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AbeBooks Review 2024: Is It Best Place For Buying Books?


Books are a treasure that is easy to possess and easier to find only if you have the right map.

The place of buying books becomes a part of life as with time we understand that this is where every book we thought of rests. AbeBooks is one such platform that is a hub for sellers and buyers. 😇

Introduction to Abebooks

Books help us discover what stands firm in the storm or what makes the storm move which is the reason having books is one of the greatest hobbies and passions of an individual. Let’s learn more about AbeBooks and what it holds to become the favorite platform of book lovers.

What is AbeBooks?

About Abebooks

The company was founded in 1995 by Rick, Vivian Pura, Keith, and Cathy Waters which determines massive reliability because of the experience it has gained. Services are provided worldwide and it has its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

It is an online book shopping platform offering fine art books, ephemera, books that are used, and other rare texts. AbeBooks parent organization is Amazon from 2008 to the present day.

AbeBooks is a massive online store with around 200 million books on sale to enrich the book libraries of individuals’ hearts and homes.

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What Can Be Expected From AbeBooks?

Expectations from Abebooks

AbeBooks being an online platform to book sales serves every kind of expectation one reader holds within. From brand new series to rare texts which are hard to find but have core values injected in them can be found on AbeBooks.

The expectations of both buyers/sellers are satisfied irrespective of geographical boundaries as it serves worldwide. Being a subsidiary of Amazon it has the support of the fastest and flawless shipping.

As Amazon is a major boost to the eCommerce industry which makes the work of AbeBooks perfect and totally satisfying.

What Are The Benefits Of AbeBooks?

Benefits of Abebooks

AbeBooks being an online book shopping platform has generated several benefits which help users. All of the users can avail these benefits in order to fall in love with books more than ever before.

AbeBooks has been in the game for so long and these benefits have much to do with that. Let’s learn more about such benefits which help in constructing a user base for AbeBooks. 😍

Some of the benefits are as follows which makes AbeBooks the top pick when it comes to online shopping for books-


Featured sellers for reliability

The platform is highly reliable as it has existed since 1995. The experience shows up how much customers have been depending on it from books creating the benefit of being reliable. While shopping we can’t pay if the platform isn’t trustworthy. 

Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping

Amazon being the parent organization of AbeBooks has got a lot of benefits for users. It helps in flawless shipping process worldwide which is highly efficient for users.

Publishing at AbeBooks

Publishing at Abebooks

Authors seeking a publishing partner can go for AbeBooks. Being included in such the list of AbeBooks surely gets it the notice and having the chance of being a bestseller.

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What Are The Features Of AbeBooks?

Features of Abebooks

AbeBooks being the platform for buying books has the features to impress any buyer/seller. All of the features construct this online store which surely doesn’t have those exciting stories of visiting a books store but does have the best services to users.

As the features make a platform worthy of being picked, let’s learn more about the features which decorate it as nothing else can. Some of the features are as follows-


Advanced Search In Abebooks

Books can be easily accessed on the platform AbeBooks. The world has several tons of books in AbeBooks too 200 million books rest. This makes the work of searching tough for any other store but not for AbeBooks. By adding the required details all of the books can be searched.

This helps in figuring out which book the buyer wants without wasting a lot of time scrolling down the long list of books.

Rare Items

Rare Items Abebooks

Book lovers have several wishes which make them crave rare items. As someone would wish to have an autographed book, t-shirt, or another kind of item. AbeBooks had it all and delivered all kinds of satisfaction to build up the dream world for book lovers and fan clubs. 😚



Shipping is done very flawlessly as the user doesn’t have to worry about the process. The books are directly delivered from booksellers which promise legitimacy. As this helps in accessing books more easily the users.



Amazon, the king of eCommerce, is the parent organization of AbeBooks. This promises the best services which help the users in getting what they seek from AbeBooks with the guidance of Amazon.

Amazon widened the range of AbeBooks as it showed the books on its platform via search too. Amazon’s excellence contributes to the strong foundation of AbeBooks and makes it stand strong.

