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Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp Review: (In-Depth Guide)


Creating a new career path is everyone’s dream and to accomplish those dreams we have many online learning platforms.

If you’re interested in the IT field and want to grow your career in this industry then we have Springboard. Yes, it is one of the finest platforms that ensure the students a job guarantee programs that help to build their career as they want. 

Today we can see various job opportunities in the field of Data Science and Springboard offers data analytics course to prepare the learners as job-ready.

If you’re looking to get hired as a Data Analyst, then read and review this Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp course and after that decide. 

😍 What is Springboard?


Springboard is an online learning platform that offers job-oriented programs of various courses related to the tech industry. Specifically, it gives training to Data Science, Analytics, Cybersecurity, Design, and Coding, now it’s your turn to find the right area that you want to accomplish. 

Want to become a Data Analyst, then Springboard provides a Data Analytics Bootcamp program for a period of six months.

It is a complete online training program that includes 1:1 mentorship and it is a complete career focussed & job-guaranteed program. Even in this program, you’re going to learn both business thinking skills as well as technical skills that you are going to implement at your workplace. 

Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp was launched in 2016, till now more than 2300 students are enrolled in this Data Analytics Career track course. They completed the six months course period to join in the job search and the students the average salary increase is $25.8k+. 

🤗 How Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp Work?

If you’re a person who wants to change your career as Data Analysts then choose this Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp program and get training.

You can learn the course at your own pace as it offers 1:1 mentorship training and the instructors at Springboard are industry experts. In fact, the student advisor, personal mentor, career coach, and springboard community also invest to train you to get success. 

How Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp works

  • To get clarify your queries, it provides a weekly personal mentorship facility and it allows you to make call as many as you want. 
  • Moreover, you’ll just not only get subject knowledge but also get in-depth technical skills as well as a project-based learning experience. 
  • Overall, this six months data analytics boot camp program will provide exceptional career guidance and prepares you to land your dream job. 

Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp is a completely self-paced learning program, review the curriculum, schedule the timings and learn at your comfort.

On the other hand, the best advantage of this platform is first you have to pay a flat fee during the enrollment of the course. Afterward, you can pay the remaining tuition fee once you get hired by any company. 

✨ What This Data Analytics Bootcamp Teaches Us?

Gaining the technical skills is not enough to become successful as a Data Analyst and so Springboard focuses to provide training based on how managers hire you.

In reality, people who want to become successful data analysts fail to impress the hiring managers and the only reason behind this is they are lack problem-solving skills and thinking skills. 

But coming to Springboard teaches everything according to what the hiring managers are looking for. Yes, it prepares the students to focus on job-oriented skills and technical skills.

What Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp Teaches us

Everything will be added to the data analytics curriculum to fill the gaps in the areas of what an employer is expecting from a candidate. It means, along with the course, you’re going to learn strategic skills, communication skills, business management skills, and business problem-solving skills. 

This is the specialty to choose and learn Data Analytics Bootcamp, whereas no other Data Analytics Bootcamp service provider does not offer such type of skills.

For example, watch the videos provided by Microsoft, or else go through the insights of Mckinsey experts, and even look into the various case studies of Harvard Business Schools. No one provides to teach these skills to the students who enrolled in the Bootcamp course.

After earning graduation from Springboard with an analytical mindset will help you throughout your career as it just not a foundation for your job search. Overall, you’ll be going to learn

  • Technical skills like Excel, SQL, etc. 
  • Hypothesis-driven problem-solving skills along with structured thinking. 
  • Ability to think the business insights according to the given data.
  • Speaking skills as well as presentation skills. 
  • Data visualization skills with the help of Looker or Tableau. 

🤔 What you’ll learn at This Bootcamp?

Yes, one can learn the skills according to the employer requirements at Springboard, and it offers over 400 hours of curriculum that consists of case studies, videos, career-related coursework, articles, and other hands-on projects.  

What you'll learn at Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

Frame your Thinking in a Structured Way 

At first, Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp teaches you to learn how to think in a structured manner.

From this, you’ll sharpen the thinking analysis and help you to decide what is right and what is wrong to make decisions. This first unit estimated time is over 25 hours and for learning, it provides 

  • For structured thinking, some case studies and worksheets to solve. 
  • Now, make a framework and processes your thoughts.

Problem Solving Skills for any Business 

Gain analytical skills, and show your ability on how to solve business problems according to the business data insights. The main concept you’re going to learn is the basics of economics along with the common financial subject. It took more than 80 hours to complete this unit. 

  • Financial analysis using Excel. 
  • Financial concepts. 
  • Economic and statistical concepts. 

With SQL, Connect the Data 

If data is given to you, firstly analyze the data and then execute the answers by understanding the data. This is all about what are databases, how to develop an understanding level based on the databases, how to use the databases at the workplace, and lastly analyze to learn on how to communicate with databases. The time taken to complete this unit is more than 30 hours.

