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Chegg vs Course Hero [Comparison] Which One Is Best In 2024?


Online learning platforms will provide in-depth solutions to a problem and clarifies the doubts through video tutorials.

We compare two different online education platforms Chegg & Course Hero, as they help you to clear subject doubts in a convenient way.

Chegg Vs Course Hero

For a better understanding of the subject, students are uprooting their skills with these types of online education platforms and they are available to the students at any time and anywhere.

Let’s See Chegg Vs Course Hero: Which One Is Best?

😍 What is Chegg? All About it.


Chegg is one of the online learning platforms that helps students to study with the help of digital textbooks, online tutorials. At the same time, it offers scholarships, internships, to help school students and college students.

Chegg provides Expert Q&A, textbook solutions, video explanations, practice problems, and so it is easy to achieve the goals with Chegg.

👍 Pros and Cons of Chegg


  • Has an easy user interface
  • Avaialble at low cost
  • Excellent video explanations and tutorials
  • Scholarships and Internships
  • Expert Q&A sessions
  • Use at anywhere and any time
  • Provides 24/7 support
  • Provides verifed answers for your queries
  • One week trial period is avaialble



  • Requires improvement in customer support

😍 What is Course Hero? In-Detail

Course Hero

We have another online learning platform Course Hero, that gives access to 60 million course-specific study materials and textbook solutions, explanations in step by step.

It engages the students with 24/7 support and provides the most effective teaching for them to understand and learn easily. Course Hero has more than 60,000 verified educators and more than 500 teaching best practices.

👍 Pros and Cons of Course Hero


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent video explanations and tutorials
  • Allows to download documents
  • Use at anywhere and any time
  • Available 24/7 support
  • Earn money through tutoring
  • Expert Q&A



  • Provides partial answers if you not take subscription plans
  • Has fewer answers for textbook questions
  • Subscribers of Course Hero are lesser than Chegg

🤗 Chegg vs Course Hero: What Do They Offer?

If you want to get proper education online, then Course Hero and Chegg is on the top race to pick. It offers textbook explanations, tutorials that can give step-by-step knowledge to the students with ease. Let’s compare Chegg and Course Hero regarding its features and all.

✔️ What Includes In Chegg:

You can learn any subject at your own pace as it provides complete stuff on various subjects textbook explanations and tutorials. Let’s know more about the features of Chegg.


Chegg Books

The textbooks in Chegg will come up with an offer to save up to 90% and if you’re not satisfied with Chegg, then it will returns the money within 21 days.

It offers a free trial period, and in this trial period, you can analyze the whole online learning platform whether it is suitable or not. And you’ll know how the assignments, textbook solutions at Chegg will create an impact during the learning process.

The best part of Chegg is it allows you to rent or purchase the book and return it based on the shipping label. Chegg does not allow you to write on the book but it allows you to highlight the points in the book. If you’re looking to boost your grades then Chegg is an ideal companion for you.

  • Step by Step Textbook Solutions – The textbook solutions will teach you to step by step to solve the problems easily and quickly.
  • Expert Q&A –  Chegg provides answers to over 6 million solved questions and if you have any doubt just take a photo, after sending it to them, they’ll respond to your query within 30 minutes and provides answers step by step.


Chegg Study

Let’s know about Chegg study part:

  • Textbook Solutions – You’ll be going to learn in a step-by-step manner for every simple and tough problem as the guidance will be available in the form of video format. It allows you to practice the questions too.
  • Expert Q&A – If you have any doubt then just sent a photo to the experts, they will send in a step-by-step solution within 30 minutes, To find similar queries, already in Chegg, there are over 21 million questions with answers.
  • Study Pack – You can easily boost your grades with the Chegg study pack as it has more tools like expert Q&A, practice problems, video solving solutions, plagiarism checkers, and many more. From core classes to high classes, you’ll find every subject and gain in-depth knowledge at any time and anywhere and also helps in finishing your homework with ease.
  • Practice – It allows you to prepare for your future exams by taking tests and also builds confidence to attempt your exams. You’ll get access to various tools in Chegg’s study pack and all you need to do is just practice the problems.
  • Learn –  You can learn any subject with ease with in-depth subject concepts and core topics, so select the subject and start gaining knowledge on the subject.


Chegg Writing

Plagiarism scans, automatic citations, and expert writing help 24/7 are the assets in Chegg writing and these tools will help you to write the content from beginning to end easily.

  • Plagiarism Checks – Chegg will find easily plagiarism errors in your content with the help of plagiarism scans and the advantage with plagiarism scans is it can check your content against billions of sources, then it is easy to publish unique content.
  • Expert Check – Your content will be proofread by the Chegg experts within 24 hours, and they will tell whether your content is perfect or not to publish it. If your content is not good, then the experts will inform the mistakes, and many more.
  • Premium Citations – With Chegg, the citations are easy to create and save at the same time it works for cited pages. Including Chicago and APA, it automatically generates citations in more than 7000 styles of citations.
  • Advanced Grammar Check – Just strengthen your writing with Chegg, as it has advanced grammar checks to catch up with more than 200 types of grammar mistakes to check your content. From these mistakes, you’re going to learn how to write clear, concise, and short content as all the suggestions are provided by the Purdue University writing lab partnership.

