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OneRep vs DeleteMe [Honest Comparison] Which One Is Best?


Protecting privacy is our main goal because we are in a digital era and there will be a lot of chances to leak your personal information.

Today, we have top data brokers and listing sites where the data are stolen and put in it.

To remove all your personal information on the internet, there are different privacy provider services and now we’re going to talk about OneRep & DeleteMe.

Both of the main aims are to remove the personal information that is available on the top broker and listing sites for personal purposes and professional purposes.

Let’s give a look into the comparison of OneRep vs DeleteMe, to know how both of them work, what both will offer to us, and which is better to use for the organization.

😍 What is OneRep?


OneRep is the service provider to protect your personal information by removing it that is available on all data brokers and listing sites. It is one of the guaranteed privacy platforms, and it is assured of providing high-quality services to its customers without fail.

Corporations Are Watching You

The data brokers’ websites are available online and they collect all your personal information and sell those records from one to another. These data broker sites will know your information than your friends, neighbors, and family.

Data Brokers Can Predict Your Behavior

If a company knows more about a customer’s interest, then they promotes their products/services by targeting those people. So, businesses use both offline and online data about consumers by connecting with data broker sites and advertising their products and services to them.

OneRep online privacy

Unverified Publicly Available Data Compromises Your Reputation

Employers of a company do not dig deeper to find out the information about an employee and to know more details, they look into Google. If your data is stolen by any data broker’s site and they figure out you as a bad guy, there will be harm in the future.

Marketers Use Information About You

Every US consumer data is with all the data brokers and the marketers will contact them to know about every consumer’s purchase behavior, personal interests, financial habits that are valuable to them. If you spend more and more means, your information will be leaked to marketers with the help of data brokers and the marketers will always target you to buy the products based on your interests.

Your Data Might Fall into the Wrong Hands

If your all information is in a general view, then you’re at a risk, especially your social networks profiles, telephone orders, likes, subscriptions, personal addresses, online transactions, and many more. Everything will be done within seconds to take your personal information from the scammers.

Public Records Put your Kids in Danger

For the children who are below age 13, there will be certain regulations such as limitations in collecting/selling, and using private data. Even though there is a chance to publish the information on the internet especially white pages data broker sites.

🀞 Pros and Cons of OneRep


  • One can use easily
  • Affordable Price
  • Excellent support system
  • Search info on over 103 sites
  • Send automatic opt-outs
  • Verify the records either removed or not
  • Monitor the records
  • Quick results
  • Easily find a top broker and listing sites
  • Fix your privacy easily
  • Free trial is available
  • Tracks the removal progress



  • No more cons found

😍 What is DeleteMe?


If you want to remove your personal information that is published on data brokers’ sites then DeleteMe is the right to pick for you and it can easily find your data and remove it. DeleteMe service provider is more than a privacy solution and it has both manual and automated processes to search and delete all your valuable information.

Once you subscribe to DeleteMe, then it will proceed to remove your information that is available on all data broker sites regularly. You can manage yourself or you can connect with the DeleteMe team and they provide all the services that you want.

🀞 Pros and Cons of DeleteMe


  • Can use it easily
  • Has low price
  • Provides outstanding support to customers
  • Most trusted business partner
  • Can handle your data and your family data
  • Recommended by many people
  • Capable to manage Google Search results
  • After removing the data it’ll notify you



  • A free trial period is not available
  • Removes data in fewer sites
  • Not having many cons to represent

πŸ˜› How Does OneRep vs DeleteMe Works?

If you’re excited to know how OneRep works then let’s see in detail

βœ”οΈ Working of OneRep

How does OneRep work

Scan 103 People Search Sites

OneRep will scan over 103 sites to search the people’s personal information and the sites are Spokeo, TruthFinder, MyLife, WhitePages, BeenVerified, Instant CjeckMate, and many more websites.

Display Discovered Records in the Dashboard

OneRep will display the records of information that are leaked for example name, age, old and new addresses, family members’ details, phone numbers, income, and much more.

Send Automatic Opt-Out Requests on Your Behalf

The system in Operen will run automatically with opt-out processes such as receiving phone calls from sites, filling in online forms, and processing emails.

Verify the Records Have Been Removed

OneRep will always check two times after removing your information on data brokers’ sites. This double-check will clarify whether it is removed permanently or not.

Monitor the Web for Your Re-appeared Records

When your information is reappeared on data brokers and listing sites, then the OneRep system will automatically pop up the information. After that, it will scan on all other sites automatically and delete it permanently.

βœ”οΈ Working of DeleteMe

How does DeleteMe works

Let’s see how DeleteMe working process on removing the personal information on data broker sites.

Submit Info

You have to submit all your valid information to the DeleteMe service provider, and then it will search all your information on all data broker sites.

Experts Search for Your Info

After submitting your personal information to DeleteMe, the experts will find out where is your information is and then remove it.

Removal Info Process Starts

Within seven days you’ll receive a report of the removal process after the start and finished by DeleteMe.

