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Toonly Review: Is This Animation Software Worth To Buy?


Do you also want to have a video creator that doesn’t take much time and provides videos that are perfect for promotion, marketing & advertisement? Toonly is the best video creator that facilitates the creation of animated videos.

Create videos that fulfill the purpose of several platforms that get instant attention to the products or services, it’s the best platform to create stuff that is exciting, informative, entertaining, and convert in merely a few seconds!

Let’s get in detail with Toonly review:

Toonly Review

There are very few video creating platforms that provide drag and drop feature for creating videos, and with this, the animated videos are ready very quickly. It is a very different and unique tool to use as it lets a user promote their businesses online through interactive elements & also increase the reach to more people with them as videos are surely the best ways to build a brand presence.

Toonly is very affordable and lets the creator experience some great results they are able to achieve with these amazing videos. It is a perfect software for those who have zero tech knowledge of video animation but yet want some outcomes without relying on a third party.

Toonly Review: Why it’s a Best Video Creator

Toonly Animated Video Creator

Toonly Money back GurenteeToonly is a video creating software that lets users create some amazing animated videos in a few minutes. Toonly has amazing features that reflect its work and reduces the cost in several ways. How to reach people that are already going through so many marketing messages and usually ignore them?

Well, these videos created with Toonly are the best possible thing to reach out to them in effective ways. Several small and medium scale businesses that are on the growth stage use Toonly since it doesn’t require any tech knowledge and are best in what they do.

Create content that is easily digestible that is super digestible to watch and with these videos, have a great conversion rate for the business. Rather than using other sales mediums, this might be the right choice to promote the products or services!

Features of Toonly Video Creator

1. Recognizable on YouTube & Google

Toonly Google Ranking

Even the largest video hosting site in the world, YouTube knows only a few things that they can tell the uploaders about likes, shares, and views. Even Google tracks out what works and what doesn’t by loading up different metrics. But with Toonly, a creator doesn’t need to worry about these videos as they use those similar metrics & review the video that makes super-powerful video and worthy to go through. They expand to Google and improve the reach to promote better conversion rates.

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2. User Friendly Interface

Who said to use Toonly you should be a professional video designer? It doesn’t require any such experience since they have a very easy to use interface. With their range and drop feature, anyone can put up all the details and they can make the videos in just a few minutes.

Just select the background behind and drag and drop the characters by either clicking on the mouse or holding the Control Key and that’s it! For anyone new, this experience will be surreal since they can witness their first-ever animated video being created in mere seconds.

3. Saves costs

Toonly Video Creator Features

Hiring a video designer is very expensive, and for anyone new to their business, it seems like a very hefty cost. Rather than paying between 5,000 dollars to 35,000 thousand dollars for every animated video, use Toonly to lower down the costs. With this software, one can deduct the costs of animators and video designers whilst creating the best and most professional animated videos without any hassle.

4. Massive Library

Thinking about paying Toonly for access but doubting on its characters, backgrounds, and props? Then don’t! Because it has a massive library and includes a whopping 510 character images and 30 characters have 17 different poses in each.

Don’t forget to review the Toonly library, it provides more than 81 backgrounds that the users can include in their videos alongside hundreds of props present in their toolbox. The main aim of this software is to provide unlimited visions and the only limitation present would be imagination.

Also, they provide more than 81 backgrounds that the users can include in their videos alongside hundreds of props present in their toolbox. The main aim of this software is to provide unlimited visions and the only limitation present would be imagination.

5. Professional Videos with Niches, Industry & Profession

Toonly helps to create professional videos with all these characters, props, & interactive backgrounds, create product review videos, or something related to the niche with Toonly. Anyone can create videos related to their work or profession in just a few seconds. Also, regardless of the fact whether it is a B2B or B2C, or no matter what industry or niche it is, or even if it is a product or service, anyone can create any kind of video very easily.

