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Freshdesk Review 2024: Is It Best Customer Service Software?


If you are searching for customer service software that can help you deliver faster and more consistent services, encourage cross-functional collaboration between teams, drive the productivity of your agents and more, then this Freshdesk review might help. 

Freshdesk Review

In this Freshdesk review, we will be covering a number of diverse aspects including key features, pricing details, customer support, pros & cons and more.

What is Freshdesk?

One of the many products developed by the parent company Freshworks Inc, the customer support software named Freshdesk was launched in 2010. 😉

Freshdesk Companies

As of today, the software solution is used by more than 50,000 companies, some of which includes Cisco, Honda, Zoomcar, UNICEF, NYU, Pearson, Azimo and more. 

Freshdesk is an intuitive, advanced and modern software designed to provide faster and consistent help desk support software. The customer service can be managed from a single built-in interface across multiple channels including chat, phone, email, WhatsApp Business and social media platforms.

It empowers and boosts the agent’s productivity by eliminating all of the manually redundant tasks and automating them. With the help of Freshdesk you can get rid of the unnecessary work and concentrate on solving complex problems. 

Freshdesk grants you access to multiple comprehensive and detailed analytical reports on various criteria in order to track your team’s performance. 

Freshdesk Benefits

Some of the features you can leverage the benefit of includes Ticket Dispatch, Timesheet summary report, Collision Detection, Helpdesk Report, Custom Email Server, Ticket Fields & Status, Custom Roles, Sandbox, Audit Log, Extendable API Limits, CSAT Survey & Reports and more.

Stick till the end of this Freshdesk review in order to know as much as possible about the customer service software solution before investing in it. 

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Freshdesk Key Features 

Even though you have access to ample features with the Freshdesk software solution, some of the top functionalities are as follows.

1. Ticketing 

With the help of the organized ticketing system, you are able to prioritize your tickets on the basis of specified keywords, arrange as well as assign them to particular agents. 

Freshdesk Ticketing

Some of the tickets related tasks that can be accomplished using Freshdesk involve being able to view and reply to any ticket, saving replies for frequent queries, receiving alerts about updated tickets, analyzing system & agent’s activity log, customizing ticket views, merging tickets with similar concerns and more. 😘

You have the ability to share the ownership of tickets, split tickets into sub-tickets, link and keep record of every related ticket issue, sort tickets into categories automatically and more. 

2. Collaboration 

Freshdesk encourages teamwork and increased work productivity by offering a suite of advanced collaborative features to help your team work effectively. 

Freshdesk Collaboration

You have the ability to connect with various team members across multiple departments and external stakeholders to solve complex customer issues by collaborating contextually and keeping records of every interaction.

You are allowed to share the ownership of a ticket in order to process the issue faster by letting multiple agents handle the concern parallel to each other without losing visibility. 

You can also split the tickets into sub tasks, connecting and updating the status of similar issues in a go, raise service and incident requests and more. 😇

3. Automations 

Freshdesk provides you AI powered automations which help you eliminate all of the manual redundant tasks while streamlining your workflow across multiple departments for better work performance. 

Freshdesk Automations

These AI driven automations are not only easy to set up but scalable, flexible to use multi-level logical operators, efficiently handle dependencies, and more.

Freshdesk automations scans every new incoming customer enquiry and perform necessary actions in order to prioritize, organize and assign them to the appropriate agents. 

The automatic ticket assignment ensures that the agents that are assigned on the basis of skills, workload or equally throughout the entire team.

4. Reporting & Analytics 

With the help of Freshdesk offered reporting and analytics capabilities you can successfully establish data driven work culture and make logical decisions in order to improve your work circumstances.

Freshdesk Analytics

You have access to immensely advanced in-built as well as customizable reports available in the Freshdesk libraries. This allows you to create accurate reports depending on your requirements for both external and internal business environments. 

You also have the ability to develop personalized dashboards without any coding. You can use multiple metrics while customization for better visibility, send alert messages when considered necessary, share important business performance, monitor granular data using mobile application, use interactive filters to search, drag & drop, drill, and change preferences and more.

Freshdesk Supported Integrations 

The software supports more than a thousand different third party integrations. Some of the applications compatible with Freshdesk and available on its marketplace include Slack, Shopify, Whatsapp, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Stripe, WooCommerce, Membit, WordPress, Omilia, Chargify and more.  

Freshdesk Integrations

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Freshdesk Pricing Structure 

Coming onto the pricing aspect of the Freshdesk review, you can use the comprehensive suite of help desk support software for 21 days free of cost, without having to enter any credit card information.

You can choose any of the available plans among two categories, namely, Support Desk and Omnichannel. The details regarding all of the subscription packages are given below.

Support Desk Packages 

You have access to a free plan along with three other options for the paid packages.

