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TopOffers Review: Secrets You Must Know Before Signup


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With so many affiliate networks that are already present and doing amazingly well, which one should one go for? An affiliate should definitely lookout for the best offers and potential profits, which is something that TopOffers never fails to provide. is a great CPA Affiliate Network that has all the things such as multiple verticals, different payment offers, and timely payments. They have more than 1500 offers which update on a regular basis. The team behind this network has only one goal, and that is to always be ahead of the innovations. These offers come from real-time advertisers who are willing to promote their highly qualitative products and services. What makes this network really different from the others is the everlasting support they provide to the affiliates.

TopOffers Review

Another great thing is that it is currently welcoming all the affiliates with a $1,000 bonus that’ll get released as soon as they reach a threshold of $10,000 in the first three months. Check out more about it in our TopOffers review.

Is TopOffers a Promising CPA Affiliate Network?


TopOffers has been operating since March 2017. Their offers are highly qualitative and definitely ensure a great number of profits. Its in-house tech also allows the affiliates to track the status of their offers and whether they have reached the threshold amount. Also, the network is very user-friendly and easy to use. Check out their amazing features right below.

Features Of TopOffers

1. Boost The Profits

Boost the profits to the next level extent with the help of TopOffers, since their offers are pretty amazing and guarantee a hundred percent profit. They are way ahead of all the innovations and online marketing world & ensure that the affiliates are able to attain higher amounts of profit.

2. Simple Working

It has the simplest three-step working and it grants the approval affiliates are looking for in just a few seconds. Here are the three simple steps right below:

Start Registration: Fill in the registration form and then TopOffers affiliate manager will review it & contact for clarification for more information (if required). The team then also provides an affiliate link that they can share on their blogs, websites, and all other promotional methods except ways that unsuitable for the offers requirements or TopOffers` Terms & Conditions.


Traffic Types: It accepts different types of traffic, from SEO, email, PPC, etc. But, it does not accept fraudulently or chat traffic. They will never tolerate any kind of spam and only tend to provide high-quality traffic to advertisers.


Get The Payments: It has different kinds of payment options through which the affiliates can accept the payments. The affiliates get paid once a month if they reach a minimum threshold of $500-$1000 depends on the payment method.  Weekly payments possible for spend more $1500 per week on a permanent basis.

3.   For Every Affiliate

Be it, anyone, from bloggers, social media marketers, webmasters, media networks, business leaders, or even media buyers, everyone can have access to their offers. is a very friendly and multi-purpose affiliate network functioning across different verticals.

Also, they are into many events & you can meet them, but don’t forget to check their upcoming events.

4. Check Out The Offers

It works in verticals such as Datings, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling & Betting and all offers from these are present over here & with multiple promotions methods allowed like push ads, native, PPC &, etc. Check these out in the offers panel present right above on the TopOffers portal and are updated on a daily basis. It is very easy to find the offers that might prove out to be the best for you.

Although the network provides offers from several verticles, they are strongest in dating. Their offers from direct advertisers are really pretty exclusive and high-converting, which is another amazing advantage of the CPA Affiliate Network.

5. Coverage Of More Than 50 Countries

Offers arrive from all over the world, and it ensures that the affiliates are able to get offers from which they are able to discover the true potential. These offers guarantee a great amount of profit and with these, the affiliates have access to offers from across the world.

6. Variety of Verticals

With its variety of verticals like Datings, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling & Betting affiliates do not need to worry about finding the best offers. The network provides offers that are chosen for them and affiliates can filter out from them, whilst making sure that they are able to save a great amount of time.

7. Different Pricing Models

TopOffers works in different pricing models, and affiliates can receive payments in any pricing model they’d like to go for. The available models are PPL, PPS, PPI, and Revenue Share Pricing Models. In comparison to all other affiliate networks, it has several pricing models available.

8. Easy To Integrate Tacker To Track Conversions

It is very easy to integrate any 3rd party trackers with TopOffers like Clickmagick, Affise, Binom, Voluum &, etc. & with the help of these trackers, you can optimize your campaigns & track each conversion.

Payment Terms For TopOffers

Options: Wire Transfer, Paxum, Epayments, WebMoney, and Bitcoin.

Payment Threshold: $500.

Payment Terms: Weekly and Monthly.

Pros & Cons Of TopOffers


  • Facilitating CPA Affiliate Network.
  • 1500+ offers on a daily basis.
  • Customer support present.
  • Different verticals.
  • Separate payment terms and offers.
  • TopOffers team easily approve Offers after review.


  • The threshold is high for beginners.

Pros In Detail

  • Facilitating Affiliate Network:

As per the Affiliates Review, The TopOffers CPA Affiliate Network is very facilitating and has all the desired things from offers to affiliate support. It has all the things that an affiliate marketer requires for working ahead.

  • 1500+ Offers:

It provides more than 1500 offers on their network and every affiliate can easily go for them, without any issues.

  • Customer Support Present:

Encountering any problems whilst working with them? Contact its dedicated customer support during times of such problems and they’ll guide out throughout the issue. TopOffers team review each query of the user & resolve it very shortly.

  • Different Verticals:

TopOffers works in different verticals, and any affiliate working in these sectors can find out offers that just might be the best for them.

  • Separate Payment Terms & Offers:

It has different offers and terms available, therefore the affiliates can have access to all these payment terms and offers.

Cons In Detail

  • The Threshold Is High for beginners:

TopOffers – established CPA Affiliate Network. If you are looking for a solid partner to work with, you can safely rely on these guys.

Its minimum threshold lies at 500 dollars, which is a very high amount for newbies but seasoned affiliates could easily reach this amount.

Final Verdict- Is TopOffers A Worthy CPA Affiliate Network?

Regardless of the fact that the threshold might be high for beginners, it has some amazing offers for affiliates that can get them some great profits. Amidst so many rising affiliate networks, they are able to stand out and provide some great offers and payment terms to their affiliates. If seen as a whole, then the only thing wrong might be their threshold, rest everything is perfect. The verticals are plenty such as Datings, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling and Betting their affiliates get access to all offers from these verticals.

TopOffers has been recognized by many industry publications and awards over the years, consistently featuring in  International Performance Marketing Awards yearly ratings and winning the Publishers’ Choice of Network at YNOT Award and Busunessofapps. TopOffers provides world-class and global offers to their affiliates so that they are able to make good profits. But, in return, the only thing they expect from these affiliates is high-quality traffic and nothing else. TopOffers team is welcoming every new affiliate with a $1,000 Welcome Bonus when they reach $10,000 revenue within their first 3 months.  They always providing interesting contests and meetups for their partners.

Overall, it is a CPA Affiliate Network with some really flexible payment terms and the affiliates must go for it.

In Conclusion

Whenever you’re struggling and finding it tough to judge that which one is the best CPA Affiliate Network you should go for, try out the TopOffers CPA Affiliate Network.

At the end of this TopOffers review, In-short the Network has everything from premium offers to timely payments that an affiliate might require. Apart from that, it also has 24/7 customer support to guide the affiliates out. There are several amazing things in this affiliate network and it is really very facilitating.


How does TopOffers pays the affiliates?

TopOffers pays the affiliates on a weekly and monthly basis, and payment options are Wire Transfer, Paxum, repayments, Webmoney, and Bitcoin.

What kind of offers does TopOffers provide?

TopOffers provide offers in verticals such as Datings, Cams, Sweepstakes, Gambling and Betting.

What if Affiliate face any issue in TopOffers?

Contact their customer support or affiliate manager any time of the day, and they'll help out.

What is the minimum threshold for TopOffers?

The minimum threshold for TopOffers is 500 dollars. Review
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