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KidsGuard Pro Review: Is ClevGuard Spy Tools Safe To Use?


We are living in a digital world, and most of the activities are going through online like money transactions, chatting with others, and many more.

But one should monitor the activities of their families, employees because there are so many threats to face like bullying the kids online or leaking the valuable information of the organization to the competitors. 

In order to monitor the devices of kids or employees, we have many monitoring apps in the market, and among those, we’re going to discuss Monivisor KidsGuard Pro by ClevGuard.


It can monitor anything like Android, iOS, Windows operating systems, Mac, iCloud, WhatsApp, and protects all the information.

Especially those who want to monitor their organization devices or kids mobiles, we bring a ClevGuard review that helps you to decide how it works to monitor the devices.

So, let’s check all the details of ClevGuard to know how it is important for you, your family, and for an organization.  

😍 What is ClevGuard? Parent Company Of KidsGuard & Monivisor

ClevGuard aka KidsGuard Pro is one of the choices for monitoring phones, computers, and tablets as it protects all your precious information of your families or employees.

ClevGuard Products

It is a Spy tool used to track social media applications, locations, record phone calls, internet browsing history, cell phone call history, and many more.

ClevGuard app is compatible with all devices Operating systems, Android devices, tablets, iOS devices, and today it is one of the popular applications across the world.

🤗 What ClevGuard will Protect?

What ClevGuard Protect

ClevGuard protects all the information as it is the best monitoring solution suitable for families and organizations. It is designed especially to spy on your kids, employees to track them every time and make them stay safe from online bullies and frauds. 

Parental Control App for their Kids Online Safety

With Kidsguard Pro, Guardians can check & review the activities of the kids where they are, to whom they’re in contact, and also it informs every detail on what they’re doing online.

Even when the kids are far away, then also Kidsguard Pro provides the activity details of the kids to the parents. 

Marital Bliss for more Harmonious Relationships

The main focus of the ClevGuard is to discover truths and dig the information about the clever people whom you spy. It helps in clearing out the doubts in any relationship as it covers everything from tracking the locations, text messages to recording the calls. 

Suitable for Enterprise Confidentiality and Security

With ClevGuard Monivisor, track & review everything whether the employees of a company are leaking the privacy details to the competitors or not. This is a powerful app that monitors employee’s activity and also strengthens the internal security confidentiality of your workforce. 

😋 Why One Must Believe and Use ClevGuard Products?

Why to believe and use

Most of the people trust ClevGuard and it is used by many people & organizations for their purposes across the world.

If you’re a newbie, and likely to buy any of the services by ClevGuard for your family protection or for a company then look at the review of the stats that till now it has more than 400,000 registered users, the app has been downloaded by people more than 390,000 across the world. 

The satisfied customer rate of ClevGuard is 97%, the customers are from more than 200 countries from multiple regions.

It is 100% secure as well as private, also it offers 24/7 customer service for the users, and if anyone not satisfied with its services then the company returns their money within 30 days. 

✅ KidsGuard Products 

You can monitor and review every activity on any device as KidsGuard Pro will never miss tracking your kid’s devices or your employee operating systems.

😘 Android KidsGuard Pro Review

KidsGuard Pro Review

To keep an eye on your loved ones, the KidsGuard Pro app is one of the best monitoring solution in the world. The main qualities of the KidsGuard Pro app are 

  • It has the capacity to monitor more than 30 files including all social media applications like Snapchat, SMS, WhatsApp, Calls, etc. 
  • Remotely it tracks the device without knowing others and this monitoring app is 100% undetectable. 
  • To use this app, there is no requirement to root the target Android Phone. 
  • It will just take five minutes to sign up and to start using the app on an Android device.  
  • It works with any recent or latest Android version.

Covers All Social Media Apps

KidsGuard Pro allows you to monitor all the social media apps and so remotely you can track & review the activity of your loved ones, teens, kids, or any other family member.

With this app, it is possible to read everything in the chat history and also monitors the shared multimedia, also record the app activity too.

Keep Tracking All the Time 

It allows the users to track the real-time locations, by taking the adavantage of Wi-Fi Logger tracking technology and or with built-in GPS system.

For more, set up Geo-fence and so that you’ll get alerts when the child is in or out of the virtual boundary. Even you can view the location history of the person, to get to know the places he/she roamed. 

