Zon.Tools Review 2021: Free Trial + 15% OFF Coupon (Working)

Selling products on Amazon is cool, but how do these get acknowledgment on the platform? PPC Advertising is a great way to bring the products in the eyes of people but it isn’t easy to place PPC Campaigns on your own, it takes a lot of effort and is a time-taking process. Zon.Tools help to figure out the right keywords for ad campaigns and boost the product rankings in numerous ways.

Zon.Tools is an enterprise-level PPC campaign tool and it provides different strategies that prove out to be efficient. Zon software facilitates smart engines that make the work easier and brings out the best outcomes. With efficient advertisements, the conversion rate gets better and an advertiser gets so many benefits alongside the ease it brings.

Let’s check some pretty amazing things about Zon.Tools review:


Zon.Tools Review

Zon.Tools is an Amazon PPC Software that helps in boosting the product and brand rankings on the platform. It is really very easy to set up and requires some basic information about the product to frame the best PPC Ads for its users. They also let their users access every small detail and provide full flexibility along with control over their engines.

The entire software is totally customizable based on the user’s campaigns and products. It changes bids throughout the day based on a user’s requirement and criteria. There are a million keywords present based on the products available on Amazon, and a user can use any of them based on their requirements. The platform is really helpful and facilitating, let’s take a look at its features now.

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Features Review Of Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools Features

1. Auto-Mate 3.0

The prime thing for any advertiser is to stay nearby its ACoS goal, and this tool helps in doing so. It efficiently adjusts the keywords and target bids to let their users reach the goal. Its unique algorithm calculates everything and keeps adjusting the bids up to down to maximize the sales. This way, the ACoS stays lesser than the limit and the advertisement is able to provide great sales!

2. Keyword Miner

Zon.Tools keyword miner review the reports every time and then adds any relevant & converting term back into the system. This way, the campaign also stays up-to-date and bring out effective results. The tool claims to grow the campaigns in a 100 percent controlled and automated environment. However, the automation tool only works on their system-generated PGNs. But overall if we see, this keeps the advertisements maintained.

3. Target Miner

Zon.Tools Target Minor feature keeps on scanning to review the campaign and product sales reports in order to add any new ASIN they find into ASIN Ad-Group. This way, the advertisement will grow in an organic environment and will increase its reach in an automated way. The feature is a godsend since a person may optimize the keywords, but finding new ASINs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This feature is also currently working on their system-generated PGNs.

4. Bid-Gambler

At times the keywords or target bid are too low, but that isn’t a problem for this tool at all. The bid-gambler feature is a great help as it automatically increases the bids for a while for generating more clicks and impressions in the due time. A person doesn’t have to monitor everything by time, this tool will help in managing everything pretty well.

5. Term-Inator

Terminator Engine constantly keeps on scanning the campaign reports and if there is any need to negate any bleeding keyword, it will. This improves the Auto, Broad, and Phrase Matching campaign abilities. This feature is currently available for their system generated PGNs.

6. ASIN-Ator

Just like the terminator, this works on the requirements to negate any bleeding ASIN. These two tools go simultaneously hand-in-hand and fulfill the needs wherever it’s required to. This improves the auto product targeting campaign matching capability. However, this feature is also currently available for their system generated PGNs.

7. Keyword Guardian

This engine makes sure that a user doesn’t spend much time on any specific keyword & automatically pauses them when it reaches a certain spend threshold and sales aren’t taking place. They know that there’s absolutely no sense for an advertisement if it cannot boost sales, and efficient sales require great keywords. In addition to that, they constantly check the account while pausing all those low-performing keywords and it also re-enables the well-performing ones.

Zon.Tools Key Features

In this Zon.Tools review, we’ve mentioned all its features & benefits. Let’s check it:

8. Keyword Recycler

The tool keeps on finding replacements for those keywords that are paused because of their low performance. They replace it with new, updated, and optimal bid-based keywords based on their algorithms. The engine then tracks the new keyword’s progress and how is it doing in the market. It is a very beneficial feature as it makes keyword tracking very easy.

9. Bid Nailer

Zon.Tools bid nailer review the competitor’s bid & dedicatedly works towards adjusting bids constantly based on the keyword’s exact average per click and strategy. The Bid Nailer and Bid Gambler engines work together to optimize the bid of each keyword in the account. This helps in keeping a note of every keyword in numerous ways.