200 million items

200 million items

AbeBooks has the biggest collection of books. As it has 200 million books/rare items in store this shows up the scale of AbeBooks. And increases the possibilities of getting the book that one is searching for and makes it one of the most used platforms.


Abebooks Return Policy

Every buyer is eligible for a refund which allows the reliability factor to improve. As a refund facility makes the buyers get the book and in case they don’t find its quality worth the money then a refund can be issued easily.


Abebooks Guarantee

Every item on AbeBooks comes with a guarantee which promises the quality of the items. The guarantee is under conditions according to the books. This is another major feature of AbeBooks.


Abebooks Security

Being an online platform AbeBooks asks for personal information in order to get the service delivered. But all of the members of the platform follow strict security guidelines in order to not share data with any third party which makes the site more secure than anything else. 😘

These were vital features that make AbeBooks the way it is and keep the users bound to buy their favorite books only from AbeBooks.

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros

  1. More than 200 million book items in store for buyers.
  2. Low prices for sellers stop keeping their books on the list.
  3. Amazon is the parent organisation that does all of the shipping.
  4. Flawless and free shipping is part of services.
  5. Rare and iconic book related items can be found on the platform.
  6. Reliable platform for users as it has a lot of experience.
  7. Secure online shopping with security guidelines being followed.
  8. Search aid assisted search for finding the book over the platform.
  9. Direct and easy contact with bestsellers.

👎 Cons

  1. Sometimes books listed aren’t really part of the platform.
  2. Re-listing has been done a lot on the platform.
  3. Quality of rare items isn’t promised by the platform.
  4. Reliability of best sellers isn’t mentioned on the platform.
  5. Shipping rates aren’t mentioned for all of the bestsellers.
  6. Add to cart feature is very slow and shows glitches.

Payment Method Accepted By AbeBooks

All kinds of payment methods are accepted by AbeBooks. This makes the payment process super easy for users. Major ways of payment are visa and MasterCard. Payment making is a vital step before availing any kind of services and that can be done simply with AbeBooks.

Abebooks Payment Methods

How do AbeBooks Help Sellers?

Sellers too have a great opportunity to sell with AbeBooks. The main motive of a seller has to be in demand for their books. The customer base of AbeBooks is so grand as it facilitates the buying of books, easily boosting up the sales.

Sellers have to pay the minimum price in order to keep the book listed on the platform. Sellers can add their own website links in the shopping window too as it allows the support of Amazon a grand ecommerce platform. 😊

Conclusion – Final Say

AbeBooks is the closest bookstore to the doorstep of users with magnificent books items for sale. Everything about AbeBooks is perfect as it allows the cases to the books in the finest way possible. Amazon parenting is also doing great wonders for the success of AbeBooks.

Full lf pros of buyers and sellers AbeBooks should surely be a part of your life if you are a book lover. Still some cons rest in the lap of the platform but yet it is such a powerful platform for all kinds of books and rare items loved by all.

FAQs 🤔

What kind of books are available on the platform?

AbeBooks isn’t limited to any specific type of book genre as it allows its platform for all kinds of books whether to be bought or to be sold.

Can books be sold on AbeBooks?

Yes, books can be sold on AbeBooks as booksellers can list their books by paying a certain price.

Is AbeBooks secure in terms of shopping?

AbeBooks surely follows all kind of security guidelines in order to become safe for users connecting worldwide.

How many books are available on the platform?

More than 200 million book items are available on the platform making it one of the biggest book hubs of the town.

Is AbeBooks a subsidiary of Amazon?

Amazon is the parent organisation of AbeBooks since 2008 which provides it support for being the world’s biggest ecommerce platform.

How can payments be made on AbeBooks?

Different modes of payments are accepted on AbeBooks. Major ways are mastercard and visa extending to further legit modes of payment.

Can booksellers be contacted through the website?

Yes, AbeBooks allows direct contact to booksellers in order to maintain transparency on the platform.

Shipping charges are mentioned on the portal?

Yes, but that differs and has to be checked according to the personal rate of booksellers being situated in different geographical areas.

Rating is available for booksellers on AbeBooks?

No, not for all booksellers ratings are given which can be counted as a major drawback too.

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