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OneRep Review: Is It Best Personal Information Removal?


Overall Vedict
To summarise, Onerep provides an easy-to-use interface, reasonable cost, and great support. It swiftly removes data from key search engines and the top 100+ sites, offers monitoring and notifications, and assures successful record removal. With a free trial, automated opt-outs, and corporate applicability, Onerep offers a quick and dependable option to improve privacy.
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Easy to use
Removes data from all search engines
Extraordinary support system
Search & remove data from top 100+ sites
Double check the records removed or not
Monitor the records on new listings
Easily and Quickly fix your privacy
Currently works for US addresses only

We are living in the digital era and there are many chances that our personal information may leak online with the top data broker sites.

If you’re looking to remove all your personal information available on the internet, then you have to proceed with the data privacy service providers. 


💥 Bottom Line Up Front – Is It Really Worthy?

OneRep is an excellent privacy protection service provider, as it helps to remove the personal and professional information available on the top data broker listing sites.

Do You Know This Hidden Benefit?

It also removes the information available on the Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. 

100% Yes. We do recommend you to try OneRep, it regularly update its customers on the removal of data by sending notifications and alerts, at the same time it will double-check on the sites whether the information is removed or not.

Even it also checks if any information is available on the new listing sites and removes it permanently. This is the main reason why to choose OneRep for business purposes or personal purposes.

👍 What is OneRep?

OneRep is the data privacy service provider that removes your personal information from Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

This means it removes all your data on all data broker listings and nowadays, it is one of the guaranteed privacy service providers.

OneRep number stats

Without any fail, it provides high-quality services to the customers and businesses too. One should use OneRep to protect from online frauds, and scammers as this platform will protect your privacy with ease.

Till now, OneRep removed 1M+ records, as it monitors around 104 websites and nearly 5000+ customers pick & join this platform monthly.

From this, let’s know more details in this OneRep review regarding pricing information, how the customers felt about using this platform, and many more. 

😍 What Data Brokers Know About You?

Data Brokers don’t just simply collect your personal information, but they’ll categorize your life and transform your every identity into detailed reports by watching every move of yours at any time.  

What data brokers know about you - OneRep

Identifying Data

Cyber attackers or data brokers will collect your data such as Name, Birthdate, address, email address, phone number, license number, and social security number. 

Financial Data 

Even the data brokers will collect your annual income information, credit score, ownership of stocks, bonds, loans, life insurance, credit card info, recent mortgage borrower, and other details too.

Demographic Data 

They will never stop collecting your financial data, but also proceed with the details to know more about you like age, weight, height, marital status, education, country of origin, and occupation. 

Purchase Behaviour 

The data brokers will also always keep an eye on the amount spend on goods, number of orders, buying activity, types of purchases, buying channel preference, type of entertainment purchase, and type of food purchase. 

Health Data

There is a possibility of leaking your health information from daily usage of medicine prescriptions, health insurance details, purchase history, and many more.

Other Data

Data Brokers will also find out court and public record data, general interest data, social media and technology data, travel data, and all other data.

🤔 How Does OneRep Works?

Let’s review more in detail how does OneRep work and how it removes all your personal and professional information. 

How does OneRep work

Scan 100+ People Search Sites 

It will scan 10+ search sites and a list of the sites are Whitepages, MyLife, Spokeo, BeenVerified, InstantCheckMate, TruthFinder, and others. This the reason to choose OneRep as it has the capacity to remove your personal information that is available on all top data broker listing sites. 

Display Discovered Records in your Dashboard 

OneRep will display the records that are discovered such as age, name, phone numbers, present and previous addresses, income, family members and their details, etc. 

Send Automatic Opt-out Requests on Behalf of You

OneRep system will work through automatic opt-out processes like as processes emails, fills in online forms, and receives phone calls from websites on behalf of yours. 

Verify the Records have been Removed

OneRep system will always review & check double times, to confirm whether your information is removed from the list of all data brokers sites or not. 