Flash Cards

Chegg Flashcards
  • Flashcards you can trust –  In these Flashcards, you can make your own course or else can proceed with the courses made by others. From this, you can learn the subject with ease.
  • Study anytime, anywhere – It allows you to study at any time and anywhere so that you can take breaks whenever you want.
  • Find the right cards easily – It offers more than 500 million Flashcards, from them you can search, find the decks and from that, you can pick the course that you want to learn.

Math Solver

Chegg Math Solver
  • Understand how and why – You’re going to learn math in step by step manner, so it will easy to examine how to tackle the equation. You can understand every step while using particular methods in solving a problem.
  • Learn from detailed step by step explanations – You can easily analyze which path is perfect to get the right solution while solving the problem through each step.
  • Dig Deeper into specific steps – The math solver at Chegg will give you deeper insights into every problem while solving by explaining it in sub-steps.
  • Snap a pic of your math problem – If you have any doubt about solving the problem, then just take a photo and share it to Chegg experts, they’ll solve step by step and send it to you within 30 minutes. Chegg provides solutions for any math subject like Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc.

✔️ What Includes In Course Hero

In Course Hero, you can find teaching sources for different subjects and also discover innovative practices.

Course Hero Benefits

Find course-specific teaching sources

It gives access to documents like syllabi, assessments, lecture slides, and many more.

Connect with an instructor teaching similar courses

With Course Hero, you can connect with professional teachers across the world who are verified, college instructors.

See insider other college classrooms

Course Hero like College Classrooms

From Course Hero community of college instructors, you’re going to experience a classroom environment as it provides new pedagogical tactics.

Course Hero Expert Tutors

Expert Tutors

You’ll get personalized help from Course Hero as it has subject experts to explain the topics with ease.

Step by Step Explanations

In order to understand the subject, Course Hero will break down the subject into various steps and will explain to make you understand quickly and easily.

Fast Answers

Course Hero will provide the answers to your doubts within 15 minutes in step by step manner.

Textbook Solutions

The solutions for the students are verified by instructors, so you can easily get your textbook solutions in step by step.

  • Educator-Verified Textbook Solutions and Explanations – The explanations of every subject at Course Hero are optimized and so you can easily learn step by step how to solve the problems.
  • Hints and Videos to Help you Learn and Understand – Through video explanations, you’ll go through the learning process and it helps to understand the concepts at the same time you can solve similar problems with ease. Even you conclude how to get a perfect solution in particular methods.

🤠 Student Reviews on Chegg vs Course Hero

Course Hero and Chegg both are good at their services, the customers are satisfied with their teachings and most of the customers share their reviews.

From the reviews, we can understand both of the platforms are providing deeper insights into subject concepts through video explanations in step by step. See the reviews that the students given to these platforms.

Chegg Students Reviews

Chegg Students Review

Course Hero Students Reviews

Course Hero Students Reviews

🎁Pricing plans of Chegg vs Course Hero

Chegg Pricing Plan

Chegg Pricing Plans

Chegg Study subscription plan costs $14.95 monthly and it includes

  • Step by step textbook solutions for 9000 books
  • Ask questions of experts and enthusiasts 24/7 at any time and anywhere and 20 questions per month
  • Search millions of homework answers
  • Guided video explanations on the portal
  • Practice problems to polish skills

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Chegg Math solver costs $9.95/month and in this, you’ll get

  • Steps & substeps for the equations
  • Input custom equation
  • Graphing calculator

Chegg writing subscription plan costs $9.95/month and you’ll get in this plan are

  • Help to cite your paper
  • Check your paper for errors & plagiarism
  • Check your paper for any errors and grammar mistakes

If you want to take all the packs together then Chegg offers the Chegg Study Pack and the price of this plan is $19.95/month.

Course Hero Pricing Plan

Course Hero Pricing Plans

The annual version of Course Hero costs $9.95/month and asks up to 40 questions to the experts and if you go for the annual bill payment structure then it costs $119.40.

The Quarterly plan costs $19.95/month and gives three months of access and it is billed quarterly for $59.85. In this plan, you can ask up to 20 tutor questions.

It offers a monthly version also, so you have to renewal the plan for every month at $39.95/month. It allows the users to ask up to 10 questions per month.

Course Hero- Free Access

If you’re looking for Course Hero free access, then you have to

  • Share your knowledge, 5 unlocks for submitting 10 documents.
  • When your document gets 1 thumbs up, earn one free course
  • When 5 documents are unlocked then earn one free unlock
  • Rate 5 questions or 5 documents and get one free unlock
  • Review five documents and get one free unlock
  • Refer your friends, and if they sign up then you’ll get 20% off.

🔥 Chegg vs Course Hero: Which One Is Best?

These two online learning platforms are both good in their unique way and also both provide ease of access. If you want to pick the right online course according to your requirements like

Select Chegg if

  • To find more courses to learn
  • To get books for rental purposes
  • To learn with ease in step by step procedures
  • To find any errors in your content
  • To get easy math solving problems

Select Course Hero if

  • To find more courses and download the documents
  • If you want to become a teacher
  • To get easy and fast answers
  • In-depth analysis of answers with the classroom environment
  • You want free access to the courses

💥 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 How teaching at Chegg and Course Hero benefits the students?

Chegg and Course Hero has qualified experts and verified college instructors, they’ll help the students in every concept of subject to learn in an easy way through video explanations.

👍 Does Chegg or Course Hero offers any free trial?

Chegg offers a free trial for the first one week and Course Hero does not offer any free trial period.

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