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CCleaner Review 2024: Can It Clean & Make Your PC Fast?


Technology has boosted the world as the devices work up to the fullest to keep things moving faster.

But what if your device has got many unwanted files and invalid windows registries then how it will keep things in pace when it already has slowed down.


So let us read about a software utility developer with numerous tools to keep things going smoothly. CCleaner is the piriform software to fix all of these errors within minutes and lead to the finest stop of technology.

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is the program that will sort all of the errors for your devices. It has been developed by Microsoft itself and later launched for other operating software.

Why Upgrade to CCleaner

CCleaner was launched in 2004 expanding in the coming years from PC to androids. It has major staff support which is powerful enough to deal with every kind of hustle users face.

CCleaner is one of the top-class software which has been a boon to users facing difficulties with unwanted files and window registries impacting the device negatively.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable and reputed.
  • Affordable to all.
  • 45 days of the free version.
  • Numerous tools in a single pack.


  • Overlaps other software.
  • Licence requirement.
  • Too technical to use.

Pricing Plan Of CCleaner

CCleaner being the favorite of users has kept its promise strong of serving in the easiest manner possible. Being financially reachable to every user is a tough task but has been managed by CCleaner with grace.

The pricing of CCleaner is as follows-

CCleaner Pricing

Professional Version: $24.99/year.

Pro Version: $39.99/year

Free Version: $0.00 for 45 days.

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Different Versions of CCleaner

CCleaner has different versions which narrate the features it may carry. Users have to understand what comes up with a specific plan before going up to pick.

The major four versions are Free, a pro with a driver updater, a pro plus with a drive updater (up to 3PCs), and a premium bundle with a driver updater (up to 5PCs).

Features of CCleaner

The praises and requirements of a platform are valid but the real question is all about finding out what it can offer.

CCleaner Features

The core features which should be considered before picking up CCleaner are as follows-

Online Tracks Management.

The online websites you visit also lead to hassle in the devices. So no more hustles thinking 24/7 about what suddenly happened to the pace of your device. A CCleaner will clear all of your online tracks cookies and junk data which may harm your device.


Managing your online tracks by taking out junk data shouldn’t be the reason for hampering the right to privacy. This is the value that is carried by CCleaner. As it keeps the boundaries of not itself into spying software and harms the privacy of users.

Software Updater

The software updater provided by CCleaner is enough to take down most of the issues from an updated PC. As CCleaner knows what an update can lead to and it makes it vital to understand that an updater on your side will surely lead to the maintenance of your PC in the finest manner.

Faster Computer

What happens when the extra weight is removed while you are in a race? The answer is that you will run faster and the same will happen to your computer when CCleaner is installed and used. Because it removes enough junk to provide the speed back to the PCs.

Performance Optimizer

A performer optimizer will give regular checkups to your PC and make sure all of the extra and inactive programs are managed and removed for the best of your PC. The performance optimizer provided by CCleaner will definitely be the best doctor for your PC.

Brilliant toolkit

The tools present in the platform of CCleaner are top-class and won’t limit to nominal cleaning of the software. Numerous tools perform collectively to deliver the finest versions of PCs to users.

What are the Expectations from CCleaner?

CCleaner can be tagged as a full-time solution to all those slowing down files resting in your devices. It serves the expectations which everyone has from utility software.

CCleaner serves the globe which makes it necessary to exist in several languages. CCleaner can be used in 58 languages expanding the global usage of the software.

Is CCleaner an antivirus?

No, CCleaner isn’t an antivirus as people often confuse it as one. Though it is limited to cleaning the computer and providing optimization/updaters for the users.

CCleaner lacks the ability to detect viruses so even if after using CCleaner the performance is lacking then it is vital to use an antivirus as viruses are usually the reason for such behavior.

Being an antivirus isn’t the domain of CCleaner but what it does it has been nothing less than a boon to users.

What are the Advantages of a CCleaner?

CCleaner has several advantages which can be described as the factor of major attraction to all. These advantages make users pick CCleaner as their utility partner

CCleaner Features 2

The major advantages of using CCleaner are as follows-


CCleaner is highly reliable due to its structure and parent software. The recognition from top media outlets has also driven users to the destination of flawless services.

30 days money back

What about getting your money back if you are not satisfied? A bug yes from everyone who gets this type of promise. So don’t worry if good words aren’t enough to make you choose CCleaner.

Because even after picking up the paid versions and using them for 30 days, who can ask for a refund. This advantage is really promising and won’t let you question the trust factor of CCleaner.

Customer support.

No worries regarding getting stuck in terms of glitches as the customer support provided by CCleaner is near perfect. 24/7 assistance is present in terms of clearing down the hurdles one may have while using the services.


Who doesn’t want to have something perfect without spending a lot of money? The answer is everyone because once you understand that pricing can be managed to keep services inexpensive if the provider is honest then you will never feel like spending comparatively that much ever.

This is the biggest advantage of using CCleaner as it helps users in getting top-class services at the easiest prices.


Global users differ in terms of operating systems. So this is a service provider’s responsibility to ensure that the software is compatible with these operating software and CCleaner is acing it all by staying compatible with Max, windows, Linux, and android.

How to use CCleaner?

CCleaner Business

CCleaner is very easy to use and install. Users don’t have to worry a lot about the installation process due to the parenting software of CCleaner being a tech giant.

One has to visit the play store or the website of CCleaner on their devices (Mac, Linux, Android, or PC) from here they will get the version they wish to have.

Free versions for 45 days can be activated easily but for the paid versions payments have to be made by the modes mentioned for payments.

Is CCleaner Dangerous?

One myth that has been in the market for so long and needs to be addressed is that CCleaner is dangerous. The straight-word answer of the same goes a big “No”

The major goal of CCleaner is to eradicate all those unwanted files from one’s device which may harm the device and aren’t wanted either.

This CCleaner won’t change the nature of your devices’ software by any means eradicating the chance of being dangerous.

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Conclusion – Final Verdict

CCleaner has several qualities and features that may lead to being the perfect choice for a user of utility software. The features define every purpose of a utility program which allows users to rely upon CCleaner for achieving the goal they have.

So if by any means your device is getting slow and hanging a lot due to unwanted files, catches and window registries then CCleaner is your partner to tackle the situation.


What is the work of the CCleaner?

CCleaner is a top-class utility software used to remove unwanted junk files and caches from your PC or any other device.

When was CCleaner launched?

CCleaner was first launched in 2004 and later on has been expanding to other software and services till recent years.

Is CCleaner dangerous?

No, CCleaner is in the market to help users fix junk and unwanted files on their computers and other devices. It never harms the device.

How reliable CCleaner is?

CCleaner has been developed in its starting period by none other than Microsoft which confirms the reliability of the software to the highest level.

How well does CCleaner assist users?

The quality of services given by CCleaner is top-notch as high-class media outlets like Guardian and Forbes.

Is CCleaner available globally?

CCleaner is available globally and functions in 58 languages for ease of use by eradicating the language barrier.

Does CCleaner work as an anti-virus too?

No CCleaner has this major lacking as even after being the perfect cleaner it can’t detect viruses from your computer. So for viruses, reliable anti-viruses have to be installed.

How frequently should CCleaner be used?

Using CCleaner twice or thrice a week is enough to manage the performance of your computer. Even using it daily won’t harm the system in any manner.

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