Monitor the Web for your Re-appeared Records

OneRep system will perform continuously by monitoring your information whether it is reappeared on the listings and also scans from the new sites if they have any information to remove your data. 

✔️ How OneRep Protects the Online Privacy?

Online privacy feature

OneRep is the present trusted data protection service provider and let’s look more at how it protects your online privacy. 

Corporations Have Eyes On You

Without your concern, data broker listing sites will collect all your personal/professional information and spread the details by selling from one person to another person. From this, most of the companies will know more about you than your relatives, friends, and neighbors. 

Data Brokers Can Easily Predict your Behaviour

If a company knows your personal details, then there is a huge chance of promoting the products by targeting the right people because they know your interest already. From this, the businesses aim to show the products/services to the audiences when they’re online & it can be done offline as well 

Unverified Publicly Available Data May Compromises Your Reputation 

Today, employers will not show interest in asking whether the person is fit for the job or company, all they do is just google the name to find out who you are. The data broker sites may have all your personal/professional information but they never bother to verify its validity. So, if there’s a piece of untrue information then you are going to face a lot of troubles in the future. 

Marketers May Use Information About You 

The data brokers sites have information of every US consumer, which means they have every detail of your financial habits, purchase behavior, personal interests, etc. This information will be sold to the marketers because it is very important to them to target the audiences for advertising their products or services. 

Your Data Might Fall into the Wrong Hands 

There is a huge chance of your personal data to fall into the wrong hands and this will happen through social network shares, subscriptions, likes, online transactions, telephone orders, age, zip codes, and personal addresses. The scammers will find out through any activity that you made with all details of yours and your family members in seconds.  

Public Records May Put Your Kids in Danger

For some sites, there are some regulations for the information to collect, sell, and use of children under 13. But websites like may publish the information of the children without their awareness.

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👊 OneRep for Business

OneRep for Business

Most of the companies trust OneRep as a solution to eliminating the risk of personal information for their clients with the help of OneRep API. It helps businesses to remove unauthorized listings of their customer’s valuable information from search engines and data broker’s sites. 

Revenue Growth

For your Business privacy and growth of the revenue, OneRep has below features

What's in Business
  • Higher Retention – Customers of OneRep will show their loyalty by staying and maintaining a long-term relationship and the reason behind this is the people search sites will always expose the personal data again and again. 
  • Natural Engagement – Every time customers are excited to know about the status of their data protection and so it provides notifications and alerts to update the status regularly. 
  • Stronger Product – OneRep comes with a stronger and additional protection layer and this feature is available when you go with the subscription plans. 


Solution for your Business

OneRep is the primary solution for many businesses in removing their professional data by finding websites that expose customer’s information, in the next step remove that from the internet, and in last it monitors to make sure that the data never re-appears. 

STEP 1: Search 

Every day on Google & other search engines, millions of searches happen for people’s names and what you find the information online is extremely sensitive, which means it may be addresses, phones, age, financial, property, family member details, legal records, and property. OneRep will scan the web to identify all your data that are created by people search sites without customers knowingly and it alerts them about their privacy breach. 

STEP 2: Remove

Customers have a right to ask the data broker to delete their personal information on their listings. On the other side, OneRep will perform automated removal of personal information from more than 80 people search sites. At the same time, OneRep will cover everything from PDF forms, fax messages, and other forms to remove from the Web that is imposed by scammers or data brokers. 

STEP 3: Monitor 

Every time, people search sites will update the information regularly with new databases and there is a chance to reappear their unauthorized profiles. OneRep monitors & review everything by finding your personal information on newly appeared sites and listings.

😇 Why OneRep API?

Why to choose OneRep

Let’s review why OneRep API for businesses in detail.

Easy To Integrate with REST API 

OneRep is integrated with API and organized around REST with the help of easy code samples. 

