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CrakRevenue Review – Is It The Best CPA Network In 2024?


CrakRevenue Review

Name: CrakRevenue

Description: CrakRevenue was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Québec, QC. The company has been in the market for good 12 years now and has achieved significant accomplishments including more than 35,000 affiliate registration, over 100 skilled working professionals, and has won around 20 international awards.

  • For Affiliates
  • For Advertisers
  • Payment Terms
  • Dedicated Support
  • Real-Time Tracking


CrakRevenue is the most trustworthy and best CPA network. It offers high-paying offers for multiple adult verticals, unparalleled support, generates quality traffic, provides effective tools and resources like smartlinks, analysis reports, geo targeting, high payouts, fast payout & so much more. 


  • Easy Payment Withdrawals
  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers
  • Dedicated Product Owners
  • Fraud Prevention System
  • Accurate Tracking & Reporting
  • Skilled Design Team


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There are many CPA networks in the industry but which one is the best and most trusted network, this is a big question that always arises?

Is CrakRevenue Trustworthy? Why you should choose CrakRevenue, All your answers are covered in this review.

CrakRevenue has ranked number 5 in mThink Blue Book ranking of the top CPA Networks in 2021 globally and therefore is truly efficient. From providing quality traffic to monetizing, CrakRevenue provides excellence in all the major areas. 

In this CrakRevenue review, we will be discussing the various aspects of this CPA network including affiliate and advertisers programs, features, promotional & marketing tools, available payment methods, minimum payouts, verticals, traffic generation solutions, and support.

CrakRevenue Review

CrakRevenue Overview 

CrakRevenue was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Québec, QC. The company has been in the market for good 12 years now and has achieved significant accomplishments including more than 35,000 affiliate registration, over 100 skilled working professionals, and has won around 20 international awards. 

CrakRevenue Overview

Why To Choose CrakRevenue As Affiliate?

Access to Exclusive 700+ Offers

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Ultimate Exclusive Products

Extra Earning Opportunities

Rewarding Referral Program

Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payment

What More Benefits As Affiliate?

✅ Mobile & Geo Smartlinks

The team of experts in media buying updates links regularly to send all traffic to the most geo-relevant offer which helps to get high conversions with the less cost.

✅ Fast & Accurate Reporting

With the help of accurate real-time tracking, you can optimize your campaigns at an early stage without burning much money. You can get fast and accurate reporting in your CrakRevenue dashboard.

✅ High Payouts

There are many payout models in CrakRevenue & they provide the best highest payouts so that you can earn more, whether it is a Revshare %, PPS, or PPL.

✅ High-CTR Ad Tools

What if you get everything tested before launching your campaign?

CrakRevenue team tests every creative, banner & lander before they release. If it performs well then only they release it.

Signup As An Affiliate on CrakRevenue

In order to become a part of CrakRevenue as an Affiliate, firstly you’ll need to register for an account. Follow the steps given below to do so. 

  1. Click on the “Sign Up” option present at the top right corner of the home page. 
  2. Do either of the following, register on the platform using Google account credentials or fill up the form asking for details like legal name, company name (optional), email address and password.
  3. Once you are done with completing the form, click on the “I’m in” button. 
  4. Confirm Your Email Address.
  5. You’ll be redirected to the page where you need to enter additional information like what you wish to promote, where most of your traffic comes from, country of residence, skype id, phone number, etc.
  6. After completing the form, click on the “Join CrakRevenue Now” button and your onboarding process is done. 

You can become a part of any of the three available affiliate levels, namely, Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate (top 200) and Elite Club (top 50). 

CrakRevenue Affiliate Categories

Active Affiliate – You get access to a help desk, hundreds of legitimate offers, and 5% on the referral programs. 

VIP Affiliate – In addition to all the “Active” features, you get a dedicated affiliate manager, exclusive offers & promotions, and 3 days annual payout bump.

Elite Club – It exclusively offers 20% on a one-month referral bump, 10 days annual payout bump, everything covered in Active Affiliate & VIP Affiliate.

Benefits as An Affiliate with CrakRevenue 

Signing up with CrakRevenue CPA network because it has innumerable benefits which give you the much-needed edge. 

