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How To Get a Chegg Free Trial 2024? Is It Worthy To Use?


Have you ever found yourself grappling with study challenges, thinking, “There must be a better way?” I’ve been there too.

Amid the chaos of notes, textbooks, and online resources, I discovered Chegg and its intriguing free trial offer.

The thought of accessing a wealth of academic resources without a penny’s commitment was tempting.

So, I took the plunge. This is the story of my 4-week journey.

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Does Chegg offer a free trial period?

Free Trial.

Chegg did offer a 4-week free trial for their Chegg Study service, which provides solutions to textbook questions, expert Q&A sessions, and other study resources.

However, they required users to provide payment details upfront, and if you didn’t cancel before the trial period ended, they would start billing you for the service.

Ready to Explore? See What I Got In a Free Trial Offers!

Chegg Study

  • Textbook Solutions: One of the primary features of Chegg Study is its vast collection of step-by-step textbook solutions. These solutions help students understand how to solve specific problems in their textbooks, ranging from simple to complex subjects.
  • Expert Q&A: If students have questions that aren’t directly from their textbooks or if they need further clarification on a topic, they can submit these questions. Chegg’s experts then provide answers, often within a short timeframe.
Chegg Tutors

Chegg Writing

  • Plagiarism Checker: This tool scans a student’s paper and checks it against billions of sources to ensure the content is original. It’s crucial for students to avoid unintentional plagiarism, and this tool can highlight areas of concern.
  • Citation Creator: Properly citing sources is critical in academic writing. Chegg Writing aids students in generating accurate citations in various styles like APA, MLA, and Chicago.
Chegg Writing

Chegg Tutors

  • Online Tutoring: Students can connect with tutors in real-time or schedule sessions based on their availability. These tutors cover a vast array of subjects, from mathematics to humanities. The platform also allows for video sessions, shared whiteboards, and file uploads to facilitate learning.
Designed For You

Chegg Books

  • Renting & Buying: Instead of purchasing expensive textbooks, students can rent them for a semester or a year. If they prefer, they can also buy both new and used textbooks. At the end of the rental period, students can return the books with the provided shipping label.
  • eTextbooks: For those who prefer digital versions, Chegg offers eTextbooks that students can access on various devices.
Chegg Books

Chegg Math Solver

  • Problem Solver: This tool allows students to input math problems, and it provides a step-by-step breakdown of the solution. It’s designed to help students understand the methodology behind solving various math problems.
  • Interactive Calculators: For subjects that require intricate calculations, such as calculus or algebra, the tool offers specialized calculators.
Chegg math Solver

πŸ€” How I Got the Free Trial

  1. Go to the Chegg website.

  2. Click on ‘Try for Free’.

    Click On Get Start

  3. Put in some basic info and Create an account for Free Trial.

    Create an account

  4. Done! Ready to explore.

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🎈 A Few Tips for the Trial

Set Clear Objectives

Before diving in, define what you hope to achieve with the trial to ensure you utilize it effectively. This will allow you to focus on what’s most important to your academic needs.

Explore All Features

Please don’t limit yourself to one service; familiarize yourself with all the features available to determine their value.

Broad exploration will give you a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s potential benefits.

Check for Trial Limitations

Be aware of any restrictions during the trial, such as a capped number of questions or limited access, to manage your priorities.

Knowing these limitations upfront will help you strategize and avoid unexpected disappointments.

Set Reminders

Set Reminder

Mark your calendar for the trial’s end date to evaluate its benefits and decide whether to continue or cancel, especially if it could lead to automatic billing.

Timely reminders will prevent unintended charges and help you make informed decisions about subscriptions.

Provide Feedback

Share your experiences, positive or negative, with Chegg. It might enhance the service for future users and possibly for you if you decide to continue.

Your insights can be invaluable in driving improvements and refining the user experience.

Stay Safe

Data Protection

Always access Chegg through official channels, ensuring your personal and payment information remains secure.

Protecting your data will give you peace of mind and ensure a hassle-free trial experience.

After the Free Trial πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

As my 4-week free trial with Chegg approached its end, I found myself reflecting on my experience. The platform proved immensely helpful, consistently aiding my academic endeavors.

The value it offered was undeniable, and when faced with the decision of continuing or discontinuing, it wasn’t a tough call. Chegg’s varied subscription options allowed me to choose a plan that suited my needs.

Given the tangible benefits I experienced during the trial, I confidently opted to purchase a plan, ready to harness the full potential of what Chegg had to offer.

πŸ†š Chegg vs. Others

In a comparative assessment between Chegg and its competitors, Like Chegg vs Course Hero & Chegg vs Bartleby my experiences have been quite telling. I ventured into the realm of educational platforms and sampled a variety of Chegg’s alternatives.

Chegg Alternatives

A noticeable drawback was that several of these platforms didn’t offer a free trial, depriving potential users of a risk-free assessment opportunity.

Among the few that did extend a trial, none seemed to align with my specific needs. Their features or methods failed to resonate with my academic requirements.

In contrast, Chegg’s trial not only gave me a taste of its offerings but also clearly demonstrated its suitability for my study patterns.

This disparity in trial experiences reinforced the uniqueness and utility of Chegg in the crowded educational assistance landscape.

😍 User Experience After Using 4-Week Trial

“I’ve tried several platforms before, but Chegg’s free trial was a game-changer.

I appreciated the chance to ‘try before I buy‘. I would recommend it!”


“Honestly, the free trial gave me more value than I expected. It’s rare to find companies confident enough in their product to let you test drive it without any strings attached.”


πŸ”₯ Wrapping Up

I was initially skeptical about online academic platforms, but Chegg changed my perspective. The sign-up was seamless, and I was quickly impressed by the quality and depth of their resources.

It wasn’t just about getting answers; it was about truly understanding the content.

The Q&A section stood out with prompt and detailed responses. Beyond academics, Chegg’s additional tools, like textbook rentals, added value.

The free trial was an eye-opener, showcasing a platform genuinely dedicated to student success. My verdict? Highly recommended. If unsure, give their free trial a go; it’s worth it.


Will I be charged automatically after the free trial ends?

Yes, if you don’t cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, you will be automatically billed for the following month.

How do I cancel my Chegg free trial to avoid charges?

To cancel, you typically need to go to your Account Settings and follow the instructions for canceling your subscription. Make sure to do this before the trial period ends to avoid charges.

Can I use the Chegg free trial more than once?

The free trial is generally intended for first-time users. Using it multiple times against their terms may lead to account suspension

Will I lose my study progress or saved data if I decide not to continue after the free trial?

While you may lose access to premium features after the trial ends, any data you’ve saved, like bookmarks or notes, should still be accessible if you decide to subscribe later.

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