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AmazeOwl Review: 7-Figure Product Research Secret [Revealed]


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Searching FBA products is a damn hectic task since it takes a lot of time & effort, and for this, one must have a tool by their side. AmazeOwl is a great product research tool and many users are happy with the way it helps to find product ideas that convert most. It has the best research algorithm that helps in finding products that are best for attaining good profits.

There are some great features present in this tool, check out more about it in our AmazeOwl review.

AmazeOwl Review

With this, one can have all the product information that is required to understand the market and then move ahead with the final purchase of a bulk stock.

AmazeOwl is currently working with more than 4000 Amazon sellers in helping them out to hunt new products that are in demand and to search a million ideas with the utmost ease.

After analysis, the information provided by AmazeOwl tool is a hundred percent genuine and accurate, they provide data that proves out to be beneficial for the Amazon FBA business.

AmazeOwl Review: How it Research Products?


AmazeOwl is a product research tool present in the market and it has several happy users as Amazon sellers get the best product hunt tool that able to generate the healthiest income as possible. Their product insights help in identifying the potential present in products & how much profit can it generate and they have a very friendly user-interface with which one can perform several things under their platform with the utmost ease.

Their products are ranked with a simple 5-star system so that a seller can easily identify products that are going to benefit them in the near future. Be it, anyone, from new sellers, pre-existing sellers, or even for those who want to launch multiple products in parallel, this tool is for everyone. Their features are really amazing and very facilitating, let’s check them out below.

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AmazeOwl Features

1. Search Millions of Product Ideas

AmazeOwl Product Research

One can search millions of products under AmazeOwl product research tool with the utmost ease as they have a database of more than 600 million items and work across a whopping 11 marketplaces. Find promising products while just scrolling through Amazon and have access to more than millions of products in the database.

2. Validate and Launch

AmazeOwl Idea Validation

Validate and launch millions of products as it helps in understanding the market in order to launch with confidence. Get the accurate data that is required to crush it on Amazon with the best possible sales as there are products ranked with the 5-star system to show the ease of entry in the field, the demand for the product, and potential profit.

Also, get insights into the best images of products to use, how many reviews are needed to compete with others, and get the right pricing strategy for the product.

3. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Stay ahead of competition with AmazeOwl

Always stay ahead of the competition since the AmazeOwl tool provides an option to monitor & review the market meanwhile sourcing the product. See the daily changes the competitors are making to their pricing, images, titles, and keywords in order to stay on the top.

Also, get alerted to the new consumers so that you can easily adjust the strategies. With AmazeOwl, drive more and more buyers to the product and monitor the keywords to see the impact of the changes.

4. Hunt for Products

Select the market you operate in and then find the products according to it so that you can able to generate profits and make a different strategy in your business. The tool is mainly designed to hunt the best products that provide great outcomes for the business and based on the marketplace & niche, it identifies everything that the users need and hence comes out with the best & most profitable products.

5. Potential Products

See the products that are trendy & have good reviews but only sell for a small-time span such as the holiday season and save these potential products so that they can be sold at a greater price. These products once purchased, can be upsold and one can make some amazing profits out of the same.

6. Tracked PTrack Products with AmazeOwlroducts


Check out some of the products and track the status of it in the market as one can look out for things such as the profit margin, product demand, ease in the entry, and how are the competitors doing with the same. With AmazeOwl, it isn’t that tough to find out the best products related to the niche and fetch down its data.

7. Product Database

AmazeOwl Product Database

Look at the price, BSR, Stars, Review, Weight, Unit Sales/day, and Revenue/day with AmazeOwl. Also, look down the categories to filter out the required such as appliances, baby care, beauty & personal care, etc. and narrow down the search even more.

There are some other filters also available such as the product dimensions, the span in which the products were found, search terms, excluding the titles, and the order by details. If you like it then purchase it straight ahead, and if it isn’t meant for the season, then save it in the potential products list.

8. Seller Metrics

Seller Metrics is their own separate product through which, a person can find out insights such as sales and profit analytics. With this, one can track their own Amazon sales and monitor the status of each and every product.

9. Tutorial

Want to learn how the tool functions or also want to figure out how to work with Amazon FBA? Then go through their video tutorials that are literally a blessing in disguise and also, they have a getting started manual that helps in having an extra bit about the platform. With this, one can easily become a pro in finding and selling the products on Amazon.

