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Commerce Inspector Review 2021: Is This Spy Tool Worth It?


Commerce Inspector is an eCommerce Spy tool present in the market for a long while now from which you can find & review the best selling products with great profits. eCommerce business is no big deal and anyone can begin with it, all they need is an extravagant thought! If there are appropriate tools and the desired products present, then there’s no need to worry about the work and stress that comes in any business.

Commerce Inspector Tool

Be it selling products with the help of Shopify or Amazon, no one can succeed if they don’t know about the right tools for hunting good products. There is a lot of competition in the market, and getting on top isn’t easy at all. With the desired skills to make it on top, a person can find the desired outcome. But how does one decide which tool is the best for them? Amidst so many tools, it isn’t easy to find something that is a ‘fit-for-all’ and guarantees safe results.

Most of the eCommerce websites work with the help of dropshipping. It eases up the workload and helps in taking up more products to sell, also its automated features make it a time-saver. Finding high-conversion products is very easy with the help of Dropshipping tools and along with that, the Commerce Inspector enters as a big savior.

While tools such as Dropified help in fetching products, this tool gives deep insights into the product’s success rate and how well does it works. It helps in streaming online businesses like a pro and facilitates smooth functioning. How does this savior tool work? Is it a plugin or a chrome extension? Does it even work? Find out the answers in our Commerce Inspector review.

What is the Commerce Inspector?

The Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension is all a person needs to have detailed dropshipping insights. Commerce Inspector is a very useful tool for eCommerce as it can hunt down product details, review its success rate, and failure rate as fast as lightning.

The spy tool saves a lot of time that goes into manual research and no person can’t beat the way it presents data. It relies on Analytical Signals and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that fetch down data like a pro and with complete ease.

The tool has no issues in finding the data as it triangulates and relies on sales+profit predictions. These predictions are no gamble but a hundred percent real and genuine insights fetched from the right sources.

It analyzes different stores and third parties that are also selling the products. It also checks how well is the product doing for them. So, if someone in the market is launching a new product, then they can use this tool to find out the product outcomes and how well is it doing in the market.

This helps in making effective and right decisions for a business, providing insights on investing in that particular product. It helps in verifying the traffic sources the product generates along with overall product engagement and response. How does Commerce Inspector generate everything? Find out in the points below.

How Does the Commerce Inspector Tool Work?

The Artificial Intelligence Algorithm & Analytical Signals literally run behind the Commerce Inspector and review to hunt down the details that are proven to be useful. These are specifically designed to bring out the best outcomes and not only it works on third parties, but social media platforms as well. It fetches data from Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Facebook, and many other such platforms. It also accesses data based on Geographical distribution and can track down how well is the product doing anywhere across the globe.

The Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension has a free version, but better and promising results come out with the paid version. The free version misses out on the most important features such as the Store Intelligence or Enterprise Pro Version. It’s not that the free version doesn’t work, it just doesn’t produce that great outcomes as a newly established eCommerce may need.

Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension

Once it is installed, it searches every website visited through Chrome. It’ll get important information such as items sold and best selling products. These things will be done in both free and paid versions. If someone wants such small features, they can always go for Free versions, but, if there’s a dire need for detailed insights, then the competitor website will blur and the tool will ask for a premium upgrade.

The Premium update is a worthwhile investment and one won’t regret it as in any case, the information will help in flourishing the online business. Now, check out the benefitting features of the Commerce Inspector tool.

Features Review of Commerce Inspector

Here are the great features of the Commerce Inspector:

Features Commerce Inspector Tool

1. Very Well Detailed Insights:

What’s the use of a spy tool if it can’t get detailed insights? Right from the login, it focusses on getting every little detail for the business. Their detailed charts tell everything from when products were launched to what tags are showing success.

The products can be searched in categories and subcategories based on the business’s niche. There are categories such as toys, beauty, and health, family, etc. to choose from. The reports include responses from AliExpress, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, and Store Sellers. It leaves no platform while finding out the product details and present them in front of the user.

2. Detailed Traffic and Social Media Insights:

They ensures that the user gets everything from traffic sources to social media outcomes. As a result, Commerce Inspector included filters such as Newest Products, Facebook Ads, Facebook Ad Likes, Ad Shares and Reactions, etc. to help in find out & review everything. It searches everything while making sure the user has to do pretty much nothing. All a person needs to do is ‘click’ and that’s it! It finds everything from Similar Web Platform and also generates data about which product is generating the most traffic.

For a business, it is very important to monitor a product’s sales before starting to sell it. This platform helps in finding everything in minutes that usually takes hours!

3. Applications and Tools:

The Platform calls app insights as to the ‘secret sauce’ for every business’ success and works on getting that data as well. With this feature, it finds out applications that we don’t even know of and takes out its elements. With those elements, it creates a product strategy for the business and helps the users to dedicatedly work on it. Once everything is discovered, if a person follows that, there’s no chance that they’ll fail in any case.

4. Find Best Sellers With One-Click:

Find out every store and eCommerce Platform’s most selling products with the help of a Commerce Inspector filters in a click, there’s absolutely no need of digging through every URL and application and read its reviews. It’ll do everything on its own and will come back with a detailed and helpful report.