Scans and Deletions All Year

After updating all the important personal information to DeleteMe, it will automatically remove your data for every three months regularly all over the year.

πŸ’œ OneRep vs DeleteMe in Numbers

OneRep in Numbers

Coming to the statistics, till now OneRep recorded to remove the data is more than one million and it monitors the websites is more than 103. For every month, people more than 5000 customers will join OneRep, and finally, it is adopted by professionals to fix their privacy.

DeleteMe Stats

The consumer opt-outs completed by DeleteMe are more than 20 million, the total number of hours taken by DeleteMe to remove data is more than 79K. On average PII found through DeleteMe two years subscription is 1900.

πŸ˜‡ OneRep vs DeleteMe For Business

OneRep is just not only removes the personal information of an individual but also works for professional purposes too. Let’s know how OneRep is more beneficial to businesses’ privacy.

OneRep for Business

OneRep for Business

Most of the companies prefer OneRep as it can remove their personal information over 80 broker sites and people search sites.

What’s in your Business?

OneRep - What's in Business
  • Higher Retention – The users of OneRep will always stay & utilize its services for long years and the reason is it keeps your data risk-free all the time.
  • Natural Engagements – Users are always likely to know their data protection status and so OneRep will send the data protection status alerts and notifications to them regularly.
  • Stronger Product – It has stronger protection for your privacy with a layer and this feature it is integrated with the pricing that you pick.

Solutions for your Business

OneRep - Solution for your Business

  • Search – Every day millions of names are said to search in different search engines and you’ll find sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, property details, and more. It means without knowing most of the people’s information is available online. So, OneRep will find and search all your private information and then remove it easily.
  • Remove – Everyone has a right to request the data broker sites to remove the personal information available online. OneRep will perform a search on over 80 sites to remove automated unauthorized profiles and cover everything in removing data like PDF forms, fax messages, and other weird requests imposed by data brokers.
  • Monitor – Daily people will create new profiles and update their databases. Once you update them, they’ll reappear on all data broker sites, and to remove such things OneRep will monitor the web to find & detect all your new updates and finally removes them.

DeleteMe for Business

DeleteMe for Business

When you protect your business privacy then there will be huge growth and this will happen when you protect the privacy of your employee. DeleteMe will help you to manage your business safely, you have to access DeleteMe for your employees and staff to avoid the risk.

All you need to do is just contact DeleteMe and give them all the details of your employees, staff, then DeleteMe will protect you from serious threats, personal attacks, and frauds, etc.

You can pick anyone from DeleteMe Business Executive account, DeleteMe Business Employees account and connect it the rest will proceed by their teams in removing all your information that is available on data broker sites and protecting the privacy of your organization.

DeleteMe are Industry Leaders

It is developed by experts who have an extraordinary experience in online privacy management, information security, and personal information, it searches all the top data broker sites to remove it and ensures again and again whether it is removed or not. Overall, more than 200 pieces of exploitable and publicly available information for each employee is deleted by DeleteMe.

DeleteMe Addresses Critical Concerns of Key Leadership Roles

It is an addition to many organizations, benefits HR programs, and reduces the risk of business operations with ease.

  • Information Security –  To remove the personal information of employees and executives, most of the companies are relying on DeleteMe. As it is very sure to protect the company’s privacy by removing the information all over the internet.
  • Human Resources – Personally and professionally, DeleteMe works to gives its best and provides a commitment to the organization by saving the company’s privacy.
  • Legal Departments – In order to prevent your organization from any threats and cyber attacks, then DeleteMe is for you to invest and protect yourself from all frauds.

Protect Your Employees Today

If you protect your employee today, then your business will grow in the future without any risks, and DeleteMe will remove all the personal information which is on the internet as it is designed for business purposes too.

πŸ€” Why To Choose OneRep vs DeleteMe?

If you’re in confusion to pick between OneRep vs DeleteMe, then let’s know why to chose OneRep


Why to choose OneRep
  • Easy Integration with rest API – OneRep is easily integrated with API and it is organized around REST by running with code samples easily.
  • API Sandbox for developers – The test integration in a safe environment is good while setting up API in OneRep, so this will help in reducing the risk associated with it and also the cost too.
  • Unmatched Support – There is a possibility to need help during the process of integration of API code to troubleshooting and OneRep is available to provide the service at any stage.
  • Scalability – Per second, it has the capability to search hundreds of queries and the data removal process is so flexible with OneRep.


Why choose DeleteMe

If you want clarification on whether your personal information on the internet is removed or not, then DeleteMe will notify you and also monitor up to date regularly.

