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Freedom Ticket Review 2024: Is This Amazon Course Worth It?


Freedom Ticket Review
Freedom Ticket: Finally Have Great Knowledge About Amazon FBA
Freedom Ticket is a very efficient course that has all the information one might require for selling on the platform. The modules are very detailed and there are some extra benefits as well.
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There are thousands of Amazon FBA Courses and Guides in the market, yet not all provide the best knowledge. Selling on Amazon FBA is a great thing and an amazing way to earn a huge amount of profits. But, it isn’t as easy as it seems to be since one needs to have a complete idea of how the entire thing works.

For this, Freedom Ticket is the best course present in the market and has the best modules for the students to review & learn. It is a product of Helium 10, present to help every step of the way with the complete A-Z directory for Amazon FBA, and one can leverage huge amounts of search traffic after completing this course.

Freedom Ticket Review

Another benefit of this course is that after completing it, one can move ahead with the Helium 10 platform for working ahead. There are some amazing features and modules of this course, check out more about it in our Freedom Ticket review.

About Freedom Ticket Instructor

Freedom Ticket Instructor

Freedom Ticket is an amazing Amazon FBA course that helps its students in building a real-time Amazon Business and can also review all the aspects. The course includes tips, challenges, and some ways to overcome the challenges to establish one great Amazon business in the shortest time span.

It includes various aspects such as introduction to product research and selecting the right niche. Also, they teach how to work on product sourcing, inspecting the suppliers, and testing the samples of high-quality products. The course’s head mentor, Kevin King is everyone’s favorite. An early adopter from 1995, he first began with selling products online and then on eBay. He is an unstoppable eCommerce entrepreneur and can never stop his grind.

Kevin’s experience has allowed him to develop, source, and sell products on Amazon since 2015. He has never stopped ever since and is now the man who witnesses revenue worth millions every year. His knowledge base is really deep and he is able to simplify complex ideas into candid talks. He wishes to make the learning process more interactive and facilitating. Kevin is one of the most in-demand speakers in several best Amazon FBA courses around the world.

Weekly Course Modules in Freedom Ticket

The course runs for 8 weeks and includes everything that a person needs to learn for Amazon FBA business.

Week 1- Introduction:

1st Module: Brief Information about Freedom TIcket Training.

2nd Module: Includes information about the opportunities on Amazon, potential present in Amazon, and how to make a good amount of money from products found on Amazon in just five minutes.

3rd Module: Everything about the Amazon course.

Week 2- Amazon & Business Basics

4th Module: Information about the basic business requirements and how to move/transact money between countries using the ping pong application.

5th Module: Detailed ways to sell on Amazon.

6th Module: Information about how to use the Seller Central.

7th Module: Amazon Glossary.

8th Module: Money required to initiate a business on Amazon.

9th Module: Things to keep in mind before beginning with an Amazon business.

Week 3- Branding, Money & Millions

This week includes everything that one needs to do at the beginning of an Amazon business.

10th Module: It includes details on what if one invests 5000 dollars for selling on Amazon.

11th Module: Branding on Amazon with the utmost ease.

12th Module: Loyal steps of increasing on Amazon.

13th Module: Managing Cash Flow.

14th Module: Approving the selling categories.

15th Module: Costs included in selling on Amazon.

16th Module: A quick overview of Amazon Sponsored Ads.

17th Module: Detailed overview of Cashflow management.

Week 4- Picking a successful product

This week includes information only about picking successful products and taking them ahead.

18th Module: Introduction to Amazon FBA course.

19th Module: Ways to find great product ideas.

20th Module: How to perform keyword research and picking the right products. In this module, they also teach about product evaluation spreadsheets.

21st Module: Finalizing and choosing the product.

22nd Module: Freedom Ticket Product Test.

23rd Module: Customer Reviews and Competition Research.

24th Module: Using Helium 10’s Blackbox tool to find products.

25th Module: How Chinese Suppliers think about selling.

Week 5- Suppliers, Orders, and Shipping

This week includes most of the content that is crucial for Amazon selling.