Free – It costs you nothing to use the “Free” version of Freshdesk however, it provides access to basic features for upto 10 agents. The functionalities available to you includes Email & Social Ticketing, Ticket Dispatch, Knowledge Base, Ticket Trend Report and Data Center Location. 😍

Freshdesk Support Desk Prices

Growth – The “Growth” package costs $15 per agent per month when billed annually and $18 when billed monthly. In addition to all the “Free” features, you have access to the following; Marketplace Apps, Automation, Helpdesk Report, SLA & Business hour, Collision Detection, etc.

Pro – You can purchase the “Pro” subscription package for $49 or $59 per agent per month when billed on yearly and monthly basis respectively. Some additional attributes you have the benefit of includes Average Handling Time, Round-robin Routing, Custom Reports and Dashboards, Customer Segments, SLA Reminder & Escalation, etc. 

Enterprise – You can either subscribe for $79 or $95 per agent for a month when billed on annual and monthly basis respectively. Some of the exclusive features included in the “Enterprise” plan are Agent Shifts, IP Range Restriction, Email Bot, Social Signals,  Skill-based Routing, Flexible Hierarchy, Custom Objects, and more.

Freshdesk Free Trial

Omnichannel Packages 

For the Omnichannel support, you have the availability of three different paid packages to leverage the functionalities of both messaging and telephony across various channels from a single portal. 

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Growth Omnichannel – You can either choose to pay $29 per agent for a month or $35 depending on whether the bill is invoiced on yearly or monthly tenure. In addition to all the “Growth” plan features of the support desk, it offers Chatbot Builder, Chatbot Analytics, Contact Management, up to 2000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, Omnichannel Dashboard, etc. 

Freshdesk Omnichannel Prices

Pro Omnichannel – It costs $59 per agent for a month when billed annually and $71 when billed on monthly basis. It includes all the features of Pro plan of Freshdesk Support Desk along with Co-browsing, Omniroute, Omnichannel Customer Timeline, up to 3000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, Holiday Routing, Advanced Call Management and more. 

Enterprise Omnichannel – You can subscribe to the plan at $99 or $119 per agent for a month on yearly and monthly tenure respectively. In addition to the Enterprise plan of the Freshdesk Support Desk, some of the exclusive features you can access includes Speech-enabled IVR, up to 5000 Incoming Minutes and Bot Sessions per month, User Authentication (JWT), Service Level Monitoring, Canned Response Suggester, Abandoned Call Metrics, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Freshdesk


  1. Freshdesk has an easy to use and beginner friendly interface without any major learning curve.
  2. The help desk support software provides access to tons of AI powered and advanced features including insightful reports. 
  3. Freshdesk offers a 21 day free trial period for all of its subscription packages.
  4. You have access to a free plan with basic features for Freshdesk Support Desk software. 
  5. Freshdesk app is available for both Android and iOS users. 
  6. You can leverage the benefit of multilingual support. 
  7. Freshdesk supports more than 1,000 third party applications and plugins, all available on its marketplace.


  1. The pricing structure can be deemed a bit expensive for small businesses and startups. 

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Freshdesk Customer Support 

Let us discuss the contact support and help resources aspect of Freshdesk review, needless to say you have access to a variety of options. 

Freshdesk Customer Support

Freshdesk provides a plethora of self help resources such as webinars, free tools, dedicated academy, extensive library resources, video library, and constantly updated blog posts. 😚

You can reach out to the Freshdesk’s support team through either of the following options; email, live chat, or phone call service. You can also contact the customer support representative by following and connecting with them on social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 


Wrapping up our Freshdesk review by concluding all that we have discussed so far and presenting our honest opinion on whether you should invest in the help desk software or not. 

First and foremost, the Freshdesk software solution is equipped with top-notch advanced features necessary to deliver stellar customer services and optimize your agents performance. 

Freshdesk Support Desk

You not only have the choice to pay as low as $15 per agent for a month to use Freshdesk services, you have access to a free plan. 

Freshdesk is reliable, has a modern built-in interface, supports tons of integrations, offers extensive customer support options, provides mobile apps and so much more. On the downside, the premium pricing plans are a little expensive. 

Freshdesk Reviews

However, as far as the question concerning the credibility of Freshdesk goes, it is a perfectly excellent solution if you want to improvise your customer-related services. 


Q1. Is Freshdesk secure?

Freshdesk follows various industry-level security mechanisms and protocols some of which includes; SSL certificate, IP whitelisting, single sign-on, SHA 256 encoding, JWT authentication for APIs, Click-jacking prevention, Cross-site scripting mitigation, Data encryption at rest and the servers are protected by 24-hour surveillance and biometric locks.

Q2. What is Freddy?

Freddy is an AI powered bot developed by Freshworks which automates the mundane and repetitive tasks of the agents in order to deliver impressive customer services. It boosts the productivity of your agents and offers advanced AI features.

Q3. What types of payment does Freshdesk accept?

You can complete your Freshdesk transaction using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover only. Offline payments for Freshdesk solution follows USD pricing structure.

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