6. Premade Scenes

If someone wants to create a video super fast, then there are premade scenes are available on Toonly. Although the software makes the video really fast, for making videos even faster use their premade scenes made for every situation. Each of these scenes includes backgrounds, characters, and props into one complete package.

Don’t waste time and make delays in bringing out videos in front of the product users and new buyers, clients, employees, and donors. There are only a few tools with premade scenes, and this is what makes it different and unique from others.

7. Custom Voiceovers

It is very simple to add up the voiceover in the video by just clicking the record button. Rather than recording on the phone or a separate mike, straightaway record on Toonly and add it up in the video. Start talking to Toonly and it’ll automatically add up the voiceover on the animated video. So there is absolutely no need to spend extra time on recording and then uploading, do it directly with this software! But, if there’s still a need to add up a professional voiceover, then that is also possible by uploading it on the PC.

8. Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Toonly Royalty Free Music Tracks

Want to add some music in the videos but fear that hile uploading the copyright issue will arrive? Then use the royalty-free music present on Toonly in the videos. Simply drag and drop the choice of background audio in the video and that’s it! Adjust the volume up and down based on the requirement in the video with the help of the mouse. In an instance, the video will seem like its created by those professional and pricey designers.

9. Multiple Computers

Install Toonly with multiple computers at the same time. At times people have several PCs to operate and have work on all of them. Keep working on Toonly regardless of the fact that the data is stored in since one Toonly account can be run on multiple PCs after the downloading process is followed provided in the email. Be it Windows or MAC, this software is compatible with both and allows the users to create some engaging animated videos.

10. Export High-Quality Videos

Created the video but worried about the quality and how will it look once exported? Use Toonly for the same since it provides some high-quality options to export the videos in so that it is ready to be uploaded on the web. After it is created, one becomes able to export the videos in several resolutions such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, and even based on their custom requirements. Also, the file sizes can be between 24 to 60 fps. Decide the quality of the video with opting from between low to maximum, based on what suits the uploading site.

Toonly High Quality Animation

11. Free Updates

Once charged, it’s not like the software will charge something extra for every update. But, rather than that, it is free of cost and they desire that the features are available for everyone with better functionality. The parent company Bryxen constantly updates the video creator when they feel it requires something new according to the market. Each time they update something new, they notify the users for it and they can update it to avail new features.

12. Several Users

There are several users present for using Toonly and believe us, the video creating tool has a very wide reach, way more than one can expect. Those who mostly use the software are:

  • Small Business Owners and Service Providers.
  • eCommerce Store Owners and Digital Marketers.
  • Information Technology Sector Operators.
  • Human Resources Department.
  • Trainers and Presenters.
  • B2B Sales Representatives.
  • Non-Profit Organizations.

13. Boost Landing Pages

Toonly For Landing PagesIf the user interface is good, then the visitors are expected to stay on the website somewhere between 15 seconds to 45 seconds. In this duration, if they get to see an interactive and explaining video, then they are able to understand the entire concept of the website in an easier way. Therefore rather than having just some boring content on the site, it is better to start creating animated videos and engage users in an easier manner.

14. Facebook Advertisements

There are thousands of Facebook Ads present on a user’s feed, how does your advertisement stand out? Why not create an animated advertisement that is both fun & interesting to watch and the viewers also get attracted to it? Animated videos are one of the most trending forms of advertisements for marketers since they are able to get a better response and higher sales with the help of Facebook. See the Click-Through Rates going higher after uploading some short and sweet videos on Facebook.

15. Social Media Channels

Toonly’s created animated advertising videos get a lot of attention than those that are just regularly created. With these videos, boost up the business’s social media pages to a greater extent. Great videos get shared a lot faster than an advertiser personally uploads them, for example, on Twitter, more than 700 videos are shared every minute. Consider social media reach and choose animated videos since those are perfect for social media. With a higher entertainment value, these have greater potential than those regular ones.

