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Outschool Review: Is It Best Learning Platform For Kids?


Kids are the future of the world and their desires are uncountable. This is the age when magic seems possible and learning looks like a passage to achieve it all.

Formal education and homeschooling are good but accompanied by a different curriculum decorated with several topics involved which are not bound by any specific domain. 😊

Introduction to Outschool

Outschool is such a platform to get it all done with grace. Let’s find out what more it holds and how well it is crafted by the founders and the team for people who are interested in making their kids excel in numerous domains.

What is Outschool? [In-Detail Review]

Outschool is an online learning platform that provides teaching in different fields. It was founded in 2015 and was the first choice of home learners as it provides powerful teaching by innovative methods.

About Outschool

Later it got expanded to those too who wish to make their kids learn extra skills while they are part of a school.

The class count of Outschool live classes has now reached 1,40,000 as it serves around 183 countries with more than 1,000,000 learners. It is a hub for learning different skills and subjects with top-notch teachers on board.

Pricing Plan Of Outschool

Pricing Plan of Outschool

Outschool does not offer the same rates for everyone as it differs on who the learner is taking the classes. As teachers are independent to charge according to their standard of teaching.

The rates can’t be sky-touching as they had to be under some kind of limit. Though the charges motivated and suggested to parents to pay for an hour of class are said to be under $12 – $15 as this is an ample amount and well justified according to learning criteria. Some data suggests that the cost for one week of classes may go up to 200$.

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What Can Be Expected From Outschool?

Both teachers and students can keep their expectations high from the platform Outschool offer the best learning experience to students in different and a lot of categories.

What can be expected from Outschool

It allows them to pick and develop. The platform is for children aged 2-18 years old. 😘

This is the time when a maximum of a student’s development has to be done as the brain is more adaptive and capable of learning. Those who are capable enough to teach can be a part of Outschool too and contribute to the betterment of the student’s future.

Public Reviews: Is Outschool Good?

Yes, Outschool is legit and has global recognition. Being found in 2015 as has been mentioned by Forbes and other major websites.

According to data, it is #1 in terms of innovative companies in the education domain and #12 ranked in overall rankings. Pandemic has already given a major boost to Outschool with most of the students and teachers picking it up as a platform.

Is Outschool legit

It is highly reliable and can be trusted with the learning process and working as a teacher too as it has got it all which makes it a platform worth staying connected to.

Does Outschool Offer Scholarships?

Outschool has this vision of delivering the best education to as many people as possible. This is the reason why Outschool tries to manage all the resources in the market at affordable prices. Still by considering the digital differences and understanding the financial instability.

It has been providing sponsorship of 2.5 million to students. Also, it has been partnering with nonprofit organizations to help them level up their educational resources in order to connect with more students.

More details regarding Outschool can be checked on their official website if someone wishes to claim the grants.

How To Be A Teacher In An Outschool?

How to be a teacher at Outschool

Outschool is an exceptional platform for educators who have the ability to share their knowledge with the world and requires a powerful platform. Outschool has kept the process and eligibility simple so that anyone interested can deliver the best of their caliber. 😉

The process of applying to Outschool to be its educator is as follows-

  1. The applicant has to check out the platform of Outschool and become familiar with its teaching structure.
  2. The applicant can join the Facebook group or connect with the education center.
  3. The application form has to be submitted with requisite details and verification of documents. 
  4. After being verified the educator has to take the compulsory training at the education center.
  5. Then they can list their class and add additional tools on the dashboard by this the process gets completed.
Pros of Outschool

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria aren’t too tough and make the hiring process easier. The minimum requirements are as follows-

  1. No need for formal teaching credentials as anyone having the talent in a specific field can surely apply for becoming an educator.
  2. The applicant must belong to any one place out of Wales, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and England.
  3. Expertise in at least one field to deliver the lectures.
  4. Technical knowledge is a must in order to manage an e-learning platform.
  5. Community standards should be satisfied and every condition should be fulfilled.
  6. Stable connection of around 3 Mbps and personal device.
  7. Fluency in written and spoken English is a must with a non-criminal background.

