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Udemy Vs Unacademy: Which One is The Best Learning Platform?


Nowadays, online learning has become the most essential part of learning new skills for students and also helps in understanding new things very easily.

Udemy platform

Even along with hard-working nature, smart thinking has been adopted by students through online learning. If you’re preparing for competitive or college exams, then online learning platforms will help you in providing quality education.

Today, there are various online learning platforms, tools, and websites that promise in giving valuable education that tunes your learning to another level.

Now, we’re going to compare two online learning platforms Udemy vs Unacademy which offers different online courses. Let’s see how these two platforms will help us in learning new programs, their pricing plans, features, and many more.

👊 What is Udemy?

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms, where students can learn new courses and programs that offer. You can easily become proficient with any course and accomplish your goals while learning with Udemy, as it is the world’s largest platform to select courses. You can select from 130,000 online video courses.


Every month, this platform will publish a new course or new addition of different categories for your career or personal development skills. It provides lifetime access on mobile and desktop, so you can learn at your own pace. The main advantage of Udemy is you can select from the top industry instructors across the globe and many students connect with Udemy and advanced their skills for their successful careers.

Learn anywhere with Udemy on your Android and iOS through the Udemy app

  • You can explore 130,000+ courses
  • You can download the courses and watch them later offline
  • You are allowed to listen to the courses with podcast-style audio
  • You can watch the Udemy courses with Apple TV and Chromecast

Learning for You

If you learn new things in new ways, then it helps you to improve your remote working habits and through wellness & hobbies, enhance peace of mind, body or also even start to reshape your career. So, Udemy is for you to explore different online courses, it allows you to take those courses at any time and at any place.

Other E-Learning Platforms

  1. Coursera: It is a massive open online course provider founded in 2012 and offering the top courses & certification.
  2. LinkedIn Learning: If you want to get certification & learn anything from industry experts then LinkedIn learning can help you here in various niche.
  3. SkillShare: It is an online learning community offering thousands of courses by experts & if your are an entrepreneur then this platform can be helpful for you.

Udemy for Business

You can lead your organization with different skills which are offered by Udemy, as it gives access to 5000+ courses featuring in Business, Technology, and Personal Development. Get training remotely, digital onboarding, and change your workforce from the best industry leaders.

Udemy for Business

Udemy helps the organizations to prepare for ever evolving future of work as it provides a curated collection of technical courses and top-rated business. So, from these courses governments, organizations, businesses, and non profits will benefit from the development of in-house expertise and also satisfies the employee’s hunger in the development by learning with Udemy.

Helping Through Teaching

Udemy is just not only a learning platform but also a teaching platform, and it allows you to share your knowledge too. If you’re one of the teaching partners at Udemy, then it offers to support one another and share knowledge in the Udemy’s instructor community.

Udemy Instructors

The instructors at Udemy are passionate about helping students across the world for their successful careers by sharing their knowledge. In order to deliver the most up to date content, the instructors or experts of Udemy will stay active in their respective fields.

🤞 Pros and Cons of Udemy


  • Offers courses in both soft and technical skills
  • Udemy Platform is easy to use and manage
  • It has incentives to find within the sort of certificates
  • Within the learning process, it offers quiz programs and other challenges
  • Can buy courses individually
  • Inexpensive
  • A huge number of courses


  • Lectures are great sometimes and difficult to engage sometimes
  • The grouping of categories could be refined
  • Courses are not accredited
  • Quality varies

👊 What is Unacademy?

Another India’s largest online learning app is Unacademy as it provides learning opportunities to the students and preferably for competitive exams like UPSC, NEET, SSC exams, etc.

It offers video classes from class 6 to class 12 and produces various topics that can understand by everyone. In Unacademy, you can attend the live classes and get your doubts cleared by the top educators.


You can test your preparation Based on the mock test performance of a user, Unacademy provides performance statistics with a detailed report that helps to learn more in particular areas. On the whole, Unacademy is for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams and so you can easily crack it by learning all things that are available on this platform.

Daily Live Classes

Unacademy allows you to chat with educators, ask queries, get all your doubts cleared, answer Live polls, and everything will be done in the Live class only.

Practice and Revise

With the Unacademy practice section, learning isn’t limited because for your revision it offers different mock tests, and lecture notes are to be shared as PDFs.

Learn Any Time, Anywhere

All you need is just one subscription so that you’ll get access to all Unacademy recorded and Live classes to watch them on any device, at any time, and at any place according to your comfort. You can download the lessons from the Unacademy app to learn at any time and anywhere. So, start learning with Unacademy by getting an unlimited access to the courses and doubt clearing sessions.

