conversions.

Savvy Saving Tips for GiveWP Donations: Think Beyond Coupons

Annual vs. Monthly Plans

Opting for an annual subscription plan instead of a monthly plan can offer considerable savings. Annual plans typically come at a lower overall cost compared to paying monthly.

Nonprofit Discounts

GiveWP may offer special pricing or discounts for registered nonprofit organizations. It’s worth contacting their support team to inquire about any available nonprofit discounts.

Bundle with Other Plugins

Sometimes, purchasing GiveWP as part of a bundle with other WordPress plugins can be more cost-effective. Look for bundle deals that include GiveWP along with other useful tools for your website.

Referral Programs or Affiliate Marketing

Participating in GiveWP’s referral or affiliate programs can provide benefits such as discounts or credits for future purchases. This can be a way to save money if you regularly recommend plugins to others.


🌈 40% OFF on GiveWP – Grow Your Donations! 🌱

Expand your fundraising potential with GiveWP at a wonderful 40% off. Simplify donation collection and connect with more donors. Grab this offer now – every donation counts! πŸ€πŸ’š

Where Do These GiveWp Discount Codes Originate?

The GiveWP discount codes that we present are acquired straight from GiveWP’s promotional initiatives, coordinated by their marketing team.

These codes are specifically offered by GiveWP to facilitate discounts and special promotions to their clientele, both prospective and current, in an effort to make their donation plugin more budget-friendly and appealing.

Rest assured, these discount codes are genuine and officially sanctioned by GiveWP, assuring users of legitimate savings and enhanced value in their fundraising efforts with GiveWP’s platform.

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πŸ”₯ Final Says

GiveWP discount codes offer valuable benefits for both new and existing users. For new users, these codes serve as an inviting gateway to explore GiveWP’s features at a reduced cost.

These initial savings can be a significant factor in encouraging new users to try out GiveWP for their fundraising needs, making the platform more accessible, especially for smaller organizations or individuals with limited budgets.

Existing users also stand to gain from these discount codes. They can utilize these discounts to upgrade their plans, access new features, or extend their subscriptions, all while saving money.

This not only fosters user loyalty but also enhances user experience by allowing access to more advanced features or prolonged use at a lesser cost.

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