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Flodesk Review 2024: Is This Email Marketing Tool Worthy?


There are number of email marketing software in the market, and Flodesk is one of them picked by many entrepreneurs, marketers across the world.

Today we review Flodesk, It is one of the best email marketing platforms, where you can grow the subscriber list & send an awesome newsletter.

With Flodesk, it is easy to design attractive emails according to your audience, so they love to open the emails when you send them. 

😋 What is Flodesk?

Flodesk Review

From beginners, small business owners to experts, most entrepreneurs are preferred to choose Flodesk as it is one of the best email marketing software to grow businesses.

  • The fully responsive forms of Flodesk allows to grow the email list and to stay your organization for a longer duration you can proceed your business activities successfully. 
  • When you see the growth of email subscribers lists, then automatically tends to earn more revenue and to do this, Flodesk is the great deal.
  • It does not offer any limitations or restrictions in the growth of the email lists, so utilize this full freedom and gain unlimited subscriber lists for your business.

✅ Features of Flodesk

A powerful email marketing campaign helps to get more audiences and it tends to grow your business. In order to create a powerful email marketing campaign, review the Flodesk features and then build a campaign that attracts more people across the world. 

Flodesk is an intuitive email builder, in order to grow the subscriber lists one can create and send marketing emails. The email designing tools at Flodesk allow building the email campaigns you want.  

Create Landing Pages

Flodesk Landing Pages

Flodesk offers different templates of different business niches, so choose the right template for your business. If we look into the Flodesk template library, there is a list of templates and you can browse, review, and choose what you want.

Or else, Flodesk gives permission to create a template as you want for your marketing campaign. The drag and drop features and the different customization options help you in creating the emails fastly & effortlessly. 

Coming to the details of Flodesk’s template library, we can see that there are welcome pages, share news, money pages, thank you pages, email games, and start from scratch to build a new one. By using these templates create stunning landing pages for your website and it is important to be attractive for your audiences. 

The templates at Flodesk are fully customized with responsive designs, and it is clear that they can fit any type of device. Even to look more beautiful, you can design it as you like with the help of its drag and drop option.

Build Sign-up Forms 

Flodesk Signup Forms

For forms, Flodesk is a great email marketing provider, and it can easily be embedded into sites. Create forms on the web pages or else on the standalone pages, as it offers different form templates for all businesses. It’s your turn to create forms like pop-up forms, inline forms to full landing pages for a website. 

To create a form with Flodesk, first, browse the different types of forms, then find which is suitable for your business, finally use it to build a form. You can embed the code on a website as the process is quite easy and straightforward.

Along with that, you can easily publish the URL of the website. No doubt, all the forms are fully responsive and can fit all types of electronic devices like tablets, operating systems, and mobile phones.

Workflows, Analytics, & Reporting 

Flodesk Workflows

You can send emails in a bulk to your audiences and it is possible because Flodesk has a Workflows feature. In this feature, we can see various options that allow sending the email whenever and wherever.

The Time Delay option at Flodesk is to set the time in minutes or hours as it is to send the next email, after sending the first email. But the disadvantage of using this option does not provide to send the email at a particular time, date, and day. 

We have another option in Workflows, that is Condition, and it is to send the emails to your audiences who opened the previous email.

The best part is to know how your email campaign is working, Flodesk provides analytics and reporting. You’re just not only going to know whether the audiences are opening the mail or not but also get a deep insight in the form of a report.

In the report, you can see on which device your audiences are opening the emails and also their complete behavior like how much time they spent, etc. These reports are great things to decide to send better emails to get more interactions and engagements. 

Among your subscriber lists, if anyone didn’t open the email, then Flodesk allows you to send the email once again. On the whole, providing email insights is the biggest advantage for any business to analyze the plus points and minus points.

Flodesk’s analytics and reporting feature are all about giving details of click rates, deliverability rate of emails, open rate of emails, how many times opened by a subscriber, etc. 

Email Marketing Automations 

Email marketing automation is a powerful automation feature at Flodesk is to earn huge revenue for businesses even when you’re asleep.

It means you’re going to earn at any time from any corner of the world without any doubt. Flodesk instantly upgrades with new system updates for better marketing purposes. 

The workflow builder at Flodesk can trigger the single workflow into the segments and next it streamline the email marketing automation process.

All you need to do is just build a powerful email marketing automation and if the email is not opened by the subscriber means, you have to tempt them by providing offers, discounts to the products and services.  