10. Easy Setup

Zon.Tools have just a few steps to set up the rules and campaigns on a threshold basis. It basically asks all that’s needed for the engine to perform intelligent actions. Everything can be set up to the campaign level, ad group level, or can go as setting up a customized threshold for each keyword. Overall, it doesn’t take much time, and let’s have a segmented campaign setup with just a single click.

11. Automates The Current Setup

If someone already has their campaign set up on the platform, then the tool will automatically run up the campaign and adjust everything on its own. This is a great thing since a person can just place their campaign and rest everything will take place with the help of this tool without any hassles.

12. Hits Targets

The tool hits the targets keeping the ACoS in mind and makes sure that it doesn’t cross the limit at all. Every advertiser worries that their ACoS doesn’t go high and the budget doesn’t imbalance. Well, with this tool, no one needs to worry about any such thing and can stay tension free.

13. Maximizes Ad Sales & Amazon Ad performance

The software maximizes ad sales and brings a good conversion rate to their customers. They understand when a user is investing, they’re expecting good returns from them. Also, they maximize the Amazon Advertisement’s performance with the best bids, keywords, and appropriate optimization.

14. Creates Well-Structured Campaigns With Autopilot Mode

Zon.Tools software doesn’t need manual ways to boost an ad campaign, it automatically review & creates the campaigns in a very well structured manner. Their autopilot mode manages everything on its own and its inbuilt features such as the bidding player and gambler even manage bids on its own.

Zon.Tools PPC

15. Reduces overall ACoS

The platform reduces the overall advertisement cost and brings a lot of relief to their clients. Every user is mainly tensed over the increasing ad cost, but they give their level best to bring them to the lowest possibility. This is the greatest thing since various softwares are only behind earning their own money without worrying about the user.

16. Focuses more on business

They only have one goal, BUILD THE BUSINESS, nothing else. The tool mainly just focuses on building the user’s business with the best keywords and bids possible in the market. Also, they make sure that the ACoS is as low as it should be for better profits.

17. Works on other languages as well

If we as a user want to boost sales and build up a business in a country where English is a problem, then this tool will do the needful. The ad copy can be changed in any language the people of that country speak. Say for example, we from Singapore are placing an advertisement in France, then this tool will change the language to French on its own. If there’s a need to spread business in another country, then remove the biggest hassle off people’s heads!

18. Helps in staying ahead from the competition

Zon.Tools is a pro and it helps in staying ahead of the competition. Its strategies are extremely unique and people love the way it helps in staying ahead with amazing keywords & bids that are authentic and bring effective traffic on the Amazon selling page.

19. Blogs and Tutorial

There are some blogs on the platform that give a user a better understanding of how the tool works and what are some other ways to boost traffic on the page. These blogs are also a good way to learn more about PPC Campaigns. There is also a tutorial present where people can learn about how Zon.Tools software works because not everyone knows it’s working in the beginning. If you want to go for an advance level in Amazon FBA business then the Amazing Selling Machine is a great course.

Zon.Tools Pricing & Plans

The pricing packages are super affordable and this is another reason why people love it so much. In such a less price, it provides all the features that are required to people.

Zon.Tools Pricing Packages

Here’s the list of the pricing package mentioned below:

1. Analyzer-$ 9.00/Month:

  • Manually manages campaigns.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • As many keywords as required.
  • Millions of products.
  • Basic customer support.

2. Masterer-$19.00/Month:

  • Manually manages campaigns.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • As many keywords as required.
  • Millions of products.
  • Keyword Guardian.
  • Keyword recycler.
  • Bid Gambler.
  • Bid Nailer.
  • Auto-mate.
  • Priority support.

3. Dominator-$25.00/Month:

  • Manually manages campaigns.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • As many keywords as required.
  • Millions of products.
  • Keyword Guardian.
  • Keyword recycler.
  • Bid Gambler.
  • Bid Nailer.
  • Auto-mate.
  • Proprietory PGN Structure.
  • Keyword Miner and Target Miner.
  • Term-Inator and ASIN-ator.
  • Includes all updates.
  • 24/7 Slack support.
  • Monthly strategy call.

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There are some amazing testimonials present on the platform claiming that they are very happy with the outcomes.

