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3 Best SMS Marketing Tools: Is It Worth In 2024?


Are you struggling to make your marketing messages stand out in the digital world? 🌐

Do you want a way to directly reach your customers and see better results?

These tools make it easy to send messages and track results. Let’s explore SMS marketing and find the perfect tool for your business! 💥

⚡ Supercharge Your Text Messages: Our 3 Top Picks

Feature/AspectSimpleTextingEZ TextingPodium
Primary FocusSMS Marketing & Mass TextingSMS Marketing & MMS CampaignsAll-in-One Messaging and Reviews
AutomationAutomated Text CampaignsAutoresponders, Drip CampaignsAutomated Review Requests
SegmentationAudience Segmentation ToolsAdvanced SegmentationLimited Segmentation
IntegrationsIntegrates with Major CRMsMany Integrations (CRMs, Email, etc.)Integrations with Various Platforms
AnalyticsDetailed Reporting & AnalyticsAnalytics and Reporting ToolsBasic Analytics and Reporting
CustomizationPersonalization of MessagesCustomizable TemplatesLimited Customization
Unique FeaturesPolls, Contests, Text-to-JoinPicture Messaging, Mobile AppPayment Processing via Text, Webchat
Ease of UseUser-Friendly InterfaceSimple InterfaceUser-Friendly but with More Functions
PricingFlexible PlansVariety of Plans, Pay-as-You-Go OptionCustom Pricing Based on Features
Customer SupportStrong Customer SupportComprehensive SupportExtensive Support and Training Resources

💬 SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting shines as one of the best SMS marketing tools thanks to its easy-to-use platform and helpful features. It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes.


One of its great qualities is its simplicity. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use it. SimpleTexting makes it easy to create and send text messages, automate campaigns, and manage your contacts.

What’s more, SimpleTexting offers detailed analytics and reports. You can see how well your SMS campaigns are doing, like how many people open your texts or click on your links. This helps you make your campaigns even better.

Plus, SimpleTexting has fantastic customer support. If you need help or have questions, they’re there for you.

In a nutshell, SimpleTexting’s user-friendliness, powerful analytics, and excellent support make it a top choice for businesses that want effective SMS marketing.

📌 #4 Unique Features

📍 Two-Way Conversations: Unlike some other tools, SimpleTexting lets you have back-and-forth conversations with your customers. This means you can listen to them, answer questions, and build better relationships.

📍 Custom Keywords: With SimpleTexting, you can create special words that people can text to you. It’s like having your own secret code. This helps you grow your list of contacts and track which marketing efforts are working best.

SimpleTexting Features

📍 Auto Replies: SimpleTexting can send automatic replies when customers text you. It’s like an instant message that lets them know you got their message, even when you’re not available to reply right away.

📍 Connect to Other Tools: SimpleTexting works well with other software you might use, like email or customer management tools. This makes it easy to coordinate all your marketing efforts in one place.

🪄 Two Improvement Points

📍 Clearer Pricing: Some users find it a bit confusing to figure out how much they’ll pay for SimpleTexting. Making the pricing easier to understand would help users know exactly what to expect.

📍 More Automation Options: While SimpleTexting has automation, it could be even better. Adding more options to automate different tasks, like sending specific messages based on customer actions, would make it more powerful for businesses.

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💬 EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a great SMS marketing tool because it’s really easy to use. You can create and send text message campaigns without any tech headaches.

One of the best things about it is how it helps you manage your contacts. You can organize your lists easily and send personalized messages to the right people.

EZ Texting

It also gives you data about how well your messages are doing. You can see if people are opening your texts and clicking on your links, which helps you improve your campaigns.

Plus, it works well with other tools you might use in your business, making everything smoother.

In short, EZ Texting’s simplicity, contact management, performance data, and integration options make it a top choice for SMS marketing.

📌 #4 Unique Features

📍 Vote by Text: With EZ Texting, you can run fun votes or surveys through text messages. People can text their answers, and it’s great for contests or getting opinions.

📍 Easy Keywords: EZ Texting lets you create simple words that people can text to you to join your list or get special deals. It’s like having your own secret code to connect with customers.

