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ThriveCart vs WooCommerce 2024: Which One Should You Join?


If you are one of those people who own an eCommerce site or wish to create one but have been confused between ThriveCart and WooCommerce, then this is your guide.

Both the platforms allow you to sell any type of product and service, be it physical or digital.


One of the most important aspects of online stores are shopping carts and the functionalities that can help you generate greater profits. ThriveCart and WooCommerce greatly differ from one another when it comes to the usage, features, tools and capabilities. 😉

In this WooCommerce vs ThriveCart we will be comparing and rating both the ecommerce solutions on the basis of features, pricing & plans, customer support, benefits and user interface. 

ThriveCart Overview

Thrivecart overview

ThriveCart is Launched in 2016 by Josh Bartlett, it is an online shopping cart platform designed to help you upscale your business by providing you with the most prominent business tools and functionalities.

Some of the offered features are bump offers, upsells, embeddable carts, auto follow up, converting funnels, coupons, customizable checkout pages, link tracking, A/B testing, etc.

Pros and Cons of ThriveCart

👍 Pros

  1. It has a simple to understand interface which is very beginner friendly.
  2. You can create discount offers which can be automatically or manually applied by your customers at the checkout page.
  3. You have access to future sales prediction engines, insights and reports on information regarding annual revenue, total customers, products sold, etc.
  4. An autoresponder feature sends notification alerts to your customer in case some predefined events are triggered.
  5. You can set up and use affiliate management systems to promote your products or services.

👎 Cons

  1. No live chat support or phone support.
  2. Limited flexibility when it comes to page designs and customization.

Pricing Plan of ThriveCart

Users can get a lifetime of access by paying a fee of $495 once and save themselves from recurring fees. You are entitled to receive 30-days money-back guarantee. As a customer, paying once and using the services forever does seem a deal too good to lose. 

Thrivecart pricing plans

WooCommerce Overview

Woocommerce overview

Launched in 2008 as WooThemes, the company shifted their niche from themes to carts in 2017. WooCommerce is an open source plugin built and compatible with WordPress. You can create your own online store with the help of multiple customizable templates and plugin extensions. 😊

Some of the features are multiple extensions, themes, built-in blogging, product checkout pages, real-time backup, smart coupons, ads campaigns, etc.

Pros and Cons of WooCommerce

👍 Pros

  1. It is an open source project which makes it so much more flexible and extensible to use.
  2. You have more customization options in comparison to ThriveCart. It can be achieved with the help of multiple plugins and extensions.
  3. It offers professional storefront templates, and elaborative tools like cross-sells, upsells, built-in blogging, auto follow-ups, dropshipping, etc.
  4. It is compatible and supports tons of third-party integrations such as Etsy, Lightspeed, eBay, Saucal, Shipwire, Freshdesk, etc.

👎 Cons

  1. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, however, setting and configuring plugins as well as extensions for the first time can be a bit confusing and time consuming.
  2. No live chat or phone call support.

Pricing Plans of WooCommerce

Woocommerce hosting price

WooCommerce – It offers three different hosting plans and a few other essentials you can purchase.

Hosting solutions- It can range anywhere from $6.99 to $499.

Smart Coupons – You can get smart coupon functionality for $99 for a year. 

AutomateWoo – Marketing workflows can be purchased for $99 per year. 

Product Add ons – You can avail this for $49 on an annual basis.

Features of ThriveCart

ThriveCart and WooCommerce both offer a plethora of features, some of which are little similar while others are exclusively available for a particular platform only. Let us discuss the functionalities that you are provided with.

Single Click Upsells and Bump Offers

You can create offers to nudge your customers to buy your products by creating relevant offers. Bump Offers increase your chances of generating higher profit by selling more products. It is recommended that you keep the prices of your offers slightly less than the original product. 

Thrivecart one click upsells

Auto Follow Up

It allows you to set up automatic event triggers which would be sent to the customers in case some predefined event matches such as card abandonment, successful purchases, subscription order, order refund, etc.

A/B Testing 

A/B or Split testing analyzes which sales page performs better when customers click to the cart page. The results can significantly help you in improving sales and cart conversions.

High Converting Cart Templates 

You can select any of the four types of available checkout frameworks which you can customize and designed to optimize the conversion rates and minimize cart abandonment. 😚

All checkout frameworks support single step and multi-step billing information; Standard, Sales cart, Embeddable and Popup. Cart template can be styled for any product, you can head to the Checkout tab and click on the “Type tab” to do the same.

Thrivecart cart templates

JV Contracts & Revenue Sharing 

This feature enables you to split the generated revenue or profits among your partners depending on the rules laid down in the contract. The affiliates are paid first and then the business partners.


It is an automatic retry functionality through which you can track all the failed or expiring subscriptions. It notifies the customers of their due expenses if any, sends alerts for subscription renewals and failed payment transactions on your behalf.


