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Freshchat Review: Is The Best Customer Messaging Software?


If you have been looking for an effective customer managing application that has got you and your customers covered on each communicational front, then this Freshchat review might be of some help.


In this Freshchat review we will be discussing the various aspects of the platform including pricing plans, key features, customer support, integrations, pros and cons and more. 

Freshchat Overview

Freshchat is one of the six major products developed and released by Freshworks Inc over the years. The platform has been trusted and used by more than 50,000 companies all around the world. 😘

Some of the popular and renowned businesses that use Freshchat include BEL USA, Iba, Travix, MakeMyTrip, Klarna, Harvey Norman, etc. 

Freshchat Customers

Long story short, Freshchat is a modern and intuitive messaging software built by Freshworks to help you retain your customer base as well as effectively tackle all your promising prospects on various communication fronts including your website, mobile application and a few other messaging channels. 

Freshchat Mobile Apps

Freshchat was designed with the foresight to provide businesses worldwide context-driven messaging experience. You have access to various advanced and AI-powered features which help you achieve better customer engagement across sales, marketing and support divisions.

Some of the available functionalities include In-App Campaigns, Triggered Messages, Performance Reports, Live Translate, Chatbots, Canned Response, Contextual Information, Visitor Intel, Intelligent Message Routing and more.

Getting Started With Freshchat 

To be able to use Freshchat features and services, you are required to sign up for an account for the same. The whole onboarding process is super easy and all you need to do is follow the steps given below in order to create one. 

  1. Head to the official page of Freshchat and click on the “Free Trial” button displayed at the top right corner of the home page. 
  2. You can either sign up using your email address or through google credentials. 
  3. Next up, enter your company name along with your mobile phone number. 
  4. Once done filling the asked information, click on the “Sign Up For Free” button. 
  5. Upon approval you will be redirected to your account, Neo Admin Center, where you can add your contacts, modify security preferences, audit logs, edit organizational details and more. 
Freshchat Sign Up

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Freshchat Key Features 

Although Freshchat offers tons of features, we will go over some of the key functionalities in brief. 

1. Messaging Channel 

The platform allows you to connect your multiple messaging apps to Freshchat and seamlessly manage as well as engage with customers, clients and promising prospects. 😉

Freshchat provides a unified inbox for all the channels  including chat, call, email, and messenger apps, improved team KPIs with significant reduction in response time, customer timeline and more.

You have the ability to automate replies to common queries using bots, connect CRM and ERP interfaces, etc. 

Freshchat Messaging Channels

2. Chatbots 

With freshchat you can set and launch intelligent chatbots to engage with your customers and answer their queries. You can set up APIs for your chatbots so they can fetch data to and from internal systems and third party applications, execute specific actions depending on the triggers, automatically update customer data and more.

You have the ability to create reports to monitor and improve bot’s performance as well as personalize the chatbot experience for your customers by customizing various aspects like layout, colors, shape, size, etc. 

Freshchat Chatbots

3. Campaigns 

With Freshchat you can design immersive messages with the help of multimedia in order to attract and engage customers on your mobile app, website or other channels.

You can create flows to target segments and deliver messages based on triggers, send intent driven emails, use a dashboard to analyze the performance of current and past campaigns and more.

Campaigns enable you to reach your targeted audience through contextual support, minimize the operation costs by cutting down the call volume, etc. 

Freshchat Campaigns

4. Native Integrations 

Now, coming onto the integrations part of this Freshchat review, the platform supports tons of third party applications, plugins and APIs some of which are as follows; Google Calendar, Slack, Calendly, Freshsales, Clearbit, Zendesk, Line, Stripe, Freshmarketer, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Freshservice, WhatsApp Business, and more. 😇

Freshchat Integrations

Freshchat Pricing Plans 

Freshchat Messaging

For the messaging plans, Freshchat provides you the access to a free plan along with three other paid package options.

Free – The “Free” version of Freshchat is available free of cost as well as enables you to access some basic features for upto 100 agents. You can make use of the following functionalities; Chatbots,  Bulk Actions, Chatbot Analytics, Inbox Views, Conversation Labels, Mobile SDK, User Properties, etc. 

Growth – The “Growth” plan can be bought for $15 for an agent per month when billed yearly and $18 when billed on monthly basis. In addition to all the “Free” features, you have access to the following attributes; Up to 2000 free bot sessions per month, Assignment Rules, User Events & Timeline, Priority Inbox, User Segmentation, Canned Responses, Private Notes, etc. 

Freshchat Pricing Plans

Pro – The “Pro” package can either be purchased for $39 or $47 per agent for a month when billed on an annual and monthly basis respectively. Some of the additional features you have access to in addition to the “Growth” plan includes IntelliAssign, Co-Browsing, Live Translate, Advanced Dashboard and Automations, CSAT Survey and Report, Conversation APIs, etc. 

