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Mike Herrara Net Worth 2024: Lifestyle, Career & Earnings


Rock music gives us the best thrills. The way they are formed to deliver the best of grooving is exceptional. Rock bands are always in vogue as everyone wants to be in their concerts and whatnot.

Early life and education

Mike Herrara is a songwriter, musician, and singer associated with the punk rock band MxPx. He is one of the finest musicians of rock music as the way he connects with his music is exceptional and perfect. Popular with the name Rock Herrera he got a lot of love from the world. Let’s understand more about Rock Herrera’s life and how well he connects with his audience.

Early Life and Childhood

The life of Mike Herrera has always been covered under the blanket of music and love. In his early childhood, he had an ambition of being a rockstar rather than opting for a casual career in mainstream fields. Rock Herrera was born in Bremerton, Washington.

His parents are Art Washington and Michele Herrara. He has two siblings involving a younger and an older sister. In his childhood, he got inspired by the rock music of his country and decided to start a rock band with his childhood friends Andy Husted and Yuri Ruley.

The first performance of his band happened in his backyard with an innocent dream and now taking over the hearts of millions of people.

The Career of Mike Herrara

The career of mike

Mike Herrara is pretty good in terms of his career. He has always followed his love for rock music. As he denotes music as his soulmate. Because the way music connects him to the divine is always special. Rock Herrara is the artist for various bands and has several solo acts and projects too. Mike Herrara is the best when he starts on his instruments so let’s find out what he holds in his career in the following-


The closest to the heart of Rock Herrara is MxPx. Because anything is your first remains closest to the heart. MxPx is the way to everyone’s heart who wish to groove on rock music. It was the first band started by Rick Herrara in his early childhood. Starting with friends it conquered millions of hearts which narrate how well his vision has fulfilled the craving of rock music lovers.

Mike Herrara Solo

The solo career of Rock Herrara has always been connected to MxPx and Tumbledown. As the band got less active in the 2000s. Rock Herrraa started working on solo acts with more focus. Monkey trench studio is owned by Rock Herrera which had resulted in the increased love for rock Herrara making more rock music for his fans.


Another superb gift to the world of rock music is Tumbledown. A band started by Rock Herrara with top American songwriters and guitarists. The special thing about Rock Herrara’s Tumblewood is that it got a different rock style than MxPx by having a greater essence of country sound.

Projects and productions

Rock Herrara always got his hands filled with work. He also got albums except for his work with tumbledown and MxPx. His albums involve Rate by Too Bad Eugene and Future Plans Undecided by Element. He has so done playback and released several songs for his fans.

Net Worth

Net worth of mike

Net Worth according to various internet data of Rock Herrera is $3 million. This involves his earnings from composing, songwriting, and performing. The bands MxPx, Tumbledown, and solo projects done by Rock Herrera contribute to the successful career of Rock Herrera in this domain.

As he is loved by his fans a lot which has made his band’s multiple songs chartbusters contribute to the net worth of Rock Herrera.

Social Media


All about Mike Herrara

Rock Herrera is another name for Rock Music. When he puts his hands on the instruments the vibe gets changed and leads to the magic of rock music. Seeing his childhood dream change into reality narrates a lot about how well dreams and hard work are in terms of compatibility.

If one can dream and have the best of their caliber in front of the world then nothing is going to stop them from being the best and having the finest career.

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When were MxPx and Tumbledown founded?

MxPx and Tumbledown the biggest milestones in the life of Rock Herrara were founded in 1997 and 2007. MxPx was founded with his childhood friends and Tunbledown with another top artist of his contemporary times.

What is the net worth of Rock Herrera?

The estimated net worth of Rock Herrera is $3 million in 2022.

Who is the wife of Rock Herrera?

The wife of Rock Herrera is Holli with whom he has two children after getting married in 2001.

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