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What Is The Pay Scale For Educators?

Educators can charge according to their will as much as they want that is feasible to students. The normal payscale is considered $15 to $25 for an hour.

By being talented in multiple fields teachers can list more classes and certainly earn more. The average of a week’s learning can go for around $200. This payscale for educators is clearly dependent on their experience and caliber.

Features Of Outschool For Students & Teachers

Outschool has several features which can capable enough to make it worth using the platform. Outschool allows flexibility to all and has several features decorating the platform. With global recognition, it helps in directing to become more powerful and impressive to users.

Let’s learn more about these features and how they help students and teachers in making Outschool a top pick. Some of its major features are as follows-

Multiple fields

Outschool isn’t limited to any specific subject or field anyone who enrolls for Outschool gets the finest choice of picking up the field from a ton of options available. From history to guitar there is no foundation for the expansion of options available on Outschool.


Summer camps are offered by turning Outschool into a massive hub of 1,40,000 classes. This shows up more options to explore and learn new skill sets and involves fun activities. Multiple options of camps are available such as Summer scratch coding camp level 2, Biology camp, etc.

Personalized curriculum

No need of following a strict pattern in order to develop. As Outschool has multiple options which can be involved in order to develop a personalized curriculum.

Talented Teachers

All of the teachers are well trained and are talented enough to deliver excellent teaching to students. This promises quality education to everyone connected through Outschool.

Easy eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for becoming an educator at Outschool aren’t tough and can be fulfilled easily by anyone. This helps in getting hired easily and earning better for their caliber.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Outschool?

Outschool has several benefits which help in making it a top pick and being recognized globally. Let’s learn more about its benefits which are as follows-


Scholarships are offered to those who aren’t coming from financially strong families. A grant of around 2.5$ million is made available by the board of Outlook. It is easy to access and can be found on the official website of Outlook. 😇

Benefits of using outschool


Being globally recognized and in the market for more than 7 years, Outschool is being most reliable learning platform for users. As it is beneficial for both teachers and students.

Better pay

The average earning of $200 for a week has been found on Outschool. It can be increased by listing more classes as well as being more experienced.


Different types of summer camps help in developing different skills during holidays. It has different categories involving multiple types of fun and learning activities.

These were the benefits that can be availed by using Our School as your learning and education-providing platform.

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Pros and Cons of Outschool

👍 Pros

  1. Easy eligibility criteria for teachers make the job easier.
  2. The good pay structure for teachers of good caliber.
  3. Lower requirements of being hired by Outschool.
  4. Multiple options are available for students to explore.
  5. Personalized curriculum services are available.
  6. The company has been mentioned by Forbes and other big media portals.
  7. Numerous camps can be enjoyed in order to spend holidays.
  8. Flexible learning hours are provided to students.
  9. Training of teachers isn’t too hard and can be easily understood.
  10. Scholarships for low-income families are provided.

👎 Cons

  1. 30% commission charges on earnings of teachers by Outschool.
  2. The age limit of 18 is applied in enrolling for Outschool as a learner.
  3. Common subjects become tough to attract classes as the market turns saturated.

Conclusion – Final Say

Outschool is the best platform available for e-learning and exploring new fields. It has numerous benefits attracting teachers and students towards it. It is highly ranked by different global rankings.

With a long list of pros, it assists in becoming a companion in learning for kids. Teachers too can connect simply to the platform to share their services.

Conclusion of Outschool

Some of its cons make it lack perfect yet it helps in becoming one of the top-rated platforms. 😍

So no more worries about the overall development of kids as Outschool helps in the betterment and exploration of thousands of fields with the best teachers. 

FAQs 🤔

When was the Outschool platform launched?

Outschool was launched in 2015 for kids to deliver education in multiple fields.

Are there scholarships available at Outschool?

Yes, a grant of 2.5 million dollars is available for scholarships for low-income families.

Are there credentials needed for being an educator on Outschool?

No, there is no need for formal credentials for becoming an educator at Outschool.

What is the age limit for being a learner in Outschool?

Only students aged 3-18 are eligible for becoming learners at Outschool.

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