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5+ Best ERP Software 2024: Trusted & Easy To Use


Still confused about the best ERP software for your firm, which will ease your day-to-day business activity, and want to Focus on your Future Goal?

Here, is the full review from our experts who manually picked the best software for you and also help you in your decision-making.

What is ERP software?

ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning and the software that is responsible for managing and recording all the resources of an industry or business in one place is known as ERP software. It helps businesses in their various functions like hiring, automation, finance management, service procurement, and other roles. It is one of the most powerful and used tools that can be used to maximize productivity and profitability.

ERP Softwares

This software also acts as a single tool with multiple features that can manage the entire business and every aspect whether it is Human Resources or manufacturing. It is implemented by the business to track their onboarding to manufacturing and supply chain and then manage them all in one place making the whole process of handling the business smoother and easier. It helps businesses to work efficiently and saves a lot of time, cost, and labor for them so that they can utilize those valuable resources for business growth.

How will ERP be helpful for your firm?

ERP is one of the most valuable and effective tools or software for the business as it is designed to perform organization and management of various aspects of any firm. It records all the data for the firm and then automatically analyses and creates reports suggesting further improvement.

It provides a single centralized space where all the business-related operations can be performed so that it becomes easier to manage the firm. It’s an automated software that stores, analyses, monitors, and operates on its own, reduces or almost eliminates manual labor, and saves cost & time for the firm.

It plans every aspect of the business that leads to the better functioning of the firm, resulting in more production. The planning and management of various resources of a firm at one platform helps them to be efficient, more organized, and beneficial in a short period.

1. Katana

Intro to katana

Katana is an ERP software that manages the commercial activities related to a specific business and it ensures the effective management of inventory, accounting, and goods production to ensure that resources are being used at the right place and at the right time.

Features of Katana


Katana allows seamless integration to other applications to ensure that they function effectively to fulfill the requirements of the business and provide all the features for making the company optimized.

Inventory Management

This feature of Katana manages the live inventory of the business, it keeps track of raw materials to finished products to ensure that the materials are being processed in the required way. It also keeps track of the quantity and quality of the materials and products to save business owners from getting their raw material or finished product stock out.

Pros and cons of Katana

Product Planning

Katana also provides the planning for the products being ordered or delivered, it automatically records and suggests the required quantity of raw materials to meet the demands of the clients. It also makes sure that the product is finished on the deadline and delivered at the right time and then starts manufacturing again at the right time.

Pros and Cons of Katana

👍 Pros

  1. It allows users to track each activity of the production and business and they can get any required data in an organized form whenever needed
  2. Case studies are available on the official website of Katana to help new users to understand the mechanism better
  3. It stores data by integrating itself into other applications and platforms as well so that users can save themselves from additional tasks
  4. It provides detailed insights into the program and processes running on the software
  5. A free trial is available for 14 days on Katana

👎 Cons

  1. Integration with HR software is not supported on the platform which can limit certain management
  2. It lacks tracking of the serial number of the product

Pricing plan of Katana

Pricing plan of Katana

It has three pricing systems, One for ‘Essential’,’ Advance’ and for ‘Professional’

EssentialAdvance Professional
$99USD/monthly$299 USD/monthly$599 USD/monthly
For Small Manufactures For growing business For large-scale Manufacturers
Upto 500 shipped sales Upto 5,000 shipped sales Upto 25000 shipped sales

2. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP provides its service for managing the resources of the business including organization and execution of various programs that help them grow. It has a wide range of features to offer that allow users to organize each aspect of their business.

Netsuite ERP

Features of NetSuite ERP

Financial Management

This feature keeps track of daily commercial transactions, prepares budget and cost planning and helps reduce extra expenses and costs. It also manages assets so that they can be efficient, it also automates complex financial processes like receiving and paying clients.


It helps businesses by reminding them to buy materials at reasonable prices at the right time. It saves time by automatically connecting the suppliers and their services, at the same time it improves accuracy as it records all the billing and expenses immediately.

Pros and cons of netsuite ERP


It allows seamless integration of other platforms like CRM or HR management that ensures it functions effectively. Its integration with other applications helps businesses to manage the commercial activities that are being performed on the other platforms.