Access All Mobile Files from Anywhere 

KidsGuard Pro allows you to get access to files, contacts, texts, call logs, videos, photos, internet browsing history, and many more.

It monitors every activity done on the mobile phone from call recording to social media interactions, and if necessary, you can export & save all the data to use whenever requires in the future. 

Amazing Remote Control Functions

Remote control features Android monitoring KidsGuard Pro

The remote control feature is the best part we can find in ClevGuard products as KidsGuard Pro allows you to perform every operation with ease like taking secret pictures, recording phone calls, review locations, capturing/taking screenshots and etc. on the device. 

  • It allows recording the voice of both the caller and the receiver. 
  • For a target device, Clevguard allows you to capture the real-time screen and review all the details to your mobile automatically. 
  • Take photos secretly by turning on the target’s rear camera by using the remote control functions. 

In real-time, KidsGuard Pro collects the data of the target mobile phone, and then it will automatically upload to your online account.

Just log in to the online control panel of KidsGuard Pro account with a click and look into the data, whereas this panel will be accessed on any browser of any device. 

Anyone can monitor and review the online activities of the target android devices with the help of the great product KidsGuard Pro for Android by Clevguard.

For many reasons, it is the most trusted app by people and organizations across the world, and here are the main factors why to choose KidsGuard Pro is 

  • It offers real-time data syncing.
  • The installation process of KidsGuard Pro is easy.
  • It is 100% undetectable.
  • Provides great protection and security to the data.
  • Supports to monitor more data types.
  • It is worth it that you invest in this app.
  • Covers all the users in different languages.
  • Customer support is the major factor as it provides 24/7 service to the users.

😇 KidsGuard For WhatsApp

WhatsApp Monitoring -KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard for WhatsApp monitors all the activities done in WhatsApp of the target device and to use this application there is no requirement to root the device. 

  • It has the capability to monitor 10+ WhatsApp along with chats, voice messages, media files, status, calls, etc. 
  • It takes just 3 minutes to complete the installation process and it is easy to use & operate. 
  • It does not require any WhatsApp account or Password and also no login alerts.
  • It works in real-time and easily syncs the data, also the application run in stealth mode. 

Monitor Every Social Communication on WhatsApp 

Without any hassle, the KidsGuard WhatsApp monitoring application works on the dashboard and it gives access to all types of WhatsApp data. 

  • Track the WhatsApp data of both the participants sent and received, as you can monitor the data like calls, messages, GIFs, documents, photos, videos, and many more. 
  • The main advantage of this app is it allows you to monitor & review the WhatsApp status also including quotes, texts, etc. Even the status is deleted or expired can also be tracked with KidsGuard Whatsapp Monitoring App. 
  • You just not only track the WhatsApp calls but also record the calls of both the ends caller and the receiver with ease. 

Allows to View/Save the Media File Types on WhatsApp

View & save media - WhatsApp monitoring KidsGuard pro

On the KidsGuard online dashboard, everything can be reviewed easily from WhatsApp chats to WhatsApp videos, calls, and voice messages.

Remotely you can track all the WhatsApp activities without knowing them and it is a reminder that KidsGuard will show the thumbnail of the video in order to prevent the additional charges. Once you install KidsGuard, you will never miss any WhatsApp conversations, calls, the status of the target device.

You’ll be able to check all the incoming and outgoing voice notes, also restore all the details of the conversation. Along with the media files, all types of WhatsApp documents can be downloaded or printed if necessary.

The most interesting feature is that it can recover all the previously deleted WhatsApp documents too. 

It Can Monitor Maximum Information  

One can check WhatsApp throughly with all the activities that enables every secret of your loved ones. 

WhatsApp Screenshots

  • When the targeted mobile’s WhatsApp is in use, then it automatically takes the screenshot. 
  • With KidsGuard Pro, the screenshots of the WhatApp can be previewed or otherwise, you can download them into the local files. 

WhatsApp Activities 

  • You’ll get the details of the usage of WhatsApp screen time, exact login time, current day or any date and including with the using frequency. 
  • The data and the records of WhatsApp can be exported to the files. 

👍 KidsGuard Pro – iPhone Monitoring

Kidsguard Pro iPhone Monitoring

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is an advanced monitoring app for iPhone and it comes with numerous features. 