CrakRevenue Affiliate features

Accurate & Fast Reporting 

To optimize any campaign you need proper data to analyze the performance of any campaign & with that data you can optimize it by making changes based on your research to reduce the ad cost and increase the profits.

CrakRevenue integrated with leading tracking technology which keeps tracking the visitors from the very beginning till the conversions. The insights and reports generated are accurate and can help you decide which promotional offers work best for you and where the improvisations can be made.

You can further break down the analysis report based on filters like date, vertical, offer, country and device to optimize your campaigns. You are also allowed to use third-party tracking software and can create your own postbacks.

CrakRevenue believes that correct data speaks volumes, and every number, no matter how small, conveys insights for those willing to look.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Stats and Reporting

Promotional Tools

There are a number of ways through which you can promote and optimize ad campaigns with comparatively higher returns on investments.


Smartlinks are the better version of your basic affiliate links. These links incorporate top converting offers from the same selected verticals and display the leading products based on factors like geolocation and type of device. Crakrevenue’s team is always up and running and strives to optimize the smartlinks in order for you to generate a better (ROI) return on investments. 

CrakRevenue smartlinks

Rewarding funnels 

The platform tailors marketing funnels and only provides those which are proven to generate quality clicks and sale conversions. The creatives offered by CrakRevenue are first tested against a large volume of traffic, and upon settlement of their worth, they are approved. 

Easy To Integrate With WordPress

You can easily integrate with your WordPress website. If you manage a WordPress site, then some plugins can prove to be very advantageous for you in terms of sales conversions. Plugins improve SEO, optimize your site’s loading speed, secure your platform, let you insert multiple ad campaigns and so much more.

Some of the recommended WP plugins are Yoast Seo, Wordfence Security, Wp Super Cache, Broken Link Checker, Wp-Script, Etc.

CrakRevenue WP themes

Live Cam Widget

Live Cam is designed in such a way that it lets you promote the best earning and live models only irrespective of the platforms they are displayed on. Although the tool is fully customizable and lets you create ads that go well with your site, you can also use default templates. You can also select the type of payout from the available choices of PPL, PPS, and Revshare. It is based on an exclusive algorithm, is user-friendly, and offers a high payout & conversion rate along with auto-updated funnels.

Marketing Tools Resources

The following are the numerous tools & platforms recommended by CrakRevenue. 

Ad Networks 

The platform acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers of digital advertisements and generates site traffic at affordable prices. Some of the ad networks supported for effective marketer’s solutions are ExoClick, Traffic Factory, TrafficStars, Traffic Haus, Adnium, Juicy Ads, and PlugRush. 

CrakRevenue Ad Networks

Campaign Tracking

The tracking tools let you enable to get in-depth reports and track the exact impact of marketing campaigns. You can track information like the number of visitors, engagement intensity, sale conversions rate, device, OS, and more. Some of the campaign tracking solutions for affiliates recommended are Voluum, ThriveTracker, ClickMeter, LandingTrack, AdsBridge, Peerclick, Linktrack, and ClickMagick

CrakRevenue Campaign Tracking


The tools generate analysis reports that generate stats related to visitors engagement, effectiveness of the ad campaigns, conversation rates and so much more. Hotjar and Freshworks are two recommended solutions.

Landing Page Builder 

Creating effective, appealing, and relevant landing pages is one of the most vital parts of the whole affiliate marketing process. It focuses on targeting visitors by resonating with their intentions. Some of the tools that can be used to create highly effective landing pages are Wix, Pagewiz, Wishpond, and Leadpages. 

CrakRevenue Landing Page Builders


Available Payment Modes 

CrakRevenue currently supports six different payment options though some of them are restricted in some regions. The transactions can be made via Wire (bank transfer), PayPal, ePayService, Paxum, ACH, and Check. 

Payment Terms 

The platform provides three different payment terms as given below.

Net 30 (Bi-monthly) –  You will be paid at the end of the 30 days payment period after the minimum payout was reached.

Net 15 (Bi-monthly) – You will be paid 15 days after the end of your payment period (reached the minimum payout).

Net 7 (Bi-monthly) – If the minimum of 500$ has reached, you will be paid 7 days after the last day of the payment period.