API Sandbox Available For Developers 

The test integration is good only in a safe environment while setting up OneRep API as it will reduce the risk associated with it and also reduce the price too. 

Unmatched Support 

At any level, OneRep team will provide support in troubleshooting from integration to code. 


This platform is flexible as it provides massive support by clearing the hundreds of queries per second.

🤡 OneRep Customer Reviews 2022

OneRep Customer Reviews

OneRep is a good privacy protection service provider as it just not only focus on removing personal information but also it removes professional information for businesses.

On the above image, read the reviews of OneRep provided by different customers and organizations and from this we can understand how it helps and maintain long-term relationships with customers. It tells us why to choose OneRep for your privacy protection clearly. 

🎁 Pricing Plans

Review on Pricing plans OneRep

OneRep offers a free trial period for five days and from this, you can analyze how this platform is helpful in protecting your privacy. Now, you can proceed to buy the plan to remove your personal or professional information regularly.

FeaturesFamily Plan
Pricing$15/month or $179.95/year
Members IncludedUp to 6
Search ResultsYes
Links to Exposed SitesYes
Auto Monitoring for New SitesYes
Auto Opt-Out from 104 SitesYes
Monthly Report via EmailYes
Email Support (24×7)Yes
Personal Privacy AssistantYes

FeaturesIndividual Plan
Pricing$8.33/month or $99.95/year
Search ResultsYes
Links to Exposed SitesYes
Auto Monitoring for New SitesYes
Auto Opt-Out from 104 SitesYes
Monthly Report via EmailYes
Email Support (24×7)Yes
Personal Privacy AssistantYes

For complex cases, go for the individual plus version and in this plan, you will get everything that it provides in the individual plan, and in the plus version, it removes your valuable information from additional top challenging sites which are not listed.

The pricing plan individual plus version is $229.95/month. At the same time, for immediate activation of the removal process, it charges $14.95/month and it is used by over 60000 people around the world. You have to pay the amount of the plan after the free trial period is over and you can cancel the plan at any time.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Removes data from all search engines
  • Available at affordable cost
  • Extraordinary support system
  • Search & remove data from top 100+ sites
  • Double check the records removed or not
  • Monitor the records on new listings
  • Updates the customers with notifications and alerts
  • Offers free trial period
  • Easily and Quickly fix your privacy
  • Perfect for businesses
  • Send automatic opt-outs



  • No cons found

Is OneRep Safe Or Not?

We completely get why you’re here!

Privacy has become such a huge problem in today’s digital world, and it’s fantastic that you’re taking precautions. We’ve been using Onerep for a while now, and we must say, it’s a game-changer.

One of the things we like best about Onerep is how concerned they are about identity protection. Who wants their personal information circulating on the internet, right? Their approach definitely resonates with our privacy-conscious outlook. Knowing that our identity is protected provides us with peace of mind that is difficult to quantify.

But it’s not only about identity protection; they also go above and above by providing all of these wonderful privacy advice. Based on my own experience, I would strongly recommend Onerep for its safety and efficacy.

Does People ❣️ Trust & Recommend OneRep?

Yes, It’s trustworthy, Onerep not only removes your personal information but also your professional information with ease. So, we brought you the OneRep review to give full details on its working, features, and how it removes your data clearly. Read how a prominent author Cheryl Winokur Munk highlights the effectiveness of Onerep in enhancing online privacy in her article.

Among the list of data privacy service providers, we have OneRep that can remove all your personal information which is available on Search engines & all the data broker sites.

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 What are people’s search sites?

People search sites are nothing but information brokers, data brokers, people search engines, data suppliers, and data providers.

✌️ How can you track my removal progress?

You can track the removal progress in your user account to know it’s pending, the request is submitted, and removed.

👊 How can you cancel your OneRep Subscription?

Call them at 855-856-6655 (Timings 9.00 A.M. – 4.00 P.M. CST) or e-mail them at to cancel your active OneRep subscription.

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