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Booktopia Review 2024: Is It A Legit Online Book Store?


Reading books is one of the best habits and to some of them, it is a daily routine as the stories create inspiration and readers get a lot of knowledge & motivation. There are different online bookstores in the market, where we can find books related to kids, fictional stories, non-fiction stories, and many more. 

If you’re a reader and looking for an online bookstore to find all kinds of categories of books then Booktopia is for you. In Booktopia you can explore the different categories of books, ebooks, audiobooks, DVDs, Magazines, etc. For more, check this Booktopia review as it gives info on its features, pros and cons, and more. 

😘 What is Booktopia?


Booktopia is an online book store that provided books of different categories like fiction, non-fiction, children, Australian stories, Education, Uni textbooks, academic books, and others. It is the Australian largest book store with the availability of over 150,000 in stock and ready to ship every corner of New Zealand and Australia. 

Booktopia just not only ships physical books but also provides ebooks, stationery, DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, to the countries of Australia and New Zealand. It does not have any physical stores, as it has been providing service only with an online store.

They always invest in expanding the operations in serving the customers to deliver the books in every corner of Australia and New Zealand countries. They even launched the new distribution arm Booktopia Publisher services, and from this other retailers can also benefit from growing the number of list of the books to distribute with the trade discounts. 

🤔Why One Should Buy Books from Booktopia?

Why one should buy books from Booktopia

When you try to buy a book, you check in different stores for different categories but when it comes to Booktopia you’ll find various categories of books as it is an all-in-one store. Yes, Booktopia is one of the best online book retailer store in Australia and it mainly focuses on delivering the books to the customers fastly and conveniently at affordable prices. 

The agenda of the Booktopia is to support Australian writers and publishers at the same time it supports independent bookstores & knowledgeable booksellers who are part of the community. 

Awards and Recognition

Booktopia is recognized by many of the organizations and various industry bodies through awards & nominations. Till now it achieved as the National Book Reatiler of the years 2016, 2017, 2019. Along with that, Booktopia awarded as Australian Business Awards, Online Reatailer Industry Awards. 

🤗 Booktopia Investors

Booktopia Investors

The operations of Booktopia are to take a technology-based advantage for customer approach by investing in websites, distribution centers, and back-end administration systems. This technology-based operation will help the customers to deliver fastly with the right information. From this, Booktopia can analyze & review everything to enhance the Booktopia group’s customer experience. 

Three investors funded Booktopia Pty Ltd, as it raised a total fund of $23 million, and the total number of rounds that took place in funding is two rounds. The three investors of Booktopia are:

1.) JBS Investment Management.

2.) AFSG Capital.

3.) CHAMP Ventures (Lead Investor)

👊 Booktopia Publisher Services 

With the regular trade discounts, the retailers will benefit from growing the no. of books that are distributed by Booktopia publisher services. Resellers will find out the books of many titles at a glance that Booktopia distribute and they are searchable either by category or publisher. 

Booktopia Publisher Services – Trade Titles 

Here is the list provided by the Booktopia publisher services are

Booktopia Publisher Services - Trade Titles

Booktopia Trade Titles:

  • Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development
  • Business/Management
  • Australian
  • Religion
  • Science/Psychology
  • Fiction
  • Sports, Hobbies & Craft
  • Music/Film/Theatre
  • History
  • Family/Parenting
  • True Crime
  • Biography/Memoir

Booktopia Publisher Services – Professional and Academic Titles

Booktopia Publisher services - Academic & professional

Find Out The Professional and Academic Titles:

  • Business & Professional
  • Health & Physical Activity
  • Medical & Science
  • Computing & IT
  • Law
  • Education
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Data & Research Techniques

💜 Types of Books Offered by Booktopia

Review on types of books - Booktopia

Booktopia is one of Australia’s online book stores that comes with different categories from fiction stories to academic books. It just not only provides books but also ebooks, stationery, audiobooks, DVDs, which are also available in the online store. 

Booktopia Bestsellers

If you’re a new person to make a habit of reader then, go through the Booktopia bestseller option, where you can review the best books that are sold & bought by many people. In the bestsellers list, you’ll find the top favorite of Booktopia, and along with that find the bestseller’s list in categories like babies & toddlers, children’s books, young adults, fiction & non-fiction books. 