Overall, there’s no room for wasting time on such things and one can use this time for other business works.

5. Easy to use interface:

While other such extensions are quite head-banging, this product isn’t like this at all. Over here, everything is very easy to use and even a rookie who has absolutely no idea of tech can use it. Next, they provide easy features that are understood by everyone and provide effective results.

Pricing Plans

Apart from the free version, there are 4 more paid packages that have various features. Check out these and decide the one for your business accordingly:

Commerce Inspector Tool Price

1. Free Chrome Extension:

This extension provides data that might be useful in some or the other way, but either case, it’s still very limited. Everything is either briefly told or not mentioned. In this, it shows the recent product launches, apps used, product launches by tag, product launches by day, and all-time bestsellers. There is nothing more to this extension than this.

2. Start Plan:

The Start Plan costs $49 per month and there is also a trial available at $1. This package is great if you want to take a note about how the paid version exactly works. It allows data from up to three stores and everything has detailed insights, and isn’t just about the best seller & recently launched. It tracks down the success rate from three stores and the approximate profit margins. This is a good package for beginners.

3. Grow Plan:

This is the most popular and used package on the platform and it costs $99 per month, it gets unlimited data from 10 stores. This helps in having a comparison between stores and deciding the success rate accordingly. It brings out both Product-Level and Shop-Level revenue while helping in identifying profits. There is also a trial available at 1 dollar. If you are on a good business level, then this will help you in fighting the huge competition.

4. Scale Plan:

This plan costs $249 per month and provides unlimited data access for up to 30 stores. The details here are great and it covers lots of stores. With data from these many stores, a person can easily find out what is best for you, and at what price you should sell the product. The package includes the same feature as all other paid versions, only the number of stores has increased. You can also try this Scale plan at $1.

5. Conquer Plan:

You can buy this plan if you deal with products that are highly competitive. In this plan, the product includes detailed insights from as many stores as possible in the market that sell the same product. This plan costs $499 per month and there is no trial available for this version. It is a great plan for those who wish to invest in this service on a monthly basis and want great outcomes with it.

Pros and Cons of Commercial Inspector

Check out these pros and cons before buying the product:


  • Easy to use.
  • Great Pricing Plans.
  • Amazing Features.
  • Detailed Insights.


  • Not much web tutorial.


  • Easy to use:

While every other platform is very tough to use, they work on how to lessen up a businessman’s work. With everything being automated, things work accordingly with just a single click.

  • Great Pricing Plans:

Not only it is very cheap and affordable, but in addition to that, it is also quite detailed and produces a hundred percent efficient results. All prices vary based on a beginner level and slowly moving from intermediate to advance.

  • Amazing Features:

There are great features present on this platform that help in getting data from every corner of the world with the help of a single click. Every feature works accordingly and everything is automated.

  • Detailed Insights:

Everything is very well detailed and nothing will ever seem confusing. This platform provides great outcomes and also, every step is extremely planned. There is no need for researching at thousand places if this tool is present.


  • Not Much Web tutorial:

The only con is that there is not much web tutorial present officially. If someone who is new to this wants to learn, then there are no tutorials provided by the company. You have to search Youtube for the tutorial.

Verdict- Yes, it’s worth it!

People need dropshipping spy tools not only to boost sales but bring their business to a better rank. With so much competition, everyone has an urge to rise up. Commerce inspector helps in additional dropshipping facilities and brings up great advantages to the business. If you’re someone who wants to create an empire with eCommerce with your ideas and skills, this tool will do wonders and the outcomes will be great. The Commerce Inspector tool works amazingly and is a complete package for every eCommerce business. A total worth it and the best dropshipping spy tool in the market.

In Conclusion

Amidst all the hoaxes and hypes, there are many things a product fails to deliver and everything feels like a waste. That’s not the case here and it guarantees effective results. Nothing is magical in the business, but if you have a proper plan & you use this tool in the right way then this can boost your business to the next level. After a deep analysis & by using it, we have published this Commerce Inspector review, share your experience with us below to help others to make a better decision.


Is Commerce Inspector tool data accurate?

Yes, it searches from highly credible sources such as similar pages and eCommerce sites and the data is totally genuine. Also, just like a triangular source works, this platform analyses every possible angle.

Can I cancel the Commerce Inspector Tool Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the membership anytime. The company follows no contracts in terms of monthly subscriptions and once cancelled, you won’t be billed for the future months.

Can Commerce Inspector unsubscribe one store and move to another?

Yes, it can be done but only after a store completes 30 days of insights. In the next billing cycle, the store can be unsubscribed anytime. But if you need to follow the stores and are facing an issue in changing rapidly, you can always go for higher packages.

Commerce Inspector tool gets insights from where?

The Commerce Inspector gets insights from the most genuine sources where the human eye can’t notice the details. They get ‘signals’ to analyze and the AI Algorithm does the rest of the work.

Does the Commerce Inspector Free Extension work?

Yes, why wouldn’t it! It does work in every possible way but the options and outcomes are limited. it is always advised to buy the packages, they’re affordable and get more profit than its entire cost.

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