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Deadmau5 MasterClass Review: Should You Join it Or Not?


The music industry has a lot of varieties and genres and it’s beautiful. Music is something that can make you feel relaxed, energetic, and even sad.

What is Music?

Music is available according to the mood of people and it makes it very unique and amazing, with the modernization Music is growing and spreading everywhere.

Deadmau5 Masterclass Review

People from other corners can hear the music of other corners of the world and I think it’s necessary for everyone.

With the growth of globalisation, the world has become very small and people can share music but when we talk about electronic music, we think of it as something very modern but it existed in the past too and we have a great electronic music producer from the 90s whose work is just wow and soothing.

One cannot forget the name of Deadmau5, his works are perfect and appreciated across the globe. He is one of the greatest electronic music producers and now you can learn and improve your skills on MasterClass with his help.

If you are interested in electronic music, it is a developed genre and you can make your career successful through Deadmau5’s video lessons available on MasterClass.

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Who is Deadmau5?

Deadmau5 is not just a name, it is a label that is very popular and very legendary. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, popularly known as Deadmau5, is a Canadian electronic music producer, D J, and musician. His works are famous and known to every interested person who is into music.

Who Is Deadmau5

He has done very fantastic music creation which will be appreciated in the future. He was ahead of his time when he created masterpieces like “Strobe”, “Ghost ‘n’ Stuff”, “Some Chords” and the list can go on forever.

When he created this excellent music, no one thought that it would be a blockbuster in the future, and here are we, appreciating his works and loving his work. He has received many Awards for his splendid creations which makes a total of 15 Awards.

He is not only a producer but a DJ too which him an absolute talent, gifted by God to us for mesmerising us with his works.

What Includes Deadmau5’s MasterClass?

Deadmau5 is a legend of the music industry and learning from him is an excellent opportunity. He provides lessons on MasterClass which includes 23 video lessons and a course workbook that can be downloaded. 😊

His video lessons have all the pieces of information regarding electronic music that one needs to know for succeeding. His video lessons have everything which can make your career successful and can teach you.

Deadmau5 Masterclass Lessons Plan

His lessons will make you ready for music production and will even help you to set up your home studio where you can produce a melody. Deadmau5 is the master of electronic music and if he teaches, people will learn at least something, his video lessons are useful and productive.

Along with teaching you, he will advise you on some useful tips for a successful career. He doesn’t only educate you about music but also takes you to experience his journey and what he went through, how did he succeed and if you trust the process you will learn the things which will eventually help you to produce melodies.

Deadmau5’s Lessons Explained

His lessons are very interesting and informative, it is guaranteed you will learn many new things and can have access to his knowledge. His lessons include:

1. Introduction- The very first lesson starts with the introduction of Deadmau5 studio and its plans and journey. One can take inspiration from his achievements and can be a master as Deadmau5 is.

2. The Deadmau5 Process: Theory- This lesson will teach you how you can utilise time and take the best out of it because sometimes it can be tiring and demoralising, so making the best out is a challenge.

3. The Deadmau5 Process: Practice- This video lesson will take you to the studio of Deadmau5 where he produces melodies that are a blessing to ears and you can have a look into his production.

4. Building Your Home Studio- For having a successful career, you need to start somewhere and this lesson helps you to set up your studio where you can write your melodies.

Masterclass Arts And Entertainment

5. Developing Melodic Structures- For starting you don’t need musical training, his techniques and technical assistance can help you to understand your work.

6. Turning Melodies Into Arrangements- This lesson is very useful because it teaches you to coordinate your melodies with the chords and make them entertaining and meaningful.

7. Introduction To Synthesised Sounds- Knowing the basics of synthesis is very important but don’t worry, this lesson will help you out and will also teach you to create sounds as well.

8. Experimenting With Modular Synths- Experimenting is an interesting aspect of music that can lead you to fantastic sounds or melodies, this lesson teaches you to experiment and find something unique to add to it. 😉

9. Digital Vs. Analog Synths- For making tracks catching, you need to be creative and the addition of creativity can make your tracks hit so get ready to know about Analogue Synths in this lesson.

10. Shaping Sounds With Effects And Processing- This particular chapter teaches you about sound effects which make your work entertaining, he will guide you to use plug-in and effect processors.

11. Beats: Part 1- Beats are like hearts to music and good music needs good and catching beats so here Deadmau5 is, with the lesson of beats and his advice.

12. Beats: Part 2- This lesson is an extended video of the previous lesson with more knowledge about rhythms and beats.

13. Structuring Songs- You need information about structure along with beats and chords, so for combining them into a perfect track this lesson will be helpful.

Members Who Loved Deadmau5 Classes

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14. Remixes- When you get into the electronic music industry you will get aware of remixes so to help you out Deadmau5 educates you about remixing and its rules.

15. Mixing- It is a very important process in the production of music, you need to know what sound will go with your lyrics. Thus lessons will help you out with the difficulties of mixing.