  • Guaranteed Removals – Easily your personal information will be removed and the whole process will be done in the right way and it is 100% gives satisfaction on removing your information on all data broker sites.
  • Trust and Proven – On the whole, it has experience in removing the personal information of over 8 years, and the experts at DeleteMe will easily remove your personal information. It gained a lot of trust throughout the world and it is proven as one of the best in removing the data. If we look into its stats then we can understand how it helps many people and businesses across the globe.
  • Outstanding Support – The experts and team at DeleteMe has experience on how to find your personal information on the internet and on other data broker sites. You can clear all your doubts with the team via call, email, or chat and now your data is safe when you have DeleteMe as a privacy partner.

❣️ Customer Reviews of OneRep vs DeleteMe

OneRep and DeleteMe, both are good at removing personal information, and if you’re concerned about how then just look into the customer reviews provided according to their experience of using these respective platforms. From this, you can decide, which one has one impact to use for personal purpose and Business purposes.

OneRep Customer Reviews

OneRep Customer Reviews

DeleteMe Customer Reviews

DeleteMe Customer Reviews

🎁 OneRep Vs DeleteMe Pricing Plans

OneRep Pricing Plan

OneRep Pricing plans

OneRep offers a five-day free trial period, and if you utilize it correctly then you can come to a conclusion to purchase it for personal use or not, as it has the capability to remove personal information.

For a family of six members – $15/month and $179.95/year

  • Search results
  • Links to exposed sites
  • Auto monitoring inclusing new sites
  • Monthly reports via email
  • Email support 24Γ—7 and you can contact at any time
  • Personal privacy assistant and support
 The most popular for individual version, it costs $8.3/month, $99.95/yearly, and save 45%
  • Search results
  • Links to exposed sites
  • Auto monitoring for new sites
  • Auto opt-out 103 sites
  • Monthly report on email
  • Email support 24×7
  • Personal Privacy assistant

The individual version for complex cases costs $229.95/month and in this plan, everything is included in what is available in the individual version. Even it removes the personal information from all challenging sites which are not listed in it. Each version allows you to cancel at any time when you’re not satisfied with the plan.

DeleteMe Pricing Plan

DeleteMe Personal pricing plan

For One Person – $129/year and $209/ 2 years

For Two People – $229/year and $249/ 2 years

Family Plan or For 4 People – $329/year and $449/ 2 years

Basic protection and essential plan costs – $69/month

DeleteMe Business Employee & Executive Pricing 

DeleteMe Business Pricing Plan

πŸ‘Š What are Data Brokers? What Data Brokers Know About You?

What are Data Brokers

Nowadays, we have to check every time on our data whether it is safe and secure or not because there are many possibilities to stole our important data.

The corporations that will gather a large amount of data are called Data Brokers and their work is to crawl the web to search the information of the people by looking into the websites such as government authority sites, public records, social media, and many other sites. Once they collect data means you’re in big trouble.

Today on the internet there is a large list of data broker websites and they regularly appear online, among those some of the sites are Whitepages, Mylife, Intelius, Spokeo, and many more.

The data they will take from us are Banking details or Transactions, Addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. and the biggest theft is they can ruin your job opportunities, and many more. Data Brokers are just not only collect the information in the package format but also categorize your living life and transform it into a detailed report.

Identifying Data

Online frauds or cyber attackers first identify the data such as driving license numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, bank information, social network IDs, and many other things.

Financial Data

There is a possibility of stealing credit card info, credit score, loan details, life insurance, ownership of stocks, bonds, credit score, etc.

Demographic Data

Yes, data brokers are very interested to know every single piece of info about you to steal such as age, education, weight, height, country of origin, marital status, etc.

Purchase Behaviour

The most important to steal your banking info is when you purchase goods and services, and there is a threat when you do some of the buying activities like a number of orders, types of purchases, and more.

Health Data

There is no security while purchasing history on the healthcare products, and they even steal the information on your daily tablets, medicines, then there will be a huge chance of getting duplicate medicines too.

Many more

Social media, technology, vehicle info, travel data, and all types of information may be at risk too.

πŸ”₯ Final Words on OneRep Vs DeleteMe

After looking into the OneRep vs DeleteMe, everyone has a quiet question on to pick as they offer good services and also with the same functionalities. If you want to pick means, it completely depends on your purpose.

Select OneRep if:

  • You want a free trial to analyze the features
  • To want to remove information on more number of sites
  • If you have a business then it is the right choice
  • To improve search results on all search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Select DeleteMe if: 

  • To remove information on the top broker and listing websites
  • To protect Business employees and Business executives and covers all departments
  • Want improvement in Google search results.
  • You’re an investor

πŸ’₯Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘Š Is DeleteMe vs OneRep are free of cost?

OneRep offers a free trial period for five days and it is free cost and DeleteMe does not provide any free trial period.

✌️ How to protect personal information from broker listings and websites?

The two platforms OneRep vs DeleteMe will easily remove your personal information om broker websites and listings. At the same time, they improve search engine results too.

πŸ‘ Does DeleteMe vs OneRep are automated removal service providers?

Yes, OneRep is all about the automated removal service providers, and if your information reappeared it will remove it immediately. On the other side, DeleteMe will remove the information up to date on a regular basis all over the year for every three months.

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