🤞 Pros and Cons of Unacademy


  • On a daily basis, you’ll get current affairs for UPSC
  • Mock questions are available
  • Tutorials available are short and crisp
  • Focuses on both academics and also helps in enhancing your personal skills
  • Recorded videos are available at any time


  • Some of the lessons started are not taken to the justified end.
  • The trust factor of courses at Unacademy are is still a far-fetched thing
  • No fixed sequence and proper planning of courses
  • It looks like a book shop without proper order
  • Aspirants have to use their wisdom to enroll in the lessons
  • In some topics, there is no in-depth information

👍 Features of Udemy vs Unacademy

There are many features available in both the online educated platforms and the list of the features of Udemy vs Unacademy are mentioned here.

✔️ Udemy Features

The list of Udemy features are

Course Marketing Functionality

The outstanding feature of Udemy is its Course marketing functionality that allows instructors to market their personal brand and market their courses to the right audiences and the students.

Retargeted Ads

If a visitor wish-listed, viewed or previewed the course but not purchase it then this functionality is good to use. So, the trainers or instructors can use this feature to succeed to send the course details in the form of ads to those people.

Search and Discovery Email Campaigns

Within the Udemy platform, it helps the trainers to improve the course searchability and to promote the courses, the instructors can send the email marketing campaigns and market them to the students and to your right audiences.

Partnership with Big Niche Content Sites

Udemy works with LivingSocial and Groupon, also other daily deal sites because these will help the instructors to promote their courses to reach the right students.

✔️ Unacademy Features

Here is the list of Unacademy features

Concentrating on courses which are required relearning

The courses available at Unacademy are high-value intensive courses for the preparation of competitive exams like IAS, IPS, etc. Today, in our country there are lakhs of people who are preparing for different competitive exams. So, you can concentrate on all your exams by learning them through Unacademy courses. You can practice and more prepared or even can study multiple times on this online education platform. In addition to this, it is concentrated on coding courses and English spoken courses that require a student to learn.

Spreading out the burden of creating new content

It brings out more educators on board and it is easy to create content for educators and put it online for the users. These educators or trainers have to act as marketers and influencers for the company.

Monetizing the followership quickly by launching a premium service

If you launch anything on the free service, you have to monetize it at the right time and Unacademy is performed well by pushing the subscription-based model to the users of the website and app.

Low cost of content creation

Unacademy content creation

It is very easy to record the video lectures by the educators as all he/she needs is just a mobile phone through the Unacademy educator app. The trainers at Unacademy are nothing but who have recently completed their same competitive exams and many contributors or young pass-out students.

Scalability of offerings

The content created by Unacademy is easily scalable and replicable and it offers high-qulaity educational content. The other main features of Unacademy are:

  • From the best educators, you can watch live video classes and easily understand, learn from them.
  • It allows you to access to the class notes, so it is easy for you when you revisit the topic and you can revise the topic.
  • It conducts quizzes and mock tests, when you attempt all the tests you can easily understand your capability and evaluate your learning process.
  • Unacademy offers a dashboard and you can easily navigate to the courses and their lessons.
  • Offers courses for Higher education
  • It also has the capability to manage and your Curriculum after completion of the course.
  • Also offers video classes for the courses like Application Management and Higher Education from class 6 to class 12.
  • The student portal is available on Unacademy online education platform.

💥 How Does Udemy & Unacademy Works? 👈

Anyone can create a course on Udemy and submit it to publish on the platform with profits shared between the platform and the instructor.

The user must individually buy the course on Udemy, rather than selecting to pay through the subscription model. This is because the individual course will provide lifetime access and each course is consists of articles and video lectures.

Udemy top categories

All the video classes of any course at Udemy can be accessed on any device like operating systems, tablets, and mobile devices through their app. In between, you can test your knowledge in the form of quizzes, mock tests on a daily basis, where you can understand the topics that you learned.

After completing the course at Udemy that you select, you’ll get a completion certificate. The popular course categories of Udemy are Business, Development, Software, Marketing, Design, and IT.

🤗 Who is Udemy for?

You can select any course that you want, as Udemy offers a wide range of courses and programs, and also it offers us to purchase the course or program individually or otherwise can pick a one-time subscription plan.

Yes, if suppose you’re likely to build a skill or one/two courses then this is a great option. Udemy offers a payment plan for the particular course and if you’re the person to pay for a specific course and then access to it for a lifetime.

How to choose the Udemy course?

If you’re buying any product or service through online, then according to the same process you’re going to select the course on Udemy online education platform. At first, you have to look into

  • Course Curriculum
  • Prerequisites
  • Free preview lectures
  • Student reviews on Udemy
  • Reviews on Udemy at external or outside sites
  • Reviews on the course content creator

What are the benefits of learning on the Udemy platform?

  • You can learn different topics from industry experts
  • All the courses are available in video format
  • You can get lifetime access to courses
  • It is available for affordable pricing
  • You can study all the courses at your own pace and at any time

Let’s have a look into how Unacademy works and to whom it is beneficial now.

On the other side, we have another online education platform Unacademy, and the mentors are the students who cleared various competitive exams whereas Unacademy is specially designed for competitive exams. This online learning platform provides video classes to teach various subjects and topics according to the competitive exam.