16. Sales Videos

The old PowerPoint slides and personally created videos are also out of trend and boring that people hate watching them. Animated Explainer Videos are a better option than all of those since they have some interactive elements. These videos combine storytelling, emotions, and some engaging characters that create a whole new package. Markets get new prospects to promote their products/services and are able to counter the buyers.

17. Boost crowdfunding

Toonly CrowdFundingThousands of new businesses arrive every year, and with pre-existing high scale businesses, the newbies find it difficult to bring their business some light. But with Toonly, they can create some videos that are user engaging.

Also, they can generate a better amount of funds via investors through this video since they can inform them in just a minute or so with these explainer videos. Also, every video improves funding chances by at least 50 percent.

The world is of the new and unique entrepreneurs, therefore going for the regular founder videos that are boring, why not go for something as interesting as animated explainer videos.

18. Create Product Reviews With Toonly

There are certain things such as beauty products, toys, tech-based products, gadgets, etc. that require a detailed explanation. Why not use Toonly to create such review videos that are both fun and interesting to learn from. Rather than having those boring videos that’ll literally spoil the product sales and make the users disinterested in learning, upload videos created with Toonly that will boost up the learning and will actually prove out to be very worthy.

19. Email Marketing

Toonly’s animated explainer videos are perfect for any kind of email marketing campaign. Adding them to the email template may just double up the final results. Use these videos to explain the buyers about how the product works or how to have access to a particular service. If you even need to create a brand story to tell out more about it, then do it by adding animated videos in the e-mail. There is a better chance that a person may witness animated stuff rather than regular stuff in their email. Find some countlessly interested buyers who would love to go for the product/service.

20. Feature Requests

Are you are not satisfied with the features? Then Toonly users can always request some more features that they think should be present in the video creator & their team will review it & try to update that feature request if possible. This is the feature that no one provides, but they are willing to understand their user’s demand and provide them everything they require to create some interactive videos.

What Are Amazing Benefits of Toonly?

Toonly Features

1. Greatly Efficient Videos

Animated videos are surely very interesting and entertain people in ways one couldn’t even think of. People love animation and it is a great way to bring the product or service in light. Consumers are drawn into that story and become more interested in the business than they would be with regular content ads or text messages. Bring light to these messages and make it way more effective than any other kind of video. These videos work like crazy and provide fruitful sales to the products and services.

2. Informative & Educating

For changing visitor mindset towards finally purchasing, what matters the most is informing them about the brand. These videos are made while keeping in mind that these are specifically for educating the viewers about the product/service. Videos are the most preferred content by any visitor, Animated designer videos are made just for this purpose, and provide a great boost to the business and marketing.

3. Worth 1000 Words

No matter if the content ads or any kind of notes have more than 1000 words at a time, the animated videos still have way more impact than them. Animated videos awake all three senses of a person’s body, and what better than the animated ones that even entertain a person in the best possible manner! A minute of video is more beneficial than 1.8 million words, so just imagine the impact of video branding. Get the message delivered across several parts of the globe and watch the visitors come via these animated videos.

Benefits of Toonly

4. Simplify Complex Subjects

At times content might even work, but some people are not able to identify the concept behind it. With these animated videos, drive their attention and communicate simpler subjects in just a few seconds. Understanding prospects increase and visitors are able to identify the concepts whilst being interested in the products/services. Once the users identify what it is about, they can get an effective conversion are on their products/services.

5. It isn’t Specifically Marketing

At times, videos feel like they are specifically marketing something, but that isn’t the case over here. Users tend to miss out on several things since it looks to marketing type to them. Animated explainer videos that are fun and interactive make it enjoyable and at the same time inform the users about the brand. It is a great way to promote the brand without any irritating or boring videos.

6. Shareable Videos

People who love the videos usually tend to forward it to their fellow friends and family in fact 97 percent of times people are willing to share videos further. These videos are super fun to watch and therefore people tend to send it to their friends, colleagues, family, etc. Toonly creates videos that are highly shareable and bring more visitors and buyers who causally get be interested in moving ahead towards the selling page.