Integrtaions to other Apps 

Flodesk Integrations

Flodesk has a feature that it can integrate with other applications, and for better integrations just go with Zapier. Yes, with Zapier it is easy to integrate with other applications and choose the right ones for your business.

The best part is you do not need to create an account separately for them, as you can connect directly with the help of the Flodesk account.

Google Sheets, Slack, Instagram, Facebook, TypeForm, WordPress, etc you can integrate with whatever you want. For example, if you have an e-commerce store, then you can integrate with Shopify. 

Email Designing 

Flodesk Email Design

The visual builder of Flodesk helps to design the landing page according to what you imagine and for designing there is no need for any tech industry skills or coding skills. The designed templates at Flodesk are fit for any business and moreover, they are responsive.

Therefore, when you use these templates while designing an email then there are huge chances of getting more sales. 

Now you have to customize the template that you choose for your business, especially from starting email layout to the padding thickness.

The customization is very important because your email will stand out compared to your subscriber inboxes. It is always better to avoid videos, Gifs while sending an email because the audience mostly preferred to read the email when it looks professional.

So, prefer to send quality content with powerful text, and if necessary use a simple image that attracts them. Hire content creators, so that they can provide extraordinary content to your emails.

When the template has a good design, then you can easily grow your mailing list as well as can get sales to your business.  

While designing the template, it is good to save your business logo and after that, you can adjust it based on the template. With some restrictions, Flodesk allows the users to upload PDFs, and at the same time, you can add a real-time Instagram feed at the bottom. 

Another advantage of this email service provider is it can integrate with photos, so you no need to bother about the size of the image and other things.

Now, Flodesk is done with everything to send the email to the subscriber, but it is good to review the email to know how the user experiences it as well as how it looks on all devices.

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Email Segmentation Process

Flodesk allows the users to segment their audiences and the segmentation process is easy. The segmentation process is said to be done when you have a large number of sign-up lists.

The segmentation process is very important for any type of business because it recognizes who your audience is. After completion of this process, you can easily communicate with the audience easily. 

  • The segmentation process tells you who are the active subscribers from your sign up lists.
  • Engage with the people who are engaging with your emails from the subscribers lists.
  • Provide excellent service and also build a long-term relationship by solving their issues and clarifying their doubts.
  • Take reviews from your active subscribers, from this email list building will become better.

Drip Campaigns

If you’re new to email marketing, then it is difficult to create Drip Campaigns and yes, Drip Campaign is one of the email marketing strategies.

Once you start email marketing then you can slowly implement this strategy and it is for two categories. The first one is a welcome email when a user subscriber signs up to your newsletter.

The second one was if you’re promoting the travel content by giving information on destination charges, then the drip sequence sends about the hotels, restaurants, and other guides according to the trip. Setting a Drip Campaign at Flodesk is easy, and the reason is it has an intuitive setup.

Video Tutorials

Flodesk Video Tutorials

Flodesk offers Flodesk University, as its instructors share knowledge with complete details of how to use the Flodesk platform, how to set goals, how to create a campaign.

Along with that, it guides how to create effective email marketing campaigns for your business that drives sales. If you follow the community of Flodesk instructors, then your email marketing campaign will run to the next level.

The instructors mostly concentrated on providing knowledge especially

  • Five places where you can add the opt-in email form to get high-converting sales.
  • Workflows & Analytics
  • How to write opt-in form copy that convert into sales
  • Without a website, how to build an email list

Help Center

Flodesk Help Center

Flodesk team is always in touch with their customers and also provides great service to them and for the newcomers, they provide advice. No matter what is the query about, they give answers to all of them with super clarity.

They deal mostly with Account settings, payment & billing, settings, email & set up of the domain, login credential details, selecting the template, customizing, and sending, set up process of opt-in forms, automate your email marketing campaigns, provides suggestions on how to manage the subscribers, segments, tags, organizing the content, improvements of keyboard accessibility, Affiliate marketing programs, security & compliance, and lastly on Integrations.

Even it provides help through social media channels, and mainly Flodesk has a separate Facebook group. You can connect with the team through Facebook and get full clarifications. Along with Facebook, you can connect with Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

⚡️ Who Should Choose Flodesk?

Flodesk is one of the powerful email marketing platforms in the market and it is built by creators. The main purpose of the Flodesk email marketing tool is to design and send brand marketing emails, also build powerful email marketing automation.

Flodesk is mostly useful for creators, bloggers, YouTubers, and other content creators. Its opt-in forms help the creators to grow the subscriber lists.

