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3 Best DeleteMe Alternatives 2024: [1st One is Most Trusted]


There are a number of ways through which you can ensure the protection of your personal data that’s being stored over the internet.

You can encrypt your data, mask your phone calls, email address, credit details, use strong passwords, install anti malware and so much more. 

DeleteMe Three Best Alternatives

Even after following all the precautions there is still too much of your information that is being recorded and shared online without your permission. And if you are concerned that your details might end up in the wrong hands, you have surely got to remove it. 😍

In this 3 best DeleteMe alternatives review, we have mentioned the other options you can use in order to delete your private details. 

Starting with Onerep, Removaly and followed by Kanary, this article will go over features, pricing plans along with pros and cons of every service platform. 

1. OneRep

Founded in 2015, OneRep is a full fledged automated platform which removes customers’ private records from Google and various other websites. The platform has discovered more than 45,000,000 unauthorized consumer profiles till date.

OneRep Review

OneRep – Key Features

Fully Automated 

The platform is backed and powered by automation which results in immediate filling of opt-out forms. This also ensures prompt delivery of the notice to the companies for removing your personal information. 

OneRep requests websites on your behalf to remove your profile. Regardless of the opt-out procedure complexity of a website, you can rest assured that your personal data will be deleted.

OneRep Features

Scans People Search Websites

OneRep has a tremendously amazing monitoring system which regularly deletes your personal records from well known companies’ databases. 😊

OneRep scans a total of 158 data broker websites to find your profile. The platform aims to discover pages which consist of your personal information and were created without your prior consent. 

Even if your profiles were taken down from all the search people websites they were found in, sometimes the information gets re-uploaded. So, OneRep monitors sites to check whether your information has reappeared or not. In case it does happen, the removal starts from the beginning.

OneRep Scanning

Privacy Status Reports

OneRep generates monthly privacy status reports along with the regular updates. Since OneRep uses an automated tool for scanning people search websites, the results are instantly displayed on your account dashboard.

The dashboard displays information such as number of profiles, number of sites your information is exposed on, sites your details are deleted from, remaining profiles and more. 

OneRep Privacy Status Reports

OneRep – Pricing & Plans 

The platform offers three different pricing tiers from which you can subscribe to any of the plans depending on your needs and requirements.

You also have access to a 5 day free trial period which gives you the opportunity to learn how OneRep works and if it is worth investing in. The details regarding the pricing structures are as follows.

OneRep Pricing Plans

Individual Plan 

The individual plan can be bought at $14.95 every month on monthly basis or at $8.33 for a month at annual basis, saving upto 40% in comparison. The plan covers a single person and includes the following features. 

Search for listings on 158 data broker sites, Automated listings removal, Adding new data brokers as they appear, Monthly report through email, Monitoring for newly appeared listings, Covered AKA’s / aliases – unlimited, Covered phone numbers – unlimited, Covered addresses – unlimited and 24/7 email support.

Family Plan 

The family package can be subscribed at $27.95 each month on a monthly basis or at $15 per month on a yearly basis. The plan covers a total of six people and incorporates the same attributes as the individual plan. 😚

OneRep Testimonies

Team Package

For subscribing to a business account data removal plan you can get a quoted price by contacting the sales team. In addition to all the individual plan’s features you have access to the following attributes. 

  1. A dedicated account for your organization
  2. Flexible employee onboarding process
  3. Customizable billing
  4. User management
  5. Scan and removal statistics for your account

Pros and Cons of OneRep

👍 Pros

  1. OneRep is fully automated and thus does not require any manual actions.
  2. Deletes your personal information from more than 150 data broker sites. 
  3. Flexible pricing along with monthly and yearly subscription options.
  4. Extensive customer support via phone call, email, and chat along with blog posts as well as FAQ’s.

👎 Cons

  1. Operable and can be used only for people living in the United States. 

2. Removaly 

Founded in 2020, Removaly has very easily claimed its place as one of the best DeleteMe alternatives in 2022. The platform focuses on data privacy and also provides free resources so you can maintain a safe level of anonymity on the internet. 

Removaly Review

Removaly – Key Features

Take Control In Your Hands

Don’t believe how effective these data removal processes and teams are? Wanna see over the deletion procedure by yourself? You’ve got it. Removaly offers an extensive and comprehensive library of opt out guides, privacy resources, deeper insights and tricks to get rid of your personal data from the internet.

Removaly Free Resources

Real Time Visibility

The platform by default automates your data removal process and the personalized dashboard displays all the details collected. You can view new instances of your private data, check sites in real time your sensitive data is exposed on, enable deeper scanning and more. 

Removaly Real time visibility

Industry Leading Customer Support

Removaly offers immensely robust and elaborative customer support services including dedicated FAQs page, email and one to one live chat services with the founders themselves. 😉

Removaly Customer Support

Removaly – Pricing Plans

The platform offers the initial scan free of cost along with three other paid plans. 


