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Seller Labs Pro Review 2024: Is It Legit Amazon Seller Tool?


Seller Labs Pro works with four of it’s sub-products merged together, namely Ignite, Feedback Genius, Scope, and Performance. They provide the users with an option for either going for manual bidding or automatic bidding.

The tool is very beneficial and helpful for those who wish to put PPC advertisements for their products. There are some pretty amazing things about the tool, check out in this Seller Labs Pro Review.

Sellerlabs Pro

There are several Amazon PPC Software in the market, but out of them, Seller Labs is one the best we’ve witnessed. Seller Labs have all the tools that a seller needs in order to grow their amazon product selling business. It is driven by industry-leading technology, knowledge, and expertise.

The platform helps in lowering ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and let’s spend less by scheduling ads. They work with up to two years of analytics. It discovers the best keywords to generate traffic and sales for any product.

Seller Labs Pro Review: Is it Worth to Buy?

SellerLabs Review

SellerLabs is a great tool that helps in setting up PPC Campaigns for Amazon Products. There is no limitation for usage and number of marketplaces.

Another great thing is that it also doesn’t charge extra for anything, everything is inclusive in the given price. It optimizes Amazon advertisements with the help of it’s old data collected from the recent two years. These analytics help the tool in identifying the methods to promote products.

It finds out which products are the most selling ones and the profit margin it brings. The tool also tracks inventory and reports back to the user about the sales and traffic generation. As mentioned above, the two years of analytics data also help in finding out the best keywords for a product that can promote sales and are less competitive.

Before launching a product campaign, Seller Labs provides a detailed analysis on buyer interest and the best keywords and every data is accurate, advertiser needs to do just minimal research. The software has some amazing features differentiating based on its products, these products are Ignite, Feedback, Scope, and Data.

Review of SellerLabs Features

Sellerlabs Pro Features

Seller Labs Ignite: Amazon Advertising Advantage

1. Automates Advertisements

The tool bring out offers based on the data so a person can spend lesser time on the advertisement. This saves a lot of time that usually goes into managing complex campaigns. Rather than spending time on those campaigns, it lets a user utilize that span in some other task or work.

Advertising Center

2. Lower and Manage ACoS Percentage

For every person who is new to the PPC Campaign Concept, the biggest fear is that the advertisement should not cross the limit. Therefore the tool spends lesser money on ads and grows product sales by using targeted keywords. This results in a lower ACoS percentage and a user doesn’t need to worry.

3. Simplified Reports

A user can understand which advertisements, keywords, and search terms are bringing sales to their products from the panel of SellerLabs. Unlike the other tools, this doesn’t have a complicated user interface to present the report and in fact, everything is very easy to read.

4. One-Stop Ad Management Tool

It centralizes the PPC Campaigns into 7 Amazon Marketplaces at the same time. A person can operate it from a single portal and it’ll manage everything on its own. This is a great thing as everything can be managed in the same place without any issues.

5. Win The Buy Box

Seller Labs helps a person helps find out how the product is doing in the market with the seller feedback. This kind of feature is something that differentiates it from other software. This is the only one in the market that provides the users with data about product feedback.

6. Automates Buyer-Seller Messaging

It grows and improves seller feedback and product reviews with the help of targeted keywords. This may sound a bit confusing, but the tool brings good conversion rates and increases more and more product reviews on the product page. This improves the brand’s ranking on the platform.

7. Product Review Notifications

The user can attain insights for improving the product’s market value and make it fit on the competitor edge. These improvements can be made on the basis of the buyer’s product reviews. The software provides an alternative to the users for fixing up the product details and everything. Not many platforms provide this data.

Performance & Notification Center

8. Present in 8 marketplaces

The tool works in the eight most prominent marketplaces of the world. Anyone can promote their products on any other country’s platform with the help of this tool. It helps in managing everything from one location.

Seller Labs Scope: Discover Profitable Keywords & Products

9. Stand Out In Search

Seller labs tool helps in boosting Amazon SEO ranking by providing high-quality keywords for the PPC Campaign. This helps in having better selling outcomes and increases the brand’s image as well. It can also bring the product in the top-most searched products.

10. Reverse ASIN Lookup

Seller Labs Pro helps in competing for search position by spying o the keywords that are driving a ranked ASIN’s organic traffic. Basically, it spies on the competitor’s reach and finds out the keywords that are working well for them.

11. Discover a new product

Apart from organizing and optimizing PPC Campaigns for the present product, this tool also helps in finding the perfect products to sell on Amazon. It shows the price and sales estimates alongside fee calculation for the products.

Usually, product researcher and advertisement software work differently, and a user has to subscribe to each of them differently. But this one works together and becomes an all-in-one platform for its users.

