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3 Best ClickBank Alternatives: [Make More Money in 2024]


Are you tired 😓 of grappling with the hurdles and headaches that ClickBank has been throwing your way?

If you’ve found yourself at your wit’s end 😤, navigating through the maze of issues like limited product choices 🚫, overly competitive niches, or frustrating payment thresholds 💸, you’re certainly not alone.

Tired Of ClickBank

Many digital marketers and affiliates have hit similar roadblocks, feeling boxed in by ClickBank’s constraints and yearning for fresh air 🌬️.

That’s why I’m on the hunt for the best ClickBank alternatives out there 🌟 – to break free from these chains ⛓️ and explore new, promising avenues in the world of affiliate marketing.

Stay tuned as we delve into some of the most exciting and rewarding alternatives 🚀 that could revitalize your affiliate marketing journey! 🌈💼

I’ve tried many different options, and honestly, these three are the best alternatives to ClickBank I’ve found.


Based on my experience using Awin, I’ve found it to be a highly effective affiliate marketing network, especially when compared to ClickBank.

Awin stands out with its vast array of products and services, encompassing both digital and physical goods, which offers a broader scope for affiliate promotion.

The platform is user-friendly, providing intuitive tools and detailed analytics that have been instrumental in crafting and refining my marketing strategies.

Awin HomePage

Moreover, Awin’s reliable support system and regular, secure payment system make it a more trustworthy and convenient choice.

Its stringent approval process ensures quality over quantity, setting it apart from ClickBank’s often overwhelming and less curated product selection.

#5 Key Features of Awin

Diverse Merchant Base

Awin boasts a diverse range of merchants across various industries, from well-known brands to niche markets. This diversity offers affiliates a broader spectrum of products to promote, unlike ClickBank’s focus primarily on digital products.

Global Reach

With a strong presence in multiple countries, Awin provides a global platform for affiliate marketing. This international reach is a significant advantage over ClickBank, especially for affiliates targeting audiences in different regions.

Advanced Tracking Technology

Awin’s advanced tracking technology ensures accurate and transparent reporting of clicks, sales, and commissions. This level of detail and reliability surpasses what’s typically available on ClickBank, allowing for more effective campaign monitoring and optimization.

High-Quality Control Standards

It maintains stringent quality control standards for both affiliates and advertisers. This focus on quality over quantity means fewer issues with low-quality products or unreliable merchants, a challenge often faced by ClickBank users.

Robust Support and Resources

It provides extensive support and educational resources to its affiliates, including personalized assistance, training materials, and marketing tools. This supportive environment fosters affiliate success and growth, a contrast to ClickBank’s more self-service approach.


After exploring PartnerStack, I’ve come to appreciate its unique strengths, especially when compared to ClickBank.

PartnerStack primarily focuses on SaaS (Software as a Service) products, offering a niche yet lucrative market that ClickBank lacks.

My experience with their streamlined platform was remarkable, particularly in how it facilitates the promotion of software products.


What sets PartnerStack apart is its direct collaboration with software companies, ensuring high-quality and reliable products for affiliates to promote.

Additionally, the transparent and timely commission structures, coupled with real-time tracking and analytics, provided me with clear insights into my performance, something that I found to be more challenging with ClickBank.

Overall, PartnerStack’s specialization in the SaaS sector and its affiliate-friendly features make it a superior choice for those looking to promote software and digital tools.

#5 Key Features of PartnerStack

Dedicated Support Team

My experience with PartnerStack’s support team was exceptional. They are highly responsive and knowledgeable, offering personalized assistance whenever needed.

This level of support was a refreshing change from ClickBank, where getting personalized help can sometimes be more challenging.

Customizable Affiliate Links

PartnerStack allows for greater affiliate link customization, including creating unique tracking links for different campaigns or channels.

This flexibility helped me tailor my promotions more effectively than I could on ClickBank.

Automated Payout System

The automated payout system in PartnerStack is a standout feature. Payments are consistent and timely, removing the uncertainty I sometimes felt with ClickBank’s payment thresholds and schedules.

Seamless Integration

PartnerStack seamlessly integrates with many tools and platforms I already use, making it easier to manage all aspects of my affiliate marketing efforts in one place.

This integration capability goes beyond what ClickBank typically offers.

Effective Collaboration Tools

PartnerStack offers tools that facilitate better collaboration between affiliates and companies. This helped me build more strategic partnerships and execute effective marketing campaigns, a level of collaboration that was not as easily achievable on ClickBank.


Having personally used ShareASale, I’ve found it to be a robust and versatile affiliate marketing platform, offering a distinct experience compared to ClickBank.

