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How to Reset Windows 10 Password When Your PC Locked Out

Have you ever locked out of your Window 10 computer? For people who have been through this experience, they know there can be nothing worse. It’s a nightmare for persistent computer users who are from a non-technical background.

They have to depend on their friends or technicians to come and help them as window sometimes block them for days until they do not arrive with a solution.

PC locking is basically a security measure by Microsoft to make sure that no one can enter your digital world without your permission (or unless you give them your password).

However, sometimes you might forget the password yourself. And that is why Microsoft has come up with the concept of “windows Hello” for Window 10. The windows hello allows you to bypass the password security obstruction.

Earlier in Windows 8, Microsoft added direct support for all its accounts. Whenever PC with Windows 8 was used, it used Microsoft account details instead of personal credentials of the user.

window password reset

Here, we are presenting you with the user guidelines for password reset, in case, you are locked out of your Window 10 PC.

There are times when you try to log in to your computer and enter the required password, and you realized that you do not remember the exact password. And after a few trials, the system locks you from entering the Window 10.

That’s the time when you feel helpless and start looking for solutions. However, if you have technical knowledge, or you are a precise user, perhaps you would have used your MS account to log into the Window 10 as it is a default account that every Windows OS evoke during the initial set up on your PC.

This account is used as a default setting for all the MS services such as window store, Outlook as well as OneDrive. In fact, MS account makes it easy to reset your password and change it in the matter of few minutes.

Things to do when your Window 10 PC locks you out: Figure out the type of account you have with Microsoft.

If anytime you try to sign in to your account and your password is not working, before anything else, you need to remember the account type you use to connect to MS through your system.

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MS Windows 10 is compatible with two kinds of accounts. The first one is Microsoft account, which connects your system to various MS services online such as and OneDrive. These accounts offer a Username that ends with the suffix from MS email Services, and these are,, and

The other type of account is the local account or your personal account that you create on your system while entering the Window 10. This is generally known as a “User account.” These accounts are not connected to MS Services and are created as user’s end mainly for login to the PC with Windows OS.

This account does not connect you to any of the online MS Services. For example, you cannot log in to the Window Store using the local user password to download any app, game, music or videos.

There are different options to reset the password of these two accounts. Hence, it is essential to know the type of account you have with Microsoft.

Below we are providing you with some simple steps to reset your password if you are not able to unlock your Microsoft Window 10 account.

Reset password for Windows 10 through your Microsoft Account

When you enter the wrong password, the window will prompt you with a message saying “Incorrect Password.”  This message consists of a particular link. With the help of a smartphone or another computer system, you can enter this link on the net. This link will take you to the Microsoft Account Password Reset page directly.

    Choose the option “I Forgot My Password” and click on the “Next” button.

    Add the required MS Account details that can either be your email address or mobile phone number you provided initially at the time of the setup. Then you have to validate the captcha.

    And press the “Next” button.

    Select one of the options, provided to receive the security code. It can either be through the text message on your phone or an email on the address you provided to connect to your account.

    Press the “Send the Code” button.

    Now check your email or phone, whichever is valid, for the security code.

    Enter the Security Code in the box given.

    Click on the “Next” button

    Now enter your new password and re-enter it in the next box. Remember the password must be at least 8-characters long.

    Click on the “Next” button

    Now you will receive a message saying that your account has been recovered. Now, press the “Next” button.

You can now enter the new password on your PC to sign in to the MS Window 10.

You can only log in to your account if your PC is connected to the net. With everything in place, you will be able to enter your account quickly.

Once you reset your Microsoft Account password, this means that along with Windows 10, the password of the other Microsoft Services has also been reset. All the MS services are connected to your PC through the same Microsoft Account password.

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It is always better to use the Microsoft Account to login to your system rather than the local account as MS account is a secure account. Besides, the password reset process on Windows 10 is also very easy. It is crucial to check your account settings regularly to ensure that the security settings are in place. It also keeps you updated. Always provide the valid phone number or email address to make the password recovery process simple.

In case, you have not associated your Microsoft account to an email id or phone number; then you can use the “Enterprise edition of PCUnlocker” straight. Here you can unlock the Microsoft Account Password. You can select from the options to select your preferred MS Account for which you unlock the password.


Window Password Recovery tools are also available on the internet. These tools can be used for the password recovery of both Microsoft and local accounts. You can change the password of anyone as per your requirement.

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