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3 Best OutBrain Alternatives & Competitors In 2024


Are you tired of hitting roadblocks with OutBrain? πŸ₯± You’re not the only one! 🫡

Many people are struggling with its high costs, limited choices for targeting your audience, and a packed space where it’s tough to get noticed.

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Don’t worry, there are plenty of exciting alternatives out there ready to give your content the boost it needs.⚑

πŸͺ„ Outbrain vs Its Rivals: A Detailed Feature Comparison

Global ReachHighModerateLow
Support for Video AdsYesLimitedNo
Ease of Campaign SetupModerateEasyEasy
Custom Reporting ToolsAdvancedBasicBasic
Minimum Budget RequirementMediumLowVery Low
Quality of Publisher NetworkHigh QualityMixed QualityHigh Quality
Mobile Advertising CapabilitiesStrongModerateWeak
Integration with Other PlatformsGoodModerateLimited
AI-Driven TargetingHighly AdvancedAdvancedModerate
Ethical Advertising StandardsStandardStandardHigh

Let’s explore the best ones that promise to solve these issues and bring something new to your content game! πŸ”


Taboola is a great choice if you’re looking for something like Outbrain but maybe even better. It’s really good at figuring out what people like and showing them ads they’ll find interesting.


It lets you create different kinds of ads that can grab people’s attention more easily. It’s also easy to use, so you can set up and track your ads without much hassle.

Plus, Taboola works with lots of websites, so your ads can be seen by many different people. This can make your ads more successful.

So, if you want a tool that’s easy to use, good at targeting the right people, and gives you lots of options for your ads, Taboola could be a better choice than Outbrain.

πŸ“Œ #4 Unique Features

πŸ“ Lots of Different Ad Types: You can make different kinds of ads, like videos or interactive ads. This means you can be more creative and make ads that are more likely to catch people’s attention.

πŸ“ Ads That Feel Natural: Great at suggesting ads that fit in with what someone is already looking at. This makes the ads feel less like ads and more like part of the regular content, which can make people more likely to click on them.

πŸ“ Better at Finding the Right People: Really good at figuring out who will be interested in your ads. It looks closely at what people like and don’t like, so your ads get shown to those who are most likely to be interested.

Finding The right People

πŸ“ Easy to Use and Understand: Taboola’s tools for setting up and keeping track of your ads are really user-friendly. Even if you’re not a tech expert, you can easily see how your ads are doing and make changes to improve them.

Two Main Areas Where It Could Do Better

πŸ“ Better Control Over Ad Quality: Sometimes the ads or suggested links that Taboola shows aren’t always the best quality or don’t really match what the audience wants to see.

This can make people less interested or trust the ads less. If Taboola could check the ads more carefully to make sure they’re good and really fit what people want to see, it would make the ads more effective and people would like them more.

πŸ“ Clearer Pricing: The way Taboola charges for ads can be a bit confusing. People sometimes find it hard to understand how much they will spend or why they are spending that amount.

If Taboola made its prices clearer and easier to understand, it would be easier for people to plan their ad budgets and they would feel more confident using Taboola.


MGID is a good alternative to Outbrain, especially because it reaches people all over the world and focuses on getting results.


It works in many countries and languages, so your ads can reach a lot of different people, more than with Outbrain. This is great if you want to advertise to people in different places.

It is also really focused on making sure your ads do what you want them to do, like getting people to click or buy something. They have flexible pricing, which means you can choose a plan that fits your budget and goals.

Plus, they’re good at showing your ads to the right people. All these points make MGID a strong choice if you’re looking for an advertising platform that can reach a wide audience and is focused on getting good results.

πŸ“Œ #4 Unique Features

πŸ“ Ads That Fit Right In: It is really good at making ads that look like part of the website they’re on. This means people might be more interested in the ads because they don’t stick out as much and seem more like the regular content they are already enjoying.

πŸ“ Customize Your Ads: It lets you really tailor your ads. You can not only choose who sees your ads but also make them more personal based on what those people like. This can make your ads more effective because they speak directly to what people are interested in.

MGID Features

πŸ“ Affordable for Smaller Budgets: It is often more budget-friendly, which is great if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads. Their prices and the cost for each click on your ad are generally lower, making it a good option for smaller businesses.

