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Teikametrics Review: Can it Grow eCommerce Business? (TRUTH)


PPC Campaigns are a great way to boost sales and rankings on Amazon or Walmart, but can’t be done easily. It requires a lot of concentration and effective research, therefore making it a time-taking process.

Today, We’ll review the software that can increase your eCommerce sales & it’s known as Teikametrics.

Teikametrics is an eCommerce Manager that brings a business good growth on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. It has some amazing features and its international reach is also pretty great.

What is Teikametrics? In-Depth Review

Teikametrics Review

A Software established in 2011 for promoting eCommerce businesses, its headquarters are established in Boston and they are spread across the world. It works to optimize businesses on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. They are specialized in price optimization, managing inventory sales of sellers, and handling advertisement operations for them.

Regardless of it being big or small, they work dedicatedly. The amount of features this platform has is pretty huge and way more than any other platform has since they have specific Algorithmic bid Optimization and calculate product-level profitability. They also have some pretty cool learning opportunities such as eBooks, Podcasts, blogs, webinars, etc.

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The company is one of the most preferred ones when it comes to boosting up product sales with low ACoS and higher outcomes. They have a specific keyword related features that provide the best search terms and boost the campaign’s conversion rate. 

Teikametrics Features & Benefits

Different Features of Teikametrics

1. Algorithmic Bidding optimization

This is their key feature that made me order to dump the old archaic rules take a lot of time and in the end, a person still isn’t able to optimize the advertisement bids accordingly. They use this algorithm and it is integrated with Machine Learning to work in the best way for the users. The biddings are world-class and its management doesn’t even take much time. 

2. Product level Profitability 

Profitability is the first and the topmost priority for every advertiser and if an advertisement can’t bring that, then it’s of no use. Check out individual-level profitability and account-level profitability with the help of this software.

It includes fees, promotion costs, and advertising costs before showing the final profit outcome. Its estimates never go wrong and are absolutely clear. This guides the users towards what products are actually working great with the campaigns and which aren’t providing great results.

3. Keyword Automation

Keywords take a whole lot of time and are a very hectic task. Dump those time taking processes and trust this tool for keyword automation. They automatically figure out the best keywords that have lower competition and can suffice for the advertisement. It increases efficiency, sales, and visibility. 

4. Real Amazon Experts

What’s the sense behind something if it brings no good outcome? Well, with Teikametrics, real-time Amazon Experts work towards benefitting a user in numerous ways. They also make sure that the users get good profits out of the product with efficient advertisements.

The algorithm and professional experts outperform everything and make sure that the PPC campaign gets the desired outcomes. 

5. Get The Perfect Bid

Teikametrics Bidding Features

They check out and scrape off everything from the database to bring out the best bid. It is combined with the product margin, conversion rates, and the expected sales per conversion rate. Teikametrics then creates the perfect bid and times it according to the requirements.

6. Hourly Bid Changes

The algorithm views the product sales and advertisement performance on an hourly basis. They update the bids if it is necessary and always keep a seller on the competitive track.

This is a great feature since all the campaigns stay up to date and

7. Takes care of price changing

At times a person can’t take care of the ever-changing bids and the price changes. But this tool makes sure that the bids are changed and automatically updates whenever the prices change. These notifications help a person be updated and keep up with the latest prices.

8. Incremental lift in advertising outcomes

Teikametrics Advertisement Optimization

Teikametrics is the only advertising platform where advertisers can have a good amount of increment and boost sales. Their ‘synthetic counterfactual model’ is a data-science based way to impact ads, sales ranks, revenue, and reviews for a specific product.

9. Shopper Segmentation For Branded & Non-Branded Keywords

The team is not only dedicated but also loves helping every person in the business. They also understand how crucial advertisements are for a business and how well optimization needs to take place.

It’s not about spending a lot on the brand, but it’s about spending efficiently. They make sure that the brand, competitors, and generic keywords are the topmost priority for them and with this to, everyone can create a dominating market share and bring new customers at the right price, every time. 

Teikametrics Features

10. Specific Advertising Strategies

The advertising strategies are specifically based on the product objective and inventory levels. They have a ‘granular segmentation’ feature with which they make sure that a seller can make the best profits based on the software. This feature is not present in many and nearly all have a similar kind of strategy with nothing specific.

11. Customized Reports

Before making an advertisement, Teikametrics review & make efficient reports keeping the business units, product goals, seasonal sales of the product, budget pacing, and more such things in mind. After that, they continue verifying everything with the help of these points.

Their reports are a hundred percent transparent and this is what differentiates them from others. They always keep a loop where the user’s winning and where there’s some room for improvement. 