16. Mastering- Deadmau5 is an inspiration, he masters his music on his own and if you want to learn this quality, this lesson will be helpful. 😉

17. Mastering Case study: Snow Cone- This lesson is a case study of Snowcone which will teach you about different aspects of it.

18. Starting Your Producing Career- In this lesson, he will advise you how you can start your career, and what are things which are important for this profession or in other words requirements.

19. Understanding the Music Business- Every profession has some cons and so has music but do not worry, Joel will help you out in understanding the ups and downs of the music industry.

20. On Stage: The Music- For any performer, engagement with the audience is a very tough but important part, and you need to master this art for your successful career. This lesson will provide you with some great tips and methods for healthy interaction with audiences on the stage.

21. On Stage: The Technical Side- Working as an EDM artist is a roller coaster journey, one needs to handle many things like good management of your devices and sounds. For teaching you the techniques of smooth performance, Joel has come up with this lesson.

22. On Stage: The Show– Your music doesn’t remain restricted to the studio, it gets performed on stage but for performance, you need confidence and belief in yourself. This lesson will help you in learning performing skills to have a smooth event.

23. Closing- Once you learn skills and methods, you need to use them in a sequence or a particular process, so the last lesson has Joel’s valuable advice for the learner on how to execute the skills.

👍 Pros of Deadmau5’s MasterClass

If you count the benefits of learning from Deadmau5, the list will be very long. He is a pro in his field of electronic music production and his teaching can benefit you in many ways. These are some of the benefits listed:

  • When you learn from an expert, you learn the basics as well as the main element and it will help in various ways. And we know that Deadmau5 is an expert and learning from him could be a magical experience.
  • He will guide you on how to build a successful career and how to handle it professionally.
  • He teaches you every aspect of electronic music production and will teach you very perfectly so that you can master the skill.
  • In his MasterClass, he also provides lessons on mixing, remixing, and structuring and has even particular lessons on the topics.
  • He takes you on a journey with him where you learn many things. You can learn from his life too because he has faced too many controversies and handled them smoothly and it’s a part of this profession. So you can learn how to handle difficult situations.
  • His teaching methods are very engaging in which he will encourage you to participate and take something useful from him and his knowledge.

👎 Cons of Deadmau5’s MasterClass

There is nothing like the disadvantages of Deadmau5’s MasterClass but you need to know a few for having a better understanding. So here is:

  • Fees can be an issue for those who cannot afford the subscription because everyone doesn’t have a strong financial background.
  • His MasterClass is limited to Electronic music and D J which can be a problem for those who look for a full music knowledge seeker who wishes to learn about all the genres.

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What can be learned from Deadmau5?

Deadmau5 is one of the highest-paid music producers and there must be something that made him the highest-paid. You can learn about the methods and techniques for structuring the melodies and many more things which will make your skill more polished. 😇

Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Only theoretical knowledge is not enough for music production, it requires creativity, thinking, and philosophy which make the music amazing. If you join his MasterClass it is guaranteed that along with electronic music production you can learn many new aspects of the career.

It will be an amazing journey to discover your musical side and improvise your music skills. He discusses the lessons with the help of his creation and it is well known that case study helps a lot in any field or profession, so if you get educated by him be sure that you are going to learn the best.

Is It Worthy or not?

MasterClass for Deadmau5 costs $99 for a single purchase, it is not that convenient but if you are interested and have a passion for electronic music you are going to love the classes. The overall timing of lessons is only 5 hours and 5 minutes which is easy to watch and learn from.

Online Lessons By Deadmau5

You can learn how to produce a melody that is entertaining as well as satisfying and this makes Deadmau5 a perfect choice. If you are going to get lessons from the legend himself, there will be no regrets and it will be an amazing journey to have Joel Thomas as your educator.

Conclusion – Final Say

Deadmau5 is the legend and when the legend himself teaches you, it can be guaranteed that you are going to learn amazing and valuable things.  He practiced and worked hard to achieve success and now he will teach you through his life and career experiences.

Everyone is not a born star, some make themselves a star, and Deadmau5 is one of them. You can take inspiration from him, and work hard to achieve your dreams and passions which fascinate you. And in fulfilling dreams, MasterClass is here to help you out with lessons provided by Deadmau5.

FAQs 🤔

Q1. What is the original name of Deadmau5?

A1. Joel Thomas Zimmerman is the original name of Deadmau5.

Q2. What is the profession of Deadmau5?

A2.Deadmau5 is an Electronic Music Producer and belongs to the music industry.

Q3. What is the best creation of Deadmau5 to date?

A3.“Ghost ‘n’ Stuff” and “Strobe” can be regarded as his best work.

Q4. How many Grammy nominations has he got?

A4. He has been nominated six times for a Grammy.

Q5. Does Deadmau5 help MasterClass students to start their music careers?

A5. Yes, Deadmau5 helps students with the process and inspires them to start their own.

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