Michael Schnider

Zon.Tools Appreciation

In the Michael Schneider testimonial review, he says that he is optimizing his campaigns in bulk with the help of this Zon.Tools. He now just goes back to it once and sets up everything from the advanced editor based on his requirements, and the software manages everything on its own.

He is very happy with the amazing results of this tool that has helped him sell his best sellers during the holiday season. Michael says that the reason behind him sharing this testimonial is that he had to do every such thing manually earlier, which was very tough to manage.

He was spending a ridiculous amount of time on the campaigns and everything was getting out of control. He says that it is a very powerful tool if used correctly.

Sherry Dodson

Zon.Tools Clients

Sherry Dodson says that she used an account on some other platform that provided various SKUs and was pretty facilitating, but it had a very poor performance and wasn’t easy to use at all. She then joined Zon.Tools and her ACoS came down from 240 dollars to 120 dollars in the first few days.

She just ran a few campaigns based on the details provided by the tool and found such an amazing difference in her expenses. As an owner, she is pleased beyond words and loves how it has helped her in so many ways. She also enjoys the response from the support staff that is very kind and helpful.

Flavio Scotto

Zon.Tools Testimonials

A review from Flavio Scotto says that he gives the 6 stars out of 5 to Zon.Tools and says he would have given a 5 if it was just a game-changer, but it has completely changed his life in ways no one could even think of. He had watched a thousand videos and followed the guide of several gurus, but nothing worked for him. He spent a lot of time working on over-complicated campaigns that mace him tired anyway.

The outcome would be the same every time, high ACoS when products were sold and low ACoS but barely anything was sold. Flavio then tried Zon.Tools and was very skeptical about it, but now he says there couldn’t have been a better way to boost his products than this.

Pros & Cons

The platform has both good and bad things to consider, check it out before finally buying it:

The Good

  • Great keyword optimization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Super Affordable.
  • Customer Support present.
  • It drives great growth and good traffic.
  • Free 30-day trial.

The Bad

  • A bit limited in features.

Things we liked about the Software

Zon.Tools PPC Campaigns

  • Great Keyword Optimization:

There are some amazing features on this platform, which will help you when it comes to keyword optimization. It has some options such as keyword miner, keyword recycler, and keyword guardian that are pretty amazing to look at.

  • Easy to use:

Zon.tools have nothing too techy involved and everything is optimized on its own. There is barely any need for any focus or manual thing, and there isn’t even a need to spend a lot of time on the platform.

  • Super Affordable:

The software begins with as little as 9 dollars per month and isn’t even too expensive while it’s growing. For anyone who wants a lower budget ad platform, this one is for them.

  • Customer Support present:

There is customer support present alongside every campaign, however, it varies in the type of support, but overall the users can contact then any time of the day.

  • It drives great growth and good traffic:

The software provides great growth to the users and sends a good amount of traffic on their page. Their first priority is to grow a business and bring it in the eyes of the people.

  • Free 30-day trial:

In case someone isn’t sure how this tool works, then there is a free trial available for 30 days. Anyone can use it for these many days and provides a great knowledge about how the entire thing works.

Things We Didn’t Like About The Software

  • A bit limited in features:

Everything is pretty good, but the only thing is that it’s a bit limited in features. It fulfills everything from keywords and bids, but the extra features are slightly missing.

Final Verdict

If you’d actually ask us, Zon.Tools is pretty amazing. There are some other tools also present in the market, but none has the outcomes provided by this Zon.Tools. The best part is that the prices are to die for and any beginner can also access this.

Zon.Tools is one of the best Amazon PPC Softwares in the market and truly have amazing results. The features are also pretty great, and everything important is present over here. Customer support is also very important, and their software also provides that very well. Any user can contact them throughout the day and they’ll respond based on the package accordingly. Overall, we’d call it a hundred percent yes and loved every inch of the Zon.Tools Amazon PPC software.



What are the Payment Terms for Zon.Tools?

A user can cancel the membership anytime they want to, there's no need for sending any email or so.

What if a user isn't satisfied with Zon.Tools?

A person can always try the trial available for 1 dollar and understand everything easily.

Is Zon.Tools value for money?

Yes, the tool is super affordable and absolutely worth every single penny. It is jam-packed with features and is very easy to use.

Are there any contracts on Zon.Tools

No, there are absolutely no contracts before signing up for the platform.

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