Pros and Cons of NetSuite ERP

👍 Pros

  1. Can be customized according to the needs of the business
  2. It automatically generates Blueprints and carries out other business operations that reduce manual work and save time and extra cost.
  3. It has provided advanced security for its users and their clients
  4. It provides solutions to all sizes of businesses and industries ranging from Retail to Aviation
  5. It has fast customer service available to help users by answering all the queries

👎 Cons

  1. NetSuite ERP can be comparatively expensive for certain users as it costs for various features that may not be useful for them
  2. It is a little bit complex and tough to set up for beginners because of its wide range of features and tools.

3. Syspro


Syspro is an ERP software that facilitates the management of various programs and aspects of a business by providing required tool sets and features.

Features of Syspro

Features of syspro


One of the most important features of Syspro is its compliance with the various security certifications that ensure the privacy and security of the users’ data and records. It ensures that the software is up to date with each rule and regulation so that users don’t face any hindrance in the company’s growth and management.


This feature of Syspro helps developers to build applications of high quality in less time as it provides automated tools and features. These applications with the help of automation run independently without any human interference. This feature of automation also creates and schedules dates and times for the execution of certain actions and notifies users about the respective.

Pros and cons of syspro

Project Management

It assists the users by managing the activities of the particular production and also increases productivity. It has various tools to solve and minimize the complexities in production and business and helps users to migrate or set up the new system which may be required for the optimization of the business.

Pros and Cons of Syspro

👍 Pros

  1. Syspro can be very flexible and customizable allows users to customize the tools and features according to their business requirements
  2. It provides real insights into the process and helps users to keep track of the data and other information related to business
  3. Syspro can be accessed on mobile phones too which allows users to access important data of their business anytime anywhere
  4. It has global coverage as it supports various currencies and languages that make it flexible for users

👎 Cons

  1. Customization of the software according to complex needs may take longer for users to set up
  2. Comparatively expensive as it has additional costs for its maintenance and implementation.

4. SAP Business One

It is an ERP solution that is responsible for managing resources and other aspects of the business. This platform supports financial and accounting management which further helps businesses to remain organized and efficient.

SAP Business One

Features of SAP Business One


The feature of automation on SAP Business One enables the automatic functioning of the tools such as scheduling and reporting accordingly. It helps users by performing the actions on time as it automatically suggests the activities that need to be performed and it effectively manages all the processes involved in manufacturing.


As ERP requires to store data of the users and related information for management, it becomes important for the users that their data is safe with the software. This feature of SAP Business One keeps track of the security and privacy that needs to be ensured to users. It makes sure that the software is up to date with the rules and regulations of the government and cyber units.

SAP Features


It supports management for various processes and features, it manages production, finances, assets, project, and planning. It plans and schedules various activities and allocates resources required for the same. It provides tools to manage these needs of the business that saves manual labor and extra cost.

Pros and Cons of SAP Business One

👍 Pros

  1. This software can be seamlessly integrated with another platform to ensure the effective management of the business and optimize the production
  2. It allows the customization of the tools and features which means users can access tools according to their business needs
  3. It can manage the increased operations and additional users as well saving users from being limited
  4. Automation increases the efficiency of production and helps businesses to grow
  5. It provides real and live insights into the process and activities involved throughout the production

👎 Cons

  1. It has a complex interface which may be difficult to understand for beginners and may take longer for them to set up the software.
  2. It can be expensive because of its abundant advanced features and tools.


It provides ERP solutions to the business for effective management of all commercial operations to ensure the maximum productivity of the business and also keeps track of all the processes and resources involved in any production line that further maintains the data of the business.


Features of IFS ERP

Manufacturing Management

IFS ERP provides the effective management of the complete process of the manufacturing units of the business. It keeps track of each step of the process whether it’s the quality of raw material or the quantity of the finished products. It has provided various tools for scheduling and analyzing the processes on time to complete the manufacturing.

Asset management

It keeps track of the assets from their initial days to the current date which further helps users to track the lifecycle of the asset. It is also responsible for managing the maintenance of the assets and monitors their performance and revenue as well

Integration and Customization

It can be integrated with other applications too to make the business faster and more efficient which also allows users to customize the features according to their needs. It can be integrated with platforms that are required to help in the growth of the business.