At Flodesk, one can create responsive emails, so the email can fit any type of device. It is one of the reasons that most of the experts are likely to prefer Flodesk to create, design, and send emails to their respective audiences.

💫 Why Should you Choose Flodesk?

Today, most creators are shifting to Flodesk to improve their subscriber lists across the world. Flodesk attracts creators because of its easy-to-use interface that assists them to design attractive opt-in forms as well as to design email marketing automation.

When we look into the review of the features of Flodesk, the segmentation process creates hype because it tells who are the real customers for your business. This segmentation process is simple and all you need to do is just add subscriber lists to segment manually or else upload a CSV file.

🎁 Flodesk Pricing Plans 

Flodesk email marketing software offers 30 days free trial period and one can experience all its features in this free trial period.

You can start to use this free trial period without providing the credit card details or any other payment options. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who wants to analyze this platform.

Flodesk costs $38/month and $418/year if you proceed to pay the billing on a yearly basis. In this yearly billing structure, you have a great discount i.e., save $38/year and it is a single-time payment plan. Without the Flodesk discount code, you can save this amount during the checkout process. 

After the completion of the payment, you’re going to enjoy all the features it offers and everything is unlimited. It offers a flat rate or open rate, and if the subscriber’s lists are growing in number, you no need to pay any extra amount.

👉 Pros and Cons of Flodesk 


  •  It has an intuitive & simple interface
  • Free trial period is available for 30 days
  • Create powerful landing pages
  • Advanced email segmentation
  • Adavanced Analytics and reporting
  • Allows integration with Shopify
  • Comes with an workflows option
  • It permits to share anywhere
  • Provides good customer service
  • Greart email service provider for small businesses
  • It includes to the feed of social media platforms


  •  Lack in split testing
  • Expensive pricing plans

💙 Flodesk Customer Testimonials

Flodesk Testimonials

Flodesk provides great service to its customers and they provided a review, also shared their experiences on how it tackles all the business activities.

Almost everyone, who used Flodesk was happy and their valuable responses tell that they saw differences between before and after Flodesk.

One of the customers Adrian Octavius Walker wrote “It shares the news in a fun and easy ways, also said that he is offering more in a creative and visual way for the people who are following his journey”. 

Another customer Claire Xue wrote the review that “Flodesk is a great email marketing platform which saves lots of time in creating & designing newsletters, In Adobe Illustrator, it took a lot of time to do the steps like creating graphics, coding back & forth, but Flodesk is simple is simple and she loves more the editing options as well as sales too”.

💥 Conclusion Of Flodesk Review

Flodesk is one of the brand new email marketing platforms that offer great designing tools and templates that help to create stunning email marketing campaigns.

At Flodesk, you can create emails that are just not only attractive but also responsive to all the device types.

Its easy-to-use interface is the main advantage for the users to create & design emails, so from the starters to the pro anyone can use this provider. Flodesk is mainly focused on creating a successful email campaign and providing responsive forms that help to grow the email list and business sales. The cost of Flodesk is affordable, one can spend on it as it is worth buying.

In conclusion, Flodesk is the one that allows you to create email marketing without any coding skills. Utilize the free trial period and examine how it is effective for your business.

⭐ Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Is it possible to use Flodesk without having a website?

If you do not have a website and at the same time for those who are not interested to deal with embedding code on a website then Flodesk is allowed to create a full-page form. After that, you can directly publish on the web and it allows you to share opt-in forms at any place as you wish including social media icons and the LinkTree platform.

✌️ Does Flodesk have automation?

Yes, Flodesk has automation, and one can create email marketing automation campaigns with the help of workflows.

👊 Does Flodesk have tags?

Yes, Flodesk has tags, and with the help of technology, it can tag user behaviors. This is to reduce the workload as well as human error.

👍 What are the Flodesk Workflows?

At Flodesk, one can send beautiful emails one by one as a workflow and here the thing is you can create a new email or otherwise duplicate the existing email.

🤗 What are the segments in Flodesk?

Segments at Flodesk are nothing but if you have a whole list of subscribers, then you have to filter them according to the active subscribers, non-active subscribers, etc.

✨ Is Flodesk Compatible with Shopify?

Yes, Flodesk can integrate with Shopify, and also it can integrate with Zapier. So, with Zapier it is easy to integrate with any application that you want.

👀 Does Flodesk offer any free trial period?

Flodesk comes with a free trial period of 30 days. Anyone can use this free trial period without providing any credit card details.

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