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Uscreen Review 2024: Is It Best VOD Platform To Monetize?


We are living in a digital world and we have different social media applications and other multimedia channels that entertain us at any time across the world.

From online businesses, influencers to live streamers anyone can grow their businesses with these online platforms.

For the people who want to increase their streaming business and want to entertain the people, here is an online video platform named Uscreen, let’s review it to know what are its major specialties and how it really works for any type of business niche.

😇 What is Uscreen?


Uscreen is an online video platform that helps to increase the growth of live streaming businesses across the world. To be honest, it is a complete all-in-one platform and you can do everything that as you want. If your main intention is to focus on providing high-quality video content then Uscreen is exactly for you. 

Nowadays, it is challenging for the people who are running an online video streaming business and to get success in that field, Uscreen is the perfect solution & right choice for them. No doubt Uscreen helps in every aspect to launch & grow your video streaming and review it to how it helpful supercharge your business. 

⚡️ Pros and Cons of Uscreen


  •  Experts provide great customer service
  • Complete ease of use platform
  • The free version aka free trial is available for the basic plan
  • Easy migrations
  • Integrations are allowed with a single tap
  • All-in-one video management solution
  • Offers marketing, automation, and analytical tools
  • Offers landing pages of different niche that matches your brand
  • It can scale your business
  • Create five-star rated applications
  • Allows to upload content in a bulk
  • It is fully white-label
  • Customize your website and apps


  • Nothing many cons to provide

👀 How Uscreen Helps Video Streaming Businesses To Launch & Grow?

With the help of stunning themes & templates, you can launch a branded video streaming and everything will be handled in a few steps at Uscreen.

Uscreen helps to launch and grow

The main aim of these themes & templates is to convert the visitors into customers and you can do it in a simple way without any need for coding skills. 

On the other side, Uscreen offers marketing tools as well as automation tools, so that you can promote your videos to get more reach. Even along with the tools, you can use all the marketing features and take help from the community to reach globally. To track your success, it provides up-to-date analytical reports to analyzing which videos are working and which one is not. 

If you’re still in doubt to proceed with your business, then don’t worry you can gain knowledge with the help of Uscreen experts and stay ahead in the game. They provide full support to its users and give complete details on how to use its in-built retention tools, to manage and scale the business. 

🤗 Uscreen Video Platform Features 

Uscreen Features

Uscreen video platform offers key verticals and it’s good to review all the features to get clarity on how it helps in creating and selling the video content.

Upload and Organize Videos 

At Uscreen one can easily upload their content in bulk and also you can organize the content according to the categorizations. Even you can add the filters, and also upload any extras if necessary according to your requirement. 

You can Stream On-demand Content 

Uscreen is an online video platform that allows to you stream on-demand or trending content and also you can showcase the content clearly in a video catalog option. 

Live Streaming

The best part of having a Uscreen is the user can schedule the events or videos before, as this is to bring excitement for the followers and also add countdown overlay in it. The in-built video playback, in-built video hosting services, On-demand, and smooth playback are the major advantages of Uscreen.

Monetize Your Content 

Anyone can monetize their content by offering subscription plans or otherwise by providing rentals, one-time purchase options. It accepts PayPal and Credit Card payments and the process payments are easy for buyers to proceed with excellent set-up on the same day. Even you can add promotions, coupons, or exclusive discounts for your audiences.  

Analytics and Reporting Services 

Uscreen provides tracking services, so you utilize this feature to know how your content is working and customer engagement, quality of the responses to your videos. From this, get to know the analysis of what actually your audiences are liking. 

Fast Delivery and Security Videos

The superior HTML5 video player at Uscreen will definitely catch the attention of the audiences and at the same time, one can experience Full HD video viewing with great delivery content & excellent speed. In other words, we can say that it is fully reliable, white-labeled, and sustainable.

Deliver Excellent and High-quality Video Content

One should deliver excellent video content to work on any device and at Uscreen it is possible. Yes, of course, you can create a five-star video streaming experience for your audiences without compromising quality on any device. 

🤔 Why To Choose Uscreen Platform? 

Why to choose Uscreen

Users of Uscreen are making money more than $100 million per year. Many of you thinking how is it possible? Right! 10 main reasons are there why to choose Uscreen, review all the 10 reasons to get clarity before getting started for uploading & launching the video. After knowing all these reasons it will tempt you to earn more income by creating video apps & websites of any industry with Uscreen.

Find Everything at One Place

Uscreen is a platform where you can find everything in one place like video hosting services, in-built billing, streaming services, tracks to give clear analytics & reporting, monetization, end-user support, OTT Apps, and many more.