12. Monitor Keyword and Product Performance

It monitors the keyword and product ranking performance over time and simply optimizes it whenever required. It basically works for boosting product sales and brand ranking on the platform.

Sellerlabs Keyword Center

Seller Labs Data: Simplify Inventory & Financial Reporting

13. Automate Custom Reports

It saves a lot of time that goes into product reporting and building up those complex statistical files. There are customized templates present over here to create reports for keeping a better track record. Over here, the reports can be made with utmost ease and nothing is too tough to find out.

14. Earn more and Spend less

It helps a user in understanding what is making them money and what is costing them a lot of money. SellerLabs finds out everything in an instance and doesn’t even need to dig into the reports. This is a great thing since a person can get the most important data without any issues.

15. Monitors the Inventory

It avoids costly stock-outs and long term storage fees with smart inventory monitoring. A person doesn’t need too much time to focus on their inventory and product sales. This is a great thing since it relieves a person from all such time taking processes.

16. Visualizes the Growth

Seller Labs lets a person see key metrics on a daily to annual level with detailed sales information. It works on a per-SKU level and provides the best data outcomes that help in analyzing the overall growth of the business.

Seller Labs Pricing Packages

There are monthly pricing packages, and if someone wants to use the product throughout the year, then there is a benefit of a few dollars every month.

Sellerlabs Pricing

All these packages include chat support and all features are available.

Features in the packages

  • Monitor sales, fees, and probability.
  • FBA Inventory Notifications.
  • Traffic and Conversion Reporting.
  • Organic and Paid Keyword Research.
  • Catalog Performance Monitoring.
  • Competitive Research.
  • Automatic Customer Communication.
  • Compliant Message Templates.
  • Customizing Timing & Schedules.
  • Product Review Monitoring.
  • AI-Driven Campaign Optimization.
  • Ad Scheduling and Automated Workflows.
  • Goal-Driven Suggestions.


1. Up to $50K @ $49/Month

2. $50K-$250K @ $99/Month

3. $250K-$1M @ $149/Month

4. $1M-$3M @ $299/Month

5. $3M-$5M @ $499/Month

6. $5M: Pricing Packages Available on Contact

7. Amazon Vendors: Pricing Packages Available on Contact

Seller Labs Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Customer Support present.
  • It drives great growth and good traffic.
  • Great campaign data history.
  • Works dedicatedly on everything.
  • Free 30-day trial.


  • Simple and basic.

SellerLabs Pros

  • Easy to use

The tool is very easy to use and doesn’t involve anything too techy. Anyone can understand it and start working with it without any issues.

  • Customer Support Present

The tool has customer support present on its website and if anyone encounters a problem with the tool, then they can always contact them.

  • It drives great growth and good traffic

The tool drives a great amount of traffic with its great features and methods. The keywords also work really great and help in boosting business growth.

  • Great campaign data history

The data history provided is very easy to read and understand. It doesn’t have any fancy language and data display, unlike other ones.

  • Works dedicatedly on everything

The tool works dedicatedly on everything and doesn’t create any problems for the users. Nearly everyone is satisfied with the tool’s performance because of the way it works.

  • Free 30-day trial

There is a free 30-day trial for those who wish to try it up once. They can then move ahead with finalizing their choice of product. This is a great thing for people who are new to the thing.

Seller Labs Cons

  • Simple and basic

If someone wants to have something super advance, then they won’t like this one. It works simply and doesn’t have anything extra!

Seller Labs Reviews & Testimonials

Seller Labs Review & Testimonial
SellerLabs Testimonial

There are some amazing testimonials over here that claim how amazing this tool has proved out for them. Various people are happy with the ease it has brought to them. The tool automatically manages the campaigns and requires just a little attention from the users. Seller labs review from Chris G. says that he used to spend hours fixing his PPC Campaigns, but after connecting with Seller Labs he spent just a few minutes every week and that too only for looking at the relevant data.

SellerLabs Testimonials & Reviews By Customer

Next, there is a testimonial from Jing. G. who says that she is witnessing a great number of reviews on her selling page than her competitors. She is extremely satisfied with the feedback that has helped her have great sales and reviews.

Final Verdict Of Seller Labs Review

SellerLabs Software is very helpful and works as a multitasker. Unlike other tools that work only for one thing, this tool provides everything from campaign optimization and keyword research to product fetching. The tool also works for maintaining the ACoS and works very dedicatedly towards every small step.

The software is present in a whopping number of 8 marketplaces and a person can sell in all these markets without having to worry about anything. Overall, it is an amazing software and one must definitely go for it! It is a total yes from our side.

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