  • Intro to SQL and common tools DA/BA.
  • Intro to structured & unstructured databases. 
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on projects and exercises
  • Advanced material of SQL – Mode SQL.

Visualization of Data Using Python

To earn the grip in Python means you must need coding skills, and so in this unit, you’re going to learn how to analyze the data using Python. Basics of Python, and its libraries such as pandas, NumPy, matplotlib, seaborn, and more. On the whole, learn how to import data, export data, and visualize the data. 

  • Basic Python syntax
  • Introduction to Jupyter and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Data cleaning
  • Visualizing data and trends with Seaborn and Matplotlib
  • Practical exercises are also included 
  • The estimated time is over 40 hours 

Reporting Your Analysis

Data Analysts also have to adopt presentation skills and it is because to present the complete analysis to the appropriate stakeholders. It is one of the high-demand skill set required for any data analyst and in this program, you’ll cover everything. Y

ou’re going to show your ability to all types of audiences from technical to non-technical audiences and also front-line employees to executives. To complete this unit, the estimation time is over 60 hours. 

  • Use visualization tools like PowerBi.
  • Create presentations with the help of PowerPoint. 
  • One should create effective communication strategies, and templates
  • Presentations to technical and non-technical department stakeholders, & C-suite executives 
  • Presentation practice in different forms

💥 Projects at Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

Projects at Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

It allows you to build real-time hands-on projects and from this, you’ll get experience on how to handle real projects at your workplace. You have to complete from small projects to two capstone projects based on real data analytics and also you can show these projects to future employers. While handling the real-time projects, you’re going to 

  • Choose any industry dataset
  • Conduct analysis to get perfect results
  • Synthesize insights in slide deck format
  • Present your reports 

✔️ 1:1 Mentorship at Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

1-1 Mentorship Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

At the Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp program, the training is provided as 1:1 mentorship. The mentors of data analytics will train and assist you in every aspect to understand the concepts easily and quickly. It benefits you in many ways like building skills faster and also there is an increase in your growth of the career. 

  • An industry expert will be a personal mentor who will guide & interact with you on a weekly basis. 
  • Your mentor tracks your progress and helps you to reach your goals. 
  • Without paying any extra penny, get help from the community mentor to get clear on all your queries. 

If you want to land your dream job then you have to participate in the mock interviews and 1:1 calls with the mentor. This service is provided throughout the six months program, you have to utilize it and learn things that are required to achieve your goal.

The career coaching calls:

  • Helps to create a strategy for job searching purposes 
  • One can easily build a data science network 
  • It is easy to find the job of right titles and companies
  • Add your achievement on resume and LinkedIn profiles 
  • Ace the interview of your dream job
  • Lastly, learn how to negotiate the salary of your job. 

😚 Pros & Cons of Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp


  • 400+ course hours
  • 1:1 mentorship
  • career coaching calls
  • Well-strutured curriculum
  • Weekly video calls with mentors
  • 100% refund guarantee
  • Learn various job-oriented skills
  • Job guaranteed program
  • Six months period of training
  • Excercises and quizzes
  • Great community support
  • Mock interviews
  • Real-time projects like capstone projects
  • Active online student community



  • Pricing plan is little bit expensive
  • Cousre time is more on Python and its libraries
  • Mentor calling time is limited

💝 Customer Reviews on Springboard Bootcamp 

The students of Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamps are provided their success stories and shared their experiences & reviews are mentioned in the below picture. 

Student Reviews - Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

🎁 Pricing Plans

Pricing Plan of Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

The actual price of the tuition is $8400, but if you pay upfront then get a 17% discount and you’ll be going to pay $7000. 

  • Monthly plan – $1400/month up to 6 months. 
  • Deferred Tuition – $361/month for 36 months.
  • Credit loan – $48- $97 and $256 – $283 for 36 months. 

If you’re a woman or veteran, get a scholarship to pay the upfront of amount $6500. It is a reminder that if you didn’t get a job after completion of the course period 6 months means it refund your amount. 

🔥 Final Say on Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp

Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp program is a six months online learning course that provides a 1:1 mentorship facility to the learners. It provides training to career-focused and also trains with job-oriented skills for the students. One can build real-time projects to get the full experience on how to handle the projects at the workplace. 

It provides training with a job-guaranteed, as the mentors always with the students to guide & teach them and it helps to understand the concepts easily. Weekly video interactions with the mentors are the main advantage and also provide career support during the graduation period. 

On the Whole, Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp review states that it is an excellent program to invest both time & money to achieve the goals. 

😇 Frequently Asked Questions

✌️ Name the list of programming languages that teach at Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp?

It teaches you the programming languages SQL and Python.

🤞 Does Springboard Data Analytics Bootcamp worth it?

Yes, the experienced experts are the mentors to teach the course and it is excellent value for money and time. Real-time projects, excellent curriculum, structured training, job-oriented skills are added advantages to this platform.

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