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1Password vs LastPass: Which Is The Best Password Manager?


Cyber crimes are on rise and these security hacks lead to the invasion of privacy which is a pressing issue.

In order to safeguard your personal data and sensitive information, you require an immensely reliable password manager application.


These password manager softwares not only safely stores all of your passcodes but goes an extra mile to ensure your accounts, family related data, official business documents and more remain unreachable by the hackers. 😇

There are tons of password managing applications out there, but two of the most popularly used ones in 2022 are 1Password and LastPass.

In this 1Password vs LastPass article, we will be covering various aspects of the both the solution including factors such as key features, pricing plans, customer support and more.

1Password Overview

Launched in 2005, 1Password consolidates industry leading security mechanisms with powerful designs in order to provide a user friendly, reliable and secure password management.

1Password is trusted by more than 100,000 customers from all over the world and has successfully raised a total amount of $920.1 million in all the funding rounds. 

1Password overview

With 1Password you have access to multiple features including secrets automation, Password Manager, Password Generator, Username Generator, Watchtower and  more. 

LastPass Overview

LastPass was founded in 2008 and works as a password along with identity management software applications.

More than 33 million users rely on LastPass services and have created over 100,000 business accounts. LastPass ensures that their services remain top notch by letting tech companies test the product time and time again.

LastPass overview

LastPass offers tons of advanced features in order to keep your data secure which include Password Vault, Single Sign-On, SaaS Applications, Dark Web Monitoring, Federated Identity Management, and more. 

Stick till the end of this 1Password vs LastPass article to know more about the features, security mechanisms, pricing, etc in detail of both the platforms. 

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1Password Key Features

1. WatchTower 

This feature protects you from potentially harmful websites and alerts you about it. Get automatic alerts where the WatchTower highlights the security issues.

The Watchtower is integrated with “Have I Been Pwned” to figure out if any of your passwords are compromised in data breaches. It also marks your weak and duplicate passwords, lets you create and save unique passcodes and more. 

1Password WatchTower

2. Secrets Automation 

With the Secrets Automation feature of 1Password you can now store and manage all of your business infrastructure secrets such as application keys, API tokens, private certificates and credentials.

Secrets Automation is built on reliable security architecture just like 1Password and keeps all of the data entirely private. You can connect the shared secrets to the required services directly and some of the supported ones include Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Kubernetes, and Ansible.

1Password Secrets Automation

3. Random Username Generator

If you have a habit of using the same username over and over again, then it’s time you change that. Hackers can compromise your accounts by leveraging your username and connecting it with any of the leaked credentials.

This feature offers two categories, namely, Random Username and Memorable Username in order to create a unique and secure username credential you can use. 

1Password Random Username Generator

LastPass Key Features

1. Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

You have the benefit of a two factor authentication (2FA) and multi factor authentication. The compliance regulations include attributes such as Password Vaults, Single Sign-On (SSO) Cloud Apps, Workstations, VPNs, Identity Providers, LDAP or RADIUS On-Premises Apps and more. 😍

You can use MFA solutions and multiple other ways in order to safeguard your data, some of which are as follows. 

1. Contextual authentication – It uses factors like phone location, IP address and more to validate a user’s identity.

LastPass MFA Solutions

2.Adaptive authentication – It allows you to prove an individual’s identity through a combination of multiple different factors. 

3. Biometric authentication – Uses human identifiers such as face scan and fingerprint recognition to identify the user. 

4. Passwordless login – Access your LastPass workstations and vaults immediately via LastPass Authenticator.

2. Dark Web Monitoring

LastPass Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web is the part of the Internet inaccessible by the search engines such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. With the help of LastPass dark web monitoring feature you can search the part of the Internet impossible to do so with the help of regular search engines.

Some of the information which are at risk of getting compromised include addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers and more.

This functionality regularly checks their partner, Enzoic’s database against your email address to figure out whether your account credentials or private data is leaked or not. You are notified through an in-product alert if in case your email credentials are indeed leaked. 

3. Password Manager

LastPass password manager

The platform offers a free password manager feature which allows you access to complex passwords, lets you fill in as well as remember those passcodes.

LastPass stores all of your accounts’ credentials including username & password and all you have to do is log in to the sites for the first time. This feature helps you get out of the circumstance where you have to enter all the credentials over and over again as LastPass automatically does that for you.

It can autofill online forms, store document related data such as credit cards, passport, social security and more.

