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Zenva Academy Review 2024: Is It Worth It? What To Avoid?


Online learning has become easy for students to learn any new skill at the own pace, at the same time most of the online learning platforms offer to study at any time and anywhere. We have various online education platforms in the market and they offer different services for the students.

If you’re looking to learn a specific and specialized course, then we have Zenva Academy where you can find interesting courses that help to boost your career.

It is designed for students to aid in the learning progress as the courses will help to build a portfolio. If you want to know more about it, then here is a Zenva Academy review and find out whether it benefits you or not.

✔️ What is Zenva Academy?

Zenva Academy Review

Zenva Academy is one of the online learning platforms that offer various courses to train people as professionals in their respective fields.

Even it offers a mini-degree program for different areas like Data Science, Full-Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, Python, and many more. With Zenva Academy you’ll learn, code & succeed, as it is a trusted learning platform by 1,000,000 learners and developers.

Zenva Academy provides world-class training to the students with on-demand programming skills for their future-ready. All you can do is Master in-demand skills, build real-world projects, set your own schedule, as it offers 200+ on-demand courses.

👍 What Zenva Academy Offers Us?

What Zenva Academy offers us

Zenva Academy offers different online courses to learners who can earn skills at their own pace and let’s review how this platform is helpful for the students.

Get Industry-Ready Your Way

If you want to learn new skills and want to become successful, then Zenva Academy is for you as it offers cutting-edge courses that built confidence in earning every skill throughout the learning process. It just not only gives training but also teaches up-to-date techniques that will set you ahead for the future.

It allows you to learn the skill development programs in your own style, and you can select the learning materials, set your own schedule to learn the course. Don’t worry about the due dates, and deadlines, as it covers everything and it trains to learn the concept with ease.

Create Real Projects

If you want to be successful in your career, when you learn a new skill according to today’s job environment. So, Zenva Academy is for you to help and all the courses are available with job-ready skills.

Review all the courses at Zenva Academy and create real projects such as build websites, real games, apps, and many more. Even it allows you to showcase all your achievements on your professional portfolio.

😇 How Zenva Academy Works?

How Zenva Academy works

Zenva Academy offers more than 200 courses, and so you can review and explore the courses, choose the course that you’re interested in. Zenva Academy offers to learn build games, applications, websites, and many more with its practical step-by-step courses. With Zenva Academy, you’ll get access to

  • Access to all 250+ courses
  • New courses added monthly
  • On-demand 24/7 access
  • Certificates of completion
  • Includes offline access as well

Overall, Zenva Academy will help to discover incredible things and achieve everything with the help of coding. This platform believed that programming should be accessible for all and everyone can learn programming with its affordable pricing package and everyone can utilize the opportunity to learn and succeed in your future.

Take Control Of Your Future

If you have knowledge in programming, then more opportunities are coming your way to getting success. Such types of courses are available at Zenva Academy that helps you to learn skills and it will help to do real-time projects by publishing games, apps, etc. If it is your dream job, then start learning on this platform, and also you can start your own business. Otherwise, you can proceed with this as a hobby by discovering a new game online and many more things you can do when you are serious about your career.

😚 How does Zenva Academy Help?

Coding journey

Your coding learning journey starts with ease because Zenva Academy guides on the most popular industry topics, and you just need to follow the steps to reach the goals.

No Experience Required

No matter what is your background experience, if you are able to read then it is easy to learn coding with this platform. The curriculum at Zenva Academy will take you from zero knowledge on coding to the experienced developer.

Learn By Doing

When you start learning with Zenva Academy, it helps to train you from ground level to career-ready and so you can easily build real-time projects on your own. Develop your career with this platform by just taking your hobby to the very next level.

Join A Thriving Community

Till now, Zenva Academy has created a community of over 1,000,000 learners and developers and the community will just not only celebrate the learner achievements but also the students share the tips and tricks that help to achieve in the career they dreamt of.

What Results Can You Expect with Zenva Academy?

Results to Expect

The learners of Zenva Academy are published their own websites and games, and on the other side, some of them are landed doing their dream jobs, some of them are working on their start-ups. When you choose to learn with Zenva Academy, then you’ll have the same potential to do the same.

Designed for Easy Learning

Designed for Easy Learning - Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy understands that everyone is different and so it provides a range of different learning materials for all of the courses. It creates a flexible learning experience for the learners to understand the subject concepts with ease. The advantage of this platform is it offers on-demand video lessons, full source code and project files, PDF lesson notes, and gives access online & offline via Zenva App.

This online learning platform is compatible with all devices and for offline access, go with the Zenva Academy App to learn at any time you want. There are no due dates, no deadlines, and you are allowed to pause or cancel at any time you want.

