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Dropshipping is a great business since it saves several costs such as inventory management and shipment costs of sending the products to the buyers. But what should one exactly dropship?

The products must be highly qualitative and have market demand, therefore for that one should have an efficient product research tool.

Intelligynce Review

Intelligynce is an amazing tool to search & review the best products that can be dropshipped as they have a huge database and can find products from different niches. This tool is available in both SaaS-based format and a Chrome extension. All these products are highly profitable and a dropshipper can rely on their quality without a second thought.

It is one such tool that lets a dropshipper spy on thousands of dropshippers with a single click. There are also options to find out high-selling products that are the best for selling ahead.

There are surely some great reviews of the tool, check it out in our Intelligynce Review.

Let’s check:

How Intelligynce Find & Review Best Products

Intelligynce is a Shopify, Woocommerce, and other dropshipping platform’s research tool present in the market for a while now and has a database of more than 500,000 eCom stores. Not only that, but the product database present over here is also of more than 2,500,000 hot selling ones.

Intelligynce Features

Usually, product research takes a lot of time, since going through every of the database is a very hectic process. But with this tool, it takes a few seconds to load data for every product from every niche. Find the products that are trending & hot selling, and dropship them with the utmost ease!

From Shopify products to details in multiple columns, there is a lot of stuff present over here.

23 Key Features Of Intelligynce

1. Keyword Generation Tool

The tool can generate some highly targeted keywords in a matter of seconds with the help of their inbuilt keyword generator tool. Also, get instant access to the treasure of some hidden profitable niches that can make a lot of money for the users. Start with this tool and enter product keywords to find it even more instantly.

2. Best Sellers Tool

Analyze & review all the best product details on AliExpress with the help of the best sellers tool of Intelligynce. The tool has data from all niches and provides information on how well are these products selling in the market and what is the demand. With over 380 product categories, instantly uncover the top-selling products for the eCommerce store. The niches from which it shows the best selling products are:

  • Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Men’s clothing and accessories.
  • Phones and Accessories.
  • Computer and office.
  • Consumer electronics.
  • Jewelry and accessories.
  • Home and Garden.
  • Shoes.
  • Mother and Kids.
  • Sports and Entertainment.
  • Beauty and Health.
  • Automobiles and Motorcycles.
  • Home Improvement.

3. 33 Data Columns

Intelligynce Database

Extract all the products that are liked and suitable for the business from AliExpress and view all the necessary data about it in the 33 columns. One may get tired of looking, but they won’t be tired of displaying the data that might be beneficial for the seller. All a person needs to enter is category, shipment country, delivery country, min & max price, min & max units, sorting range, and that’s it! The 33 columns include data from:

4. 3 Powerful Ways To Search

There are 3 powerful ways through which a person can search the products, without any issues. Just quickly type in the keyword and search top selling products that one needs for their eCommerce store.

The options to search through are:

  • AliExpress Search Engine.
  • Bing Search Engine.
  • Input own links of AliExpress Product Links.

5. Built-in AliExpress Product Link Scraper

Apart from just product searching, there is also a product scraping tool provided by Intelligynce. One can insert any content that has AliExpress Product Links and with this feature, there are no limitations on what product data one exactly needs to see. AliInspector Software provides information and shows everything that might be present in that AliExpress Link.

It fetches out data from:

  • AliExpress Search Result Pages.
  • AliExpress Category Pages.
  • Any Page from the AliExpress Website.
  • Google Search Results.
  • Yahoo Search Results.

6. 14-days worth data

Whilst dropshipping, one day the product is in, and the next day it isn’t, therefore, buying any product for supplying it ahead, check out whether it even has a demand and how well is it selling. The tool provides product insight worth 14 days where the product sales volume is displayed.

7. Exact Product Sales

Intelligynce Product Sales Volume

Their sales analyzer tool is something that makes it different from any other tool. One can analyze recent sales for any product and the data will be in front of the eyes in lesser than a microsecond.

Click the next button and also find some intuitive graphs to track the product sales with the utmost ease. This data can be used to target the audience via Facebook Ads or any other Social Media Ad Network.

8. Improve The Ad performance

Improve the advertisement performance by using this data in any kind of advertisement and target the audience more specifically. This data can be saved in an HTML file and the users can go through it anytime you create an advertisement. There are also some tutorials present to teach the users how to download the data and save it for future references.

9. Import Unlimited Products

Review & Import as many products as required with the help of Intelligynce product research tool. Directly import them from the Shopify and WooCommerce stores at just a single click once these stores are integrated into this tool. It will also auto-generate the price every time a person imports these products on their dashboard. Further ahead, it generates some other helpful SKUs for the product variations.

10. Import Unlimited Product Reviews

Intelligynce Product Review Import

Further ahead, one can also import some product reviews and get more sales with the help of the same. The Ali Inspector software makes review importing a task that can be done in an instant, without any issues.

Make the review pop up and increases brand efficiency with the help of this option. Use the review export feature, quickly generate the reviews export file for any AliExpress product in just as few seconds.

Have the ability to import the reviews directly onto the Shopify & WooCommerce stores to increase the product sales with credibility.

11. Save The Best Results To Favorites

Review & save the favorite products on Intelligynce software in the “Favorites section” that are found and can be fruitful for the business. It is easy to save them and one doesn’t need to recklessly flip through the product files to find it out all over again. Create groups of ‘favorites’ based on different Niches and organize it for different eCommerce stores.

12. Preview Product Images & Data

Intelligynce Image Database

Quickly see the product images and data with the help of the preview button and easily see all the product image variations. See the larger images by simply hovering the mouse on the top of the images. One can also save these and send these previews in the form of HTML files to the team. These files are 100 percent informative and can be sent just like any other file format.