12. 24/7 Support

For working on any platform, it is very important that a user must have support by their side. Imagine working at night, and suddenly you face a problem, what do you do at that moment? It can’t be delayed until the morning, and at that moment if there’s no help, then it’ll bring losses. The Teikametrics Software is available 24/7 for everyone’s help.

13. Learning material

There are a lot of case studies that help in understanding how the software produces outcomes and what are the best ways to use it. There are also a lot many blogs and eBooks present that help in learning more about how PPC campaigns work.

The software also takes a few webinars for their user’s to provide some extra help. The case studies and blogs feature client stories that make sense and are very practical. For learning, practical data is the best and that is what the software provides.

How Does Teikametrics Work? 

There are three steps that the software follows to bring out the best outcomes with the help of it. Check out what these are below: 

Understand business and goals:

Their team of experts doesn’t waste the user’s time or just provide anything in the name of details. They take time to understand everything from the business goals to the advertisement outcome. After that, they then look at everything extremely carefully. They understand their decisions can impact a business and work according to it. 

Developing the Strategies:

Their strategies are then designed, keeping the user’s business position and further goals in mind. Every one of their works is time-tested, and it includes all important things such as keyword segmentation, reporting outcomes, etc. These strategies extensively boost the business and bring out great profit margins to them, with happy customers!

Deploy, Optimize, and Analyse:

They ask the users to just sell and leave everything rest. They’ll deal with things such as the powerful go-to marketing strategies, best-in-class technology, and make sure to do everything with a hundred percent transparency. It is very important for these things to be user-specific, and they do that accordingly.

Understanding business and goals


Developing Strategies


Deploy, Optimize, and Analyze

Teikametrics Pricing Packages

Teikametrics Pricing Packages

Here is the review of Teikametrics 3 pricing packages, and all of these are tied up with the Flywheel Advertising Platform. All of these options also have a free trial, they also guide a user for the requirements. Here’s detailed information about the packages:

Flywheel Self-service:

  • Flywheel at $59 a month.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses on Amazon.
  • Works only on Amazon Platform, doesn’t support Walmart.
  • Uses AI for ad Optimization.
  • Algorithmic Bidding.
  • Automated keyword actions.
  • Goal-based campaign optimization.
  • Performance analytics dashboard.
  • In-app chat support.
  • Comprehensive help center.
  • Video tutorials.

Flywheel+Pro service:

  • Flywheel at $59 a month.
  • Ideal for operational managed services and newly growing brands. 
  • Supports both Amazon and Walmart.
  • AI for ad Optimization.
  • Algorithmic Bidding.
  • Automated keyword actions.
  • Goal-based campaign utilization.
  • Pro managed services for Amazon at $1500 and Walmart at $500.
  • Account management with designated account managers.
  • Weekly email updates and monthly check-in calls.
  • Hourly bidding of Amazon SP, SB, and SD.
  • Weekly management of Walmart SP and Amazon SP.
  • Monthly management of SB and SD targeting.
  • Catalog review, goal alignment, and data audit.
  • Platform configuration and data sync.
  • Standard campaign configuration and launch.
  • Flywheel platform training.
  • Weekly keyword targeting refinement.
  • Weekly budget adjustments.
  • Monthly campaign planning and execution.
  • Weekly bidding algorithm adjustments.
  • Weekly product lifestyle adjustments.
  • Advertising seasonality adjustments.

Flywheel+Premium Service:

  • Flywheel at $59 a month.
  • Ideal for strategic management services and established brands.
  • Supports both Amazon and Walmart.
  • AI for ad Optimization.
  • Algorithmic Bidding.
  • Automated keyword actions.
  • Goal-based campaign optimization.
  • Premium management services for Amazon at $5000 and Walmart at $1000.
  • Designated account team with strategists.
  • Quarterly strategic planning.
  • Custom reporting configuration and delivering.
  • Integrated ad strategy and development.
  • Works for Amazon SP, SD, and SB+Video, DSP, and Walmart SP.
  • Discovery and onboarding with customized campaign configuration & launch.
  • Ongoing proactive planning and execution.
  • A custom refinement to campaign design and bidding models.
  • Strategic planning and expanded support for seasonal & promotional events.
  • In-depth keyword research.
  • Negative keyword library management.
  • Proactive adoption of new ad features and betas.
  • Ad hoc advertising incrementality analysis.

Teikametrics Customers Review & Testimonials

There are some amazing client testimonials that claim that the software is pretty amazing. They have worked with various companies such as Clarks, Arteza, Nutrafol, elf cosmetics, Brookline, etc. Corey Bergstrom, President of Swanson Health claims that the software is notably robust and their analysts have helped them optimize profitability.