ShareASale excels with its extensive variety of merchants across multiple categories, providing a wealth of options for affiliates.

This diversity is a significant advantage over ClickBank’s more limited range. What impressed me most was the ease of use and the straightforward interface, making it simple to find and join relevant affiliate programs.


ShareASale also offers more transparent and detailed reporting tools, allowing for better tracking and optimization of campaigns.

Additionally, the platform’s reputation for reliability and timely payments instilled a sense of trust and security in my affiliate endeavors, something I found to be more inconsistent with ClickBank.

Overall, ShareASale stands out for its user-friendly approach, diverse offerings, and reliable operations, making it a superior choice for affiliates seeking a comprehensive and dependable platform.

#5 Key Features of ShareASale

Higher Commission Rates

In my experience, ShareASale often offers higher commission rates compared to what I’ve seen on ClickBank. This aspect has been crucial in maximizing my earnings potential, providing more lucrative Affiliate Networks.

Prompt and Reliable Payments

ShareASale’s payment system is both prompt and reliable. I’ve consistently received my payments on time, without the delays or threshold issues that I occasionally encountered with ClickBank.

Strong Merchant Relationships

ShareASale fosters strong relationships with its merchants, which has benefited me in terms of getting access to exclusive deals and promotions to offer my audience, a feature not as prevalent on ClickBank.

Advanced Link Creation Tools

The platform offers advanced tools for creating custom affiliate links, including deep linking capabilities. This allowed me to direct my audience to specific products or pages more effectively, enhancing my marketing strategies beyond the basic linking options available on ClickBank.

Robust Fraud Detection

ShareASale has an impressive fraud detection system in place, ensuring the integrity of sales and commissions. This level of security gave me peace of mind, knowing that my earnings were protected from fraudulent activities, an area where ClickBank sometimes falls short.

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A Comprehensive Comparison of Affiliate Giants 🥷🏻

Product VarietyPrimarily digital productsDigital and physical productsFocused on SaaS productsWide variety across categories
Global ReachModerateHighModerateModerate
User InterfaceBasicUser-friendlyIntuitiveSimple and straightforward
Payment ReliabilityVariableHighHighHigh
Affiliate SupportSelf-service orientedExtensive support and resourcesDedicated support teamGood support system
Tracking & AnalyticsBasicAdvancedIn-depthDetailed
Merchant QualityVariedHigh-quality controlHigh-quality SaaS focusStrong merchant relationships
Commission RatesVariedCompetitiveHigh for SaaS productsHigher rates
Integration CapabilitiesLimitedModerateHighModerate
Fraud DetectionBasicAdvancedModerateRobust

Insider Tips for Selecting the Ideal Platform

Understand Your Niche

Understand Your Niche

Different platforms cater to different niches. Identify your niche and choose a platform that aligns well with it. For instance, PartnerStack is excellent for SaaS products, while ShareASale offers a broader range of physical and digital products.

Evaluate Product Quality

Evaluate Product Quality

Always look for platforms that offer high-quality products or services. This enhances your credibility as an affiliate and increases the likelihood of successful promotions.

Consider Commission Structures

Consider Commission Structures

Different platforms offer varying commission structures. Assess which structure works best for you. Higher commission rates are attractive but also consider the sale frequency and product price.

Assess the Global Reach

Assess the Global Reach

If your audience is global, choose a platform with a wide international reach like Awin. This can maximize your potential audience and earnings.

User Interface and Ease of Use

User Interface and Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface can significantly streamline your affiliate marketing efforts. Platforms with intuitive dashboards and easy navigation save time and reduce the learning curve.

Check for Marketing Tools and Support

Check for Marketing Tools and Support

Platforms that offer robust marketing tools, analytics, and strong affiliate support can greatly enhance your marketing strategies and help in tracking your performance effectively.

Payment Reliability and Terms

Payment Reliability

Ensure the platform has a reliable and timely payment system. Understand their payment thresholds and schedules to better manage your finances.

🔥 Final Says

Exploring alternatives to ClickBank can open up a new realm of opportunities in the affiliate marketing space.

Platforms like Awin, PartnerStack, and ShareASale each bring their unique strengths to the table, catering to different niches, offering diverse product ranges, and providing robust support and tools for affiliates.

Your choice should align with your specific marketing goals, target audience, and preferred niche.

By carefully considering factors such as product quality, commission structures, global reach, and platform usability, you can find a platform that not only matches your needs but also enhances your potential for success in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

Remember, the key is to find a platform that resonates with your personal style and professional aspirations.

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