26th Module: Information about where to source the products from

27th Module: Finding a reasonable Chinese factory.

28th Module: How to not pay too much for the products.

29th Module: 12 Common mistakes every new seller makes.

30th Module: UPC and Packaging details in brief.

31st Module: Managing product inserts and product websites.

32nd Module: The right amount to order in the beginning.

33rd Module: Details about Purchase Order and Proforma Invoice.

34th Module: The best options for shipping.

35th Module: Tackling the shipping terms and problems.

36th Module: Creating a shipment in seller central

37th Module: Verifying whether the seller is giving a fair price.

38th Module: Saving money by mastering 3 shipping terms, why and when to choose the particular shipping mode, going through the actual weight & volumetric weight, 10 rookie mistakes one must avoid, packing the products for International Shipping, information on SPD & LTL, their types and differences.

Week 6- How to Compete & Win Big

39th Module: Registering the Brand & Brand Gating, and learning about trademarks & patents.

40th Module: Detailed tips on how to become a great seller.

41st Module: Activities that are strictly prohibited on the Amazon FBA platform.

42nd Module: Sales Stopped Checklist.

43rd Module: Some informative key ranking factors on Amazon.

44th Module: Breaking down the product listings.

45th Module: Using the competition’s reviews for the business’s advantage.

46th Module: Basics of how to get discovered on Amazon.

47th Module: Key ideas to make efficient Product sales.

48th Module: All one needs to know about the A9 Search Engine.

Week 7- How to create High Conversion Listings

49th Module: A brief introduction to product listings.

50th Module: Writing a creative title.

51st Module: Writing bullet points for description.

52nd Module: Completing the backend keywords.

53rd Module: Creating images for higher product conversion rates.

54th Module: Finally creating accurate product listings.

Week 8- Ranking, advertising, & promotions

This is the final week of this course, and it includes all the desired details that one must perform in the end.

55th Module: Setting promotional discounts & coupons.

56th Module: Detailed information on Brand Analytics.

57th Module: Setting up Amazon Lightning deals and seals.

58th Module: Launching Page 1.

59th Module: Amazon’s Secret Sauce on URL.

60th Module: Using Facebook ads to launch the products.

61st Module: Details on Chatbot basics for launching.

62nd Module: Basics of Amazon PPC.

63rd Module: The right bidding for Amazon PPC.

64th Module: Product targeting on the basis of PPC.

65th Module: Setting up PPC Campaigns on initial terms.

66th Module: Wrapping all the beginner things for efficient Amazon FBA selling.

Features Review of Freedom Ticket Course


1. 8 Weeks of Training

The learning process is of grueling 8 weeks and includes everything from initiating the business on Amazon to finally wrapping up the initial process. These 8 weeks are enough to make a person an Amazon FBA selling expert and let them earn a huge amount of profits.

2. 2-5 hours of instruction

Every week, personal instruction sessions take place to make the seller capable of individual sales. These sessions hold whatever the person has learned for the entire week and make them go through it in brief so that they thoroughly remember it.

3. Downloadable slides for each module

Every module’s slides are downloadable and it’s not like that the users have to go through it only once. There are several modules and therefore only understanding them once isn’t a feasible option. It is better to download these and read them anytime one faces any issue.

4. Downloadable written notes

PPTs are something that every course offers, but the best part is that they also offer written notes for every module that is made by the mastermind Kevin himself. Also, these handwritten notes can be downloaded and saved with students for a long time.

5. 30+ handouts

There are more than 30 handouts available in this course. It focuses on sourcing, accounting, rectifying common mistakes, and much more things in detail. These handouts are specifically helpful to understand everything thoroughly and comfortably.

6. 3 Step Process

The course can be completed in just three simple steps that don’t even take much time. Just take the course, pass the test taken by them after 8 weeks of learning, and that’s it! Graduate from the course whilst they provide a certificate of completion.

7. 90+ Jam-packed videos

There are more than 90 videos present over there for efficient learning. These videos are recorded by the mentors and are very helpful for learning everything about the course. The longer it seems, the easier it is to learn and go through it. Freedom Ticket has a lot of virtual content available that the students can review any time they want to.

