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affLIFT Forum Review 2024: Overhyped or Legit Affiliate Forum?


afflift logo

These are many questions in “MIND” of an affiliate marketer. 😇

Which one is the best CPA offer? is it convert? Which one is best source of paid traffic? 🤔..🤔

🤗 Here you’ll get all answers:

Here, I’m going to share a review of best affiliate forum with you “affLIFT” 😘  Yes, Right.

affLIFT has been in the market for quite a while now and has successfully helped many secure a future. 😋

affLIFT Forum

A reputed affiliate program, It is a platform that educates you on affiliate marketing without having to invest in a full-blown course.

This is a paid affiliate marketing forum, where experienced people from all around the to world post their tactics and recent working campaigns.

👀 Look:

🎁 Affiliate Marketing is EASY but not a Simple process 💥

Learning affiliate marketing isn’t an easy feat and requires expert guidance.

Purpose of this forum is to help online business owners execute effective promotion and bring their products into the limelight. #laptoplifestyle #affiliatemarketing

Read this affLIFT forum review to find out more about it.

💥 What is affLIFT Forum? Is it Really Worth?

AffLIFT aims to teach beginners about affiliate marketing and Cost Per Marketing in one place, instead of having them go through a grueling training period.

The company provides various options with over 60,000 messages available on the forum to learn from.

affLift Forum Threads

It is an all-new forum in the affiliate learning sector, with various options for a successful career. This forum has gained quite popularity among beginners, motivating them with inspiring success stories.

Now, it’s time to take a look at the individual who is responsible for birth this brainchild and his motive behind it.

🤡 Who is Luke Kling? What are His Achievements? ❣️

Luke Kling Owner of affLift Forum

An extremely well-known in the name of Affiliate Marketing, Luke Kling is the director of PeerFly, a platform dedicated to Affiliate Marketing.

He is a programmer, a social media expert, a marketer, a web designer, and a blogger by passion as well.

The man has a following of a whopping 5,000 readers daily and he also has 1,000,000 users on reaching him on Facebook, 250,000 users on Twitter, and 10,000 followers on Tumblr as well.

affLIFT Forum

His specific working style has proved to work wonders for him time and again wherein he starts with developing an idea, then builds a concept, designs and develops a strategy, tests it, and finally launches it. He simply wishes to bring people success and help them flourish their businesses.

He has launched various platforms through which people can learn about his form and way of marketing. His goal is to try to reach and help more and more people make money, all the while making some for himself

👊 Special Features of affLIFT Forum

Here are a few features of affLIFT Forum:

  1. Case Studies 🤗

When it comes to learning something, nothing teaches better than studying and understanding real-life situations. Similarly, to learn affiliate marketing effectively, the best way to go through the process and concept is through case studies.

affLift case studies are best suited to help one with learning something in the initial stages, discussing case studies by studying crucial, detailed features of successful affiliate marketing campaigns to find out what practically works is a sure way to help participants on their way to understanding the working of affiliate marketing better, and more likely to review old campaigns & avoid mistakes.

affLift Case Studies
  1. Examples of Landing Pages ❣️

Given the importance of a landing page as a source to draw traffic based on the offers and other affiliate marketing strategies used, a website’s landing page’s design and format greatly determines the user experience of the website. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a good landing page.

At affLIFT, you will be shown how to create as well as host a good landing page to bring in desirable results. Moreover, you will be recommended some of the best webpage builders to help you moving forward with your advanced landing page building if writing codes is not your thing.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Guides 👍

How does one set up campaigns on popular traffic sources so that their business gets recognized? affLIFT provides you with a detailed guide on using tracking software and optimizing campaigns for your business. This way, one can build up their business’s online presence, bringing it to a recognizable stage.

  1. Tracking Help 😘

affLIFT Forum has support and tracking guidelines available for all the tracking software solutions. This includes software such as RedTrack, AdsBridge, CPV Lab Pro, Voluum, Kintura, BeMob, Binom, and ThriveTracker. This helps you in tracking your campaign’s success and contributes to further build-up stages for their online business.

affLIFT Forum
  1. Campaign Optimization 😇

There are various guides, case studies, and follow-along presentations on the affLIFT Forum. This helps one understand, analyze, and optimize their business’s current situation in the market.

The affiliate marketing system works best when one achieves the best ROI in their business, and affLIFT further helps effectively plan on old campaigns so that one can review them & optimize to get good results. Also, it is proven fruitful when the returns are stable and efficient in their business

  1. Follow-along Campaigns 👊

The forum is filled and packed with follow-along campaigns aiming towards teaching practical affiliate marketing. Besides, forum members too, provide campaigns based on their personal experiences. This way, you are exposed to various methods, giving you the option to decide on which suits you the best.

Posting failures among success stories are an equal part of this affLift forum is to guide you to review old mistakes & correct them as the experienced individuals/experts did. These focus on teaching both, the dos and don’ts in the field of affiliate marketing. This feature is considered one of the best given how many other courses/forums fail at providing it enough.