10. Facebook Forum

Find out what product worked the most for whom once you have access to their Facebook group. Several other Amazon sellers who use AmazeOwl are present on the group and share their stories regularly. This way, one also gets to know some strategies alongside finding some of the best products.

11. Niches

AmazeOwl tool can search for products in several niches present under their tool so that the users can easily find the best niche they are likely to sell in. They have a huge database of more than 600 million products, across all the niches, and the main ones they have are Amazon Launchpad, Appliances, Apps & Games, Arts & Crafts, and a lot more than this. It is one of the best places to find out the most profitable products that’ll have a great outcome for the business.

12. Keyword Research and Monitoring

Find some keywords that would fit right into the description and monitor it regularly to keep note if they’re bringing a positive impact. These keywords can be the terms that people use the most for searching a product on Amazon, therefore they have a great impact on sales. Review & Monitor if they are working for the business and work it out efficiently.

13. Massive Reach

AmazeOwl Marketplaces

They work in a whopping 11 Amazon marketplaces, and these are:

  • The United States (.com)
  • The United Kingdom (
  • Canada (.ca)
  • Germany (.de)
  • France (.fr)
  • Italy (.it)
  • Mexico (
  • India (.in)
  • Spain (.es)
  • Japan (.jp)
  • Australia (

AmazeOwl Pricing Packages

AmazeOwl Pricing

There are three packages, and out of them one is free, check out what all it has below:

1. Starter Package – Free:

  • 1 tracked niche.
  • Monitor 3 keywords.
  • Auto-updates for a 1000 niches.
  • Top 2 keywords in research.
  • Slow loading speed.

2. Growth Package – $19.99/Month:

  • 10 tracked niches.
  • Monitor 10 keywords.
  • Auto-updates for a 1000 niches.
  • Product database of 50 every month.
  • Top 10 keywords in research.
  • 10% discount on AmazeOwl Academy.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Regular customer support.

3. Established Package- $29.95/Month:

  • 300 tracked niches.
  • Monitor 50 keywords.
  • Auto-updates for a 1000 niches.
  • Product database of 200 every month.
  • Top 100 keywords in research.
  • 30% discount on AmazeOwl Academy.
  • Very fast loading speed.
  • High priority customer support.

Pros & Cons of AmazeOwl


  • Easy to use.
  • Quick Product Research.
  • Free trial available.
  • Different niches to fetch products from.
  • Several pricing options.


  • Customer support not present for everyone.

AmazeOwl Users Review & Testimonials

There are several testimonials of this platform, and one of them name LJ, a new user it claims that AmazeOwl is very easy to understand and provide accurate data. In his opinion, it is the best since he can review everything, anytime he wants to. He has that he appreciates the services and everyone must go for it.

Another review from Dean reads that AmazeOwl makes it easier for understanding the product research method for FBA market. As a beginner at Amazon FBA, he would be totally lost without it. He deeply thanks them for this awesome tool.

Final Verdict- Is AmazeOwl good for FBA?

In a way, AmazeOwl is providing several services at the same time such as product research, product tracker, data research, and keyword research. Therefore this tool is an all-in-one service if we look at it. AmazeOwl is a good tool for those who want to excel in their Amazon FBA business but don’t know where to begin with.

AmazeOwl has all the features required and some even claim that it’s so easy that a 10-year-old boy can use it to review & find the best products. However, the only con over here is that the customer support is not present for everyone, and those who are operating it for free, are kind of left-back. But, else way, it has everything one can ever require and they can always go for it.


Is there any tutorial present to learn about AmazeOwl?

Yes, there are tutorials and getting started guides present under the tool, and this helps to learn all about it.

Is AmazeOwl best product research tool?

Yes, AmazeOwl is a hundred percent genuine product research tool and provides the entire data with utmost accuracy.

Who should use AmazeOwl?

All those pre-existing and new Amazon sellers who want to have a product and keyword insights can use AmazeOwl.

Is AmazeOwl have any free plan?

Yes, they have a plan that is completely free, and everyone can access it, anytime they want to.

AmazeOwl Review
Amazeowl Review
Ease of use
Overall research outcome
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