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Chegg Review 2024: Is This Study Platform Worth?


Chegg is an online education service provider where you can get digital textbooks, online tutoring, scholarships, and internships, and clearly, it helps high school and college students.


You can learn everything from Chegg as it provides textbook solutions, Expert Q&A, Practice problems, and Video Explanations. The mission of Chegg is to help every student to achieve their best in school and college.

😚 Pros and Cons Review of Chegg


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Video Explanations
  • Use at anytime and anywhere
  • Expert Q&A
  • 24/7 support
  • Verified answers are provided
  • One week trial period



  • Require improvement in customer support
  • More distractions

Chegg Features Review

Chegg offers various textbooks, and so you can study easily at your own pace. Let’s see more in detail what’s inside the Chegg.


Chegg Books

In Chegg, your textbooks will come with an offer and there is a possibility to save up to 90%, and if you likely to dropping or shipping classes then don’t worry Chegg returns the money within 21 days. At the same time, it offers 4 weeks trial period and so it’ll be easy to analyze exactly its textbook solutions, assignments, and all other important things.

You can rent or purchase a book with Chegg, and it is up to you, you can return the book as well according to the prepaid shipping label. You can highlight the points in the book but you’re not allowed to write anything on the book. Chegg is the ideal homework companion where you can get perfect solutions and from this, you can boost your grades too.

  • Step by Step Textbook Solutions –  It gives access to thousands of popular textbook solutions and so you will learn how to solve each problem in one step easily and quickly.
  • Expert Q & A – You can get answers from over 6 million solved questions and even you can ask doubts by taking a photo of your homework and submitting it. The experts at Chegg review your questions within 30 minutes & give you in-depth answers.


Chegg Study

In Chegg study, you’ll get textbook solutions as well as expert Q & A, and find out more

  • Textbook Solutions – You’ll learn how to solve the questions step by step and clearly it means you’ll get more than just answers especially for tough problems. It provides guidance to you through the video and also you can practice the questions that are available in Chegg.
  • Expert Q & A – If you have any doubt, you will get a solution within 30 minutes from the experts by taking a photo of your question & send it to them. On the other side, it offers 21 million homework solutions for you at the same time you can search from the library to find similar queries and their problems.
  • Study Pack – The study pack in Chegg will help the students to get better grades as it has more tools like homework solutions, expert Q&A, video solving solutions, offers practice problems, and plagiarism checkers. Another advantage is you can learn the subjects at any time and anywhere from core classes to upper classes and so the tools will help you out in finishing the homework soon and will get better grades.
  • Practice – If you practice today with Chegg study, you can prepare for your upcoming exams by taking tests that build confidence in you to attempt the exams. In Chegg’s study pack, unlock practice problems and also get access to various tools too.
  • Learn – Chegg provides detailed information on subject concepts, core topics, and all. All you need to do is just pick the subject and start learning.


Chegg Writing

Chegg will help you to write the content from beginning to end as it provides Plagiarism scans, expert writing help 24/7, and automatic citations.

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  • Plagiarism Scans – It is difficult to find the plagiarism errors for your content so the plagiarism scans in Chegg will make it easy for your content to check all the errors. Before you publish your content, you can check your content against billions of sources.
  • Expert Check – If you want to know whether your content is perfect or not, then don’t worry the experts at Chegg will proofread your content of any subject within 24 hours. Even you’ll receive comments on your content personally, its conclusion, and more from the experts.
  • Premium Citations – It is easy to create and save citations and also it works for cited pages also. It automatically generates citations in different styles more than 7000 including Chicago and APA. On the whole, you can cite your papers in an easy way with Chegg.
  • Advanced Grammar Checker – When you have Chegg means there is an advantage of strengthening your writing and you can catch up with nearly more than 200 types of common grammar mistakes. From this, you’re going to learn to make your writing concise, short, and clear with enhanced suggestions. These suggestions are provided by the Purdue University writing lab partnership.

What are the inclusions in Chegg writing subscription are:

  • You’ll get an unlimited number of scans for your papers or your content.
  • The plagiarism detection for your content at Chegg will check against through the billions of sources.
  • For your papers, experts at Chegg will proofread them no matter what the subject is.
  • You can find the common errors of more than 200 types with the help of Grammar scans in Chegg.
  • Without any obligation, you can cancel the subscription at any time and anywhere.

You’ll get the writing help of the Grammar including with Plagiarism checker, Grammar check, and Essay checker.


Chegg Flashcards

If you want to conquer any course then this Flashcards at Chegg is for you, just jump into the free flashcards and select the subjects that are perfect for you to study what you want. Find cards, Flip, and the work is done.

  • Flashcards you can trust – You can make your own course or otherwise trust and go with courses made by the others to learn the subject.
  • Study anytime, anywhere – Flashcards at Chegg allow you to study at any time and anywhere, so you take breaks at any time when you want and even review the cards on the app on any device.
  • Find the right Cards easily – From over 500 million flashcards, search and find the decks that are most relevant to your courses.

If you’re getting ready for your exams then study with the Chegg experts to achieve your goals. Flashcards are available for every subject and pick which is suitable for you.

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Math Solver

Chegg Math Solver

In less time you can understand the math problems as they provide easy steps to learn and follow. If your primary subject is maths then Chegg is best the best platform.

  • Understand how and why – You’re going to learn every single step and examine how it tackles the equations, from this you’ll understand why to use the particular method in solving the problem. Overall it is easier to learn math step by step.
  • Learn from detailed step by step explanations – In order to get the right answer, you have to walk through each step and determine what path is perfect while solving the problem.
  • Dig Deeper into specific steps – To understand each step while solving a problem, the solvers at Chegg will explain its sub-steps to show everything in detail.
  • Snap a pic of your math problem –  You can take a photo of the equation with the Chegg mobile app and get started to solve and the main advantage is you aren’t required to type the math problem. It helps on whatever mathematics you’re learning such as Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus, and Linear Algebra as it has every solution for each subject question.

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If you’re looking for accurate solutions for your math problem then Chegg is for you and you shouldn’t miss it because it provides the maths solving with deeper insights.

It also provides paper writing and other solutions, it is a good platform & you must give a try.

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