13. Search From Over 2.5 Million Database

Unlike other product databases that usually include information on a few products, they have a huge database in comparison to theirs. Instantly check out products that are best for the business from their huge 2.5 million product database.

With just a few clicks, Intelligynce review & show the Shopify Analytical Data comes on the fingertips including everything required.

This data includes:

  • Best Seller Product Ranking.
  • Store a daily number of visitors.
  • Estimated daily sales.
  • Facebook Pixel Detection.
  • A number of Facebook page fans.
  • The number of twitter followers.
  • The number of Instagram followers.
  • Instant links to AliExpress, Google, and Shopify Stores.

14. More Than 500,000 Shopify Stores

With more than 530,000 stores present in the database, one can easily uncover the top stores and top products that are helping other sellers make thousands of dollars every day. See the top-selling products chosen by more than half a million Shopify stores.

Stop searching for Google or any other search engine looking for different Shopify stores as one can get instant access to thousands of top Shopify stores. The database is replaced and refreshed once every two weeks and get the latest fresh statistics one needs.

15. Get All The Hot Products

Want to know about the products that sell instantly and without any issue? Finds out all the hot selling products that rate trending in the market and find hundreds of hot products from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. Products are updated on a weekly basis and one can see the ones that are trending for that particular week.

16. Arbitrage Price Check

Intelligynce Arbitrage Price Checker

For those who wish to find the ‘perfect’ price of the products, they can do so with their Arbitrage Price Check Tool. Also, those who want to arbitrage products from one platform to another, then the Intelligynce tool helps in doing that too! With this tool, one can easily compare all the prices from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay at the very same time.

17. Powerful Filters

Intelligynce Filters

With their powerful filters, find out the best products that can be proven fruitful for the business in numerous ways. From currency to keyword search, everything is present over here and can be used by the sellers.

18. Social Accounts

Apart from the store insights, do you want to see what the social accounts are operating? Then this tool gives information about the store’s Facebook page and another seller can easily see the data and create new content for the eCommerce business. Skip the testing process and simply find out something that is being used by others.

19. Traffic Analysis Data

Intelligynce Traffic Analysis

See all the monthly traffic trends instantly and trends for each and every Shopify store. Also, get the traffic volume for every country that is required. Use all this powerful information to build up some great and specifically targeting Facebook and Google Ad Campaigns.

Get the perfect leads and sales for the Shopify store with the utmost ease. With the ‘More stats’ button, get instant access to the data and find more things such as traffic sources, top advertising publishers, audience interest, and many more things.

20. Competitor Analysis

With the help of the Competitor Analysis tool that present in the Intelligynce software, analyze & review where the 5 competing stores are trending. With this data on the top competitors, see how are they promoting the top sellers and improve the eCommerce store from their data.

21. Google Ads

See the google ads that the stores are running for a long time and what is the content they are using in ads. Also, witness there running keywords and also model your own Facebook and Google ad content with the help of these successful Shopify stores data. Skip all the tedious research and only find out what Google Ads are currently working.

22. Activity View

Keep a note of all the activities taking place in the competitor store and what new products they have launched in recent days. Also, instantly witness all the things about when the store was last updated, what is their preferred theme, etc.

23. SEO Data

See exactly where the traffic is coming from and is it social or organic with the help of the Intelligynce SEO Feature. Click on more stats button and inspire the campaign with that of the competitors.

Intelligynce Pricing Plans

There are three pricing packages for the Intelligynce Product Research tool, check out how much they cost:

Intelligynce Pricing Packages

1. Intelligynce Full Access-$39.00/Month

2. Intelligynce Full Access-$99.00/Lifetime.

3. Intelligynce Full Access-$79.00/Year.

Pros & Cons of Intelligynce


  • Easy to use.
  • A wide aspect of features.
  • Huge Database.
  • Integrates with both Shopify & WooCommerce.
  • Different pricing packages.
  • Single click functioning.


  • No free trial or moneyback.

Final Verdict – Is Intelligynce Worth To Buy?

Yes, the tool is amazing! It is very affordable be it for monthly, yearly, or lifetime package. They have a wide array of features that no product research tool can ever have. The database is huge, and so are the number of products alongside Shopify stores. Apart from just products, Intelligynce also review & show data from competitors for better and effective analysis.

They have all the features one is exactly looking for and the best part is that they also provide a bonus Ali Inspector Software for examining the products on a better scale. The only sad part is that they don’t have a free trial. But apart from that, there is everything present over here.

From product research, keywords, advertisements, and SEO, they help in everything that probably is present in the industry. Overall, the Intelligynce tool is worthy of every single penny and it is a must-buy for all the sellers & dropshippers.


How many stores can Intelligynce view?

Intelligynce can view over 2 million products from 500,000 stores and can fetch out some new stores with the help of Store Inspector.

How to use Intelligynce after I purchase it?

Once a person receives, they will receive a few emails on the ID that was used to purchase a membership of Intelligynce. Those emails include all the information with regards to the login setup. There are some video tutorials as well as the download link for AliInspector.

How to contact the Intelligynce support?

If there is a need for any assistance with the Intelligynce software, then one can send them an email.

Can I filter prodcuts that are actually selling?

Yes, one can easily fetch out products that are actually selling.

Intelligynce Review
Intelligynce Review
Intelligynce Tool: Worthy Or Not?
Intelligynce is an amazing dropshipping tool that has everything from product research to spying and is even compatible with Google Analytics. It is worthy of every single penny and it is a must-buy tool for all the dropshippers & sellers.
Ease Of Use
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