  • It is 100% safe and offers over 20 features for monitoring purposes, no jailbreaking is required. 
  • The installation process to the iPhone device is easy and it will take just five minutes to start.
  • The key feature is, it will monitor the deleted files of the target device too. 
  • Without the requirement of a USB connection, it will sync the data every time with Wi-Fi. 
  • Can monitor the location history of the target iOS device with ease. 

It just not only track every activity of the target device easily but also comes with advanced iOS monitoring features to record everything of the target device and this spy app is suitable for parents and employers. 

Monitor Social Apps 

You can monitor & spy all the social media apps WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, LINE, Kik, QQ, etc. and in all apps, and track every activity like chat history, call logs, voice messages, emojis, gifs, and more. 

Read messages 

KidsGuard Pro allows you to check and review every message sent & received by the target user including with the deleted messages. 

Track Calls 

The main advantage of iPhone monitoring is to track the call history of both incoming calls and outgoing calls including with the person names, phone number, call duration, and timestamps. 

Check Media Files 

Monitor all the multimedia files such as videos, photos, and audio that are stored in the targeted iPhone. Even you can check if any new photo or file is added to their mobile. 

View Text Files 

Monitor the content available in the reminder section, calendars, notes of the targeted cell phone and if any new content is added, then it automatically alerts you to view it. 

Internet Browsing History and Bookmarks

Know the details of the targeted person’s interests and more by checking their internet browsing history and bookmarks. Also, it can monitor how many times targeted device visited the site and everything will be checked within this app. 

KidsGuard Pro for iOS PC-based software application and the features it offers will be used on a computer Mac/Win. This app is easy to use and no need to jailbreak the target device, and the main reasons to pick the KidsGuard Pro monitoring application is 

Reasons to pick KidsGuard Pro
  • Installation Mode is Flexible – While installing this app on the targeted device, you have the choice to hide the app or not.
  • Can View the Deleted Data – It will show the deleted data or messages of the target iPhone or any Apple device. 
  • No need to JailBreak – There is no requirement for Jailbreak to use this monitoring app.
  • Monitor iPhone with Wi-Fi – Without the USB connection, monitor every single activity of the target device remotely with Wi-Fi. 
  • Records iPhone Data Automatically – Once the iPhone data is backed up successfully, it will still collect the data automatically. 
  • Pricing is Competitive – The price is affordable and comes with excellent iPhone monitoring features. 

🤗 KidsGuard Pro – iCloud Monitoring

iCloud Monitoring - KidsGuard

Monitor the targeted iOS devices through only iCloud Account with KidsGuard Pro iCloud Monitoring. 

  • Check every media files such as photos, videos, GIFs, calendar, contacts, and more on someone’s iPhone. 
  • In real-time, track the locations of the targeted iPhone or iOS device. 
  • The files can be easily accessed which is store in the iCloud drive of the target iOS device.
  •  Monitor the target device, without being detected and the app does not require any installation & jailbreak. 

To monitor the target device with KidsGuard Pro, all you need is just obtain the iCloud credentials then track & review the targeted device.

Track iPhone’s Real-Time Location 

Track & spy the places targeted device user visited and also in no time you can track their current location too. Including the longitude, latitude, time every single activity of your kid will be recorded. 

Achieve Monitoring Online Remotely 

Without installing the app, you can use this directly online and just by entering the credentials of the KidsGuard account and start monitoring the device as it is convenient to use. 

Access Files in iDrive 

All the recorded files will be uploaded to iCloud Drive and monitor by its KidsGuard Pro iPhone tracker tool. With this, you can find every insight into the target iPhone’s activity. The files will be stored in iDrive, and you can download the files whenever you want for any purpose. 

To satisfy the user’s needs, it has all the features that help in monitoring the target device and you can track everything remotely and secretly whenever you want.

Contacts, photos, videos, locations, calendars, reminders, notes, data export every activity can be monitored and also you can download them. In three easy steps, you can sign up and start using the KidsGuard Pro app. 

KidsGuard Pro iCloud monitoring provides a great solution for the people who wants to track the kid’s devices and it is perfectly designed according to the parent’s point of view. 

  • In real-time sync the data from the targeted device iPhone or iPad. 
  • No need to install the app and no need of any physical access to the targeted Apple devices. 
  • The user data is completely encrypted and it is 100% virus free software application. 
  • KidsGuard Pro is worth to buy and it justifies your penny you spent on it. 
  • Support multiple languages and so the user can understand & use the app easily. 