Pros and Cons of IFS ERP

👍 Pros

  1. It has provided excellent customer service and support on the platform to help users with any confusion or query
  2. It has the feature of automation that optimizes business and increases productivity while saving labor and time
  3. It is easy to get adapt to beginners too as it has a user-friendly interface
  4. This software provides all one platform to its users where they do not need a bunch of software and tools for different management, Katana manages all the commercial activities itself by either integration or automated feature

👎 Cons

  1. It has various features and tools which may take longer to set up in the business
  2.  It may be comparatively expensive for small-scale businesses
  3. Users may face specific difficulties with customization of the features while syncing it with business needs

Our Opinion

Our opinion on these 5 best ERP software is quite clear, after performing all the required study and analysis it can be said that these software are the best choices for any firm that can perform all the required functions and operations for the growth of the business. These software meet all the needs of the firm and further support various functions such as Katana supports seamless integration, NetSuite has the best financial management and Customization available, and Syspro offers better compliance and security along with automation of tools, etc.

These software are responsible for better and effective operation of the processes for any firm and each of these 5 best ERP software has the best features and tools to offer to its users. They don’t compromise with their quality and ability, they make sure that the business opting for them gets satisfaction and grows consistently without any such issues. Their ability to function and organize all the resources on one platform and then plan and manage those valuable resources make them the best ERP software available.

Selection Criteria For ERP Software Planning

These are the most important criteria for selection of suitable ERP software that needs to be kept in mind:

1. Requirements and goals of the firm

The very first thing that needs to be kept in mind while choosing ERP for the business is the requirements of the business. The requirements may vary on the basis of type, size, and investment of business, so it is important to check if the particular ERP software can fulfill your business needs or not.

2. Ability to function and organize

Another criterion for selecting suitable ERP software is their ability to function and organize. It is important to check the efficiency of the software while implementing it, and how much data and resources it can record and manage. If your business is small scale then you need to choose the ERP software which can handle small-sized resources and avoid opting for ERP software that is functional for large scale business and save your money and efforts.

3. Implementation of the software

Implementation of software can be another factor affecting the selection of ERP software for businesses. One should always check how much time it takes to implement and set up the ERP software in their business system, if it’s taking a long time then avoid opting for such ERPs. You should select the one that is easy to implement and takes less time & effort to set up.

4. Customization and integration

The most preferable ERP software is always customizable and easy to integrate. If the specific ERP software can be customized according to the needs of the business and resources it can result in a better ERP. One should also check if the software is easy to integrate with other applications or not, and does it supports integration with other platforms as well.

5. Budget fits

Users looking for suitable ERP software should always check with their budget, if the business is small-sized then one should choose ERP software that provides respective services at lower cost, one should not invest in expensive Software for small-sized businesses. So Budget can be another criterion to select the suitable ERP software for businesses.

6. Scalability

Scalability is one of the important criteria for choosing suitable ERP software as it decides if the specific software would be able to adjust with the size change or not. It checks if the selected ERP will be able to work smoothly after the data and resource volume are increased or reduced. If it manages to fit in every possible change, then it can be considered as a better ERP software.

Conclusion – Final Say

ERP software can be an important part of any business and can help them to grow. As it manages various processes and elements of a business it helps businesses to optimize their productivity.

In today’s competitive market, it’s very difficult to choose the best product and when it comes to ERP software it increases the level of difficulty on top level because you choose this software to ease your business activity, and going with the wrong decision can occur difficulties for the business survival so, to help In your decision making we identified these best 5 ERP software available in the market which can streamline your business activity So, you can focus on your future business goals.

Now, It depends on you and your unique requirements, size, and goals of the organization. Businesses can match their pick with their strategic objectives by carefully analyzing elements such as scalability, integration capabilities, user experience, and cost. Investing in the appropriate ERP software is about more than just modernizing processes; it’s about future-proofing the company for growth and flexibility in a more dynamic global marketplace. As we all know, technology is constantly developing and upgrading itself, thus this 5 ERP software is always up to date.


What does an ERP system do?

Enterprise resource planning System (ERP) integrates, manages assets, and controls different business activities like accounting, manufacturing production, sales, employee timesheets, and many more things it can perform very well. They are highly customizable so, you can customize them as per your business need
It is mostly used as a Customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Is there any free trial of this ERP software available?

Only Katana Have a free trial because all ERP software provides the primary services so they can not provide you the free trial but Yes, you can get a demo session which will clear your all doubt and they will also assist you in knowing more about the software.

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