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Paldesk Review 2024: Omnichannel & Live-Chat Software


Paldesk Review: Paldesk is a powerful omnichannel, live chat and helpdesk software that helps businesses provide superior customer service and seamless customer experience. 💬💬💬

What is Paldesk? and How it Work’s

paldesk review


Omnichannel feature from Paldesk allows brands to talk to their customers from a single dashboard, regardless of how they connect with a company! Paldesk can easily be integrated with all the communication tools and platforms companies love and use.

Watch the conversion grow, as well as customer success rate and customer experience satisfaction, with the help of live-chat and omnichannel tools from Paldesk! 

With its easy-to-use platform integrations and customizable features, Paldesk can be easily set-up without any prior tech knowledge.

Paldesk mobile application allows business and their customer care agents to communicate and provide support wherever and whenever using the mobile devices.

Paldesk Review 2024: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Fast response and availability through Paldesk Live Chat allows businesses to be open to customers 0/27/365
  • Omnichannel communication allows customers service agents to communicate from a single dashboard, no matter the way customers connect with companies.
  • Automate the most frequent customer care scenarios using the Paldesk chatbot to maximize time and efficiency of teams.
  • The user-friendly interface makes Paldesk easy to set-up and use, enabling teams to solve customer service issues faster and more efficient.
  • Paldesk live-chat widget is fully customizable to fit the company branding, colors, font styles, and text sizes 

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đŸ”„ How Paldesk Works? đŸ”„

Paldesk registration process takes a couple of minutes. Follow these steps to register: 

  • Visit and sign-up with your business email address  
  • Fill in the required information field to complete your Paldesk omnichannel registration 
  • After you have filled in the required info correctly, click ‘Register’
  • Check your email account to verify your email address and verify your account by clicking ‘Verify email address’. 
  • You will be automatically forwarded to your new Paldesk account

Live-chat widget installation is easy and requires no prior tech or development knowledge

Paldesk features live chat

  • Log-in to your Paldesk account and find the ‘Administration’ tab on the left side of your screen. Once you have entered the Administration find tab ‘Website Widget’ under ‘Embeddable elements’.
  • From there you will have the ability to customize your live-chat widget to fit your brand colors before you start with the widget implementation to your website 
  • To continue their installation process select ‘Install’ and click ‘Copy to clipboard’ button
  • Paste the line of code on your website before the </BODY> tag in the HTML template of your website or every page where you’d like to provide the Live Chat.
  • Next, go to your website to check if everything works correctly.
  • If you see a chat window in the bottom portion of the page, you have successfully installed Live Chat on your website
  • Start creating an amazing customer experience 

Don’t forget to download and install Paldesk mobile application to respond to your customers wherever and whenever 

Paldesk Features

Paldesk Features

Live-Chat: Convert visitors into customers with Paldesk live-chat! Engage with your customers to generate more leads. Offer your customers personalized support over live chat and increase brand loyalty. 

Helpdesk Ticketing System: Track tickets and issues in real-time and never miss out on any customer requests. With a smart tagging system, teams can easily prioritize tasks and resolve problems quickly. 

Knowledge-base: Digitalize your guides and tutorials into a smart knowledge base library available for employees and customers, whenever and wherever.

Chatbot automation: Be there for your customers, even after your working hours. Pal the Assistant is a user-friendly chatbot with a simple drag-and-drop builder. Introduce new customer scenarios as they come along and improve old ones to match your business needs.

Live Chat Translation: Use Paldesk real-time chat translation and never miss out on any inquiry caused by the language barrier. Respond to your customers and visitors in their native language and communicate without limits.

Multi Language Live-chat: Localize your customer support to as many languages as your market presence. Sound like a local and create a better brand bond! Set-up multiple live chat widgets with multilanguage features without tech fuss and developer support.

Real-time agent and customer statistics: Power up your strategic advantage and take control of your sales opportunities with real-time visitor statistics. At the same time, keep an overview of the work of your customer care agents with live agent statistics feature! 

Easy-popup: Notify your website visitors about new offers or provide them important information without changing your site. Paldesk allows you to setup Easy-popup on your site and than use only Paldesk dashboard to control all website notifications.

Feedback: Allow your visitors to leave a feedback. Whether anonymous or not, with comment or just a grade any feedback from your customer can be valuable to you. Paldesk offers you Feedback widget that can be easily installed on your website to unobtrusively ask feedback. All collected feedbacks are visible in Paldesk dashboard together with information about customer who left feedback.

Paldesk Integrations: Connect your Paldesk omnichannel and live-chat with all the platforms and software solutions you love and use.

paldesk integrations

Paldesk Integrates with

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Prestashop
  • Squarespace 
  • Magento 
  • Zapier 
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Twitter
  • e-mail 
  • Slack

Paldesk Pricing: Paldesk offers many features, at the charge of $12 for one month for the customer service agent.

Paldesk Pricing

Paldesk Subscription Includes

  • Multiple channels
  • Unlimited agents
  • Customizable widget
  • Basic integrations
  • ‍Unlimited chat history
  • Chatbot
  • Multi widget support
  • Advanced integrations
  • Multiple brandings
  • Live Translate

Paldesk Advantages: 

  • Easy to set-up and use: Paldesk is user-friendly omnichannel & live-chat software service that can be set-up without prior tech knowledge
  • Customization: Paldesk can be easily customized to fit the brand colors and styles
  • Real-time Customer Support: Paldesk customer support team offers 0/24/7/365 support to their customers.

Paldesk Cons:

  • Integrations: Still some integrations are missing.

Paldesk Review Summary

With Paldesk, businesses can provide support to customers in real-time and during out-of-office hours, automatic messages can be configured to respond to queries. Due to the fact that customer service and customer experience is the new marketing, Paldesk is a great omnichannel and live-chat software to start! 

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