Overall the whole context refers that Uscreen is to create and scale your video streaming, Uscreen is the platform that comprises all the ingredients to do all the activities.  

Offers More Features Compared to Others 

Yes, Uscreen has various features for high-quality video streaming to marketing & analytical tools to scale your business. No wonder, it works the same on all types of devices with the same quality. The main aim of Uscreen is to provide exceptional services, so its features & products are planned, tested, and then implemented before launching it.  

Provides Easy-to-build Landing Pages 

On the other hand, we can say that Uscreen does not stick to a particular industry to match the brand. As it offers landing pages that help you to personalize the websites and apps that match any industry. You can customize your website as much as you can by adding logos, themes, change the colors, background, and other modifications if needed. To do this, you need to know a minimum or very basic knowledge of tech skills.

Transparent Pricing Structure 

For each of the plans of Uscreen, it offers the most transparent and predictable pricing structure. So that anyone can afford it to create video streamings and sell them. 

Easy to Upgrade & Downgrade Plans

If you are on the basic plan or in advance plan and you want to upgrade or downgrade, then it is very easy to do without any problem hosting caps or hitting the subscriber.

Take Full Control of your Audiences 

Yes, you can take full control of your audience’s data with Uscreen which means it saves all their billing and other important securely to be saved in the Uscreen database. If you’re a Stripe user, then there is an opportunity to export the data at any time. According to this, all the billing information is said to be hosted to your own Stripe account.

Marketing training, Onboarding & support

The training and webinar workshops of Uscreen will help you to review the problems & move ahead to earn more income than ever before. For more, you can go with the free trial period and then get access to Uscreen’s Business Streaming Accelerator for free of cost. 

Create Five-star Rating Apps

According to the requirement of the customers, Uscreen apps are engineered that matches for their needs. The reason behind why the Uscreen apps are five-star reviews across all the devices is because of their fast loading times, superior & exceptional user experience, and sleek design. 

Robust Integrations with other Apps

If you’re looking for an integration tool or any application, then the good news is at Uscreen you can tap into more than 1000 integrations and the process is simple & easy. So, you can integrate to MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign. Salesforce, any affiliate program, and many others.  

Excellent Customer and Professional Services

If you’re not getting to know how to use Uscreen, remember to use Uscreen customer service. Yes, they are eager to provide service and to help you from scratch to the full potential on how to use to get succeed. 

😚 How Does Uscreen Works?

How does Uscreen works

Uscreen never disappoints its users in providing the services to create videos and monetize them across the world. No matter whatever the industry may be, it will perform all the activities on all the devices without any issue. 

  • In the first step, pick the plan and sign-up to complete the registration process.
  • Next, you have to upload the video content in an individual manner, or else you can do it in a bulk regarding your online or e-commerce store. Then you have to organize all your video content.
  • The next step is to set the fixed price, so select the best monetization strategy and choose the pricing model.
  • You can customize the themes according to your business requirements by using the ready-to-use themes which it offers to us.
  • It offers various marketing & automation tools, so you no need to worry about marketing and promotion of your videos. Use these tools, and get recognition about your business across the world.
  • On the dashboard, it reveals all your payment details and it is always good to stay up-to-date regarding your sales.
  • The right way of having Uscreen is to launch your branded video programs on streaming apps. Create five-star rated apps and distribute your video content on TV and mobile devices.

👉 Uscreen Security and Privacy Services

Uscreen privacy and security

For any platform, security is the keen part to avoid any technical issues, and coming to Uscreen it is always looking into whether your video content is safe or not. Let’s review all the security features that are provided by Uscreen. 

  • It provides great security for the VOD and live-streaming services 
  • No doubt, the checkout processes, and payments are fully secured
  • It comes with an SSL security
  • Has a complete HSL video encryption
  • It manages to stream your video content on any device with full security
  • On OTT apps, you can download the videos more securely
  • To avoid any nuances, it offers geo-blocking content restriction services.
  • 24/7 monitoring, 99.99% uptime, are the advantages to feel stress-free hosting experience.

🎁 Uscreen Pricing Plans 

Uscreen provides a free trial offer for a limited time and never fails to scale your business. The paid plans are completely transparent, and the set-up process will be done on the same day and here is the review on Uscreen paid versions.

