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Download Free Clash of Clans On PC For Windows 10,8,7/MAC


Clash of clan on PC let the players build their own town using the resources gained (gold, elixir and dark elixir) from attacking other players through the game’s fighting features.Clash of Clans play

Developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell, Clash of clan is one of the best tower defense game you can play on your smart- phone or Pc.

clash-of-clans-for pc

It is a very interesting game to play because of it’s super cool features which we will discuss today! You can even  conjoin with other players to create clans, can make groups of up to fifty people who can then partake in Clan Wars together, or can donate and receive troops, and thus talk with each other to plan the game better.

Considering it’s huge demand to play, today we are going to discuss how to download clash of clans for pc in simple and easy- going steps. So without wasting much time, let’s get started

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How to Install or Download Clash Of Clans on PC for Windows/MAC:

Follow the following steps to download clash of clans on pc without any hassle.

Have a look below:

  • First of all, you can download BlueStacks Android emulator from the link mentioned.

  • I forgot to mention one thing, that you have to download Windows version if you are on Windows and Mac version if you are using MAC computer. Clear now?

Note: The mentioned link contains both download links. The link will provide downloading exe file automatically.

  • We hope you are done with the downloading from the link provided. Once you are done with clash of clans for pc exe file download, then you have to install it and double click the exe file. As soon as you click the file, it will start the Extraction process. Keep calm and wait for few minutes. The installer will open up by itself once done.
  • After the installer process done, BlueStacks will launch up automatically.
  • Now, next all you have to do is to set up Bluestacks with you Google ID. See the image below carefully and click on search as depicted.


  • Next, you have to simply search for Clash of Clans as depicted and click on its icon.
  • Once you are up with the icon, click on it and it will open Google Play Store directly. From there, you can hit green Install button and install it just like in any Android device.

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Method 2: To Download & Play Clash of Clans for PC

In this case I strongly recommend the YouWave android emulator. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the YouWave emulator. The installation is pretty quick and allows for a speedy process.
  2. Once downloaded, run the emulator.
  3. Google Clash of Clank .apk files on the internet. You will find many open source sites which provide the file. Download the file.
  4. After downloading the file you can install it in the emulator and then run the game.

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded Clash of clans for PC.  Now you can play the favourite strategy game all you want. It has host of interesting features to enjoy like:

  • Tests your time management skills
  • Asset management skills
  • You are given a village to protect which is attacked by various people from other nations.
  • Multiplayer and online connection also available
  • You can connect with various players from the same nation and combine troops for war

Pre-requisites for downloading Clash Of Clans:

Although the method is quite simple and straight- forward but you must need to make assure that everything is working by your side. Below are the pre- requisites required for downloading clash of clan. Note it down away:

  • About 8 GB of RAM is required for downloading clash of clans for pc with bluestacks. Why 8 GB? well, it will make sure that your Host computer, which is Windows, and your Virtual Computer has enough resources to work with.
  • We recommend you to use GPU for playing clash of clan on pc. Although its not important with bluestack but then it will use your computer’s CPU to process all of the graphics. It will make the process quite slow.
  • Always choose a computer to play this game which has Virtualization. Virtualization is used to make virtual cores inside an actual processor. Then, it allocate those virtual cores to virtual machines. Furthermore, it is used to run virtual machines on 1 computer.

I know your head must be popping with various virtualization question. Check our next section to understand the concept better though!

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How to enable Virtualization?

If you own a computer built 6 to 7 years earlier, then most probably it supports Virtualization technology. Just for the assurance, look upto your computer’s manual for the Processor Model number.

After getting that model number, simply search it on Google and look for the specs. That’s all. You would get to know if it supports virtualization or not. Above picture is an example of HP laptop with Intel Core i7 5500U.

Check if Virtualization is enabled or not

Well, you followed the above instruction and enabled the virtualization to play clash of clans for pc online. But wait a minute and answer a simple question. How are you so confident enough to say that virtualization is enabled?

It might cause some issues with BlueStacks if it is not enabled! If you are using If you are using clash of clans for Windows 8 or any other later version then all you need to do is to right-click on the taskbar and then select Task Manager from the menu.

At last, go to the Performance tab and see if Virtualization is showing as Enabled or not.


virtualization is enabled by default of all compatible CPUs, in case of MAC computer. if the computer’s processor does support Virtualization in MAC computer, then most probably, it is active.

How to enable Virtualization on Windows Computer

You are now well aware of the Virtualization process now but what about the windows computer? Well, the enabling process in vary a little between manufacturers.

Follow the following instructions to enable clash of clans pc editor on any windows computer:

First of all, restart your computer and go to BIOS (Basic Input Output Setup) menu. You can access this option by pressing Function keys located in top-most row of your Keyboard.

Look for the information in the manual of your Computer at first. Why so? It is because all the manufacturers uses different Function key to enter BIOS. You will get to see Virtualization and Enable option once you are on the BIOS screen.

Clash of Clans Game Features:

Build Buildings in your Home Village: You can create your first defense building – Cannon. You can even add other defense buildings such as Archer Tower, Bomb Tower, Wizard Tower, Giga Tesla and Walls to enhance your village’s defense. Also, you have to set traps for unsuspecting invaders. You need all these defense things to protect your village and town residents.

Generate Resources for crafting and war: To build up your village, you need to collect resources such as elixir and gold using elixir collectors and gold mines. But above all, you needs to have 6 various resources that are utilized in Clash of Clan for pc free:

  • Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gems, Builder Gold, and Builder Elixir.

These resources are used for various purposes such as to upgrade troops or defense buildings, storage buildings.

Build your Strong Army: Upgrade your soldiers in the laboratory with Barbarians, Wizards, Giants, Archers and Bombers.

Team up as Clans: Make groups with other clans or get team up with your friends to participate in the clash of clans pc editor game. You can win the battles and thus can rise on the leadership boards. You can win trophies and thus promoted to a high leveled league and meet other opponents of the same league as you. Destroy and win your opponent bases to achieve rewards!

Quests and Events to earn Rewards: Daily quests and special events are available on the daily basis to earn huge reward and prizes.

Tip of the game: Well, it’s not a one day achievement process and neither you are going to shine on the leader board overnight. But yes if you want to keep this a free-to-play enjoyment, you will need to save the gems as it is the main currency of the game. So spend wisely.

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Benefits of playing Clash Of Clans:

Below are some of the exciting benefits of clash of clans for pc:

  • Planning ability gets strong.
  • Patience skills increases.
  • You Get to know different people all over the world.
  • Global exposure.
  • It can relax your mind for some time from your very busy schedule.
  • You Get to know different languages.
  • Thinking power increases.
  • You can earn some money by making a YouTube channel on it or blogging on this niche.
  • Increases your hand eye coordination.
  • You can develop leadership skills.

Time to wrap up: Clash Of Clans on PC

Whats up everyone? How are you doing all? Well, these were some of the methods to download clash of clans for pc with bluestacks discussed today.I hope you enjoyed reading it well.

At what level you are in the game? What is your ranking on the leadership board? Is there is any suggestion or tips you wanna share with us or other gaming freak like you? If yes, don’t hesitate to comment in the comment section below. We will discuss the game further even.

Happy gaming guys!

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