πŸ“ Great for Tracking Results: They provide really detailed reports and tools to see how your ads are doing. This means you can understand what’s working and what’s not, and make changes to improve your ads.

πŸ’₯ Two Simpler Ways MGID Could Get Better

πŸ“ Reach More Types of People: It is already all over the world, but it could do better by working with more websites that cover lots of different topics.

This way, ads can reach even more kinds of people, especially those with unique interests. This would make MGID more useful for advertisers who want to target very specific groups.

Reach More People

πŸ“ Better Help for Users: It could improve how it helps its users. Sometimes, people using MGID need quick and clear answers when they have questions or problems.

If MGID had better customer service, like faster answers, more helpful tips, and friendlier support, it would make things easier, especially for those new to online ads or those who run into issues with their ad campaigns.


Revcontent is a great choice if you’re looking for something like Outbrain but maybe even better. It’s really good at making sure the ads and content it shows are interesting and high quality.

This means people are more likely to pay attention to and click on these ads. Revcontent is also easy to use, and you can change your ads to match exactly what you need.


Plus, it’s good at finding the right people to show your ads to. On top of all this, Revcontent is clear about how much things cost and they have really good customer service.

All these things make Revcontent a special choice for online advertising, especially if you care a lot about the quality of the content and reaching the right people.

πŸ“Œ #4 Unique Features

πŸ“ Cool Ad Features: They offer neat tools that let you put ads on websites in a way that looks natural and doesn’t annoy people. This means the ads fit in with the website and people might like them more.

πŸ“ Helps Smaller Websites Too: Revcontent is great for small websites, not just the big ones. This is good for advertisers because they can show their ads on a wide variety of websites, reaching different kinds of people.

Revcontent Features

πŸ“ More Money for Websites: They give a good share of the ad money to the websites where the ads appear. This is nice for the website owners because they earn more, and it encourages them to keep making good content.

πŸ“ Fair and Safe Ads: Revcontent is serious about making sure the ads are fair and don’t break any rules. This means people can trust the ads more, which is good for everyone using the platform.

πŸ’₯ Revcontent Could Make a Couple of Improvements

πŸ“ Attract Bigger Advertisers: Right now, Revcontent is really good for smaller websites. But, this means big companies might not find it as useful because they usually want to show their ads on bigger, well-known websites.

If Revcontent included more popular websites in its network, it could attract bigger advertisers.

πŸ“ Better at Picking Who Sees Ads: While Revcontent does a decent job of showing ads to the right people, it could do even better. If they made their system smarter at figuring out exactly who should see each ad (like by looking at what people are interested in or what they do online), the ads would be more successful.

This means advertisers would be happier because their ads are reaching the right people, and viewers would see ads that are more relevant to them.

πŸ€” How to Choose the Right Digital Advertising Platform? #5 Tips

β—Ύ Know What You Want

Be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want more people visiting your website, more sales, or just to get your brand known? Knowing your goals helps you choose the right platform.

β—Ύ Who Will See Your Content

Think about how many people and what kind of people you can reach through the platform. A good choice is one that lets you show your content to a wide and varied group of people.

β—Ύ Good Content Match

Make sure the platform is good at showing relevant and high-quality content. Your content or ads should be interesting to the people who see them, so they’re more likely to engage with them.

β—Ύ Customization and Targeting

Choose a platform that lets you customize your campaigns and target specific groups of people. This helps to make sure your content reaches the right audience.

β—Ύ Cost and Value

Look at how much it costs and what you’re likely to get back from your investment. A platform with clear pricing and a good record of helping people achieve their goals can be a better choice.

πŸ”₯ Bottom Line

Outbrain alternative

When looking for a good alternative to Outbrain, it’s important to think about what you really need. Do you want to reach more people, make sure your ads fit well with your audience, or keep costs down?

While there are several good options like Taboola, MGID, and Revcontent, each with its own strong points, Taboola stands out as the best overall choice.

Taboola is easy to use, lets you create different kinds of ads, and helps you reach a lot of people. This makes it a great option for most people who want a platform that’s versatile and effective in getting their content seen by the right audience.

So, if you’re looking for a platform that balances everything from reach and creativity to user experience, Taboola is likely your best bet.

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