8. A-Z Learning

One can learn everything, and by everything we mean every inch of detail that one needs to know before starting to sell is present on Freedom Ticket. From learning about the platform to finally performing PPC advertisements, they teach all the important information.

9. Helium 10 present ahead

The users have Helium 10 ahead to operate once they complete the course. The tool will guide them in performing all the product research tasks, keyword research tasks, managing the listings, safety of the selling page, and managing PPC advertisements.

10. 30-day money-back guarantee

If someone isn’t satisfied with this course, then they can ask for a money-back in the first 30-days. They are not greedy for the money and they believe that if the users aren’t satisfied, then they should return their money back.

Freedom Ticket Course Price


The course currently has a single pricing package, but one can also pay in installments for the course. The installments still feel a bit expensive, but paying at once seems like a better thing since it saves a lot of money.

Standalone Access:

  • One-time payment of $997.
  • 3 installments of $397 each.

Helium 10 Package:

  • Free access to Freedom Ticket course if someone access to Platinum Package and above.
  • Get 50 percent off on the Helium 10 Platinum Package for the first month.

Freedom Ticket Pros & Cons


  • Understandable.
  • Detailed 8 weeks of training.
  • A-Z knowledge of Marketplace.
  • Private Mentor Sessions Weekly.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • A bit expensive.

Students Testimonials & Appreciation on Freedom Ticket

Ian video review on Freedom Ticket

While there is no doubt that the course is very well detailed and amazing to go through, these testimonials make it more worthwhile to go through. A review from Ian explains that he was able to launch the products in a span of just 3 months, and later he was able to DOUBLE the Amazon Revenue without many efforts once he bought Freedom Ticket Access.

Before he started, he had a couple of products running, and he was doing just fine. But he wasn’t good at finding new products in the market. Things are going great as of now and it has really helped him grow the business. He totally recommends this platform to anyone.

Chakra video review on Freedom Ticket

Another review from Chakra says that there are so many gurus and peddling courses present outdoors who say that find products in less than a Pound and other such things, but what makes Freedom Ticket different is that Kevin is the opposite of a guru. But he is the anti-guru and the real deal, practicing what he teaches.

Chakra says that there are many people who have sold a lot of products in a day, but they are not able to keep up with the latest things. Kevin works on the latest things that are going on and that shows how dedicated he is after teaching. He claims that what makes this course different from others is Kevin himself. He says if anyone is on the fence, they must give it a shot, he’s sure that everyone will like it.

Final Verdict- Is The Course Worth The Money?

Although it might seem slightly expensive, the course is absolutely worth every single penny and way more different than the others in the market. Whilst other courses claim that the following steps will lead to success, but they take the person through each and every step and make sure that they are able to lean efficiently. The course includes everything in these 8 weeks of training and ensures that the students are able to manage their Amazon FBA business.

From a Rookie to a Professional, they train the students in a way that they never forget a single thing. Also, another great thing is that the PPTs and handwritten notes can be downloaded, In these 8 weeks of training, a person can witness themselves, groom, into efficient FBA sellers. It is a great course and we’d definitely recommend Freedom Ticket for all the students to go through and review all the aspects of Amazon FBA.


Is the Freedom Ticket Course value for money?

Yes, at first Freedom Ticket feels very expensive, but once anyone goes ahead with it, the details make it feel like it worth every single penny. It is a great course and any aspiring Amazon FBA seller can go for it.

Is there a free trial for Freedom Ticket Course?

No, but there is surely a money-back guarantee in the first 30 days.

What does the Freedom Ticket Course teach?

The Freedom Ticket course teaches how to master in the Amazon FBA business, and the training includes A-Z of the Amazon sellers business.

What does the Freedom Ticket Course include?

It includes more than 30-course handouts, detailed PPTs & Handwritten notes, 90+ videos with information, and private sessions going on throughout the 8 weeks of the course.

How much does the Freedom Ticket Course Cost?

The Freedom Ticket Course costs $997 at a one-time payment. However, if someone wants to pay in installment, then every installment is $397 and three of them take place.

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