CrakRevenue payment

Minimum Payouts

For payment methods like ACH, PayPal, Check, ePayService, and Paxum the minimum payout is $100 whereas $500 for wire transfers due to comparatively higher processing fees. Affiliates on a net 7 pay cycle should also reach $500 as a minimum payout. 

Payment Periods

You can either choose to get paid within the first period (from the 1st to 15th) or the second period (from the 16th to the month’s end).

Advertisers Program 

CrakRevenue lets you promote your brand’s product and services through their network affiliates. All you need to do is add your offers and see the significant growth in your sales and revenue. The following are the different tiers for Advertisers and the exposure prominently depends on which level you are in. 

CrakRevenue Advertisers

Approved Advertiser – You are granted access to the help desk, Offers are listed on CrakRevenue 2.0, media buy services, and promotion zone on the homepage & the dashboard for $10,000. 

Vip Advertiser – The exclusive features include Dedicated Product Owner, Featured offers listing & newsletter, Blog post Sponsorship ($2,500), and $5,000 for promotional zone services.

Elite Club – You get access to all the features and services along with a dedicated newsletter. (including everything covered in Approved Advertiser & Vip Advertiser)

Dedicated Product Owners

Ultimate Publisher Management

Promote On Large Network

Fraud Prevention System

Scalable Campaigns

Tracking & Reporting

What More Benefits For Advertisers?

✅ Geo-targeting

Do you want to get a wide range of Geo-targeting? CrakRevenue can help you.

You can get access to the wide pool of high-quality traffic from 200+ countries & territories.

✅ Help Desk

Support is a Key & CrakRevenue knows it very well, they don’t lack in that. They are providing the best support & they have a dedicated support team to help their users & guide them for the right things which may give a BOOM! to business.

✅ Skilled Design Team

Why Hire A 3rd-party company for designing your banners, creative, etc.?

WOO! CrakRevenue is offering well-designed banners, landers, and creatives which are tested and made by experts.

✅ 10+ Year Experts

They have a team of 10+ years of industry experts who can help you to BOOST your business to the next level. Generally, It is very difficult to get guidance from experts but here they are providing which can do wonders.

Advertisers Features 

CrakRevenue Advertisers Features

Media Buying 

Media traders purchase ad placements at lower costs and sell them at higher amounts. They try monetizing site traffic with the highest paying ad programs. 

Scalable Campaigns 

The platform provides flexible promotional campaigns which can be scaled up or down depending on your requirements so that your business doesn’t take any unnecessary toll. You can intensify the advertising programs if your brand is benefiting from it or do the opposite. 

Geo targeting 

This functionality lets you target an audience or visitors depending on their geographical location. It displays relevant ads and offers based on the country of residence your site visitors are from. You have access to a collective pool of traffic coming from over 200 countries. 

CrakRevenue geo targeting

Help Desk 

The platform provides a dedicated support team whose sole purpose is to solve your issues by suggesting suitable solutions. You can also take help of the knowledge base consisting of extensive yet detailed documentation. 


The verticals which have trending the most include Cams, Paysites, Dating and surveys. 

Knowledge Base & Customer Support

The platform offers an impressive help center that features tons of articles based on various subjects about CrakRevenue’s services and tools. You can find almost all the information regarding the onboarding process, payments, offers, products, traffic, tools, marketing tips, vertical and so much more on the platform itself. You also have access to extensive blog posts, webinars, and tutorials. You can reach out to CrakRevenue’s support team via email, chat and help desk ticket.

CrakRevenue customer support

CrakRevenue Review – Conclusion 

CrakRevenue has unrivaled supremacy when it comes to the CPA network. It offers high-paying offers for multiple adult verticals, unparalleled support, generates quality traffic, provides effective tools and resources like smartlinks, analysis reports, geo-targeting, real-time reports, high payouts, &, etc.


Q1. What payout types are available on CrakRevenue?

You can select from any of the following payout types;  pay per sale (PPS), Click per Install (CPI), pay per lead (PPL) (categorized into Single Opt-In and Double Opt-In) and RevShare.

Q2. What payment methods does CrakRevenue offer?

The platform offers the following six types of modes; ACH, Check, PayPal, ePayService, Paxum, and Bank transfers.

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