Popular Brands

Among the availability of the books at Booktopia, some of them are recongnized as the popualr brands. The list of the popular brands are ABC Kids, Australian Women’s weekly, Peppa pig, Excel education, Harvard Business, No fear Shakespeare, etc. 

Popular Series

The popular series of the books at Booktopia are the Bridgerton series, Jack West, The treehouse series, Outlander, Dog man, and others.

Popular Authors

Some of the authors got fame because of their storyline, and the list of authors who got popular on Booktopia are Aaron Blabey, Dan Brown, Kate Mortan, Tim Winton, and others.  

Popular Subjects

Here is the list of the subjects that most of the people supposed to buy the book categories on Biographies & True Stories, Fantasy fiction, Manga, Picture Books, History, Health & diet, Classic fiction, Cooking, food, & drink, personal development, and many more. 

😚 Delivery Service of Booktopia

Booktopia Shipping and Delivery

Once you decided to buy the book at Booktopia or etc. then you don’t have to worry about the delivery services because they provide best service. All shipping has full tracking availability, it charges a flat rate per order and for an Australian address it takes $7.95, & for a New Zealand delivery address $9.95.

After booking your order of items, then from the next minute, it allows you to track the order to know how much time it’ll take to deliver it to your address. 

🤗 Booktopia Refunds and Cancellations

Booktopia Cancellations and Returns

Booktopia offers a strict cut-off to cancel the order and no matter the reason behind the cancellation is, if you’re likely to cancel the order then you have to contact the customer support team or proceed through Live Chat. 

If you’re likely to return the book that bought at Booktopia, then connect with the customer service team and they’ll organize the Return Authorization. It is especially for the people who want to return their books and here is a reminder that the returns will not be accepted without this Return Authorization. 

If the customer receive any incorret, damaged or faulty item, then they immediately contact to the Booktopia team and notify them within two business days. It is counted from the time the delivery was made. In this scenario also, the returns will not be accepted by Booktopia without Return Authorization. 

❣️ Customer Reviews on Booktopia 

Boktopia customers shared their reviews on how they felt while exploring the books of different categories, finding the book, and putting orders. Most of the customers given positive responses to the delivery services provided by Booktopia. Refer to the below image for Booktopia customers review.

Customer Reviews - Booktopia

😋 Pros and cons of Booktopia


  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers books of different categories
  • Books are also available for kids
  • Academic books also available
  • Cancellation and return are provided
  • It offers e-Books, DVDs, Magazines, stationery
  • Delivers fastly, conveniently, at reasonable prices
  • Search books with author names
  • Books available of different series like game of thrones, etc
  • Delivers the orders of every corner of New Zealand and Australia



  • Shipping is possible for Australia and New Zealand

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Booktopia

Booktopia pricing

The cost of the books ranges from under $5 – over $100 and the books available at Booktopia are having discounts, no matter how many items are purchased but the orders are said to be shipped at a flat rate. The EOSY sale is ended and it was up to 85% off RRP and now let’s look into the shipping charges details. 

Standard Shipping

Australia Delivery Address – $7.95 per order. 

New Zealand Delivery Address – $9.95 per order.

Express Shipping  

Australian Delivery Address – $14.95 per order. 

🔥 Conclusion

Booktopia is an Australian bookstore where you can explore different categories of books that are avaialble from kids to Academic books. Even you can find ebooks, stationery, audiobooks, DVDs, and Magazines, as it delivers the items to the every corner of Australia and New Zealand countries. 

In Booktopia stock there are more than 145,000 items and ready to ship all over the places of Australia and New Zealand countries. Booktopia offers access to over six milion books for the people and you’re going to read the books from the wide range of local and international publishers. 

Overall Booktopia review defines that this platform is designed especially for book lovers to explore all categories from autobiographies to fictional stories. If you’re a book reader then proceed to Booktopia, as you can read books both either online or offline. Order a book at Booktopia and start reading your favorite ones. 

🤠 Frequently Asked Questions

🤞 Does Booktopia ship the orders to USA?

No, Booktopia only ship orders to every corner of Australia and New Zealand countries.

✌️ How much time does Booktopia will take to deliver the order?

Booktopia delivers the order in 1 to 2 business days.

😛 Do Booktopia offers Express Shipping?

Booktopia offers both Standard shipping and Express shipping.

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