😘 affLIFT Pricing: Cheap & Affordable

Three packages vary from monthly, yearly, to a lifetime membership. These packages include the following things:

affLIFT Forum
  • Monthly Package @ $20 is the most favorable for those who wish to simply explore give this forum a try. It covers all the popular affiliate topics and access to open and friendly forum discussions for you to initially ask your heart out.

Access to basic crucial topics such as push notification traffic, tracking affiliate campaigns, affiliate network discussions, PPV campaigns, and building landing pages – essential elements of affiliate marketing – is covered in this package.

  • 6-month Package @ $100

With the 6-month package, you get access to not only the forums and discussions but also to the company’s exclusive published articles. These exclusive articles provide you with practical, proven to work strategies and the ins and outs of the industry.

One gets to learn how to find native images for native ads, the best spy tool is for them, the reasons behind using a spy tool, the pros and cons of a monetizer, and lastly, you get access to the PureLander Affiliate Landing Page Builder!

Make Money Gif 2
  • Lifetime Package @ $350

A deal of a lifetime; if you truly love the forum’s results and trust affLIFT enough, then they must go for this package. This marketing forum will help you learn and practice everything you’ll ever need to understand the concept of affiliate marketing, with lifetime access to updated discussions and material to refer to.

With this affLift pricing model, you get the chance to know more about top traffic sources, tracking stool ratings, best landing page builders for advance building, affiliate network review, and affiliate campaign spy tools. These topics and helping hands are sure to guide you towards maintaining a great rate of interest for a constant period.

🤗 Pros and Cons of affLIFT Forum

There is a set of mixed situations when it comes to getting the affLIFT Forum, thats why we’ve written this review post but almost everything goes in favor of it. Here are the pros and cons of the affLIFT Forum:

affLIFT Forum Pros and Cons


  • Covers every traffic method.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Collected years of experience.
  • Supportive community.


No free trial.

A bit different from the courses.

😂 Pros:

  • Covers every traffic method. The affLIFT Forum covers every possible traffic method existing and guides you towards the best services that help a person and their business flourish in affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t matter if it is free traffic or paid traffic form, they help you have access to it. They have members from various paid traffic sources that get you the support and help for affiliate marketing.

  • 24/7 live chat. There’s 24/7 live chat support available for anyone with any problems. If faced with any issue, you will have the forum members waiting for you throughout the day to help you get the problem fixed. Apart from the forum and discussion group, you will also be assisted if needed by the website directly if you’re a member.
  • Collected years of experience. The forum and website might be quite new, but the sheer abundance of collected experience of the forum members available is worth it. It stands as a great alternative for a course if one can’t commit to the limited and extended period of learning.

One can’t doubt Luke’s vision behind this website. The affLIFT Forum is truly dedicated to helping its members learn everything they need to about affiliate marketing.

  • Supportive community. The affLIFT community proves to be extremely supportive and helpful when it comes to learning concepts and clearing doubts instantly. Also, the forum completely consists of expert opinions as it does beginners/marketing aspirants’ results. This boosts confidence among the learners.

😋 Cons

  • No free trial: If you wish to analyze the forum’s work and success for the first time, you will be required to purchase the basic $20/monthly. The only free trial you get is available as an extra month if you go with the 6-month plan.
  • Different learning patterns from courses: Courses available online stick to a set learning pattern and simply providing you with the knowledge, but nothing on how to practically use this knowledge.

Although one has to only follow the expert guide and read through articles thoroughly, providing practical tactics and methods to execute better affiliate marketing may confuse a beginner and even fail at making basic concepts clear.

👍 affLIFT Forum Testimonials & Reviews

The affLIFT forum has been showered with several positive testimonials that claim its absolute worth as an investment and have evidently helped users gain great profits.

affLIFT Forum 2020

These details mentioned in the image below claim that the service and support of the forum and the website is friendly and greatly supportive.

Many claim that the tactics and techniques provided were quite easy to understand, and overall, were quite satisfied and content with the profitable outcomes.

🤠 Final Words On affLift Review

As far as functionality and ease of use are considered, then it is a complete check! If you’d ask us about the service’s worth and results, we’d shout a clear YES!

affLift forum

affLift forum has proven to work positively in favor of individuals who required guidance in learning all there is to affiliate marketing. With various options to choose from, this forum grants people several affiliate marketing methods.

One can easily settle on the method that works best for their online business’s performance and the overall rate of interest earned. The supportive community and helpful members of the forum are an additional plus point that makes you excited about learning.

If one, for any reason, can’t invest in a course, signing up for this forum is the best alternative to learning affiliate marketing.


What to do in case the affLIFT Forum causes a problem?

If anything like this brings you at a mid-point, then the 24/7 live chat support is there to solve your problem.

Is the affLIFT Forum worth the money?

Yes, it definitely worth the money as it helps in numerous ways and also helps to flourish the business with various methods.

How much does the affLIFT Forum costs?

The affLIFT Forum costs from $20-$350. The monthly package costs $20, the 6-month package costs $100, and the lifetime package is for $350.

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