The plan costs $9.95 per month and is billed annually at $119.40. You have access to features such as automated daily scanning of over 50 sites, premium concierge support, accurate and timely data removal. 


The package covers two people only and costs $14.95 when billed monthly whereas it is billed annually at $179.40.

Removaly Pricing Plans

Family Plan

This plan covers the members of the same household and costs $14.95 on a monthly basis and $179.40 on annual basis.

Pros and Cons of Removaly

👍 Pros

  1. Initiates automatic as well as manual data removal process. 
  2. Offers robust, professional and speedy customer support along with self help resources. 
  3. Budget friendly pricing plans, real time visibility dashboard and more.

👎 Cons

  1. Could scan more data broker websites. 
Removaly Resources

3. Kanary

Founded in 2019, Kanary specializes in discovering and removing your private data which jeopardizes your privacy and security in one single click. The platform is backed by the Mozilla Foundation and YCombinator Startup School.

Kanary – Key Features 

Kanary Review

Scans Thousands Of Sites 

Kanary does not let you down when it comes to the sites directory it scans to find out your unacknowledged profiles. 😘

The platform scans more than 6,000 sites as of present which commonly stores and publishes private details. Some of the included sites are google, kiwisearches, locatepeople, mylife, infotracer, anywho, spokeo, checkpeople, familytreenow, etc. 

Kanary Scan Sites

Measures And Prioritize Risks 

The platform evaluates as well as categorizes the profiles according to the site and information found. The risk levels are divided into high, medium and low, representing hardest to the easiest sites to remove your details from. 

Automates Removal Process 

The platform automates almost the whole data deletion process and keeps you in the loop too. Kanary’s support team actively works with their consumers in order to remove their information within their legal limits. 

Kanary Data Removal

Kanary – Pricing Plans 

Although Kanary offers a free scan to every user, the platform, however, does not offer any free trial as of now. You are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee. The pricing details are as follows. 

Individual Plan 

The individual plan can be subscribed at $9.99 for a month or at $89.99 when billed annually. This package just covers a single person and offers access to features such as unlimited names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, birthdays, automatic scans every 30 days and fast customer support from their team. 

Kanary Pricing Plans

Family Plan 

The plan costs $14.99 per month and $129.99 per year.The family plan covers a total of six people including you. 

Enterprise Plan

The plan costs $110 per person yearly and offers exclusive features such as discount memberships, dedicated support, includes professional and personal emails, phone numbers, addresses and covers employee family members also. 

Pros and Cons of Kanary

👍 Pros

  1. Automates personal data deletion from more than 6,000 websites. 
  2. Offers and follows impressive security and privacy mechanisms. 
  3. Pretty affordable prices in comparison to its competitors. 

👎 Cons

  1. No free trial period is offered. 
Kanary Security

Why Is My Personal Information On The Internet?

Even though the privacy of communication and data, in general, is a fundamental right, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Seeing your personal data displayed out front for numerous people to take advantage of is not something anyone strives for. From real life threats from 24/7 tracking to identity theft, nothing is unfathomable. 

Exposed Private Data

Data brokers are the companies which collect massive volumes of personally identifiable information. They search the web to obtain information and use it to generate your personal profile. If you are wondering from where your personal data is being leaked or collected, well here are the primary causes. 

  1. Skipping and directly accepting the Terms and Conditions along with Terms of Service clauses. 
  2. Accepting website cookies and morphing your actions into marketing medamata. 
  3. Entering data into shopping, web services, and social media accounts. 
  4. New and outdated searches, email accounts, using insecure websites and more.
  5. Self reported information, government or public records, etc.

So, it is crucially important to be in control of your data and what you agree to share. You can therefore use data removal services to decrease the chances of negative repercussions.

Do You Need It To Remove Your Personal Information?

Now that we know that all kinds of sensitive data about our personal life is available on the internet, it is about time we start caring.

You can for sure try as well as successfully take down some percentage of your personal data available online manually. However, it is a tedious task to go through every possible cause of how your information is being leaked. 😇

Why use data removal services

But do you actually need these data removal services? Well, it depends on how you feel with all your information lying openly around on the internet. You are vulnerable by being exposed to becoming a target for various cyber criminals such as scammers, spammers, identity thieves, cyberstalkers, etc.

In cases like these, a professional and dedicated data removal service is what comes handy. These removal services work by deleting data including photos, videos, emails, name, age, phone number, social media, occupation, address and more. 

Personal Information On Google

Conclusion – Final Verdict

So, the three data removal sites that can very easily replace DeleteMe are OneRep, Removaly and Kanary. All three of these sites automates the scanning process, finds your private data from numerous data broker sites, offers pretty impressive customer support and are highly affordable in comparison to DeleteMe.

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