🤔 MoniVisor – Windows Monitoring

MoniVisor Monitoring - KidsGuard

This Monivisor app by Clevguard is preferred for employee monitoring and it comes with over 20 features like WhatsApp chats reading, screen capturing, Gmail intercepting, and many more. 

  • It is an invisible solution for the target computer. 
  • Monitor your dashboard remotely at any time and anywhere you want.
  • It supports features like real-time syncing and excellent data exporting.

Social Media Conversations are Monitored 

Spy all the chats of WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, and other social apps including with the history of the calls without knowing the target user account info. 

Tracks Internet Browsing History and Downloads

Track all the browsing history, including checking the particular timing of the visiting web pages, and even know the file storage path. This app supports five main browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Microsift Edge, Internet explorer, and Opera. 

Read All the Emails of your Employees (Received/Sent)

Track all the sent and received emails and also get the information of someone without notifying them. Check the full attached email’s file path and keep an eye on employee activity without leaking the information of confidential documents. 

Automatically Capture the Screen

Take the screenshots of the target device and capture the pictures on the dashboard. The capturing images will start & stop automatically, data will be sync in real-time, and also know what the employee is working on. 

Every KeyStroke of an Employee will be Recorded

Track everything typed on the keyboard along with the Keylogging activities and with the help of advanced technology know the keystrokes with 100% accuracy. 

The other more features you’ll get in this app are:

MoniVisor features - kidsGuard
  • Track the Activity of Apps 
  • Activity of the Files 
  • Activity of Login 
  • Activity of Prints 
  • USB Connection activity

❣️ Customer Reviews on ClevGuard

Most of the people trust to use ClevGuard apps KidsGuard Pro & Monivisor, refer the below image & have a look into the customers review based on their experiences. 

Customer Reviews - ClevGuard

👊 Pros and Cons of ClevGuard


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Monitors Android devices
  • Tracks iOS devices, Windows
  • Trcaks locations and browsing history
  • Installation process is easy
  • No root and jailbreak
  • 100% security and privacy
  • 100% Virus free
  • Invisible on the targeted device
  • Remote control functions
  • 30 days money back guarantee



  • No free trial
  • Cannot monitor multiple devices at a time

🔥 Pricing Plans of ClevGuard

ClevGuard Android Monitoring Pricing

KidsGuard Pro Android Monitoring Pricing  starts from $0.27/day. 

KidsGuard Pro WhatsApp Monitoring Pricing

KidsGuard Pro WhatsApp Monitoring Pricing for one month is $19.95, for 3-month plan $13.32/month, and for one year plan $7.50/month. It allows to cancel at anytime. 

KidsGuard pro iPhone monitoring pricing

KidsGuard Pro iPhone Monitoring Price for one month plan is $39.95/month, for 3-month $19.98/month, and for one-year $9.16/month.

KidsGuard Pro iCloud monitoring pricing

KidsGuard Pro iCloud Monitoring price for one month is $29.95/month, for 3-month $16.65/month, and one year plan costs $8.32/month.

KidsGuard MoniVisor monitoring pricing

MoniVisor – Windows Monitoring cost for one month plan is $49.95/month, 3-month plan $26.65/month, and one year plan costs $10.82/month. 

💥 Final Review on ClevGuard

ClevGuard products are one of the best monitoring software application allows to track & review every activity of the device of kids and employee devices. It is compatible with all devices and monitors all social media activities, call logs, chats, calendars, notes, and many more. 

From WhatsApp monitoring to internet browsing history will be tracked remotely without any idea of the target device user is being tracked.

This review states that KidsGuard Pro & Monivisor both are trusted app by people across the world and it is designed to track the devices of kids as well as employees. Give it a try and what you invest in this app will justify by providing excellent features without disappointment.

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Does KidsGuard Pro is safe?

Yes, all data is safe and secure at KidsGuard Pro monitoring app.

✌️ Does KidsGuard Pro available for free?

It offers an online demo, from this you can analyze its features and then proceed to pay the amount it offers.

👊 Is it possible to monitor deleted messages or other data with KidsGuard Pro?

Yes, KidsGuard Pro allows to monitor all the deleted messages or data in real-time.

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