Toonly Benefits

7. Storytell the Videos

Who doesn’t love some amazing stories that are very fun to watch? People love watching story-based animated videos and at the same time, they also get informed! Ever seen kids enjoying cartoons that are informing them about some numbers or providing a social message?  Toonly helps to create videos that exactly work like this, only they are based on a specific product and works on targeting adults.

8. Engage Visitors

Toonly’s animated videos are super engaging and it is proven that people love the content that user create. It is very interesting to promote the products with birds flying, backgrounds changing recklessly, and props appearing out of nowhere since these are the things that distract the viewers for a minute from all of their problems.

With Toonly, Create multiple videos with different animations & video types to review which video is engaging more to the visitors & use that video ad creative for the long-term.

This way, they also tend to be more engaged towards the products and services and tend to move ahead towards finally purchasing it or signing it up. For marketers, advertisers, and promoters, it creates a greater chance of delivering the message and attaining sales.

9. Improve Google Search Rank

Coming on the first page of Google is not easy at all and it takes a lot of effort to do so. But, a site featuring video yet has a better chance to make it on the first page. With Toonly, create videos that seem effortless and lesser into marketing, and give a chance to the brand to promote itself through these videos to generate better sales.

benefits of Toonly

10. Zero Support Calls

It is very frustrating and irritating than viewing thousands of support tickets and calls waiting for replies. Create stuff such as FAQs and common queries that solve all the questions whilst being interesting and fun. Animated videos are a great way to provide an explanation for such things and minimize all the support-based needs. Several businesses use Toonly to create animated videos and have literally been able to reduce all the support calls.

11. Memorable Videos

Texts aren’t something that people remember, but they sure do remember video advertisements. Nearly 95 percent of the viewers remember what the video was all about and what does it inform. It is important to inform people about the brand and create a memory in their mind for the same, which this tool helps in fulfilling.

Toonly Pricing Packages

Before buying Toonly you must review your plan features & benefits after that move forward for checkout. There are two pricing packages, and the users can choose the best one as per requirements.

The two packages are:

Character Animations1730
Prop Images1.0582,024
Premade Scenes1020
Scene Transitions21101
Background Audios20142
Text Animations35
Toonly Facebook Group
Access to the Toonly Club
Create Unlimited Videos
Use on Multiple Computers
Premium Support

Toonly Pricing

Pros & Cons of Toonly


  • Easy to use video creator software.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Interactive elements.
  • Interesting and fun features.
  • Different pricing packages.
  • Customer Support.


  • No Free Trial.

In Closing, Toonly Review:

Toonly is a very unique animated video creator that has features such as extra music tracks and hundreds of characters present. It smoothes up the entire video creation process and makes work even easier. Hiring an animator and video designer is a very expensive task, therefore going for Toonly might be the best thing one can do to reduce costs.

Not only does it reduce costs, but it also boosts up the creating speed that saves a lot of time. With pre-made scenes and characters, the work turns out to be even easier and more facilitating than one may think of. However, there is no free trial for the users to try out for once. Toonly users like this software & also shared their review, that how it’s an amazing video creator and one must definitely go for it.


Is there any free trial for Toonly?

No, there is no free trial for Toonly, but those who doesn't like it can ask for a refund within 30 days.

What does Toonly do?

Toonly creates animated videos for people who want animated videos for advertisements, teaching, product review or anything like that.

How much does Toonly cost?

Toonly costs 39 and 69 dollars respectively, and a person can go for any plan based on their requirements.

What kind of images you can upload in Toonly?

A person can upload PNG, JPG, and GIF files in the tool.

Does Toonly create high quality videos?

Yes, Toonly allows to create high quality video. The export options include resolutions from 360, 480, 720, 1080, and 4K HD.

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