You can design and create multiple coupons to urge the customers to make purchases thus generating more sales and profits. You can enable automatic coupon functionality so that the offers will be applied by default. For maximum effect you should offer discounts at checkout pages.

Features of WooCommerce 

Force Sells 

It allows you to create a sort of bundle of products and services, which will be added to the cart together. You can either design a standard force sell that allows customers to remove and edit the number of force-sell products or synced force sells where customers cannot edit or remove the synced items.

Cart & Checkout Blocks

The functionality is available for testing in WooCommerce Blocks plugin which basically helps you rebuild the purchase flow. Some of the payment gateways which are compatible; Bank Transfers, Cheque, PayPal Standard, Stripe, Square, etc.

WooCommerce cart and checkout features

Follow Ups

It is an autoresponder and customer relation tool intended to save you the trouble of creating personalized emails and sending them whenever required. You can design a number of emails such as purchase email, signup email, subscription emails, rewards email, events email, cart abandonment emails, etc.

Google Listing & Ads

You can link your WooCommerce store with Google Merchant Center in order to give your products and services an edge. You can present your products/services to customers across Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, the Display Network to drive traffic and sales for your store, either for free or through ads.

WooCommerce google analytics

Gift Cards

It lets you create and sell prepaid gift cards which can be redeemed by customers digitally by purchasing anything from your store. A unique gift card code of the equal monetary value is generated every time you receive an order for the same.

Smart Coupons 

It is an “all in one” tool for gift cards, store credits, discount coupons and vouchers. Your customers can use gift certificates or credit score to purchase the products as it holds the monetary value. It can be used all at once or multiple times until it’s limit is exhausted.

Woocomerce smart coupons

Analytics and Insights 

You have access to and can analyze the sales reports, customer reports, revenue & profit reports along with order reports. The reports are based on the data collected from processed and successful orders whereas revenue represents net amount excluding all kinds of taxes. 😍

Smart Refunder 

To make the return process seamlessly smooth, smart refunder acts as a bridge between you and your customers. It automates and instantly starts the refund process. 

Additional Benefits of ThriveCart

The ThriveCart Pro account provides upgrades and elaborative tools to help you boost and upscale your business.

It includes seven additional upgrades aside from all the standard ThriveCart features which are; robust affiliate management center, JV contract & revenue sharing, custom domain name functionality, business projections tools, multi-user & client use permission, automated sale tax calculation & reporting and built-in dunning & subscription saver functionality.

WooCommerce Extensions

Additional Benefits of WooCommerce

This WooCommerce feature allows you to build more flexible and comprehensive workflows. It allows you to create workflows and update orders based on specific triggers, rules and action.

The offered features by the extension are that; lets you preset workflows, automate emails, update customers, create campaigns, insights, individual reports, update subscription, trigger order actions, etc. The exclusively supported integrations are WooCommerce Wishlist, Twilio SMS, MailChimp, AgileCRM, Mad Mini, etc.

Woocommerce open source project

ThriveCart vs WooCommerce – Customer Support 

ThriveCart – The platform provides extensive support articles, blog posts and FAQs regarding their products, services and features. Information related to bump products, payment processors, integrations, autoresponders, managing customers, dashboards, and insights is available on the site.

ThriveCart also offers academy options like learn and learn+ platform. You can contact the support team via email, support ticket and Facebook group (ThriveCart Academy). 😇

Thrivecart support

WooCommerce – The platform offers detailed documentation on their supported services, products and tools. Email Newsletters, FAQs, expert help and social communities are also available along with Email support.

Woocommerce support


Wrapping up our ThriveCart vs WooCommerce by recommending when to use which ecommerce software. If all you need is to upscale your business, have better conversion cart rates, have access to services and tools to help you do the same at pocket friendly budget, ThriveCart is a better choice.

However, if you want to build an ecommerce store, want to use customizable themes, plugins and extensions along with checkout cart functionalities, undoubtedly go for WooCommerce. 

FAQs 🤔

Q1. Does ThriveCart handle sales tax calculation?

ThriveCart Pro account automatically calculates the accurate percentage of sales tax on top of your customers order based on their location and other rules that might apply. 

Q2. Can I add multiple payment options to checkout on ThriveCart?

Yes, ThriveCart not only allows you to add multiple payment options but provides you enough flexibility to choose how the purchases are fulfilled, how the customers are tagged/added to your autoresponder, affiliate commissions, and coupons can be used, etc.

Q3. Is ThriveCart free for a lifetime?

You can currently purchase ThriveCart services for $495 and you just have to make the payment once and say goodbye to the recurring fees.

Q4. How many sites can I use for my WooCommerce subscription?

As of February 2020, all the WooCommerce purchases are for single-site subscriptions. One active and valid subscription key can be used on an active site and staging, testing and development of the site.

Q5. Are WooCommerce subscriptions valid for a lifetime?

Absolutely not, each key is valid from the date of purchase and for as long as you have an active subscription.

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