250+ courses at Zenva Academy Are For You

The courses available are designed for the learners who are serious about their careers, as it changes them in a different way. It cover’s the industry’s most popular topics and helps to build a perfect professional portfolio by creating real-time projects.

After learning, you can build full-stack websites, mobile apps, and games on your own. Along with that, you can create your own AR & VR apps, and master in programs like Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and more.

Get Help from the Zenva Academy Team of Mentors

It provides exclusive access to a team of specialists, who are available to solve your queries on the courses. So, In Zenva Academy this is one of the main advantage for the students to learn and review the difficult subject topics easily and quickly.

Reinforce your Learning with Live Coding

The popular courses have live coding exercises to practice coding right from the browser and it is designed to reinforce new concepts up-to-date on what you learn. This interactive feature will charge your skills that help to reach your goals faster in coding.

The Perfect Time to Learn Development

The demand for developers is rising, and today it is one of the fastest-growing occupations and the career opportunities for the developer are calculated as out of 10 jobs, 6 are for developer positions.

Build your Future

Build your Future
  • Your Courses, Your Way – All are project-based courses that are designed flexible to learn and you can access them at any time 24/7. Pick the learning materials, and schedule to learn. On the Zenva app, you can download the videos to watch them offline as this app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Learn from World-Class Instructors – The instructors at Zenava had taken a part in elite developer programs and recognized for their excellence in teaching and development. It builds confidence in the learners throughout their learning process journey that they’re studying up-to-date content from the industry experts.
  • Interactive Lessons with Codemurai – It offers all interactive exercises and programming lessons on iOS and Andriod devices without any extra cost. The unlimited access package gives free access to all the courses in Codemurai mobile app.

👀 Types of Courses on Zenva Academy

You can review and explore a wide range of courses at Zenva Academy for learning, it helps to create a successful path for your bright future. Here, we bought you a quick list of courses that are available and how it works.

Free Courses

Free Courses

We can see that Zenva offers free 12 courses, in those courses, you’ll get video explanations, the projects that help to learn easily. After completion of these free courses, it provides certification as a reward and this certification will help to stand out for your future endeavors.

Individual Courses

Zenva Academy offers various courses that include video explanations of the topics, and it will help the students to learn and focus on every topic easily. After learning a few topics & concepts, You can build a real-time project on your own easily by putting in all the skills while learning as this is the first step to consider as your achievement. If you once purchase any course at Zenva Academy, you’ll have access to the course at any time you want. One should remember that, Zenva Academy’s policy that it updates the course regularly and it may affect the most recent knowledge that you learn.

Mini-Degree Programs

Zenva Academy offers some mini-degree programs to the learners and the list of them is Augmented Reality, Data Science, EdTech, Full-Stack Web Development, HTML5 Game Development, Machine Learning, Python, RPGs, Unity, and Virtual Reality.

🤗 Pros and Cons of Zenva Academy


  • Easy to use platform
  • Offers Mini-degree programs
  • 12 courses are free
  • Access courses online and offline
  • Affordable price
  • Learn at own pace
  • World-class learning experience
  • Access courses on iOS and Android
  • Practical approach
  • Real-time projects
  • High chances of getting a job



  • Mostly all are technical courses

😍 Customer Reviews on Zenva Academy

Refer to the below image for reviews given by the learners and developers of Zenva Academy and find out their learning progress journey with the courses it provides to us.  

Customer Reviews Zenva Academy

💜 Review on Pricing Plans of Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy Pricing Plans

The actual pricing plan of Zenva Academy for yearly payment structure is $24/month but now you’ll get at $14/month and it costs $168/yearly as you’re going to save 30%.  The actual monthly pricing structure of Zenva Academy is $30, but now you’ll get at $20/month. 

💥 Final Review on Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy is an online learning platform that helps you to learn any course at your own pace. One can experience world-class learning from their experts and it gives access to all types of course video tutorials offline and online. This platform is compatible with all devices and the cost is affordable. 

If you’re serious about your career, then Zenva Academy is for you to plan your successful long-term career as it mainly focuses on technical and coding skills. Zenva Academy review the trend in the market & update the content regularly according to that, so you can learn everything updated from the industry experts. It prepares the learners to create real-time projects while learning process to make them professionals.  

🤡 Frequently Asked Questions

👍 What one will achieve by taking the courses at Zenva Academy?

The courses at Zenva Academy are project-based, you can learn everything and develop a professional portfolio, also apply the techniques in real-time situations.

🤞 What time commitment is needed to learn a course?

The courses are designed are completely flexible and so you can learn at your own pace that fit according to your schedule.

👊 Is it possible to watch Videos Offline?

The Zenva App by Zenva Academy provides the course video lectures in both offline and online without any extra cost.

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