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Craftsy Review 2024: Is It The Best Platform For Creativity?


The craft itself is a passion as it defines what life holds. We all have different hobbies which we are either learning or wish to learn shortly.

Finding the right place to learn these hobbies is a bit difficult. As it has to be done from a platform where flexibility and quality both rest.

Craftsy Review

Numerous learning platforms are available in the market to deliver quality e-learning to students. Such a platform is Craftsy which is in the market to help people learn about their hobbies and enjoy their life to the fullest. 😘

What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is the hub of hobby learning as it has a collection of different lifestyle and creativity related videos. Craftsy was launched in 2010 and now has a decade-plus of experience in this domain. It has its headquarters situated in Denver, Colorado.

About Craftsy

The parent body of Craftsy is TN Marketing. Craftsy is different from many other platforms present in terms of features and structure. It has one of the fastest expanding user bases. It was earlier owned by blueprints which was further occupied by TN marketing to relaunch the world’s favourite video learning platform Craftsy.

Pros and Cons of Craftsy


  • The quality of free content isn’t disappointing, those not willing to pay can still feed their creative learning.
  • It is highly affordable and doesn’t cost much. Also, the yearly plan offers a discount to users.
  • Around 1500 courses are offered on Craftsy all by top-class professionals.
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t seek very tough technical expertise.
  • Customer care services are quite impressive and supportive to the customers having queries.
  • Refund services are so easy and have bare minimum terms and conditions.
  • The distribution of plans is simple and well ordered.
  • The length of each lesson is around 12-15 minutes.
  • Live sessions are organised from time to time and are always recorded for future purposes.


  • No Cons found.

What is the Pricing Plan for Craftsy?

Craftsy like any other platform has a specific pricing plan. Like any service provider, Craftsy too had gone for a subscription-based model. After its relaunch in 2021, it has changed the pricing too. Now an individual has to pay around $7.99 for a monthly usage of the platform.

Craftsy Prices

If users wish to avail the yearly plan then they must pay around $79.99 while making the payment. Comparatively, when paid annually the user gets a chance to save almost 15.98% which looks pretty beneficial for users. This is the well-structured pricing plan of our favourite hobby learning hub “Craftsy.”

Features of Craftsy

Craftsy have to stand firm in the market and to achieve that they have to do something unique. Well with its model only Craftsy has a different set of the spotlight. As Craftsy deals in a different arena than many other video learning platforms.

It has several features to narrate the presence of Craftsy in this domain. All of these features helped Craftsy make a comeback in 2021. Let’s set our eyes on what features led to the fame of Craftsy in the market.

Live Sessions

As already mentioned, Craftsy has already recorded video sessions. This never stops it from having some quick live sessions. As it keeps on organising such sessions so that students can get a check over what new developments are being made.

For sure it promises to deliver flexibility because they only seek e-learning when they have tight routines. In those cases live sessions become tough to be attended that’s why these sessions are recorded for future reference. So anyone who can’t manage to get these done can go through these live sessions later on.

A Lot of Free Content

A ton of free content is available on Craftsy. As users may not be willing to pay for videos. So for those a special category has been made which isn’t disappointing either. If someone wishes to go through the free content they simply have to search it in the bar and go through the data available. 😍

As if they don’t seek something specific they can simply scroll to the general category. This helps users in reaching free content without really paying a single penny. This gives an edge to Craftsy as it becomes easier to be picked by students craving knowledge.

Craftsy Free Classes

Expert Teachers

Teachers on Craftsy are experts in every term that matters. All of the courses which are delivered are coming straight from the pros. As if someone wishes to learn about knitting they won’t be getting someone immature from the field.

All of the learning is done with experts from that field. So the students don’t have to worry about the quality by any means. They only have to decide what kind of learning they desire as they will be taken care of by Craftsy itself.

Most of the content on Craftsy is coming from already many popular people from their respective fields who don’t need any kind of introduction.

Art and Craft Courses

Craftsy Art and Craft Courses

Craftsy has this main quality which makes it different when compared to other e-learning platforms. It has got all of the different courses as other platforms usually focus on delivering courses which are somewhat more professional, Craftsy does exactly the opposite.

It has involved courses in activities which are creative and artistic. And there is no limit to what it offers as Craftsy has courses on knitting, sewing and cooking too. This narrates how well structured Craftsy is in terms of providing options to users.

Well Shot Videos

Usually noticed e-learning platforms have video content which is also the case with Craftsy. But unlike other video content providers which have low-quality shooting done, Craftsy is different.

It has indoor shots done so the users get to know what is exactly being done on the table while the instructor narrates their ideas regarding the lesson. πŸ˜‡

This helps students not be clueless in whole course videos as they can get a proper insight into the subject. And this is what indoor shooting methods had done for Craftsy as well as their users.

What To Expect From Craftsy?

Craftsy Classes

Anyone who is into creativity and lifestyle can surely depend on Craftsy for marvellous service. Craftsy is all about perfection. Low-cost rates to a reliable online store all help Craftsy stand on the high expectations of users.

With its unique structure, it becomes easy to use and assists students of Craftsy to learn with their best ability. The roaring collection of videos gives an edge to the platform over its competitors. So Craftsy is one of a kind website which is nailing the learning front in terms of creative subjects and lifestyle stuff. 😚

Refund Services

If one doesn’t feel like continuing with Craftsy they can simply choose to discontinue. As Craftsy by no means wishes to scam its users. If anyone feels like the quality isn’t impressive or there is a vacuum of promising teachers. Then they can choose to seek a refund.

It has to be made sure that a refund is being asked for in the first 30 days. In the case of a monthly subscription, a refund is a bit complicated but an annual subscription can be easily availed. This makes work super easy and generates more reliability for the platform.

Craftsy Contact Services

Easy to use the Mechanism

Using Craftsy is super simple and undoubtedly beautiful like art. As Craftsy by no means is difficult to use, one simply has to use it like any streaming platform. For example Netflix. The user has to search for the course or type, of course, they wish to learn and then they can pick up a course simply by clicking on it.

The videos work glitch-free and have a simple structure. They are compatible with different operating systems and never create a mess while running on devices. This is how easy to use mechanism upgrades the services of the Art and Craft courses hub, Craftsy.

Well Distributed Courses

The courses are well managed by Craftsy with almost 1500 courses Craftsy never ill-manages the content quality. All of the courses have been divided into 6 lessons. Each lesson lasts about 12-15 minutes.

By doing this Craftsy makes sure that the students don’t get bored of repetitive content or by any means the learning doesn’t turn boring. With short length lessons, students can manage to learn easily and rapidly at the same time. πŸ˜‰

These were some features of Craftsy which make sit standstill in the market and tackle such amount of competition it gets.

How to Enrol for Craftsy?

The process of enrolling for Craftsy is easy. The students firstly have to get over the common belief of arts and crafts which is being narrated to them by teachers. As this makes them trust that art is foolish and nothing good can be extracted from them to make a living.

Craftsy Enrol Facilitates

After Craftsy website should be reached and filled with the requisite data. After filling in this data one should pay the fee and enjoy the content access. It is easy to install and always available in glitch-free mode.


Craftsy is a platform for art and craft learning which makes it one of a kind in its structure. With numerous features in place, it helps students in learning art in the most beautiful yet simple ways possible. Craftsy has also got numerous pros which help it stand firm and do well in this domain. 😊

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