Uscreen Pricing

The basic plan to hit the ground costs $99/month and $49/month for yearly planning structure i.e, $0.50/subscriber/month. In this, get the features like 

  • It allows you to sell videos on your own terms
  • Website along with marketing & automation tools
  • The storage & bandwidth are included in it
  • Uscreen get the users onboarded

To power up your video streaming business, Uscreen offers Amplify version which costs $499/month and $399/month for annual billing i.e., $0.50/month/subscriber. In this, you cannot utilize the free trial period but you can request a demo. In this, get everything that the basic plan offers and also get 

  • Live streaming facility
  • Countdowns & Live chat facility
  • Allows integrations with many applications
  • It migrates your business for free

The Enterprise version of Uscreen is just customized for you, and request a demo to get the complete information about the pricing plans. Of course, it costs $0.50/subscriber/month. In this, get what Amplify offers and also get 

  • Provides White-label mobile applications
  • Provides White-label TV ott applications
  • Live streaming, as well as live chat facility, is provided
  • It gives access to API
  • Offers End-user support
  • Provides white-glove account management

Here you can see the list of what exactly Uscreen pricing plans are included 

  • It accepts PayPal & credit cards
  • Even it can accept the international payments
  • Offers instant payouts with your own Stripe account
  • Onboarding & training sessions are provided
  • Provides technical support to the users around the clock
  • Provides guaranteed uptime of 99.99%
  • It allows you to upload videos, PDFs, audio, and other content in a bulk
  • You can set it up into your own language
  • You can set up your own branding

❣️ Uscreen Customer Reviews

For more, Uscreen provides some examples of how to launch & grow video streaming services. It provides examples for different categories such as Yoga & Lifestyle, eLearning, Health & Fitness, Arts & Crafts, Faith & Spirituality, Kids, Educational Institutes, Entertainment, Real Estate, and finally one can create any live streaming with Uscreen on any segment they want. 

If we take an example of the eLearning category, you can review that there are various and the best eLearning streaming websites and apps that are created by Uscreen. Now, it’s your turn to create a video of any industry with Uscreen.  

Uscreen examples

🔥 Final Say On Uscreen Review

Uscreen is one of the best video platforms that are suitable for various businesses to host video content across the world. It is just not limited to a single device, you can spread the video content to mobile devices and TV in the form of native apps. 

From uploading and organizing the video content to customizing, monetizing, and getting sales to your business everything is possible with Uscreen. Its advanced features help you in every aspect to manage the media and to reach the right target audience across the world. 

Every single process from setup and organizing the content is very simple and even you have still any doubt, then the experts of Uscreen provide guidance to you. If you have any queries on monetization, it helps you and moreover, it has powerful servers to maintain all your video hosting content.  

If you want to get more sales to your business and want to start the journey into video content creation & publishing for the long-term then Uscreen is recommended. The best part of having Uscreen is its marketing, automation, and analytical tools help to promote your videos to recognize by people from any part of the world. 

Yes, you can track all the sales right on the dashboard, so for the videos, captions & subtitles are also included. Even it offers video speed adjustments to your videos to upload them as you want, and overall in conclusion it is a good choice to pick as a video streaming platform for your small, large businesses of any niche.

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Have you tried Uscreen for creating online courses?

For online instructors, Uscreen is a great platform to host the class and also for live streaming purposes to interact with the students. It is just to not only host the classes but also to hold meetups and many other things. One can easily create and sell online courses at Uscreen and the whole process is simple and easy.

✌️ Is it really Uscreen is a great video platform to sell videos online?

In order to sell videos at Uscreen, it is recommended to get to the details and explore SVOD. The disadvantage of Uscreen is it does not support TVOD. No doubt, Uscreen is a great video platform to sell videos online and there is proof that many industries across the world who used this Uscreen are tasted success. They shared their words as Uscreen is a simple, scalable, and sustainable video monetizing platform.

👊 How much does the Uscreen video Platform costs?

Uscreen offers a free trial period for the basic plan and it is a limited period offer. The basic version of Uscreen starts from $99/month yearly and $49/month. For enterprises and large businesses, you can request a demo and enjoy all the features.

👍 Is Uscreen a good and worthy video platform?

We can say that Uscreen is an all-in-one solution to host, stream, and sell videos online. It has the capacity to manage everything from providing landing pages that match your brand, customizing, monetizing, analytical reports, marketing tools, and getting recognized by the right audiences to earn more income. On the whole, it is a robust video-on-demand platform recommended to any industry.

✔️ What does actually Uscreen do?

Uscreen is a video platform that helps to upload and manage all the different types of video content of any business category. You can use all the services it provides to the videos like themes, landing pages, captions & subtitles, GIFs, video speed, and many more. You can upload in a bulk or upload it individually.

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