EZ Texting Features

📍 Pick the Right Time: You can decide when your texts go out with EZ Texting. This helps you send messages when your customers are most likely to see and respond to them.

📍 Automatic Messages: EZ Texting can send a series of messages automatically. It’s like setting up a drip of messages over time. This is helpful for keeping customers engaged and informed.

🪄 Two Improvement Points

📍 Making it Easier to Use: Many users find EZ Texting hard to understand or use, it should be made simpler. This means the website or app should be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

📍 Adding More Features and Working Well with Other Tools: EZ Texting could improve by adding new features that help users do more things. Also, making sure it works well with other apps and tools people use for marketing can be very helpful.

💬 Podium

Podium is a tool made for small businesses that helps them do many things in one place. It lets businesses talk to their customers through text messages, keep track of online reviews, and get feedback from customers.

Businesses can also chat with people visiting their websites in real-time. Podium makes it easy for small businesses to handle talks with customers and improve their online image.


This is really helpful, especially for small businesses that don’t have a lot of people or time to manage many different tools.

📌 #4 Unique Features

📍 Helping Your Business Show Up in Local Searches: It helps your business appear more often when people search for it in your area. This is done by managing online reviews well, which can make your business more noticeable on search engines.

📍 Getting Paid Through Text Messages: One cool thing about Podium is that it lets businesses receive payments from customers via text messages. This makes it really easy and fast for customers to pay.

Make it easier to serve your customers in the field

📍 Chat for Your Team: Podium has a chat feature for your team members. This means everyone in your business can talk and work together in the same app, making things more organized and connected.

📍 Automatic Messages for Reviews: After a customer buys something or uses your service, It can automatically send them a message asking for a review. This helps your business get more feedback and build a good reputation online.

📌 2 Improvement Points

📍Better Connections with Other Programs:

Right Now: Podium does a good job of letting businesses talk to customers through texts. However, connecting Podium with other business tools (like customer lists, email marketing, and online stores) can sometimes be tricky or need extra steps.

How to Improve: Making it easier to connect Podium with lots of other business tools would help. This way, businesses could automatically send texts when something happens in another tool (like thanking someone after they buy something online) without having to do extra work.

📍 More Personal Messages:

Right Now: Sending messages that feel personal to each customer is very important. Podium lets businesses do this, but there’s always room to make messages even more personal and relevant to each person.

More Personal Messages:

How to Improve: Making the tools better at figuring out what each customer likes and when they like to get messages would help send more personal texts.

For example, if Podium could help businesses understand what customers have bought before and what they’re interested in, then businesses could send special deals or messages that are more likely to be interesting to each customer.

🏆 Perks of SMS Marketing Tools: How They Can Help Your Business?

📍 Sending Custom Messages

The tool should let you add personal touches to your messages, like using the customer’s name or mentioning things they like. This makes your messages feel more friendly and special.

📍 Automatic Texts

A good tool can send texts automatically. You can set it up to send messages at certain times or reply to customers automatically, which saves you a lot of time.

📍 Grouping Customers

It’s helpful if the tool can organize your customers into different groups. For example, you might send one type of message to new customers and a different type to those who buy a lot.

📍 Works with Other Apps

The best SMS tools can connect with other software you use, like your customer list or your email system. This helps you keep everything coordinated.

📍 Checking How Well Your Messages Do

Finally, it’s important that the tool can show you how your texts are doing. Are people reading them? Are they clicking on links? This info helps you understand what works and what doesn’t.

🔥 Bottom Line

Using SMS marketing tools is a great way to help your business. These tools let you send messages directly to your customers’ phones, which means they’ll likely see and read your messages quickly.

With features like automatic messages, grouping customers, and making messages feel personal, you can make sure your messages are just right for different groups of customers.

When we look at SimpleTexting, EZ Texting, and Podium, each one has something special. SimpleTexting is easy to use and has fun features like quizzes.

EZ Texting is good for sending different types of messages to different groups. Podium does more than just text; it also helps manage customer reviews.

Overall, SMS marketing can make customers more interested in what you have to say, keep them coming back, and even increase your sales. It’s a powerful way to talk to your customers in today’s world where everyone uses their phones a lot.

By picking the right SMS tool for your business, you can really make a difference in how you connect with your customers and grow your business.

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