The lessons are created or recorded for the students, and all you need to do is just pick the course that you want to learn and get prepare for your upcoming exams. The popular categories of Unacademy are State public service commissions exams, Union public service commission exams, Medical, Engineering, Bank exams, and Management exams.

🤗 Who is Unacademy for?

Unacademy is an online education platform especially for competitive exams and if you’re going to write any competitive exams then this platform is right for you.

The competitive exams such as UPSC, JEE, GATE, CAT, and other Indian entrance exams. Start preparing with Unacademy and achieve your goals easily without any confusion. It is easy to select the program that you want to learn as it is easy to navigate and pick.

What are the Benefits of learning on the Unacademy platform?

  • Unacademy is the India’s largest learning platform
  • Daily Live classes
  • Interaction with top educators
  • Live mock tests
  • Unlimited access to structured courses
  • Doubt clearing sessions

👊 The Global Reach Comparison [Udemy Vs Unacademy]

Udemy Global reach

For teaching and learning, Udemy is the leading global marketplace and it connects the millions of students in providing the skills to achieve a successful career as they want.

Today, it has 40 million learners, 70k instructors, 155k courses, 480 million course enrollments, 115M minutes of video, 65+ languages, 7000+ enterprise customers, and 80% of fortune 100 companies trust Udemy for employee upskilling.

Unacademy Global reach

Coming to the Unacademy online education platform is also reaching global audiences and connecting with a wide range of students and it consists of 60+ exam categories, 50M+ active learners,14k+ educators, 1.5k+ daily Live classes, 1M+ video lessons, and till now 3.2B+ people watched the videos. So, both the platforms have their perspective audiences with a huge number across the world.

🎁 Pricing Plans of Udemy vs Unacademy 💥

Udemy offers free courses and paid courses at the same time it is a reminder that Udemy does not offer any free trial period. The course at Udemy starts from $6.03 and purchase the course to start earning the skill for your future career.

Unacademy subscription plan

Unacademy offers various free courses and some of the courses are available for paid versions too. The price range starts from $13.06 to $397.82. The paid version courses are available for the students of limited batches and these student batches are allowed to discuss the topics, share and debate the learning resources, and other activities are said to be under the guidance of educators.

Unacademy offers an Unacademy Plus subscription plan and it is a personalized subscription that helps you to discover live streamed digital educational content created by the experts and top educators. The subscription plan will allow you to all courses of any category of your choice that are available in it and you can learn everything during the subscription period.

The payment of the subscription plan is based on the category that you pick and pay according to the plan. The advantage of this is you can re-watch the videos after the completion of live streaming video content.

🔥 Final Words On Udemy Vs Unacademy 

The popular online education platforms are Udemy and Unacademy and they are worthy as they offer popular courses that require a student. These platforms offer various courses and they are easy to learn because the trainers are the experts in their respective industries.

The features are also pretty awesome as they help the audience to pick and learn the course with ease. The best part of these platforms is they have extraordinary content on different topics and so it is easy to learn the course that you want to learn.

If you’re selecting between Udemy vs Unacademy, it is completely depends on what you’re looking to get out of an online learning platform.

Udemy is a complete pack of various courses, so you have an opportunity to pick the skill that you want to learn, whereas Unacademy is all about providing video lectures for competitive exams. Another advantage of these platforms is you can watch the courses at any time you want and at any place in the world.

Both Udemy and Unacademy are effective online learning platforms that offers a wide range of courses. Udemy is a great option, if you’re likely to learn for a particular skill or course and Unacademy is a great option when you’re likely to learn preparing for all competitive exams.


Udemy targets customers of any age group, but coming to Unacademy is targeted especially learners who are class 06 to class 12 students and to the people who are taking up the competitive exams. From this, pick your choice and starting learning to achieve all your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

😇 Is the Unacademy certificate Valid?

The different online portals available on the market such as Unacademy, Udemy are definitely good, valuable, and also have validity. Some of the specialized courses have longer durations and if you compare the cost, online certification courses are low than the regular course.

✌️ Can I add a Udemy certificate in the resume?”

Of course, Yes, Udemy is an online education platform where you can learn skills and that bring value to the company or business. If you landing for the job, then Udemy courses are extremely good to add it to your resume.

👊 Is Unacademy good for IAS?

Unacademy is a great online website for learning and widely known that everyone can study at their own pace at the comfort of your home. If has great trainers and experts who are having experience in teaching UPSC exams and also who cleared out those competitive exams. The trainers at Unacademy are communicating very well with the students or users that help in understanding better.

😇 Can Udemy courses help in getting a job?

The Udemy courses cannot directly help you to get job but they can help to acquire the knowledge and skills that you need for certain jobs. If we take an example, the tech company won’t hire the software developer and Udemy will help you to get according to their requirements.

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