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1Password Pricing Plans 

Personal & Family Package

1Password – The standard plan costs $2.99 per month and is billed annually where you have the benefit of a 14 day free trial period. It offers features such as Unlimited passwords & Items, 1 GB document storage, 24/7 email support, Travel Mode, 365 day item history, Two-factor authentication, etc.

1Password Personal & Family Prices

1Password Families – The package can be availed at $4.99 and used by upto 5 members. In addition to the standard 1Password plan you have access to attributes like Sharing tools, Managing access to data, Recovery for locked member’s account, etc. 😚

Teams & Business 

Team Starter Pack – It costs $19.95 for a month and can be shared by upto 10 team members. Some of the offered attributes include Unlimited shared vaults, Admin controls, Item storage, Two-factor authentication, Duo integration, etc.

Business – The “Business” plan costs $7.99 per user per month and offers exclusive features such as VIP Support, 5 GB storage per user, Activity Log, 20 guest accounts for sharing, Custom roles, Usage reports, Advanced Protection & Security Controls, Access control for each vault, etc.

1Password Teams and Business Prices

Enterprise – You can get a quoted price by 1Password sales team for a tailor made training setup, onboard engineer, dedicated account manager, etc.  

LastPass Pricing Plans 

The platform offers different pricing plans suitable for various criteria which are as follows.

Single Users And Family Plans

LastPass provides you a 30 day free trial period of LastPass Premium whenever you decide to sign up for their services.

Free – With Free version you have access to basic features including One user limit, Unlimited passwords,  Save and autofill passwords, One device type, LastPass authenticator,  Password generator, Secure password vault, Secure notes, Multi-factor authentication, One to one sharing, Basic support, and more.

Premium – The “Premium” plan costs $3 per month and the invoice is generated of $36 for a year. In addition to the “free” plan functionalities you can leverage the benefit of features like Access on all devices,  Dark web monitoring, One-to-many sharing, 1 GB encrypted file storage, Emergency access, Security dashboard and Priority tech support.

LastPass Personal and Family Prices

Family Pack – The family plan can be availed at $4 for a month and is billed on yearly basis. Along with access to all the “Premium” features you can use 6 individual encrypted vaults, Family manager dashboard to overlook users and security details, Group and share items in folders, Individual encrypted storages and Personal security dashboards & notifications . 

Business Plans 

Teams – The “Teams” plan can be bought for $4 per user per month. You have access to a 14 days free trial and access to features like 50 or less users, Vault for every user, Two-Factor Authentication, Shared folders, Zero-knowledge security model, Dark web monitoring, and Security Dashboard. 

LastPass Business Plans

Business – This package can be availed for $6 per user for a month when billed on the annual basis. You can use the additional features such as  Customizable user management, Unlimited number of users, 3 SSO apps with MFA, LastPass Families for employees, over 100 customizable policies, Advanced SSO & MFA add-ons, more than 1,200 already integrated SSO apps,etc. 😘

Customer Support – 1Password vs LastPass


The platform provides extensive support documentation, community forum, well updated blog posts, detailed help articles, podcasts, frequently asked questions and newsletter.

You can contact the 1Password support team using email services or using social forums such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, GitHub, RSS Feeds, Instagram and 1Password University. 

1Password contact support


LastPass provides you access to the comprehensive help center, detailed documentation, webinars, security architecture, admin toolkit, events, end user toolkit, SSO app catalog, and more.

You can reach out to the support team by submitting a ticket or through chatbot. You can also contact the LastPass team through social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

LastPass provides three different customer support models which are, namely, Basic, Personal, and Business. 

LastPass Customer Support

Basic – It is accessible by the users using a free plan and can use support articles as well as the community channel.

Personal – It offers you access to all the Basic support options along with round the clock phone call support.

Business – The Business level support model prioritizes your needs and grants you access to all of the aforementioned support schemes in addition to 24/7 email support. 

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Let us wrap up the 1Password vs LastPass article by summarizing all the good and the bad of both platforms. 


1Password offers standard password management features along with business centric advanced functionalities like Secrets Automation. It has a super easy interface to navigate and use. The pricing plan offered by 1Password for the individual user is lower in rates as compared with LastPass. 😊

However, the family, team and business editions of the subscription plans are slightly more than LastPass. No matter what, the solution has been trusted by millions for more than a decade now. 


LastPass offers subsequently more functionalities than 1Password along with intelligent features such as Dark Web Monitoring.

Not only does LastPass offer a forever free plan but the pricing plans for families, teams and business subscriptions are comparatively lower than 1Password.

The platform works on zero knowledge architecture which means your data is never passed along to their servers. On the downside, some of their features need updating. 

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