Enterprise – You can either buy it for $69 or $83 per agent for a month when billed on annual and monthly basis respectively. Some of the exclusive features available in the “Enterprise” plan includes Up to 5000 free bot sessions per month, Allowed IPs and Domains, User Authentication, etc. 

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Freshchat Omnichannel 

For Omnichannel support, Freshchat offers three different paid packages you can subscribe to leverage the benefit of both the messaging and telephony features across various communication channels from a single integrated portal. 

Growth Omnichannel – It costs $29 per agent per month when billed annually and $35 when billed on a monthly basis. In addition to all the “Growth” plan features of the Freshdesk support desk, it includes Data Center Location, Ticket, Conversation, and Call Reports, Chatbot Analytics, Contact Management, up to 2000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, Chatbot Builder, etc. 

Freshchat Omnichannel Prices

Pro Omnichannel – You can either choose to pay $59 per agent per month or $71 depending whether the bill is invoiced on yearly or monthly tenure. Including all the “Pro” plan of Freshdesk Support Desk features, the additional attributes include up to 3000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, WhatsApp Business, Team Performance Report, Advanced Automations, Custom Reporting & Dashboards, Multilingual Support, Advanced Call Management, CSAT Survey & Report and more.

Enterprise Omnichannel – It can either be purchased for $99 or $119 per agent per month on an annual and monthly basis respectively. In addition to Enterprise plan of Freshdesk Support Desk, some of the exclusive features included in this are as follows; up to 5000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, Sandbox, Speech-enabled IVR,  Agent Assist Bot, Email Bot, Auto-triage, Solutions Suggester, Canned Responses Suggester, Allowed IPs and more. 😍

Freshchat Security Mechanisms 

Freshchat adheres and follows multiple industry level security mechanisms and protocols to keep your business data safe, some of which are discussed below. 

Freshchat Security Settings
  1. Freshchat keeps your data secured using servers hosted from data centers protected via round the clock surveillance and biometric locks. 
  2. The platform is committed to GDPR and HIPAA compliance. 
  3. Freshchat encrypts your data using SSL, allows you to create an IP whitelist which lets only specific IP addresses to bypass your network, enables you to secure login access through SSO scripts and more.
  4. You can set up two factor authentication as an additional layer of security while accessing your account.

Freshchat Customer Support 

Coming onto the contact support and help resources aspect of this Freshchat review, let us look over what we have access to in detail. 

Freshchat Customer Support

With Freshchat you have the availability and access to a plethora of self help resources such as case studies, extensive knowledge base, API documentation, webinars, ebooks, free tools, product tours and updates, video library, learning center, blog posts and frequently asked questions. 

If you want to reach out to the Freshchat’s support team you can do so through either of the following options; live chat, email, or phone call service. You can also contact the support representative by connecting with them using social forums such as Twitter, Medium, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Pros and Cons of Freshchat

👍 Pros

  1. Freshchat has a simple, organized and modern interface which is super easy to use.
  2. You have the benefit of a 21 days free trial period so that you can assess any of the subscription plans.
  3. Freshchat provides multiple AI driven features to help you manage communication with clients, customers and prospects effectively. 
  4. The platform provides a forever free plan for messaging and allows you to use certain specified features.
  5. Availability of Freshchat mobile applications for both iOS and Android users help your team members engage with customers from anywhere. 

👎 Cons

  1. The pricing plans can be a little pricey for businesses short in funds. 
  2. Lacks in the availability of native third party integrations which can limit your capabilities. 

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Conclusion – Final Verdict

Wrapping up our Freshchat review by summarizing all that we have discussed so far along with the goods and the bads of the customer messaging software application. 

Starting with the availability of the features and functionalities, Freshchat provides tons of advanced and insightful tools. Some of the available attributes include messaging channels, chatbots, campaigns, integrations, routing, canned responses and more. 😚

Freshchat Review

The platform offers you two categories for subscription plans, namely, messaging and omnichannel. You also have access to 21 days free trial period along with a free plan consisting of basic features. You can use Freshchat services for as low as $15 per user per month. 

As far as the security is concerned, Freshchat has got it all covered. It uses various safety mechanisms including SSL, SSO, 2FA, GDPR compliance and more. 

Freshchat Customer Messaging Software

Bottom line, Freshchat is an excellent messaging software solution that enables you to cover all your communication channels from a single platform.

It is easy to operate and use, reliable and offers speedy customer support. On the downside, the prices can be a bit expensive for a number of people. However, you should definitely try investing in Freshchat.

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