The software has understood the incremental value of its Amazon ads. Swanson Health has been working with them for a long time and say that they are their valued partners. The company also appreciates the software’s flexibility and its service model. 

Teikametrics Appreciation

Next, founder of Green Gobbler, Matt Sternberg remembers that they told Teikametrics they were leveraging nearly 2,000 orders a week and wanted to double up the number, the company never looked back ever since.

As of today, they are leveraging nearly 4,500 orders every week and consider it their best decision. They couldn’t be happier that their partnership with Teikametrics worked so well and their team’s efforts are the reason behind their success.

Teikametrics Clients

FinFun is also working with Teikametrics for a while now and the software has definitely made their Amazon advertising better. Their Director of eCommerce, Michael Hervieux says that combining the convenience of keywords and bids, along with being able to track the ongoing results, the software has given them way more control than they ever had before. 

Teikametrics Partners

Just like this, there are a hundred testimonials claiming the success of the software and the amazing outcomes they’ve had with it. These testimonials prove how successful they are in their work.

Apart from just these companies, they’ve also worked with CONAIR, Reef, Dickies, and many such companies who are already registered with a great reputation in the seller’s marketing. Imagine if it had worked for these companies, then how well it can work for your brand? 

Teikametrics Pros & Cons

There are some pretty amazing things in the Teikametrics Software, but a few things are different as well. Check out what we liked and what we didn’t before you consider buying it:


  • Accurate data and smart tracking.
  • Customized Reporting feature.
  • Elegant and easy to use the system.
  • Great support staff.
  • Works for everyone from small to large businesses.
  • Free trial and guidance.
  • Different pricing packages.


  • Slightly expensive


  • Accurate data and smart tracking:

The data provided by this software is a hundred percent genuine and accurate, and it doesn’t even take much time in tracking. The timing can range anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and that’s it! Here’s the perfect data for the seller. 

  • Customized Reporting feature:

The customized reporting feature is the best of all in this software. It reports everything from how well the bid is doing in the market, when does it need to change, is it fulfilling the product and business goal, etc. 

  • Elegant and easy to use the system:

Any software of this kind is really tough to use and often bangs heads with PPC Campaigns. But with this software, everything is pretty much automated and easy.

  • Great support staff:

The support staff is present 24/7 and responds in a few minutes of the complaint. They understand how important it is for the sellers to boost their ads without any hindrance, and are always present for their clients.

  • Works for everyone from small to large businesses:

It’s not that the software can only work for the pre-established ones, there are also features for new people. This software works separately for all scales on different pricing packages.

  • Free trial and guidance:

There is a free trial available for all these packages. Another great thing is that they talk to every person who wishes to use this software and guide them on which package is the best for them. 

  • Different pricing packages:

There’s this big problem with software that at times a person has to buy expensive packages just for small outcomes, but this software has different pricing packages for all its users. You must review your Teikametrics plan before purchasing it & check all features & benefits as per your requirement.


  • Slightly expensive:

The software is pretty good and may be worth the money as well, but the only problem here is that it’s slightly expensive for some businesses, and not every beginner can afford it. This is the only con of this software. 

International reach

The software does some pretty amazing things and is jam-packed with features, but it is available in a few countries. Everyone should consider these places before buying since they might and it wouldn’t work in their country. It is currently available in 7 countries, check out which all are present in the list below:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany

Final Verdict On Teikametrics Review

Teikametrics is a powerful, easy to use, and comfortable software. It provides accurate information for all sorts of businesses. The tool guarantees to make a person’s business more profitable and optimized all Amazon and Walmart bids cut wasteful ads and help in finding new opportunities.

The human presence of real-time experts is also a blessing for the users since having someone you can professionally communicate to works well with the advanced machinery. A person can just email on the support mail or call on the helpline whenever someone needs updates or help for the same.

In addition to everything, they have a step-wise strategic process that makes sure that the PPC campaigns don’t bring any losses. It might be a bit costly, but it brings a lot of quality to the users, which is great at the same time. Overall, we recommend this Software to every seller who wants to advance up their eCommerce business and don’t take too much on their head.


How often are the bids updated?

The bids are monitored every hour and if there is a need to change, then the software sends a notification for the same.

Is there a free trial for Teikametrics?

Yes, there is a free 30 day trial for Teikametrics that anyone can go for.

Does Teikametrics need to be downloaded?

No, it is a SaaS based software that doesn’t need to be downloaded. It is completely web-based.

Is Teikametrics value for money?

Yes, Teikametrics is a great platform for Amazon and Walmart advertisement and one must definitely go for it.

Does one have to work manually on the Software?

No, the software is completely automated and a person doesn’t have to do anything on it.

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